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Little & Lyttle Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1831-69

Personal announcements extracted from insertions in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



January 1 1831 [Married] On Friday, 17th December, in the Church of Stewartstown, JOSHUA LITTLE, ESQ., Surgeon, R.N., to MARY, daughter of ALEXANDER N. LITTLE, of Stewartstown, Esq.
June 18 1831 [Married] On Friday, the 10th inst., at the Church of Grange Gorman [Dublin], by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross, JOHN LITTLE, ESQ., of Stewartstown, to EMILY, youngest daughter of the late SAMUEL KYLE, of Baggot Street, Esq., and niece to ROBERT KYLE, of Laurel Hill, Coleraine, Esq.
September 14 1833 [Married] On Thursday, the 12th inst., at Mountfield, county of Tyrone, by the Rev. Patrick Donnelly, DAVID BROWN, ESQ., of Shipquay Street, Londonderry, to SUSANNA, eldest daughter of ROBERT LITTLE, ESQ., Lieutenant of Police
March 10 1838 [Married] At Learmount, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. John King, ARTHUR RICHARD HUNT, ESQ., officer of excise, second son of WILLIAM AUGUSTUS HUNT, ESQ., of Lissavady House, in the county Longford, to JANE, third daughter of LIEUT. ROBERT LITTLE, revenue police, Mountfield
September 29 1838 [Died] On Tuesday, the 11th inst., at Killyclogher, Sandholes, county Tyrone, after a severe and painful illness, MR. JOHN LITTLE, aged 68 years
April 24 1841 [Died] On the 12th inst., at his residence, Stewartstown, of liver complaint, JOSHUA LITTLE, Surgeon, R.N., after a protracted illness. He has left a widow and child
May 4 1844 [Died] On the 23rd ult., at his residence in Stewartstown, ALEXANDER NEAL LITTLE, Esq.
June 15 1844 [Married] On the 11th inst., in the Methodist Chapel, Frederick Street, Belfast, by the Rev. F. Tackaberry, the REV. JAMES BLACK, Wesleyan Minister, to MARY, eldest daughter of the late ALEXANDER LITTLE, Stewartstown
February 8 1845 [Married] On Monday, the 27th ult., in Castleblaney, by the Rev. J. .......?, brother in law of the bride, ALEXANDER WILLIAM LEE, of Ivey, Esq., nephew of WILLIAM LEE, of Cloghog House, Esq., to CHARLOTTE, second daughter of the late ALEXANDER NEAL LYTTLE, ESQ., of Stewartstown
May 3 1845 [Birth] On the 29th ult., at Stewartstown, the lady of JOHN LITTLE, ESQ., of a son
June 30 1849 [Birth] June 23, at Stewartstown, county Tyrone, the lady of JOHN LITTLE, ESQ., solicitor, of a son
October 5 1849 [Married] Sept. 26, by the Rev. J. Mitchell, Omagh, MARY, second daughter of the REV. A. JOHNSTON, Newbliss, to REV. F. LYTTLE, Newtownstewart
January 31 1851 [Died] On the 21st inst., ROBERT JOHNSTON, son of the REV. FRANCIS LITTLE, Newtownstewart, aged 6 months
September 9 1853 [Died] On 28th ult., at Mullaghmore, near Omagh, JOHN LITTLE, ESQ.
October 20 1854 [Died] On the 8th inst., MR. ROBERT LITTLE, of Finvoy, near Stewartstown, aged 76 years
April 25 1856 [Married] On the 15th inst., at the First Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. H.E. Wilson, MR. BENJAMIN GLASGOW, merchant, to JANE, the youngest daughter of MR. A. LITTLE, Orretor Crags, near Cookstown
July 3 1857 [Died] On the 25th ult., at Sandholes, MARY E. LITTLE, relict of the late JOHN LITTLE, Ballyclougher, aged 82 years
June 18 1858 [Died] April 9, at the Field Hospital, Cawnpore, from the effects of fatigue incurred during the storming of Lucknow, LIEUTENANT JOHN LITTLE, of H.M's 20th Regiment, aged 22 years, third son of JOHN LITTLE, ESQ., of Stewartstown, county Tyrone
September 2 1859 [Married] August 4, in Aughavea Church [Co. Fermanagh], MR. STEWART LITTLE, merchant, Augher, Tyrone, to ANNE JANE, eldest daughter of JAMES ARMSTRONG, ESQ., Brookborough, county Fermanagh
June 21 1861 [Married] June 12, at Caton, Lancashire, SAMUEL LITTLE, ESQ., of Stewartstown, county Tyrone, eldest son of JOHN LITTLE, ESQ., of Beechgrove, same county, to HANNAH, eldest daughter of BRYAN P. GREGSON, ESQ., of Caton
Jul y19 1861 [Birth] On the 9th July, at Augher, the wife of MR. STEWART LITTLE, merchant, of a daughter
December 20 1861 [Died] December 8, at Augher, county Tyrone, of bronchitis, JANE ELINOR, infant daughter of MR. STEWART LITTLE, aged 5 months
January 17 1862 [Died] January 7, at Drumeron, near Cookstown, ANN, wife of the late MR. ROBERT LITTLE, aged 80 years
February 28 1862 [Married] On the 18th February, at Douglass Bridge, by the Rev. James Alexander, D.D., MR. WILLIAM LITTLE, Fourth Class National Schoolmaster, Douglass, to MISS SARAH BARBER, of Skinbuoy, in the county of Tyrone
June 9 1863 [Died] May 28, at Beechgrove, county Tyrone, ARTHUR WOOD, son of JOHN LITTLE, ESQ., aged 19 years
November 29 1864 [Died] November 18, at Aughnacloy, MR. GUY LITTLE, aged 86 years
March 10 1865 [Died] On the 8th March, after a short illness, JOSHUA T. LYTTLE, of Holywood, the son of the late ALEXANDER N. LYTTLE, Stewartstown, aged 37 years
October 3 1865 [Birth] On the 30th September, at 7 Victoria Terrace, Sandymount, the wife of SAMUEL LITTLE, ESQ., J.P., of Stewartstown, county Tyrone, of a daughter
December 19 1865 [Married] On the 12th December, at the Presbyterian Church, Aughnacloy, by the Rev. William McIlwaine, A.M., ADAM SCOTT, ESQ., Dublin, to ANNIE ELIZABETH, the only daughter of FRANCIS LITTLE, ESQ., Aughnacloy
January 23 1866 [Married] On the 17th January, at Taney Church [Dublin], by the Rev. William John Knox Little, brother of the bridegroom, HENRY A. LITTLE, ESQ., Royal Fusiliers, fourth son of JOHN LITTLE, ESQ., of Stewartstown, county Tyrone, and Idrone Terrace, Blackrock, county Dublin, to ELLEN WADE, daughter of the late DAVID THOMPSON, ESQ., and niece of DAVID THOMPSON, ESQ., of Clonskeagh Castle, county Dublin
August 7 1866 [Married] August 1, in Newmills Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John W. Aiken, of Sandholes, assisted by the Rev. James Foster, MR. JAMES LITTLE JONES, of Sandholes, to LYDIA, daughter of the late MR. JOHN LITTLE, of Sandholes, county Tyrone
September 7 1866 [Married] In the Second Presbyterian Church, Newtownstewart, by the Rev. Francis Little, ADAM PARK, ESQ., Skinboy House, to MARY JANE, eldest daughter of GEORGE LITTLE, ESQ., Peacock Cottage, Bunderg
October 23 1866 [Married] October 11, in Glenhoy Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Dales, MR. JAMES LITTLE, to MISS MARY JANE GARRITY, Glenegeragh, county Tyrone
February 15 1867 [Died] February 2, at the residence of her son, MR. GEORGE LITTLE, Aughater, Fivemiletown, CATHERINE, relict of the late WILLIAM ARCHIBALD LITTLE, aged 79 years
April 17 1868 [Died] March 31, at the residence of her father, Callinbrone, Aughnacloy, county Tyrone, MARY ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of MR. WILLIAM LITTLE
January 5 1869 [Married] Jan 1, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Theophilus Campbell, M.A., Rector of Finvoy, assisted by the Rev. J.H. Deacon, Incumbent of Trinity Church, MR. FREDERICK LITTLE, to REBECCA, fourth daughter of the late MR. STUART SIMPSON, Ballygawley, county Tyrone