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Robinson Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1831-69

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


March 12 1833

Died on the 27th February, MARGARET, wife of MR. HENRY ROBINSON, of Moyle, farmer, aged seventy-three, with whom she lived fifty years, a kind mother and sincere friend.

A loving, kind wife, who always trod

Fair Virtue’s path now the signal’s given

To fly this vale, she sought the blest abode;

Left here her cares, and found the wished-for heaven!

April 22 1834 Died in Omagh on Monday evening se’nnight, SARAH, wife of MR. JNO. ROBINSON, Printer and Bookseller. She had been confined about ten days before, but was about perfectly recovered, and was quite well on Saturday, but on the evening of that day she took suddenly ill and the next she was a corpse - a victim to that most mysterious disease, cholera. In every relation of life Mrs Robinson was beloved and esteemed. The respect in which she was held in Omagh will be best known by the fact, that on the moment her death was made known, every shop in the town was closed, and they were kept so until after her funeral. Her husband and six small children are left to deplore their irreparable loss, in the death of a most loving wife, and the fondest and best of mothers
July 19 1836 Married in the church of Strabane, this morning, by the Rev. James Smith, Rector of Camus, JAMES ROBINSON, ESQ., of Enniskillen [Co. Fermanagh], to CATHERINE, third daughter of the late THOMAS COLHOUN, ESQ. of this town



January 29 1840 Married Thursday, the 25th ult., by the Rev. Moses Chambers, Leckpatrick, MR. WILLIAM GIBSON, Artagarven, to ISABELLA, only daughter of MR. ROBERT ROBINSON, Ballee
May 3 1843 Married on the 26th ult., by the Rev. Matthew Clark, Presbyterian Minister, Ardstraw, MR. WILLIAM ROBINSON, of Kemmis [Camus], to ISABELLA, daughter of MR. JOHN GRAHAM, Ballyfoliart
January 5 1849 Died on Tuesday, the 26th ult., SARAH JANE, eldest daughter of the late MR. JOHN ROBINSON, printer and bookseller, of Omagh, at the early age of twenty years



May 28 1831 Married on the 3rd inst., by the Rev. Mr. Burke, MR. THOMAS GLENN, of Maguiresbridge [Co. Fermanagh], merchant, to CATHERINE JANE, second daughter of JAMES ROBINSON, ESQ., of Fintona
November 19 1831 Married in Fintona Church, on Thursday week, the 10th inst., MR. WILLIAM CUMMINS, to FRANCES, third daughter to JAMES ROBINSON, ESQ., Fintona
May 19 1832 Died at his brother's residence in Erganagh, on the 2nd inst., sincerely and deservedly regretted, MR. JOHN ROBINSON, Schoolmaster in Castlederg, and Clerk to the Petty Sessions held there
May 17 1834 Married on the 13th inst., by the Rev. William Tomes, MR. WILLIAM LOVE, of Omagh, merchant, to ELLEN, fourth daughter of JAMES ROBINSON, ESQ., of Fintona
January 10 1835 Died in Omagh, on Tuesday morning, MR. JOHN ROBINSON, printer and bookseller. It will be recollected that MRS. ROBINSON fell a victim to cholera about a year ago. He was a most affectionate husband and father and his death is the more deplored that he has left behind him a very small and helpless family
July 25 1835 Died on the 16th inst., at Unagh, near Cookstown, in the 89th year of his age, MR. WILLIAM ROBINSON, for 30 years a much respected Elder in the Presbyterian Secession Congregation of Cookstown
April 27 1839 Married at Magherafelt [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. James Wilson, MR. HENRY McFALLS, to MISS MARY ROBINSON, second daughter of JOSEPH ROBINSON, ESQ., of Ballybray, near Dungannon
January 7 1843 Died on the 21st ult., MR. ROBERT ROBINSON, of Ballysudden, near Cookstown, in the 91st year of his age. He was the last of the Loughry Old Volunteers
May 22 1847 Died on the 15th inst., in Fintona, of a tedious illness, WILLIAM, second son of MR. REA ROBINSON
September 27 1850 Died Wednesday, the 18th inst., at his residence in Omagh, of smallpox, JOSEPH ROBINSON, ESQ., Surgeon and Licentiate Apothecary
April 4 1856 Married on the 25th ult., at Fintona Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. R. Chambers, brother in law to the bride, MR. C. HUNTER, Newtownstewart, to CATHERINE JANE, second daughter of MR. R. ROBINSON, Fintona
April 18 1856 Married on the 11th inst., in Fintona Church, by the Rev. Thomas Maunsell, MR. SAMUEL ROBINSON, Ednavigh, Fermanagh, to SARAH JANE, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, Dollingstown, county Down
March 9 1860 Married February 29, MR. WILLIAM GREGSTEN, merchant, London, Canada West, late of Enniskillen, Ireland, to ELLEN HARRISON, youngest daughter of the late MR. JOHN ROBINSON, of Omagh, and sister of MR. JOHN ROBINSON, Liverpool News Correspondent
March 30 1860 Died March 16, at Camowen, county Tyrone, after a short illness, at the advanced age of 96 years, JANE, relict of the late MR. JOHN ROBINSON
December 14 1860 Died December 5, at his residence, Crossowen, Clogher, MR. JOSEPH ROBINSON, late Sergeant Major of Her Majesty's 64th Regiment, aged 88 years, of which he has been 44 years in receipt of £40 yearly pension
May 3 1861 Died April 25, at his father's residence, Derrabard, Fintona, MR. MATTHEW GEORGE ROBINSON, Assistant Teacher in the Ulster Institution for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, Belfast, aged 18 years
May 17 1861 Married May 8, by the Rev. George Greer, Incumbent of Wood's Church, THOMAS H. ROBINSON, ESQ., Fairview, Killyman, county Tyrone, to ELIZA JANE, daughter of JOHN DERBY, ESQ., Aughrim, Magherafelt [Co. Londonderry]
February 7 1862 Died February 27, at Liverpool, MR. JOSEPH ROBINSON, compositor, youngest son of the late MR. JOHN ROBINSON, Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 27 years
June 23 1863 Married June 5, in Strabane Church, MR. JAMES ROBINSON, of Ballymagorey, to MISS REBECCA LOWRY, of Curlyhill, Strabane
November 29 1864 Died November 25, at Fintona, county Tyrone, REA ROBINSON, ESQ., aged 81 years
June 20 1865 Died June 12, at Camowen, near Omagh, JANE ANNE, only daughter of the late MR. FRANCIS ROBINSON, aged 20 years
April 3 1866 Married March 27, in the Cavanaleck Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. T.H. Thompson, Maguiresbridge [Co. Fermanagh], MR. DAVID ROBINSON, Lisnacrieve, Tyrone, to HARRIET, youngest daughter of MR. HUGH RIDDELL, Ardmoy, Fermanagh
Dec 27 1865 Birth: December 21, at Omagh, the wife of MR. SAMUEL ROBINSON, of a son
May 8 1866 Died April 29, at Aughnatober, near Dungannon, MR. ADAM ROBINSON, aged 90 years
February 26 1867 Married February 15, in the Presbyterian Church, Edenderry, by the Rev. William Hamilton, MR. ARTHUR ROBINSON, Camowen, Omagh, to ELLEN JANE, eldest daughter of the late ALEXANDER McFARLAND, ESQ., of Cooley
September 3 1867 Married August 29, at Gortin Church, by the Rev. N. Stephens, MR. WILLIAM J. ROBINSON, to ELLEN, second daughter of the late MR. A. BALLANTINE, of Gortin, county Tyrone
February 25 1868 Married on the 20th February, in Breakfield [Co. Londonderry] Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Robert L. Rogers, MR. JOHN ROBINSON, Liscleen, Donemana, to SARAH, third daughter of MR. SAMUEL BAIRD, Sallywilly, Cumber Claudy
March 31 1868 Married March 26, at Omagh Church, by the Rev. William Chartres, A.B., MR. ALEXANDER ROBINSON, of Mountfield, nephew of THOMAS ROBINSON, ESQ., M.D., Beragh, to RACHEL, second daughter of MR. KNOX ASHFIELD, Gortmore, Omagh
March 31 1868 Died March 25, at Liscleen, Donemana, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. ANDREW ROBINSON, aged 65 years
June 8 1869 Died June 2, at Larchmount, near Dungannon, WILLIAM ROBINSON, ESQ., aged 62 years
June 9 1868 Birth: June 4, at Minaduff, Gortin, county Tyrone, the wife of MR. JAMES ROBINSON, of a daughter
June 30 1868 Married June 25, in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Faughan [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. J.P. Sweeney, MR. ROBERT McFARLAND, grocer, Waterside, to ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of MR. ANDREW ROBINSON, Liscloon, Donemana
July 10 1868 Birth: July 6, at Camowen, near Omagh, the wife of MR. ARTHUR ROBINSON, of a son
November 3 1868 Birth: October 27, at Killykergan, Aughnacloy, the wife of MR. JOHN ROBINSON, of a daughter
August 24 1869 Birth: August 17, at Liscloon, the wife of MR. JOHN ROBINSON, of a son
September 3 1869 Died August 31, at Leepers Brae, Strabane, MARGARET, the wife of MR. JAMES ROBINSON
September 14 1869 Married Sept. 9, at the Parish Church, Dromore, county Tyrone, by the Rev. Samuel Simpson, B.A., JOHN M. ROBINSON, ESQ., M.D., Pettigo, county Fermanagh, to REBECCA, only daughter of CHARLES DENNY, surgeon