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Gilmour & Gilmore Genealogy Notes, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1830-68

Items from the Press
Transcribed from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Jul 24 1830 [Married] MOORE & GILMOUR. On Wednesday, the 14th July, by the Rev. James Bryce, sen., Mr. John Moore, only son of Mr. Andrew Moore, Gorran, to Miss Margaret Gilmour, second daughter of Mr. David Gilmour, Ballynacally
Aug 18 1832 [Married] GILMOUR & LAKE. On Wednesday evening, by the Rev. James Crawford, Mr. Andrew Gilmour, Rossville Street, to Eleanor, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles Lake, Magazine Street
Sep 1 1838 [Died] On Tuesday morning, of consumption, aged 18 years, Jane, second daughter of Mr. John Gilmour, Rossville Street
Dec 15 1838 [Married] GILMOUR & HERBERT. On the 28th ult., at Garvagh, by the Rev. Mitchell Smyth, James Gilmour, surgeon, to Eleanor Maria, daughter of the late Rev. G. Herbert, P.C., of Almuck, and granddaughter of the late Rev. E. Herbert, Rector of Llanfairfechan, Carnarvonshire, North Wales
May 11 1839 [Married] GILMOUR & ECCLES. On the 30th ult., by the Rev. John Whiteside, Mr. James Gilmour, of Coleraine, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Patrick Eccles, New Mills
Jul 25 1840 [Married] SAVI & GILMOUR. In the Cathedral of this City, by the Rev. A. Boyd, on Thursday morning last, J.R. Savi, Esq., of Keenaghur, Bengal, to Jane Douglas, eldest daughter of Patrick Gilmour, Esq., of this City
Nov 21 1840 [Married] KEITH & GILMOUR. On the 12th ult., by the Rev. William Magill, of Coleraine, Mr. Isaac Keith, of Craigtown, to Margaret Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr. W. Gilmour, of Ballyvelton
Feb 13 1841 [Married] HAY & GILMOUR. On Tuesday morning last, by the Rev. William McClure, James T. Hay, Esq., merchant, to Ann, third daughter of David Gilmour, Esq., Pump Street
Apr 16 1842 [Married] KENNEDY & GILMORE. On the 12th inst., in the Parish Church of Aghadowey, by the Rev. Thomas Rolleston, Curate, Mr. Alexander Kennedy, merchant, Garvagh, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. John Gilmore, of Mayoghill
May 21 1842 [Died] At Rossville Street, on Wednesday last, deeply regretted, the wife of Mr. John Gilmour
Aug 3 1844 [Married] SMYTH & GILMOUR. On Tuesday, the 30th inst., at Glendermott Church, by the Rev. Michael Smyth, Hamill, son of John Acheson Smyth, of Ardmore, in the county of Londonderry, Esq., to Jane, second daughter of Patrick Gilmour, of the Grove, Londonderry, Esq.
Aug 2 1845 [Married] MCCORKELL & GILMOUR. On Thursday, the 31st ult., in the First Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. William McClure, Arthur McCorkell, Esq., solicitor, to Jane, second daughter of David Gilmour, Esq., both of this City
Dec 26 1846 [Died] On the 21st inst., at Coleraine, Mr. James Gilmore, aged 80 years, he was an excellent husband and father
May 15 1847 [Birth] At Coleraine, on the 4th inst., Mrs. James Gilmour, of a son
Dec 26 1846 [Died] On Sunday, the 20th inst., after giving birth to a still born child, in the 36th year of her age, Ellen wife of Mr. Andrew Gilmour, currier, Garvagh, and formerly of this City. She has left a large family to mourn her loss
Jul 15 1848 [Married] BLACK & GILMOUR. At Belfast, on the 7th inst., by the Rev. Robert Knox, in Linenhall Street Presbyterian Church, Mr. Thomas H. Black, of Coleraine, to Hannah, third daughter of the late Mr. John Gilmour, of Lisrone, county Tyrone
Mar 3 1849 [Birth] On the 23rd ult., at Coleraine, the wife of Mr. James Gilmour, watchmaker, 11 Diamond, of a daughter
Oct 12 1849 [Died] On the 7th inst., Mr. Robert Gilmour, of Garvagh, in the 66th year of his age, and 30th of his office as Ruling Elder in the First Presbyterian Church, Garvagh
Apr 12 1850 [Married] JANNAY & GILMOUR. At the Cathedral Church, in this City on Monday, the 8th inst., by the Rev George Smith, Louis Brunet Jannay, Esq., of Rheims [France], to Anne Hay, third daughter of David Gilmour, Esq.
Jan 23 1852 [Married] GILMOUR & BAIRD. At Hamilton, N.B., on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Memins, Mr. John K. Gilmour, Veterinary Surgeon, Londonderry, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late James Baird, Esq., Townhead Street, Hamilton
Jan 3 1851 [Died] On December 21st, at 6 Park Road, Liverpool, of scarletina, aged 3 years, Ellinor Maria Herbert, third daughter of James Gilmour, Esq., Surgeon, formerly of Garvagh
Apr 9 1852 [Died] On the 27th ult., at Inchaleen, near Garvagh, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Gilmour, in the 86th year of her age
Dec 10 1852 [Married] MAXWELL & GILMOUR. At the Scots’ Church, Great James Street, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. James Denham, D.D., Captain Maxwell, H.M. 34th Regiment, to Margaret McLean, daughter of Patrick Gilmour, Esq., the Grove, Londonderry
Dec 31 1852 [Died] On the 26th inst., at Broadfoot, after a tedious illness, Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Gilmour, aged 46 years
Jan 20 1854 [Married] LANGTON & GILMOUR. On Wednesday, the 18th inst., at the Scots’ Church, Great James Street, by the Rev. Dr. Denham, Charles, son of Joseph Langton, Esq., of Liverpool, to Jessie, daughter of Patrick Gilmour, Esq., The Grove, Londonderry
Feb 2 1855 [Died] At New Market Place, Coleraine, on the 22nd ult., Mary, relict of the late Mr. James Gilmour, of the Diamond, Coleraine, aged 70 years
Jul 3 1855 [Died] At Coolnaman, near Kilrea, on the 23rd ult., Mr. John Gilmour, an elder in the Moneydig Presbyterian Church, aged 81 years
Aug 31 1855 [Birth] On the 20th Inst., at Coleraine, the wife of Mr. James Gilmour, watchmaker, of a daughter
Jun 6 1856 [Married] HERBISON & GILMOUR. On the 3rd inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Moneymore, by the Rev. R. Sinclair, cousin to the bride, Mr. James Herbison, Ballyheifer, Magherafelt, to Miss Isabella Gilmour, Tullybuoy, Moneymore
Jul 18 1856 [Died] At Inchaleen, Garvagh, on the 6th inst., Mr. John Gilmour, aged 45 years
Aug 15 1856 [Died] On Saturday, the 9th inst., at Rockfort, Buncrana, Patrick Gilmour, Esq., J.P., of the Grove, Londonderry, aged 69 years
Oct 23 1857 [Birth] On the 18th inst., at Portrush, the wife of Lieutenant Gillmore, 78th Highlanders, of a daughter
Oct 31 1856 [Birth] On the 22nd inst., at Portstewart, the wife of Dr. William Gilmour, medical officer of the screw ship, Royal Charter, of a daughter
Oct 31 1856 [Married] FRANKS & GILMOUR. At Burt [Co. Donegal], on the 28th inst., by the Rev. Conolly Cheevers, Incumbent, George Franks, jun., solicitor, to Jemima, youngest daughter of David Gilmour, Esq., both of this City
Jan 23 1857 [Died] On Wednesday the 14th inst., at Broadfield, Mr. William James Gilmour, aged 23 years
Jun 5 1857 [Died] At Francis Street, on Monday last, Mr. William Gilmour, aged 21 years
Jun 26 1857 [Died] On the 14th inst., Eliza, aged 52 years, wife of Mr. Charles Gilmour, agriculturist in the Newtownlimavady Workhouse
Nov 13 1857 [Died] At the Crescent Cottage, Portstewart, on the 8th inst., Martha, relict of the late Robert Gilmour, Esq., Garvagh, aged 70 years
Jul 9 1858 [Married] GILMOUR & SKINNER. On the 1st inst., at the Church of the Holy Trinity, James Gilmour, Esq., The Grove, Derry, to Mary Frances, second daughter of George Skinner, Esq., Stockton on Tees
Jul 16 1858 [Died] On the 8th inst., at Ballyvelton, near Coleraine, Mr. J. Gilmour, aged 75 years
Apr 8 1859 [Birth] On the 31st March, in Bellaghy, the wife of Thomas S. Gilmore, Esq., of a son
Dec 9 1859 [Birth] On the 3rd inst., at Stockton on Tees, the wife of James Gilmour, Esq., the Grove, of a daughter
Mar 9 1860 [Married] ROSSON & GILMOUR. March 6, at the First Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, by the Rev. William Ritchie, Mr. James Rosson, Londonderry, to Margaret Leake, eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew Gilmour, Brockless, county Donegal
May 18 1860 [Married] CUNNINGHAM & GILMOUR. May 15, at the Registrar's Office, Coleraine, Mr. Robert Cunningham, Cah, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. James Gilmour, Ballynacally
Nov 16 1860 [Died] November 2, at Point Levi, Quebec, Mary, wife of Mr. Robert Cunningham, formerly of Cah, near Garvagh, and eldest daughter of Mr. James Gilmour, Ballynacally
Jul 19 1861 [Died] On the 15th July, at Culmore, David Gilmour, Esq., Londonderry, aged 69 years
Mar 15 1861 [Married] GILMOUR & ADAM. On the 14th inst., in the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. Robert Ross, Mr. Robert Gilmour, late of Glasgow, to Miss Mary Adam, daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Adam, Renfrew
Jan 24 1862 [Died] January 21, at her residence, Great James Street, Derry, Miss Gilmour, in her sixty-fifth year
Mar 7 1862 [Married] RAWSON & GILMOUR. February 19, at Llandudno, Phillip Rawson Esq., Wheathill, Roby, Lancashire, to Octavia, eighth daughter of the late Patrick Gilmour, Esq., the Grove, Londonderry
Apr 11 1862 [Died] April 4, at Knockintern, near Coleraine, Samuel, second son of Mr. Samuel Gilmour, aged 22 years
Sep 5 1862 [Birth] On the 1st September, at the Grove, the wife of James Gilmour, Esq., of a son
Jan 29 1864 [Died] January 27, at the residence of his father, Ballynacally, of consumption, Mr. David Gilmour, aged 26 years
Apr 8 1864 [Died] April 3, at 26 Orchard Street, Derry, Samuel, infant son of Mr. R. Gilmour, aged 6 months
Dec 13 1864 [Died] December 10, at Warren Hill, Londonderry, Mary Francis, wife of James Gilmour, Esq.
Jun 30 1865 [Died] June 24, at his residence. Broadfield, Mr. Thomas Gilmour, aged 58 years
Aug 1 1865 [Died] July 27, at Portstewart, Alexander Gilmour, Esq., Boveedy, aged 85 years
Aug 8 1865 [Married] MACLELLAN & GILMORE. August 3, at the Second Presbyterian Church, Newtownlimavady, by the Rev. George Steen, A.M., Mr. J.A. MacLellan, to Mary Jane, only daughter of Mr. Charles Gilmore, both of Newtownlimavady
Jan 12 1866 [Died] December 31, at Knockintern, near Coleraine, Mr. Samuel Gilmour, aged 64 years
Mar 2 1866 [Birth] February 27, at Orchard Street, Derry, the wife of Mr. Robert Gilmour, of a daughter
Jun 18 1867 [Married] MCNEILE & GILMOUR. June 13, in the Presbyterian Church, Aghadoey, by the Rev. Thomas Madill, Mr. Archibald McNeile, Drumlamph, Castledawson, to Mary, daughter of Mr. Robert Gilmour, Inchaleen, Garvagh
Sep 17 1867 [Died] June 4, at the residence of his son in law, Daniel Black, Esq., Jones Mines, Caernarvon, Berks county, Pennsylvania, Mr. Robert Gilmour, a native of Castleroe, and uncle of Mr. James Gilmour, watchmaker, Diamond, Coleraine, aged 95 years
Nov 19 1867 [Married] GILMOUR & MCKISSOCK. November 14, at Derrymore Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Gilmour, Crossroads, Omagh, assisted by the Rev. James Gilmour, Boveedy, and the Rev. William Jamieson, Derrymore, Mr. William Gilmour, Mayaughill, Garvagh, to Miss Mary Anne McKissock, Mulline, Newtownlimavady
May 12 1868 [Married] KENNEDY & GILMOUR. May 7, at Terrace Row Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, by the Rev. Joseph Macdonnell, Mr. Samuel Kennedy, Town Hall Keeper, Coleraine, to Mary Jane, daughter of the late Mr. John Gilmour, Ballyvenox
May 22 1868 [Married] COLLINS & GILMOUR. On the 14th May, in the Presbyterian Church, Aghadowey, by the Rev. Dr. Brown, Mr. Samuel Collins, of Ballykelly, to Mary Jane, the youngest daughter of Mr. John Gilmour, of Carnrallagh, Aghadowey