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Galbraith Genealogy Notes, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1836-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Sep 3 1836 [Died] On the 7th ult., in this City, Mrs. Galbraith, widow of the Rev. Walter Galbraith, late Minister of the Secession Congregation of this City (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 13 1840 GALBRAITH & BARR. [Married] In the Cathedral, on Thursday, the 4th inst., by the Rev. W.H. Stack, Mr. Robert Galbraith, to Jane, third daughter of Mr. Samuel Barr, both of this City (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 10 1842 [Died] In Butcher Street, on Sabbath, the 27th ult., Miss Galbraith, aged 62 years, after a lingering illness (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 30 1845 GALBRAITH & COWAN. [Married] On the 12th inst., by the Rev. M. Moore, at the Presbyterian Church, Faughanvale, Samuel, eldest son of Samuel Galbraith, Esq., Ligg, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. Oliver Cowan, Derryarkin (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 20 1847 GALBRAITH & DUNLAP. [Married] On the 18th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Cross Roads, by the Rev. Mr. Craig, Mr. E. Galbraith, Classical Master, Great James Street school, Londonderry, to Jane, second daughter of the late Mr. Dunlap, Corncampbell (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 10 1849 MCMILLAN & GALBRAITH. [Married] On Monday, the 5th inst., in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Fountain Street, by the Rev. Robert Nevin, Mr. John McMillan, Waterside, to Miss Margaret Galbraith, Fountain Place (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 11 1851 [Died] On the 23rd ult., of consumption, Jane, second daughter of Mr. James Galbraith, Drumaneeny (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 19 1852 [Died] On Thursday, the 11th inst., Henry, third son of Mr. James Galbraith of Drumaneeny, Muff, county Derry, aged 24 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 16 1854 [Died] On the 12th inst., at Drumaneeny, in the 20th year of his age, Samuel, youngest son of Mr. James Galbraith (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 19 1856 [Died] On the 9th inst., at Mobuoy, near this City, Mr. Samuel Galbraith, aged 81 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 27 1857 [Died] At Derryarkin, on the 13th inst., Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of Mrs. E. Galbraith, Mobuoy, aged 10 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 1 1857 MOORE & GALBRAITH. [Married] On the 16th ult., by the Rev. L.E. Berkley, Mr. James Moore, second son of William Moore, Esq., Gorresflush, Coleraine, to Mary, third daughter of James Galbraith, Esq., Drumaneeny, county Derry (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 10 1858 [Died] On the 3rd inst., at 39 Rossville Street, Derry, Lucy E., the beloved daughter of Mr. Ezekiel Galbraith, aged 1 year and 10 months (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 9 1862 [Died] May 6, at her late residence, Bishop Street, Ann, daughter of the late Rev. Walter Galbraith, Seceding Minister, of this City (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 28 1862 [Died] On the 22nd November, at the residence of her father, Waterloo Place, Jane, daughter of Mr. David Galbraith, aged two years and six months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 5 1862 [Died] On the 4th December, at the residence of her father, Waterloo Place, Mary Tener, the eldest daughter of Mr. David Galbraith, aged 3 years and 4 months. Her remains will be removed for interment in the New Cemetery, on Friday evening, the 5th inst., at three o'clock (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 24 1862 GILLESPIE & GALBRAITH. [Married] October 16, in the Presbyterian Church, Faughanvale, by the Rev. Francis Pettigrew, Mr. Alexander Gillespie, Longfield, to Miss Mary Galbraith, Drumaneeny (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 12 1862 [Died] December 7, at the residence of his father, Waterloo Place, Richard Tenor, second son of Mr. David Galbraith, aged one year and two months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 9 1863 [Died] January 6, James Galbraith, son of Mr. E Galbraith, of this City, aged one year and eight months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 25 1863 BOARDMAN & GALBRAITH. [Married] August 18, in the Presbyterian Church, First Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. John Boardman, of Lismacarrol, to Miss Sarah Jane Galbraith, of Gorticaw (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 18 1863 [Died] September 13, at her residence, Drumaneeny, Mrs. Eleanor Galbraith, aged 72 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 27 1863 [Died] October 23, at Waterloo Place, Derry, of congestion of the lungs, Henry Tener, infant son of Mr. David Galbraith, aged 11 months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 26 1864 [Died] February 22, Isabella, the beloved wife of Mr. John Galbraith, Pump Street, aged 76 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 8 1864 [Died] March 2, at Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow, Isabella McDonald, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Galbraith, late of Clooney Terrace, Londonderry (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 6 1864 ALLENDER & GALBRAITH. [Married] May 3, in the First Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. William McClure, Mr. Thomas Allender, to Miss Barbara Galbraith, third daughter of Mr. Hugh Galbraith, Cavanacaw (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 30 1864 GALBRAITH & HENRY. [Married] December 15, in the First Presbyterian Church, Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. John Galbraith, of Lismacarrol, to Miss Isabella Henry, of Ramoth (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 3 1866 GALBRAITH & FINLAY. [Married] March 28, at Fairbank Cottage, Helensburgh, by the Rev. Mr. Arthur, Independent Minister, Thomas Galbraith, Esq., Londonderry, to Mehetebella, second daughter of William Finlay, Esq., Springhill, county Dublin (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 29 1866 REID & GALBRAITH. [Married] May 24, at the First Presbyterian Church, Dunboe, by the Rev. W. Lyle, Mr. W. Reid, Glebe, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of the late Mr. R. Galbraith, Knocnugher (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 7 1867 [Died] May 2, at Church's Walls, Coleraine, Margaret, infant daughter of Mr. John Galbraith, aged 1 year and 7 months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 7 1867 CLARKE & GALBRAITH (THOMPSON). [Married] May 30, at the Parish Church, Saintfield, by the Rev. George Edmundson, Vicar, James Clarke, Esq., Carlow, to Maria Birt, youngest daughter of the late James Galbraith, Esq., Lake View, Saintfield, county Down, and granddaughter of the late Captain Thompson, M.P., The Close, Raphoe, county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 2 1867 [Died] On the 1st August, at her residence, 3 Princes Street, Londonderry, Maria Christina, the eldest daughter of the late Rev. Walter Galbraith, of this City. Her remains will be removed for interment in the Cathedral Burying Ground, on Monday morning next, at ten o'clock, precisely (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 23 1867 [Birth] August 18, at Newtownlimavady, the wife of the Rev. R. Galbraith, of a daughter (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 4 1868 [Birth] July 27, at Church's Walls, Coleraine, the wife of Mr. John Galbraith, of a son (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 4 1869 [Died] April 24, at his residence, Drumancony, Eglinton, Mr. James Galbraith, aged 87 years (Londonderry Sentinel)