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Henderson Baptisms, Aghaloo Parish Church (St. John's Church of Ireland) Caledon, Co. Tyrone 1793-1860

Researched, extracted and transcribed by Josephine McBride (nee Henderson)

Formatted and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Aghaloo Parish Church, St. John’s Church of Ireland, Caledon, Co. Tyrone

Surviving records of Aghaloo Parish Church have been microfilmed by the staff of PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland), Belfast, where they are available for consultation:

Baptisms 1791-5 and 1801-76; marriages 1792-5 and 1800-45; burials 1792-5 and 1800-1939; confirmation lists 1840-72; vestry minutes 1691-1807 PRONI Ref: MIC583/25-6, MIC1/326 D2602/1

Baptisms 1877; marriages 1845;-remain in local custody at the church



20/1/1793 John Thomas Elizabeth Caledon
Not given Mary Alexander Mary Curlagh
20/7/1793 Matilda James Mary Caledon
18/1/1801 Sarah John Jane Caledon
15/11/1801 William William Jane Dyan
22/4/1802 Robert John Sarah Mullinahorn
23/5/1802 Elizabeth James Margaret Kilshanagh
27/7/1802 Lydia Samuel Ruth Kilshanagh
29/12/1802 Margaret James Jane Caledon
3/4/1802 Anthony John Elizabeth Cumber
19/1/1804 Thomas William Ann Kilmore
6/2/1804 John John Sarah Mullycarnan
10/5/1804 Sally Ann John Mary Caledon
21/10/1804 Alexander John Elizabeth Derryhage?
20/2/1805 Anne Thomas Elizabeth Caledon
5/12/1805 Jane James Jane Caledon
27/10/1807 James George Ann not given
7/4/1808 Samuel James Margaret Kilshanagh
22/4/1808 James James Margaret Ballagh
22/7/1810 Jane James Jane Finglush

Richard &

James (twins)

William Margaret Caledon
30/12/1810 John Mercer Ellen Dunmacmay
24/2/1810 Margaret John Jane Aughnasallagh
21/4/1811 Alexander Alexander Jane Mullintor
27/10/1811 James George Ann Guiness
19/12/1811 John James Jane Finglush
19/4/1812 William William Margaret Caledon
27/2/1812 Robert George Jane Guiness
20/3/1812 Nancy Robert Mary Glenkeen
2/5/1812 James James Jane Finglush
2/7/1815 John James Jane Finglush
13/8/1815 Sarah William Anne Kilmore
24/3/1815 Mary William Mary Dunmacmay
16/8/1816 Thomas John Jane Dunmacmay
15/9/1816 Jane George Jane Guiness
27/4/1817 James George Jane Mullinahorn


Mary Ann &

Michael (triplets)

George Jane Mullinahorn
10/5/1821 William William Mary Dromore
11/10/1821 George George Jane Mullinahorn
January 1824 Eliza Jane John (smith) Mary Ellen McWilliams Caledon [married 4/6/1823 by licence: witnesses: Charles McWilliams & Jane Marshall]
27/6/1825 Wilson William (weaver) Elizabeth Kilmore
12/3/1826 James John (smith) Mary Eleanor Caledon
9/9/1827 Mary John (smith) Mary Ellen Caledon [maiden name McWilliams]
26/1/1828 Ellen Alexander (weaver) Mary Anne Cumber
21/11/1828 Catherine John (smith) Mary Ellen Caledon
13/12/1829 Eliza Ann Thomas (farmer) Jane Caledon Parks [married 15/8/1828 Jane Marshall of Killynaul]
25/4/1830 Thomas John (smith) Mary Ellen Caledon
13/4/1831 Jane Thomas (farmer) Jane Caledon Townland]
25/2/1832 Margaret John (smith) Mary Ellen Caledon
20/1/1833 Thomas Thomas (farmer) Jane Caledon Parks
13/3/1834 Jane Thomas (farmer) Jane Caledon Parks
17/8/1834 William John (smith) Mary Ellen Caledon
11/1/1835 Oliver Thomas (farmer) Jane Caledon Parks
27/12/1835 George Henry Quinn (labourer) Jane Henderson Crilly
20/3/1835 Martha John (smith) Mary Ellen Caledon
19/10/1836 Ann Thomas (farmer) Anne Kilmore
12/11/1835 Margaret George (farmer) Eliza Dunmacmay
5/2/1837 James Thomas (farmer) Jane Guiness
October 1837 James John Mercer (labourer) Margaret Henderson Dunmacmay [married 22/5/1834 Margaret Henderson of Crilly]
27/7/1838 Catherine John (smith) Mary Ellen Caledon
20/1/1839 Jane Henry Quinn (calling not given) Jane Henderson Dunmacmay [married 1/12/1834 Jane of Crilly]
3/2/1839 John Thomas (farmer) Jane Guiness
11/11/1840 Samuel Thomas (farmer) Jane Marshall Agenis
6/12/1840 Anne Jane John Mercer (labourer) Margaret Henderson Dunmacmay
20/12/1840 Thomas Charles Wilson (merchant) Sarah Henderson Caledon [married 28/2/1839 by licence and consent, Sarah a daughter of James Caledon]
25/6/1841 Mary Henry Quinn (labourer) Jane Henderson Dunmacmay
20/8/1841 Sarah John Henderson (smith) Mary Ellen Caledon
10/4/1842 Anne James Archer (builder) Elizabeth Henderson Caledon [married 20/5/1841 Sarah Henderson daughter of James of Caledon]
25/12/1842 James Charles Wilson (grocer) Sarah Henderson Caledon
20/2/1843 Mary Thomas Henderson (farmer) Jane Marshall Agenis
31/3/1844 Sarah James Archer (builder) Eliza Henderson Caledon
11/8/1844 John Charles Wilson (merchant) Sarah Henderson  
7/3/1845 Margaret Thomas Henderson (farmer) Jane Marshall Agenis
24/2/1846 Elizabeth James Archer (builder) Elizabeth Henderson Caledon
20/9/1846 William Henry Quinn (labourer) Jane Henderson Dunmacmay
24/4/1847 William Thomas Henderson (farmer) Jane Marshall Guiness
25/4/1847 Jemima Thomas (farmer) Jane Marshall Guiness
17/4/1860 Margaret Jane John Marshall (farmer) Margaret Henderson Killinaul [Jane Marshall who married Thomas Henderson came from Killinaul]