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Jones Genealogy Notes, Cos. Tyrone & Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 1830-67

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia






Date Notice
Mar 21 1835 [Died] Suddenly, at Urney House, on Tuesday last, the 17th inst., the Rev. James Jones, Rector of the parish of Urney, in this diocese, and father of Captain Jones, M. P., for this County
Jan 2 1847 [Died] On the morning of Sunday, the 27th ult., at Lisgoole Abbey, the residence of her son in law W. Jones, Esq., Eliza, the lady of James Denham, Esq., formerly of Fairwood Park, county Fermanagh, and eldest surviving daughter of the late Sir William Richardson, Bart., of Augher Castle, in the county of Tyrone
Feb 5 1858 [Married] JONES & LOWRY On the 30th ult., at St. George's Church, by the Rev. Edward Pepper, uncle of the bride, Michael Obins Seeley Jones, Esq., son of Michael Jones, Esq., of Gregg House, Sligo, and Lisgoole Abbey, D. L., county Fermanagh, to Hariette, eldest daughter of James Corry Lowry, of Rockdale House, county Tyrone, and Mountjoy Square, Esq., barrister at Law
Dec 31 1858 [Married] YOUNG & JONES On the 28th inst., in the Second Presbyterian Church, Castlederg, by the Rev. James Crockett, Mr. Samuel Young, to Martha, eldest daughter of Mr. Oliver Jones, of Churchtown, county Tyrone
Mar 21 1862 [Married] JONES & SPENCE March 12, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Castlederg, by the Rev. William Armstrong, Mr. Robert Jones, Alt, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Spence, Craigmonaghan
Jun 27 1862 [Married] JONES & ARMSTRONG June 19, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Strabane, by the Rev. W. A. Russell, Mr. John Jones, of Londonderry, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Christopher Armstrong, Strabane
Aug 7 1866 [Married] JONES & LITTLE August 1, in Newmills Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John W. Aiken, of Sandholes, assisted by the Rev. James Foster, Mr. James Little Jones, of Sandholes, to Lydia, daughter of the late Mr. John Little, of Sandholes, county Tyrone
Apr 26 1867 [Birth] April 21, at Ardtrea, county Tyrone, the wife of the Rev. Thomas J. Jones, of a daughter



Date Notice
Jan 16 1830 [Died] At Castle Irvine, on the 1st instant, Eleanor Jones, at the advanced age of 105. She retained all her faculties till within the last six months, and was only confined to her bed one day before her death. No person can remember her having a day's sickness
Jan 13 1838 [Married] JONES & DENHAM On Tuesday, in St. George's Church, Dublin, William Jones, Esq., eldest son of Michael Jones, Esq., of Lisgoole Abbey, near Enniskillen, to Isabella, second daughter of James Denham, Esq., Dublin, and late of Fairwood Park
Aug 6 1858 [Died] On the 29th ult., at her residence, Russian, county of Fermanagh, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, widow of Charles Jones, formerly Captain in the 90th Regiment, aged 76 years
Jun 24 1859 [Died] June 15, at Cregg House, county Sligo, Mary, wife of Michael Jones, Esq., D. L., county Fermanagh
Nov 3 1863 [Married] JONES & DRYSDALE October 28, at Burnt Mill House, Alva, Scotland, by the Rev. A. Brown, assisted by the Rev. R. Davidson, Lisbellaw, E. H. Jones, Esq., Enniskillen, to Jeannie, youngest daughter of the late William Drysdale, jun., Esq., Alva
Feb 1 1867 [Married] JONES & KEYS January 30, at the Registry Office, Irvinestown, by Mr. Robert Anderson, Mr. James Jones, to Jane, only daughter of Mr. Robert Keys, merchant, Irvinestown