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McKnight Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1846-69

Personal announcements extracted from the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


August 8 1846 Married in Omagh Church, on Wednesday, the 5th inst., by the Rev. James Hill, Royal Hospital, Greenwich, brother in law of the bridegroom, MR. WILLIAM McCULLOUGH, manager, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Newry, to ELEANOR JANE, eldest daughter of MR. JOSEPH McKNIGHT, Omagh
February 4 1853 Married on the 26th ult., in the Second Presbyterian Church, Omagh, by the Rev. Josias Mitchell, the REV. ROBERT WALLACE, Presbyterian Minister, of Scotstown, county Monaghan, to SUSAN, daughter of MR. JOSEPH McKNIGHT, of Omagh
May 30 1856 Died at Omagh, on Saturday, the 24th inst., MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR. JOSEPH McKNIGHT, in her 66th year
January 8 1858 Died on the 6th ult., at Savannah, Georgia, United States, MR. SAMUEL JAMES McKNIGHT, of Baltimore, son of MR. JOSEPH McKNIGHT, of Omagh, in his 36th year
April 13 1860 Married April 10, in the Presbyterian Church, Glennan, Glasslough, by the Rev. Robert Wallace, brother in law of the bride, MR. ALEXANDER HARDY, of Londonderry, to CHARLOTTE, youngest daughter of MR. JOSEPH McKNIGHT, of Omagh
August 15 1865 Married on the 7th August, in the Waverley Hotel, Glasgow, MR. WILLIAM McKNIGHT, of Philadelphia, United States of America, to ELIZA JANE, the daughter of MR. JOSEPH ALEXANDER, of Maghera [Maghereagh], county Tyrone
March 6 1866 Died February 28, in his 76th year, MR. JOSEPH McKNIGHT, of Omagh
February 9 1869 Married Feb 4, in Upper Badoney Church, by the Rev. J.D. McDonagh, MR. JAMES McKNIGHT, Eden, to MARTHA, third daughter of MR. JAMES REID, Castledamph