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McCay Family Farms, Parish of Urney, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Extracted, Transcribed & Compiled by Marion Shephard

Date William’s farm Charles’ farm Wauchob’s farm Peacock bank Comments



Rabstown 11

Area 24 acres

Rabstown 9 Glentown 13

Area 23 acres

Rabstown 1

Area 30 acres


Area 59 acres

William Boak was a tenant of all of area 3 in Griffiths Valuation. (92 acres). Farm split in 1875, WB retaining 3A. Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/1B

Lessors -

Rev William Knox and descendants. Andrew F Knox and Thomas J Knox.


Duke of Abercorn till about 1907

Peacockbank was eventually sold to Wm McCay Jr under Land Purchase Act but the farms in Rabstown were farmed by tenants till at least 1929 Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/23A
1825-1827 Archibald McCay Thomas McCay   Aaron Boak Archibald died 1838 Seems likely Archibald was Thomas' brother and farm 11 passed to him.

Tithe Applotment Books

Records Christ Church Urney Proni ref MIC1/81



Probably Thomas McCay

Thomas McCay     Thomas living with wife Anne, two sons, Charles and William and two daughters Martha and Anne. Also William's wife Isabella (Wauchob) and two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah Jane. Thomas died in 1854. Urney Cof I list of Parishioners. Proni ref MIC1/81
1858 William McCay Charles McCay Jane Purdon William Boak McCay brothers, sons of Thomas Griffiths Valuation. Urney C of I List of Parishioners.
1860-1863 William McCay Charles McCay   William Boak   Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/20A
1864-1876 William McCay Charles McCay

Alexander Wauchob 1874

Benjamin Wauchob 1876

William Boak

AW brother in law of William McCay. Unsure who Benjamin is

William had one son who would inherit farms and 4 daughters. 2 emigrated to US in 1870's. 1 married locally and Mary Ann remained unmarried, living with her parents and then brother William,

Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/20B Will of William McCay 1890

Christchurch Urney- Notes on Parishioners MIC1/81

1877-1881 William McCay Charles McCay Alexander Wauchob William Boak   Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/20C
1882-1893 William McCay William McCay Jr 1892 Mary Wauchob William Boak

William Jr takes over Uncles farm after his death in 1890

Mary takes over after husbands death in 1888.

Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/20D
1893-1907 William McCay Jr 1894 William McCay Jr Joseph Wauchob 1906 William McCay Jr 1896

William Jr takes over farm 11 after father's death in 1894.

1906 James, son of AW and Mary, was granted administration of fathers estate. Only a child when father died.

Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/20E

Will of William McCay 1890

Proni Will calendars- Alex Wauchob

1894-1912 William McCay Jr William McCay Jr William McCay Jr 1910 William McCay Jr 1896

By 1896 William McCay Jr has acquired Peacockbank from William Boak. Letter, in Abercorn papers, from solicitor John McCay, of Strabane, informs estate of sale in Nov 1895,

By 1907 he had bought farm under Land Purchase Acts.

By 1910 he has acquired Wauchob’s farm.

Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/1E

Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/20E

Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/20F

Abercorn Rent books for Strabane 1877-1903 Proni ref D623/C/4/22

1901, 1911 census

Houses occupied by farm labourers Joseph Love and William King( 1901, 1911 census) House occupied by nephew John Patrick (1911 census)



Mary Ann McCay

John McCay

(Still Wm in Val Bks)

Mary Ann McCay

John McCay

(Still Wm in Val Bks)

John Alexander Patrick 1915

Mary Ann McCay

John McCay 1917

William died in 1914 leaving two farms in Rabstown and the farm he owned in Peacockbank to his sister Mary Ann and then to his nephew, her son John. Wauchob’s farm was left to his other nephew John Alexander Patrick, the son of his sister Elizabeth. Probate granted to Mary Anne 2-6-1914.

Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/20F

Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/1F

Will of William McCay.1913

1923 In trust of John McCay and Joseph Anderson for benefit of John's children. John Alexander Patrick John McCay Mary Ann died leaving two farms at Rabstown/ Glentown in trust for grandchildren William Ernest, Marion Gertrude and Elizabeth Moreland McCay. When all reached 21 farms were to go to William Ernest. Trustees were John McCay, son and Joseph Anderson, his brother in law. Will of Mary Ann McCay. 1923

J Maxwell


Joseph Anderson 1925 John Alexander Patrick John McCay By 1925 the two farms remaining at Rabstown had passed to J Maxwell and to Joseph Anderson, John McCay’s brother in law. Val Revision Bks 12/B/42/23A
1942         House and buildings at Peacockbank sold to Gorringes. Current owner.
1947         Last of farm at Peacockbank sold for £2000 and proceeds, less costs distributed to John McCay (half) and his 5 children (tenth) Document from solicitor, Wilson Simms. 21-02-1947


Note: Spelling of family name is McCoy/McKay in some official documents but family use McCay spelling.

Numbers given to farms are those on the OS map accompanying the Griffiths Valuation.

Area given was that given in Griffiths Valuation but there seems to have been little change apart from Peacockbank 3A being split from 3B.

Dates given with names of occupiers are when changes were made in Valuation Revision Books.