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Marshall, Henderson, Davidson and more - Misc Birth, Marriage, Death, Burial Records, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Abstracted at PRONI and the Linen Hall Library, Belfast - October 2000
Transcribed by Gwen Barry



At C of I Aghaloo Parish, Co Tyrone :

1802, Dec 17       Robert WRIGHT and Jane HETHERINGTON, both of this parish, by banns.

(PRONI MIC 583/25)


1803, Nov 20       Ann HENDERSON and John MARLEY, both of this parish, by banns.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)

1805, Dec 8         Thomas WOODS to Jane BURNS, both of this parish.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)


1807, Nov 8        George HENDERSON of Glenkeen to Jane MORROW of Tynan, Co Armagh. (PRONI MIC 583/25). 


1808, Apr 19       Edward BARNES? and Pheobe WRIGHT, both of Kilmore, Co Tyrone.  (PRONI  MIC 583/25)

1821, June 4        John HENDERSON and Mary Ellen McWILLIAMS, both of Caledon.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)


1826, July 20       William BOYD of Crilly, parish of Caledon and Margaret CROTHERS.  Witness:  John



1827, Feb 25       Thomas WRIGHT of Emyvale and Agnes WRIGHT, widow of Caledon.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)


1827, ?                 William HENDERSON of Caledon, whitesmith, and Margaret HENDERSON (PRONI MIC



1828, Dec 29       James DAVIDSON of Caledon, whitesmith, and ELIZABETH LINDSAY of Kilsampson, at

Caledon, Aghaloo parish.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)


1828, Aug 15       Thomas HENDERSON of Caledon and Jane MARSHALL.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)


1832, Apr  4         William HENDERSON of Dusnabane and Jane VERNETT of Stragrane, Caledon.  ( PRONI MIC



1837, Aug ?          William WRIGHT of Caledon and Elizabeth CHAMBERS of Caledon.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)

1842, June 28      Andrew WRIGHT and Sarah WRIGHT, both of Caledon.   (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1843, March 13  Daniel WRIGHT of Clonfeacle and Mary VERNOR of Caledon.  (PRONI MIC 583/26.)


At Minterburn Presbyterian Church, Aghaloo Parish, Co Tyrone :

1853, July 9         Sarah LITTLE of Kilmore, dau of Simon LITTLE to William SIMPSON, age 33, son of James

SIMPSON of Kilmore, at Minterburn.  Signed by : Hugh SIMPSON and Joseph MAGILL.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)



1853, Nov 17       Jane DAVIDSON of Mullaghmore, dau of Alexander DAVIDSON, to Robert NINIMINS, at

Minterburn.  In the presence of James DAVIDSON.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1853, Dec 12       William DAVIDSON, son of Alexander DAVIDSON of Mullaghmore to Mary TRAVIS, at

Minterburn.  Signed by : James DAVIDSON.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1855, Apr 9          Margaret LITTLE, age 22 of Kilmore, dau of Simon LITTLE, to James HUGHES, son of James

HUGHES, at Minterburn.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1855, Apr 13       James FARRELL, son of John FARRELL, married to Nancy VERNOR of Magrane, at

Minterburn.  Signed by : George VERNOR.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1856, Oct 9  Hodgess HENDERSON, age 26, son of Thomas HENDERSON of Glack, to Isabella LUCAS, age 18, at Minterburn.  Signed by : James WILSON and John HAMILTON.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1857, Dec 11       Mary LITTLE of Kilmore, dau of Simon LITTLE to William MORRISON of Bohard, son of

William MORRISON, at Minterburn.  Signed by : Thomas LITTLE.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1858, Jan 20  John WRIGHT of Kilmore, son of James WRIGHT to Elizabeth McKEOWN.  Signed by Robert WRIGHT.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1858, Jan 20        Martha BOWMAN of Tullyrimon, dau of James BOWMAN, to Alexander AGNEW, at

Minterburn.  Signed by : Isaac WILSON.   (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1858, Dec 17       Rose Ann WRIGHT of Kilmore, dau of James WRIGHT, to William WILSON of Dyan hill, son

of Robert WILSON.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


1870, March 10  William HENDERSON of Cortynan, Parish of Tynan, Co Armagh, son of John HENDERSON, farmer, to Sarah McKEOWN, dau of John McKEOWN, at Minterburn.  Signed by : Joseph WRIGHT and Sarah A. WRIGHT.  (PRONI MIC 1P/26)


At Ballynahatty Presbyterian, Drumragh Parish, Co Tyrone :

1852, June 21      Fanny HENDERSON of Loughmuck, dau of John HENDERSON, to Robert BATES

(PRONI MIC / 1P / 97 / 1)


At C of I, Tynan Parish, Co Armagh :

1822, Elizabeth HENDERSON of the parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone and John McDONALD of the Parish of Tynan, married by licence 1822.  (PRONI MIC 1/12)


At Carland Presbyterian, Drumglass Parish, Co Tyrone :

All from PRONI MIC / 1P / 28 / 1 :

1772, Dec 6         William WRIGHT and Jane M’CLELLAN

1773, Aug 1         Robert HENDERSON and Jane ALLAN of Keady, Co Armagh

1773, Aug 8         George REED and Mary RICHEY of Carland

1773, Apr 10       Robert SOMERVILLE and Jane M’MINN

1774, Jan 13        William LITTLE and Elenor MULLIGAN of Carland

1775, Sept 24      Charlie HENDERSON and Elinor CHARLIS, widow of Robert NICHOLS

1775, Nov 26       John LITTLE and Martha LITTLE

1779, Aug 29       James LITTLE of Clenanees (Parish of Aghaloo) and Hanna CUNNINGHAM

1780, Nov 12       Robert RALSTON of Carland and Jeane BROWN of Cuckledhill

1782, Oct 27       Mary WRIGHT and William DICKSON of Clenaneese (Parish of Aghaloo)

1784, May 9        Martha REED and John M’QUOAN of Carland

1785, Feb 6          Margaret REANEY of Carland and Allan NEIL of the parish of Pomeroy

1786, Aug 13       Margaret HENDERSON of Carland and Thomas CAMBELL of Benburb, Clonfeacle Parish

1787, May 20      Daniel REED and Agnes MORROW

1788, Apr 6          Elinor RANEY and Samuel GILKEYSON, both of Carland

1789, May 31      John BOYD and Jane HOLLAND, both of Carland

1789, June 21      Elizabeth REANNEY and Stephen BURROS

1790, ? 29            Grimes REED of Drumhilry (Parish of Tynan, Co Armagh) and Elizabeth AKIN of Carland

1791, Oct 16       Robert REED of Direyfuble and Elizabeth ARDNET

1793, Feb 17       John VERNER of Cookstown and Mary KILLARTH of Carland

1793, Oct 31       Archable REED of Direfuble and Jane ARNOLD of Carland

1793, Oct 31       Jane WRIGHT and William M’NEECE, both of Carland

1794, May 25      Elizabeth REED of Carland and Isaac WILEY of Minterburn (Parish of Aghaloo, Co Tyrone)

1796, Oct 16       Joseph REED of Carland and Elizabeth HILL of Belleygoney

1797, Jan 15        Margaret WRIGHT of Pomeroy and James BLACK of Carland

1798, Aug 26       William ORR of Clenaneese (Parish of Aghaloo)and Hanna BEGGS of Carland

1799, June 2        Richard REED of Sandholes (Parish of Derryloran) and Margaret WATT of Carland

1799, July 14       Guy LITTLE of Carentalle and Mary COWAN of Carland

1799, July 21       James SUMERVAL and Jane STEWART both of Carland Congregation


At Donaghmore Presbyterian :

1848, Sept 19      Anne DAVIDSON of Ross, P of D (Parish of Dungannon?), dau of Robert DAVIDSON,

to James WARD, son of William WARD.  (PRONI MIC 1P/28/2)


1849, Feb 10       Elizabeth DAVIDSON of Garvah, dau of William DAVIDSON, to John STEWARD, son of William STEWART.  (PRONI MIC 1P/28/2)


At C of I Castlecaulfield

1834, Nov 6         John LITTLE to Mary McKEVER (souce lost)


At C of I, Lissan Parish :

1754, Nov 24       Isabella, dau of Daniel WRIGHT (PRONI Mic 583 / 1)

1794, Aug ?          Oliver, son of James and Sarah LYTTLE  (PRONI Mic 583 / 1)


The following records were abstracted from : Appendix I - “Index of County Tyrone Davidson marriages,” in The Davidsons/Davisons of Ulster, by John Andrew Brodie Davison, Count of Clandemond.  Self-published, (not copyrighted).  Copy held by the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.  They were for various parishes, and the religious denomination of the marriage was not indicated.


At Drumglass :

1703, Feb 19       Hannah DAVIDSON to William JOHNSTON married at Drumglass, Co Tyrone.      


At Donaghmore :

1742, Sept 7        Charles DAVISON to Margaret DAVISON at Donaghmore

1745, Dec 24       Thomas DAVISON and Ann RICHARDSON at Donaghmore

1755, July 30       Elizabeth DAVIDSON to John SUMERVIL at Donaghmore

1787, Aug 19       Jane DAVISON and Samuel McCONNELL at Donaghmore

1789, Aug            George DAVISON and Mary BEAVERS at Donaghmore

1790, Feb 1          Mary DAVISON and William HALL at Donaghmore

1793, Nov 28       William DAVIDSON and Jane GALLY at Donaghmore

1800, Jan              Thomas DAVISON and Eleanor DUGGAN at Donaghmore

1801, Dec 13       Elizabeth DAVISON and George ACHESON at Donaghmore

1802, Dec 16       David DAVIDSON and Mary BRUNS at Donaghmore

1806, Sep             Susannah DAVISON and John THOMPSON at Donaghmore

1807, Sep 19       Mary DAVISON and William WALKER at Donaghmore

1810, Apr 2          Robert DAVISON and Anne HAGEN at Donaghmore

1810, June 11      Elizabeth DAVISON and Henry DOBSON at Donaghmore

1822, Oct 22       Sarah DAVISON and James KELLY at Donaghmore

1835, Jan 16        Elizabeth DAVIDSON and Thomas SHILLINGTON at Donaghmore


At Caledon Division, Aghaloo Parish : (From Count Clandemond book)

1827, Nov 26       William DAVIDSON of Caledon and Jane SLOAN of same, at Caledon Division, Aghaloo Parish.


At Pomeroy Parish : (from Count Clandemond book)

1865, Dec 15       William DAVIDSON and Margaret DOUGLAS at Pomeroy Parish, Co Tyrone. 


At Arboe Parish : (from Count Clandemond book)

1806, Apr 6          Mary DAVIDSON and Hugh HAMIL at Arboe, Co Tyrone

1835, July 13       Anne Jane DAVISON and Hugh LAPSLEY at Arboe, Co Tyrone


At Killyman Parish : (from Count Clandemond book)

1764, July 24       Arthur DAVISON and Alice DONNELLY at Killyman, Co Tyrone.     

1832 Aug 10        David WATSON and Mary Ann DAVIDSON of Drum...?, by banns


At Derryloran Parish : (from Count Clandemond book)

1826, Dec 28       Jane DAVISON and Henry GOURLEY at Derryloran, Co Tyrone.


At Clogher Parish : (from Count Clandemond book)

1855, Jan 17        Martha DAVISON and Joshua HOLLAND at Clogher, Co Tyrone

1862, Oct 16       James DAVIDSON and Isabella MORRISON at Clogher, Co Tyrone 


At Cookstown : (from Count Clandemond book)

1858, Dec 4         Mary DAVISON and Hugh CONN at Cookstown





1716, Oct 1          Joseph LITTLE, of Selson (maybe Sessia Townland, Arboe Parish, Co Tyrone, or

Selshion Townland, parish unknown?)  (PRONI ARMAGH WILLS INDEX)


1843, Dec 11       William HENDERSON, Aghareany, Donaghmore, Co Tyrone, unproved will.  (PRONI B476/307)





At C of I Aghaloo Parish :

1795, Apr 14       James HENDERSON of Drumhillery, Parish of Tynan, Co Armagh.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)

1795, Apr 16       Jane WRIGHT of Armagh, age 75. ( PRONI MIC 583/25)

1815, Feb ?          Mrs Alicia MARSHALL of Caledon, age 20.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)

1819, Feb 20       Jane HENDERSON, of Tulliglush, Parish of Tynan, Co Armagh, age 34.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)

1820, March 10 James HENDERSON of Caledon, age 66.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)

1832, Nov 1         George HENDERSON of Crilly, age 57.  (PRONI MIC 583/25)

1842, Apr 3          Phillip HENDERSON of Derry Cortynan, Tynan Parish, Co Armagh, age 80.(PRONI MIC583/26)

1842, June 14      Letitia WRIGHT of Kilsanagh, age 77.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1844, Nov 15       Anne HENDERSON of Glenkeen, age 26.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1846, Jan 22        William WRIGHT of Caledon, age 84.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1847, May 5        Mercer HENDERSON of Glen Keen, age 78.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1848, Jan 16        Eleanor HENDERSON of Glenkeen, age 68.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1848, Apr 12       Anne HENDERSON of Ned bray, age 44.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1853, Apr ?          James BOWMAN of Dyan, Co Tyrone, age 92, at Caledon Division.  (RONI MIC 583/26)

1855, 24 Jan        Michael WOODS, age 90, at Caledon Division of Aghaloo Parish.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1855, Feb 4          William WRIGHT of Killsannagh, age 88, at Caledon Division  (PRONI MIC 583/26)

1855, March 24  William WILLIAMSON of Tully_?, age 70, at Caledon Division of Aghaloo Parish.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)


1857, Oct 30       James HENDERSON of Glenkeen, age 90, at Caledon Division.  (PRONI MIC 583/26)


1864, Nov 21       Guy LITTLE of Auchnacloy, age 86, at Caledon Division of Aghaloo Parish.

(PRONI MIC 583/26)


1865, March 14  Sarah WRIGHT of Kilmore, age 44, at Caledon   (PRONI MIC 583/26)


At C of I Lower Longfield Parish :

All from PRONI Microfilm # MIC 1/305 :

1879      Alice ROULSTON of Kirlish, died 4 Jan 1879, age 78

1880      Jane ROULSTON of Bomackatall, died 5 May 1880, age 75

1882      Jane IRWIN, alias NETHERY, alias ROULSTON, of Kirlish, died 17 Dec 1882, age 86

1896      James ROULSTON of Carnoy, died 22 March 1896, age 8

1887      William BOYD of Grenan, died 13 April 1887, age 72


The following were abstracted from : Appendix - “Index of County Tyrone Davidson burials,” in The Davidsons/Davisons of Ulster, by John Andrew Brodie Davison, Count of Clandemond.  Self-published, and held by the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.  The religious denomination of the burials was not indicated.


1835, Aug 25       Arthur DAVISON of Kiilmaingh, of parish of Arboe

1864, Mar 28       Samuel DAVIDSON of Ardvarnish, parish of Derryloran, age 18






1655      A Quaker group was formed consisting of William WILLIAMSON Sr and Jr, John

WILLIAMSON and others, at the home of Margery ATKINSON in Kilmore Townland, Co Tyrone.  (Source lost)


1692      A Quaker group met at Dunclaudy, at the house of William Henderson in 1692, and continued at the widow’s until 1739.  (Source lost)




At St John’s C of I, Caledon Village :

All on the same headstone :


John WRIGHT of Tullyrimond

d 3 Sep 1885, age 80


Catherine WRIGHT

d 4 April 1917, age 96


William C. BROWN, son-in-law

d 10 Aug 1937, age 81

and his wife

Mary Emily BROWN

d 21 Oct 1940, age 84


At St John’s C of I Cemetery, Caledon Village :

All on same headstone :


Charlotte Mary ORR

d 26 June 1944, age 96

her son

Robert George d 23 April 1944, age 61

his wife

Letitia d 23 Nov 1918, age 28

their son

Robert George d 4 Feb 1995, age 78

his wife

Annie Elizabeth d 21 March 1962, age 45





REGISTER OF 40 Shilling FREEHOLDERS, PARISH OF AGHALOO, BARONY OF DUNGANNON, CO TYRONE.  Source : The following were abstracted from : Appendix - “Index of County Tyrone Davidson s,” in The Davidsons/Davisons of Ulster, by John Andrew Brodie Davison, Count of Clandemond.  Self-published, and held by the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.


Date Registered   Name                                   Location                                                                                         

1795 Nov 3          David DAVISON Glasdrummond   

1795 Nov 3          John DAVISON                  Ednageeragh        

1796 Feb 19        Thomas DAVISON             Killynaul

1796 Feb 19        Alexander DAVISON         Killynaul

1796 Feb 19        Alexander DAVISON         Mullicarnon

1796 Feb 19        James DAVISON Lismulladown

1796 Feb 19        Thomas DAVISON             Lismulladown     

1796 Feb 28        John DAVISON                  Glassdrummond 



REGISTER OF 40 Shilling FREEHOLDERS, DONAGHENDRY PARISH, BARONY OF DUNGANNON, CO TYRONE.   Source : The following were abstracted from : Appendix - “Index of County Tyrone Davidson s,” in The Davidsons/Davisons of Ulster, by John Andrew Brodie Davison, Count of Clandemond.  Self-published, and held by the Linen Hall Library, Belfast


Date Registered   Name                                   Location                             

1795 Nov 3          William DAVISON            Stewartstown House         




1616      John HENDERSON was a tailor at Strabane, Co Tyrone in 1616.  At the same time, a William

HENDERSON lived in the town of Strabane, a tenant of the Baronscourt Estate.  From “The Scots in Ulster,” by Rev David Stewart D.D., in Familia: Journal of the Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild.  No 11, 1995.


1638      HENDERSON notes          (PRONI T 808/7818-7822)


The following is from  : A History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland - Scotch-Irish Pioneers, Appendix VI, titled “Home Towns of Ulster Families 1691-1718."   The list in Appendix VI included the names of those involved in the Presbyterian Synod meetings of the time and gave their hometown, as follows :


1710      John DAVIDSON, Benburb, Parish of Clonfeacle, Co Tyrone

1718      Thomas DAVIDSON, Parish of Urney, Co Tyrone






The following information was provided to me in Jan 1978 by someone named Eileen, from Ontario, Canada.   She signed her letter “Eileen,” and unfortunately I cut her address with full name off the envelope, obviously to store somewhere, but I can’t find where I stored it!  The envelope was postmarked Woodstock, Ont.  The following is the information that she sent :




Wednesday, Feb 5, 1890


CARLINGFORD, ONTARIO : A short time ago I noticed a communication in THE TIMES from North Easthope, giving a sketch of a family in that township noted for longevity.  Length of days had certainly been bequeathed to them; but I think the Davidson family, many of whose members reside in this vicinity, take the palm for age.  The family were all born and brought up in the county of Monaghan, Ireland and originally consisted of 12 members - 7 sons and 5 daughters - 8 of whom still survive.  The eldest was born in 1800 and the youngest in 1825.  The sruviving members with their ages are as follows : William 83, Abraham 82, Mrs James Hamilton 79, Mrs. S. Giddens of the township of Wallace 77, Rev John Davidson of Co Tyrone 75, Mrs Geo Reaney, township of Downie 73, Mr Andrew Davidson, Co Monaghan, Ireland 71 and Mes Hamilton of this place 65.  The aggregate of their ages is 604 years, the average is 75 ½.  If any family in the county can beat this record I am sure an account of it will prove interesting to the readers of THE TIMES.  We regret to learn that since the above was wwitten, Mrs. Geddes had died.


According to Eileen, the following applies :


John Davidson* 1775-1848 m Elizabeth 17??-1870.  They farmed at Drumneill and attended the Presbyterian Church at Legnacreeve, Clontibret, Co Monaghan.  Their farm at Drumneill, Co Monaghan sat directly on the Co Armagh border.  They had 12 children, all born at Drumneill, as follows :


1.  Thomas Davidson m Jemima Ross.  Child :


1.1.  Son born 1828.


2.  Mary Davidson 1800-1865 m John McNay.  In 1890 they lived in Logan Tp, Ontario.




3.  Alexander Davidson 1803-1861 m Mary Morrow.  Stayed in Ireland


4.  William Davidson 1807-1893 m Janet Barbour.  In 1890 lived in Carlingford, Ont. William trained for the Presbyterian ministry but found he was too nervous to preach so became a teacher.  In 1843 he came to New York City, but didn’t like it there (possibly being a Protestant Irish had its disadvantages) .  He moved to Kingston district of Ontario and then to Etobicoke, Ontario.  He homesteaded soon after at Carlingford, becoming the first school teacher there. 


5.  George Abraham Davidson 1808-1897 m in Ireland in 1828 to Martha Boyd. In 1890 lived in Carlingford. In 1845, Abraham and Martha  followed brother William to Canada.  They had five children born in Ireland and one more born in Canada.  His oldest son was Alexander Davidson.  They went on to homestead at Carlingford, where Abraham was the first Post Master.  Eileen is a descendant of Abraham and Martha. 


6.  Susannah Davidson 1811-1892 m James Hamilton.  In 1890 lived in Fullarton Tp, Ontario.


7.  Elizabeth Davidson 1812-1890 m Samuel Giddens.  Lived Wallace Tp, Ontario


8.  John Davidson 1815-1893 m Anna Marie Moore.  In 1890 lived in Drumquin, Co Tyrone, Ireland.  He was a Presbyterian minister serving all his ministry at Drumquin.


9.  Martha Davidson 1817-1893 m George Reaney.  In 1890 lived Downie Tp, Ont


10.  Andrew Davidson 1819-1907 m Ellen Haire.  In 1890 lived on the family farm at Drumneill, Co Monaghan.  His descendants were still farming the original Davidson homestead farm there in 1978.


11.  Robert Davidson 1823-1870 m a McKelvey.  In 1890 they lived in Belfast, Ireland.  He was a Presbyterian minister, serving at Lisbellaw, Co Fermanagh.


12.  Agnes Davidson 1825-1895 m George Hamilton.  In 1890 lived in Fullarton Tp, Ontario.



* John Davidson had a brother and sister as follows :


1.  Mary Ann Davidson b 17?? m ? Eagle

2.  Alexander Davidson b 17??



Martha Boyd had a sister as follows :


1.  Ellen Boyd 1804-1891 m James Donaldson 1799-1880.  They came to Canada in 1824 or 1825, first settling in Quebec where they lost several babies at birth, later settling in Matilda Tp, Dundas Co., Ont


Relatives in Ireland sent Eileen information on a family member that they can’t figure out how to fit into the tree as follows :


Jane Davidson m James Hamilton from Kilnacran, Co Tyrone.  Possible child :


- Rev William Ross Hamilton.  His funeral card passed down and in the possession of the Davidson family,  says that when he died, his body was returned to Omagh, Co Tyrone to be buried in the family burying ground at Edenderry.


Eileen also indicated that she has several Mitchell relatives buried at the Presbyterian Church at Drumhillery, Co Armagh.  It is also thought to be the burial place of her Boyd ancestors