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Martin Genealogy Notes, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1830-69

Items from the Press
Transcribed from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Apr 18 1831 [Died] On Tuesday, the 5th inst., at Culmore, near Newtownlimavady, Samuel Martin, Esq., in the 73rd year of his age
May 31 1834 [Died] On Tuesday, the 27th inst., in Shipquay Street, Frances, eldest daughter of Thomas Martin, of Liverpool, Esq., one of the Commissioners for some time past inquiring into the state of the poor in this City and neighbourhood
Mar 21 1835 [Died] On the 16th inst., in this City, Diana, wife of Robert Martin, Esq., agent for the Sunday School Society for Ireland, second daughter of the late Samuel Sealy, Esq., of Dingle. She has left a husband and eight children to deplore her removal
May 16 1835 [Married] PEERY & MARTIN. On Thursday, the 7th inst., by the Rev. Richard Dill, of Ballykelly, Samuel Peery, Esq., to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Oliver Martin, Culmore
Jun 20 1835 [Married] MARTIN & STOKES. In St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. Thomas H. Porter, John Martin, Esq., of Culmore, county Londonderry, to Sarah, third daughter of Whitley Stokes, Esq., M.D., Regius Professor of Physics in the University of Dublin
Oct 31 1835 [Died] On Thursday, the 15th inst., Samuel Martin, ages 16 years, second son of Mr. John Martin, of Carrymena, Myroe
Jul 9 1836 [Died] On the 4th inst., after a lingering illness of four months, William, second son of Robert Martin, Esq., of William Street, in this City, aged 18 years
Jul 23 1836 [Birth] July 11, the lady of John Martin, Esq., of Culmore, county of Londonderry, of a daughter
Jul 31 1841 [Died] On Wednesday, the 14th inst., Mr. Robert Martin, of Magilligan, carpenter. His remains were attended to the parish church on Friday by a large concourse of relatives and neighbours
Sep 10 1842 [Died] August 16th., at Ardrossan, Ellen, the beloved wife of Major Martin, second daughter of the late Hugh Lyle, of Jackson Hall, Coleraine, Esq
Nov 5 1842 [Married] MARTIN & PRESTON. On the 4th inst., in the Cathedral of Londonderry, by the Rev. John Kincaid, Robert Martin, Esq., of William Street, to Catherine, only surviving daughter of the late James Preston, Esq., of this City
Aug 10 1844 [Died] Suddenly, in Bridge Street, on Tuesday, the 6th inst., Mr. James Martin, aged 40 years. He left a wife and four children to deplore his loss.
May 23 1846 [Married] ROBINSON & MARTIN. In the Presbyterian Church of Myroe, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. Thomas Meharry, Mr. Robert Robinson, of the city of Derry, to Miss Mary Martin, of Crindle, Myroe
Jun 10 1848 [Died] On the 28th ult., at the house of her son in law, Robert McCrory, Esq., Ardmore Lodge, county of Derry, Mrs. Martin, relict of the late John Martin, Esq., Donegal Square, East Belfast
May 26 1849 [Birth] On the 4th inst., at Glenara, near Coleraine, the wife of the Rev. John Martin, of a son
Sep 20 1850 [Married] MARTIN & OLIVER. On the 12th, inst., by the Rev. G. Steen, of Newtownlimavady, John Martin, Esq., Ballyhenry, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Samuel Oliver, Esq., of Dowling
Oct 18 1850 [Died] On the 5th inst., in the 17th year of her age, Margaret, daughter of Mr. Henry Martin, of this City
Feb 11 1853 [Died] At Burnside, near Portstewart, on the 28th ult., Mr. Charles Martin, jun., in the 27th year of his age
Mar 11 1853 [Married] MARTIN & MORRIS. March 3, in the Parish Church of St. Pancras, London, Mr. Walter J. Martin, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, son of Robert Martin, Esq., of Londonderry, to Emma, daughter of Henry Morris, Esq., of London
Apr 22 1853 [Died] On the 21st inst., Catherine, wife of Robert Martin Esq. Her remains will be removed for interment, from Rossville Street, to the Cathedral burying ground, on Monday morning next, the 25th April, at the hour of ten o'clock
Jul 29 1853 [Married] MARTIN & LITTLE. At the First Presbyterian Church, Newtownlimavady, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. John Martin, brother of the bride, Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Martin, of Bovally, to Mr. Joseph Lyttle, Garvagh, son of the late Rev. James Lyttle, of Letterkenny
May 19 1854 [Birth] At Portstewart, on the 9th inst., the lady of William Martin, Esq., of a daughter
Jun 9 1854 [Married] CREIGHTON & MARTIN. In Myroe Presbyterian Church, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. R. Kennedy, A.M., Mr. Robert Creighton, grocer and spirit merchant, Newtownlimavady, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. Thomas Martin, Ballycastle
Sep 14 1855 [Married] HOLMES & MARTIN. On the 4th inst., at the First Presbyterian Church, Newtownlimavady, by the Rev. John Martin, Crossgar, Mr. James Holmes, of Ballynarig, to Maria, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Martin, Bovally
Nov 9 1855 [Birth] At Portstewart, on the 30th ult., the wife of Mr. William Martin, of a daughter
Jul 11 1856 [Married] MARTIN & MCCOMB. On the 3rd inst., in Brackfield Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Mr. Allison, Mr. James Martin, Waterside, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel McComb, of Bond's Glen
Sep 18 1857 [Died] On the 10th inst., after a short illness, Mr. Henry Martin, of this City, in the 66th year of his age
Jan 1 1858 [Birth] At Portstewart, on Wednesday, the 23rd ult., the wife of Mr. William Martin, grocer, of a son
Feb 19 1858 [Married] MARTIN & CRAIG. On the 11th inst., by the Rev. William Browne, Upper Cumber, Andrew Martin, Esq., of Killycurry, parish of Donagheady [Co. Tyrone], to Martha, daughter of James Craig, Esq., of Ballymaclenaghan, parish of Upper Cumber
Jul 9 1858 MELANCHOLY LOSS OF LIFE AT PORTSTEWART. – On Monday, the 5th instant, Thomas and Daniel Martin were engaged quarrying stones near the Castle, and had taken shelter under a shelving during a shower. Upon the termination of the rain the former came out, but had proceeded a few yards , when a mass of rock overhead fell with great force on the latter, forcing a crow-bar into his thigh, and otherwise mutilating him. Dr. Carson, of Coleraine and Dr. McEntyre, were promptly in attendance, but medical aid was unavailing. He died in about three hours. What a practical lesson on the uncertainty of human life. An inquest was held before Dr. Lane, coroner, and a respectable jury, and a verdict given in accordance with the above facts.
Sep 3 1858 [Married] DODDS & MARTIN. On the 2nd inst., in the Parish Church, Drumachose, Newtownlimavady, by the Rev. Thomas Olphert, Mr. Joseph Dodds, to Miss Elizabeth Martin, both of Newtownlimavady
Feb 17 1860 [Married] MARTIN & ROSS. February 12, in the Parish Church of Drumachose, by the Rev. Thomas Olphert, Mr. John Blair Martin, of Newtownlimavady, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Robert Ross, Esq., of the same Place
Aug 3 1860 [Married] MARTIN & MCINTOSH. July 24, in the Presbyterian Church, Magilligan, by the Rev. H.M. Butler, Mr. Israel Martin, architect, York Street, Belfast, to Fanny, third daughter of Mr. Robert McIntosh, Bellarena, Magilligan, county Londonderry
Dec 7 1860 [Died] December 5, Harriet Martin, aged 8 months, daughter of Mr. Hugh Martin, of Bridge Street
Jan 10 1862 [Birth] January 6, the wife of Mr. J.B. Martin, Post Office, Newtownlimavady, of a son
May 9 1862 [Died] May 7, of consumption, at the Hillhead, Waterside, Mr. John Martin, compositor, aged 22 years
May 30 1862 [Married] MARTIN & MERCER. May 22, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Newtownlimavady, by the Rev. George Steen, A.M., Mr. James Cooper Martin, Newtownlimavady, to Isabella, only daughter of Mr. William Mercer, Bovally
Sep 29 1863 [Died] September 24, at Ballyhenry, Mrs. Israel Martin, aged 67 years
Oct 20 1863 [Birth] October 12, at Bridge Street, Londonderry, the wife of Mr. Hugh Martin, butter merchant, of a son
Jul 26 1864 [Birth] July 19, at Upper Stone Row, Coleraine, the wife of Mr. Robert Martin, of a daughter
Nov 8 1864 [Married] ROSS & MARTIN. November 3, in Myroe Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Robert Kennedy, the Rev. John Ross, Minister of Benvarden Presbyterian Church, county Antrim, to Eliza, second daughter of Israel Martin, Esq., of Ballyhenry, Myroe, county Derry
Dec 30 1864 [Died] December 20, at his residence, Rosemount, Londonderry, Mr. George Martin, aged 22 years
Sep 29 1865 [Birth] September 25, at Newtownlimavady, the wife of Mr. J.B. Martin, postmaster, of a son
May 8 1866 [Died] An inquest was held yesterday by the Coroner M. Lloyd, Esq., on the body of Ann Martin, aged 72 years, of Glendermott, who fell dead on Waterside Street, on Saturday last. Dr. Cuthbert stated in his opinion that she died of heart disease. The verdict was in accordance with the evidence
May 11 1866 [Died] On the 5th May, at her residence, Drumahoe, Nancy Martin, aged 72 years
Jan 18 1867 [Died] January 15, at his residence, in Myroe, John Martin, Esq., Clerk of the Crown for the County of Londonderry, aged 67 years
Aug 20 1867 [Married] JAMIESON & MARTIN. August 16, at the New Row Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, by the Rev. R. Wallace, Benjamin Jamieson, Coleraine, son of the late William Jamieson, to Isabella, daughter of Mr. George Martin
Nov 15 1867 [Died] On the 11th November, of disease of the brain, at his father's residence, Samuel, fourth son of Mr. Israel Martin, of Ballyhenry, aged 31 years
Mar 17 1868 [Died] March 13, at Ballyness, Castleroe, Jane, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Martin, aged 65 years
May 5 1868 [Died] May 3, at Londonderry, Mary Jane Martin, aged 41 years.
Jun 12 1868 [Died] June 7, at Viranda House, Portstewart, Lucy Weir Martin
Sep 11 1868 [Died] September 4, at Magherafelt, Mr. Robert Martin
May 14 1869 [Birth] May 8, at the Rectory, Carndonagh, the wife of the Rev. N.C. Martin, of a son
May 28 1869 [Married] MARTIN & HENRY. May 24, at the Long Tower Roman Catholic Church, Derry, by the Rev. Michael Tracey, C.C., Mr. John Martin, Ballybofey [Co. Donegal], to Miss Bridget Henry, Londonderry
Jun 8 1869 [Married] DOHERTY & MARTIN. June 2, at Terrace Row Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, by the Rev. J. Macdonnell, William John, eldest son of Mr. William Doherty, Castleroe, to Agnes, third daughter of the late Mr. Robert Martin, Mullaghacall, Portstewart