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Houston & Huston Family Notes, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1830-1869
Extracts from Newspapers

Personal notices extracted from insertions in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



August 24 1830


On the 21st inst. at Gortin, near Ballindreat, the Rev. James Houston, jun. aged 26 years. He was a young man, of the most amiable and interesting dispositions, sincerely beloved by the members of his own family, esteemed by his associates, and respected by the public. He was an assiduous and successful student in the Belfast Institution, where his worth, his amiable and engaging qualities were appreciated as they deserved.--- After the completion of his Collegiate studies, not indeed without the attainment of many honours, he became a promising, and faithful Licentiate of the Presbyterian Church. Shortly after he had been called to that sacred office, it pleased God, whose ways are inscrutable, to interrupt his prospects of usefulness, by visiting his with a lingering disease, which terminated in death. His respected parents and family, have to lament, in his decease the loss of a dutiful son and affectionate brother, accompanied however, by the consoling and cheering assurance, that he is now a child of God, and an heir of glory (Strabane Morning Post) (Londonderry Sentinel)

August 28 1830 On the 21st inst., at Gortin, the residence of his father, in the 26th year of his age, the Rev. James Houston, son of the Rev. James Houston, Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Ballindreat (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 28 1831 On the 19th inst., at Gorten, aged 24 years, Mr. Alexander Houston, Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, youngest son of the Rev. James Houston, Presbyterian Minister of Ballindreat Congregation (Londonderry Sentinel)
January 7 1832 On the 19th December 1831, by the Rev. John David, of Killeter, the Rev. Samuel Thompson, Presbyterian Minister of Donegal and Ballyshannon, to Miss Fanny Huston, third daughter of the late Rev. William Huston, of Donegal and Ballyshannon (Londonderry Sentinel)
January 12 1839 On the 3rd inst., by the Rev. William Scott, Mr. John Magill, of Magherabeg, Manorcunningham, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. James Houston, of Killyverry, Newtowncunningham (Londonderry Sentinel)
November 30 1839 On the 27th November, in the 73rd year of his age, after a short illness, the Rev. James Houston, Presbyterian Minister of the parish of Lifford, county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 26 1842 On the 11th, by the Rev. Matthew Wilson, Ramelton, Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr. John Wilson, Ballyagan, to Mr. John Huston, Tamneymore, near Garvagh (Londonderry Sentinel)
March28 1846 On the 25th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Stranorlar, by the Rev. J. Steele, Mr. Robert McClay, of Drumboe, to Mary Anne, daughter of Mr. Charles Huston, Tiviogmoy (Londonderry Sentinel)
February 17 1849 On Wednesday last, at Murlog, near Lifford, after a lingering illness, Jane, beloved wife of James Houston, Esq. (Londonderry Sentinel)
December 20 1850 On the 17th inst., after a few hours illness, Mr. James Houston, of Killyverry near Newtowncunningham, aged 63 (Londonderry Sentinel)
July 22 1853 On Monday, the 18th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Ballindrate, by the Rev. William McCrea, James Denny, Esq., of Sheeneloon, to Miss Jane, daughter of the late Rev. James Huston, Minister of Ballindrate (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 10 1854 At her residence, Gortin, on the 28th ult., aged 76 years, Jane, relict of the late Rev. James Houston, of Ballindrate (Londonderry Sentinel)
December 2 1859 On the 15th November, at Moyle, Newtowncunningham, of scarletina, Mary, the dearly beloved child of Mr. John Houston, aged five years (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 29 1861 March 26, at his residence, Murlough, James Huston, Esq., aged 78 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
June 21 1861 April 20, at Campo Secco, California, Hugh Houston, aged about 85 years, a native of county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 19 1863 May 14th, at Killybegs Church, by the Rev. John G. Ball, A.M., Mr. Robert McKee, to Susanna, daughter of Mr. John Houston, merchant, Killybegs (Londonderry Sentinel)
July 3 1863 June 23, in the Pettigo Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. Donaldson, Mr. Jeremiah Stuart, to Miss Catherine Houston, both of Pettigo (Londonderry Sentinel)
February 12 1864 February 4, at Brookfield, Donegal, Mary Jane, second daughter of the Rev. Samuel Thompson, and granddaughter of the late Rev. William Houston (Londonderry Sentinel)
January 6 1865 On the 31st December, at Belteney, Margaret Huston (Londonderry Sentinel)
June 19 1866 June 14, in the Presbyterian Church of First Ballylennon, by the Rev. J. Lecky, Mr. Moses Houston, Swillymount, Newtowncunningham, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. Joseph Chambers, Brockagh, St. Johnston (Londonderry Sentinel)
September 25 1866 September 20, at Killybegs Parish Church, by the Rev. John Gage Ball, A.M., Captain Robert Hamilton, Killybegs, to Martha, second daughter of Mr. John Huston, merchant (Londonderry Sentinel)
September 20 1867 September 12, at Lifford Church, by the Rev. Mr. McClintock, Mr. William McCullagh, Coneyburrow Cottage, Lifford, to Eliza Jane, only daughter of Mr. John Houston, Haw (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 24 1868 March 19, at Haw, near Lifford, after a lingering illness, Mr. John Houston, aged 76 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 15 1868 May 10, at Ramelton, Sarah, wife of the late Mr. James Houston, aged 50 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
February 23 1869 Jan 25, at Kilmacrenan Roman Catholic Chapel, by the Rev. M. McBride, Hugh Huston, Esq., formerly of Kilmacrenan, to Ann, eldest daughter of Patrick Waite, Esq., Kilmacrenan (Londonderry Sentinel)
November 5 1869 Oct. 31, at her residence, Tinkeraford [Tinklersford], Jane, relict of the late James Huston, aged 72 years (Londonderry Sentinel)