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Graham Genealogy Notes, Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1833-70

Extracted from numerous named sources
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



Date Death
June 11 1833 [Died] On Thursday last, after a lingering illness, MISS ANNE GRAHAM, daughter of MR. ANDREW GRAHAM, of this town, boot and shoe-maker
September 8 1835 [Died] On Thursday last, at Moville [Co. Donegal], where she had been for some time, for the benefit of the sea, MRS. ISAAC GRAHAM, of this town, most deservedly regretted by all who knew her. Her remains were brought to Strabane on Saturday last, and a vast number who met the funeral procession gave melancholy evidence of the general esteem in which she was held. Her illness had been long protracted, and was submitted to with a degree of piety and resignation calculated to give every comfort and consolation to her extensive circle of friends and relatives. Her removal will be generally felt, as she was always an active supporter of all the charitable and benevolent institutions within the sphere of her influence
November 17 1835 [Died] In this town, on Saturday last, after a long illness, MR. JOHN GRAHAM, an old and respectable inhabitant, aged 72 years



Date Notice
January 16 1836 [Died] In Strabane on Saturday last after a long illness, MR JOHN GRAHAM, an old and respectable inhabitant aged 72 years
December 28 1839 [Died] At Tennessee, North America, in October last, WILLIAM GRAHAM, ESQ., Royal Navy, formerly of Cavanalee near Strabane. He was a young man much respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. He has left a mother and sister to deplore his loss, son of the late ANDREW GRAHAM, ESQ.,
July 25 1840 [Died] On Wednesday morning, the 22nd inst., at her residence, Market House Street, Strabane, at an advanced age, which she adorned “in the way of righteousness”, MRS. ANNE GRAHAM, a humble, devoted Christian and one of the best mothers and a sincere friend
September 4 1841 [Died] On Saturday last, after a lingering illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, LILLY, wife of MR. JAMES GRAHAM, of Curley Hill, near Strabane
October 16 1841 [Married] On Wednesday morning, the 13th inst, by the Rev. Edward Atkinson, in the Church of Strabane, MR. ROBERT GRAHAM, to MARGARET, second daughter of MR. JAMES DONNELL, Calheme, near said town
August 10 1844 [Died] On Wednesday last, MR. MICHAEL GRAHAM, Bridge Street Strabane, county Tyrone, formerly of Dromore, county Down, teacher, aged 77 years
June 25 1852 [Married] On Thursday, the 17th inst., in Ballintra Church [Co Donegal], by the Rev. John Kincaid, MR. NICHOLAS SIMS, of Castlefin [Co Donegal], to ELIZA, only daughter of the late THOMAS GRAHAM, ESQ., merchant, Strabane, county Tyrone
March 17 1854 [Died] On Saturday, the 11th inst., at his residence, Ballybogan, near Lifford [Co Donegal], aged 58 years, MR. RICHARD GRAHAM, provision merchant. His remains were interred in Strabane burying ground
April 30 1858 [Died] At Cavanalee, near Strabane, after a very short illness, MRS. GRAHAM, relict of the late FRANCIS GRAHAM
April 15 1859 [Died] At Hamilton, Ohio, on the 2d January, ISAAC GRAHAM, ESQ., formerly of Strabane, aged 76
June 17 1859 [Married] June 15, in the Wesleyan Chapel, Church Street, Strabane, by the Rev. W. C. Doonan, assisted by the Rev. Henry Geddes, MR. JOHN COOK, of Strabane, watchmaker and jeweller, to MISS MARY JANE GRAHAM, of same Place
May 17 1861 [Died] May 14, at Strabane, after a long illness, MR. THOMAS GRAHAM, son of MR THOMAS GRAHAM
September13 1861 [Died] September 9, at Strabane, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. THOMAS GRAHAM, Butcher Street
May 23 1865 [Married] May 19, in the Wesleyan Chapel, Church Street, Strabane, by the Rev. T. W. Baker, MR. WILLIAM MITCHELL, watchmaker, to MISS SARAH GRAHAM, both of Strabane
March 5 1867 [Married] February 28, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Strabane, by the Rev. W. A. Russell, MR. JOHN ROBERT GRAHAM, merchant, Front Street, Strabane, to CATHERINE, second daughter of the late MR. ROBERT SMYLEY, Carrickgullen
December 6 1867 [Birth] December 2, at Main Street, Strabane, the wife of MR JOHN R. GRAHAM, of a son
December 24 1867 [Died] December 19, at Main Street, Strabane, CATHERINE, wife of MR. JOHN R. GRAHAM, grocer and baker



Date Death
July 26 1865 [Died] July 8th, at Ballintra, after a protracted illness, ELIZABETH, relict of the late MR. THOMAS GRAHAM, of Strabane, aged 74 years [Londonderry Standard]



Date Marriage
April 1 1870 [Married} March 24, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ramelton [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. Richard S. Campbell, JAMES GRAHAM, ESQ., Cavanalee, Strabane, to MARTHA, eldest daughter of WILLIAM BLACK, ESQ., Ballgreen




No. Date Marriage
#17 April 15 1847

FRANCIS GRAHAM full age bachelor farmer Cavanalee. Father: THOMAS GRAHAM farmer

ANNE McASHIE full age spinster Cavanalee. Father: JOHN McASHIE farmer


#30 January 9 1849

JOHN STEELE full age widower farmer Lower Bodoney. Father: JOHN STEELE farmer


JANE GRAHAM full age spinster Cavanalee. Father: THOMAS GRAHAM farmer

Witnesses: WILLIAM McASKIE & JOHN McC......? (illegible)

#32 July 10 1849

ALEXANDER LONG full age bachelor dealer Strabane. Father: ALEXANDER LONG dealer


ELLEN GRAHAM full age spinster Strabane. Father: JOHN GRAHAM shoemaker


#41 April 15 1851

JOHN BARBER full age bachelor farmer Newtownstewart. Father: JOHN BARBER farmer


ISABELLA GRAHAM Full age spinster Cavanalee (Camus juxta Mourne). Father: FRANCIS GRAHAM farmer


#79 September 27 1859

STEWART MONTEITH full age bachelor farmer Tullagherin, Upper Badoney. Father: SAMUEL MONTEITH farmer


ANNE GRAHAM full age spinster Cavanalee, Camus juxta Mourne. Father: THOMAS GRAHAM farmer




No. Date Marriage
#86 June 15 1859

JOHN COOK full age widower watchmaker Strabane, Camus juxta Mourne Father: JOHN COOK painter


MARY JANE GRAHAM full age spinster Strabane, Camus juxta Mourne Father: GEORGE GRAHAM farmer