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King Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1825-68

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


December 20 1825 Died suddenly in this town, on Saturday last, MISS KING aged 75
July 15 1834 Died n this town, on Friday last, after a lingering illness, MISS KING aged 70



March 10 1841 Died at Dartons, Castlederg, on Wednesday, the 17th ult., aged 72 years, MRS. ELIZABETH KING, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM KING, formerly merchant in Coleraine [Co. Londonderry]



May 22 1830 Married on the 17th inst., by the Right Hon. the Lord Bishop of Clogher, in the Cathedral of Clogher, JAMES KING, ESQ., of Donaghmore, county Tyrone, to JANE CHARLOTTE, eldest daughter of JOSEPH TRIMBLE, ESQ of Clogher
August 1 1835 Married July 22, at Langfield Church, the REV. G.W. STUART, of Muff, county Donegal, to KATHERINE, eldest daughter of the REV. GILBERT KING, of Langfield Glebe, county Tyrone
June 9 1838 Died on the 18th ult., suddenly in Moy, at the residence of his brother, MR. JOHN KING, eldest son of MR. ROBERT KING, of Ashgrove
August 25 1838 Birth: on the 12th inst., the lady of DR. H. KING, of Castlecaufield House, county Tyrone, of a son and heir, being her sixth child
December 8 1838 Married on the 3rd inst., at St. George's Church, by the Rev. Denis Brown, the HON. and REV. FRANCIS N. CLEMENTS, youngest son of the Earl of Leitrim, to CHARLOTTE, second daughter of the REV. GILBERT KING, of Langfield, county Tyrone
April 18 1840 Died on the 25th ult., the lady of ROBERT KING, ESQ., of Annesley Lodge, near Dungannon, of a son
June 26 1841 Married June 16th., in St. George's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. George Audouin, the REV. GILBERT KING, Rector of Langfield, county Tyrone, to CHARLOTTE, daughter of the late GEORGE AUDOUIN LAMB, ESQ., of East Hill, county Wicklow
May 14 1842 Married on Thursday, the 5th inst., by the Rev. John Latimer, of Ballynahatty, MR. WILLIAM KING, of Cumber, near Fintona, to MARY, youngest daughter of MR. ROBERT YOUNG, near Ballynahatty
June 3 1843 Died on Sunday, the 28th ult., in the 50th year of her age, JANE, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM KING, of Fallaghern, near Fintona
January 20 1844 Died at Dartons, Castlederg, on the 6th inst., MR. BEATHER KING, in the 35th year of his age, leaving a widow and infant son to deplore his Loss
January 24 1846 Died on the 15th inst., at Larchmount, Dungannon, the residence of his son in law, WILLIAM ROBSON, ESQ., SAMUEL KING, ESQ., of the firm of King and Newton, Coalisland Mills, and for many years a leading merchant in Dungannon
May 22 1847 Died at Cumber, near Fintona, in the county Tyrone, MARYANNE, third daughter of JAMES KING, ESQ., of that Place, aged 17 years
July 17 1847 Died on the 20th ult., after a short and severe attack of fever, at the residence of her father, in the 28th year of her age, ISABELLA, only daughter of STUART KING, ESQ., Aughafad, Fintona
October 9 1847 Died on the 13th ult., in his 21st year, at the residence of JOHN G. COPLEY, ESQ., Richmond Hill, Manchester, WILLIAM, youngest son of the late SAMUEL KING, ESQ., of Coalisland Mills, Dungannon
July 18 1851 Died July 6, in Ballina, R.J. KING, fifth son of SAMUEL KING, ESQ., of Coal Island Mills, Dungannon
October 3 1851 Married at Westport Church, county Mayo, on Wednesday, the 24th ult., by the Rev. William Oliver Jackson, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Newman, MR. JOHN KING, of Manchester, only surviving son of the late SAMUEL KING, ESQ., of Coalisland Mills, county Tyrone, to LIZZY, youngest daughter of GEORGE HILDEBRAND, ESQ., of Cherry Cottage, Westport
September 3 1852 Birth: on the 22nd ult, at the Parade, Omagh, the wife of C.W. KING, ESQ., railway contractor, of a son
December 3 1852 Died on the 24th ult., at Dartans, Elizabeth, eldest surviving daughter of the late WILLIAM KING, ESQ., merchant, Coleraine [Co. Londonderry]
August 26 1853 Married on the 17th March last, by special licence, in St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, N.S. Wales, by the Rev. George King, JOHN W. KING, ESQ., son of the late WILLIAM KING, ESQ., of Fintona, Ireland, to LUCY, daughter of JOHN BRAY, ESQ., J.P., Denfield
January 25 1856 Married on the 17th inst., at Kildallen Church, by the Rev. Francis Saunderson, the REV. JOHN HENRY KING, son of the REV. GILBERT KING, of Langfield Rectory, to LADY MARY CRICHTON, sister of the Earl of Erne
October 24 1856 Married October 15, at St. Anne's Church [Dublin], by the Rev. John H. King, the REV. GEORGE FINLAY, to ISABELLA, daughter of the REV. GILBERT KING, Rector of Langfield Parish, county Tyrone
December 5 1856 Died on the 21st ult., at Langfield Rectory, the REV. GILBERT KING, aged 73, upwards of 44 years Rector of Lower Langfield Parish
February 11 1859 Married February 3, in the Parish Church of Donoughmore, county Tyrone, by the Rev. Thomas Carpendale, Rector of the Parish, assisted by the Rev. Robert Hamilton, THOMAS PARKS, ESQ., Ballug Castle, county Louth, to HENRIETTA HANNAH, daughter of HENRY KING, ESQ., M.D., late of her Majesty's 33d Regiment, Castlecaulfield, Dungannon
November 2 1860 Died October 22, at Turin, Italy, after a short illness, EMILY, fourth daughter of the late REV. GILBERT KING, Langfield Rectory, Tyrone
October 4 1861 Died at Cumber, near Fintona, county Tyrone, JAMES KING, ESQ., aged 77 years
March 21 1862 Died March 15, at the residence of the REV. DR. CARSON, Dunlarge, Keady [Co. Armagh], ELIZABETH, relict of the late THOMAS KING, ESQ., surgeon, R.N., late of Bernagh, near Dungannon, aged 71 years
June 19 1863 Married June 9, at Glenoe Church, by the Rev. Dr. Atwell, HENRY PRINGLE, ESQ., Birmingham, to MATILDA OLIVIA, eldest daughter of ROBERT KING, ESQ., Annesley Lodge, county Tyrone
July 19 1864 Married July 14, in the Presbyterian Church, Clogher, by the Rev. James Gardiner Robb, ROBERT JOHN MONTGOMERY, ESQ., Garvey, Aughnacloy, to CHARLOTTE, only daughter of the late JOHN KING, ESQ., and niece of JOHN RAMSEY, ESQ., Waterhill, Clogher, county Tyrone
August 12 1864 Married August 9, at Dublin, DR. G. DE CORREQUER GRIFFITHS, to FANNY, daughter of the late DR. KING, Donoughmore, Dungannon
October 28 1864 Died October 22, at the Wardwick, Derby, CHARLOTTE, widow of the late REV. GILBERT KING, for many years Rector of Langfield, Omagh, county Tyrone
April 18 1865 Married April 13, at Sandymount Presbyterian Church [Dublin], by the Rev. Thomas Lyttle, JAMES ALEXANDER, second son of ROBERT KING, ESQ., of Annesley Lodge, county Tyrone, to ELEANOR, second daughter of WILLIAM LECKEY, ESQ., Glen Villa, Sandymount
June 12 1866 Married June 5, in Clonoe, by the Rev. Dr. Atwell, Rector, assisted by the Rev. William J.M. Young, Incumbent of Brackaville, JAMES PRINGLE, ESQ., of Ballinahone, to OLIVIA ABIGAIL, second daughter of ROBERT KING, ESQ., Annesley Lodge, county Tyrone
July 27 1866 Married July 12, at Lisnacrieve, Fintona, ANNIE, eldest daughter of MR. ALEXANDER KING, aged 14 years
May 17 1867 Married May 7, in the First Presbyterian Church, Glendermott [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. A. Buchanan, MR. R. KING, of Altrest, to MISS MARGARET KING, of Greerstown
May 24 1867 Married on the 14th May, at the Parish Church, Strabane, by the Rev. Edward Edwards, A.M., Rector of Castlederg, uncle of the bridegroom, WILLIAM KING, ESQ., of Dartons House, Castlederg, county Tyrone, to SARAH ESTHER, the fourth daughter of WILLIAM RAMSAY, ESQ., of Bowling Green, Strabane
July 19 1867 Died July 12, at her residence, Eden, ELIZABETH KING, aged 28 years
February 14 1868 Birth: February 10, at Dartins House, Castlederg, the wife of WILLIAM KING, ESQ., of a son, still-born
June 5 1868 Married May 28, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Castlederg, by the Rev. John Armstrong, RICHARD KING, Esq., Cumber, Fintona, to MATILDA, daughter of JOHN McCORMAC, ESQ, Kilkeen