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Peoples Genealogy Notes, Co. Donegal Ireland 1835-69

Items from the Press
Transcribed from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Mar 14 1835 [Married] SCOTT & PEOPLES. On the 12th inst., by the Rev. Robert Gray, Mr. Joseph Scott, of Bonnymain, to Mary, only daughter of Mrs. Peoples, of Carryreagh, Burt
Apr 22 1837 [Died] At her residence, in Liverpool, on the 13th inst., Letitia Peoples, relict of the late Mr. Stewart Peoples, of Letterkenny, county Donegal
Dec 26 1846 [Died] On the 20th inst., aged 43 years, at Manestown, parish of Burt, Mr. George Peoples
Feb 17 1849 [Died] At Letterkenny, on the 11th inst., of consumption, Henry, eldest son of Henry W. Peoples, Esq., aged 22 years
Mar 23 1839 [Married] BENSON & PEOPLES. At Gortnaskeagh, Thursday, the 14th inst., by the Rev. John Allen, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Kilmacrenan, Mr. James Benson, Dunfanaghy, to Rebecca, daughter of John Peoples, Gortnaskeagh
Nov 20 1841 [Married] MOORE & PEOPLES. At Gortnaskeagh, on Thursday, the 11th inst., by the Rev. John Allen, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Kilmacrenan, Mr. John Moore, of Carycastle, to Joana, third daughter of Mr. John Peoples, of Gortnaskeagh
Jul 30 1842 [Married] PEOPLES & IRVINE. At Castlefin, on Thursday, the 21st inst., by the Rev. John Allen, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Kilmacrenan, Mr. James Peoples, of Gortnaskeagh, to Miss Jane Irvine, daughter of the late Mr. William Irvine, of Castlenin
Oct 15 1852 [Married] BEARDSHAW & PEOPLES. On the 11th inst., at the Parish Church of Doncaster, Charles C. Beardshaw, Esq., third son of W. Beardshaw, Esq., Sheffield, and of West Bank, Yorkshire, to Letitia, eldest daughter of Henry E. Peoples, Esq., Distributor of Stamps for the county of Donegal
Apr 30 1852 [Died] At Letterkenny, on the 25th inst., of a protracted illness from disease of the heart, James, second son of Henry E. Peoples, Esq., aged 16 years
Feb 13 1857 [Died] At Tullyannon, on the 7th inst., Margaret, relict of the late Ephraim Peoples, aged 67 years
Jul 10 1857 [Died] On the night of the 1st inst., a young man named William Peoples, a resident of Gortnaren, situate between Letterkenny and Kilmacrenan, retired to bed. His servant who went to wake him the next morning, found him dead in bed. An inquest was held on the body by Mr. Sweeny, coroner, and a verdict of "Died by the visitation of God", returned
Aug 14 1857 [Died] As the result of a shooting accident on Tuesday the 11th inst., whilst duck shooting with friends, at Sheephaven Bay, near Dunfanaghy, Mr. George Peoples, son of Mr. H. Peoples, of Letterkenny, died of his wound on the afternoon of Wednesday the 12th inst.
Sep 21 1860 [Married] SPEER & PEOPLES. On the 18th September, in the First Presbyterian Church, Letterkenny, by the Rev. John Kinnear, Mr. Thomas Speer, of Ballymacorragh, to Miss Hannah Peoples, of Castleshanaghan, near Ramelton
Feb 8 1861 [Died] January 27, the wife of W. Peoples, Esq., Lisclamarty, Manorcunningham, of a son
Jun 7 1861 [Died] June 4, at Letterkenny, after a protracted illness, Mary, wife of Henry E. Peoples, Esq., Distributer of Stamps for County Donegal, aged 53 years
Jan 17 1862 [Married] DILLON & PEOPLES. January 12, at St. Baithin’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Johnston, Derry, by the Rev. James Stevens, P.P., Mr. James Dillon, to Margery Jane Peoples, St. Johnston
Mar 22 1864 [Married] BREDIN & PEOPLES. March 10, at the Presbyterian Church, Burt, by the Rev. H.P. Charlton, James Bredin, Esq., Bridge End, to Mary, only daughter of the late George Peoples, Esq., Carroreagh, Burt
Jun 21 1864 [Married] FORREST & PEOPLES. June 16, at the Parish Church, Churchhill, by the Rev. Henry Maturin, Mr. William Forrest, Roshin, to Eliza Jane, third daughter of Mr. James Peoples, Churchtown, both of this Parish
Jan 26 1866 [Died] January 22, at Correnagh, Letterkenny, after a lingering illness, Mr. Samuel Peoples, aged 59 years
Mar 2 1866 [Married] CASSIDY & PEOPLES. February 20, at Leiter Church, by the Rev. N.P. Rogers, Mr. David Cassidy, to Mary Ann, only daughter of the late Mr. James Peoples, of Gortnaskeagh
Mar 20 1866 [Married] PEOPLES & STARRETT. March 8, at Leiter Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. N.P. Rogers, Mr. John Peoples, of Middletown, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Alexander Starrett, of Portlean
May 25 1866 [Died] May 7, at Middleton, near Kilmacrenan, Mr. Hugh Peoples, having attained the patriarchal aged of 110 years
Jan 11 1867 [Died] January 5, at Rockhill, Greencastle, Mr. John Peoples, formerly Postmaster, Londonderry
Jan 1 1869 [Died] Dec 23, at the residence of his brother, Letterkenny, James Peoples, Esq.
May 4 1869 [Married] STEWART & PEOPLES. April 29, at St. Luke's Church, Liverpool, by the Rev. W. Allen Whitworth, Captain John Stewart, youngest son of George Homan Peoples, Toronto, Canada, to Marianne, only surviving daughter of Henry E. Peoples, Letterkenny