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Fulton Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1833-68

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


December 31 1833 Died on Friday week, at Edymore, MRS. FULTON, wife of MR. JOHN FULTON, of that place



May 7 1833 Married on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Charles Hemphill, MR. JAMES McPHILIMEY, of Newtownstewart, to MARY ANNE, eldest daughter of MR. JAMES FULTON, Droit



January 6 1841 Married on the 4th inst., by the Rev. F.I. Porter, MR. JAMES LAUGHLIN, of Gortileck, to MISS FULTON, youngest daughter of MR. JAMES FULTON, Killicluny



January 20 1849 Married on Wednesday, the 17th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Newtownstewart, by the Rev. William Alexander, MR. ANTHONY McFARLAND, of Aldohill, to CATHERINE JANE, only daughter of the late MR. BENJAMIN FULTON, Newtownstewart
January 21 1853 Died on Tuesday, the 11th inst., MR. WILLIAM FULTON, of Straw, near Newtownstewart
July 29 1853 On Monday se'nnight, at Edymore, near Strabane, MR. JOHN FULTON, aged 78
February 5 1858 Married on Friday, the 29th ult., at Urney Church, by the Rev. B.B. Gough, MR. JOHN FULTON, to MISS FANNY MOORE, both of Sion Mills
January 14 1859 January 6, in the Presbyterian Church, Crossroads, near Omagh, by the Rev. John Hamilton, A.M., MR. JOHN McCLELLAND, of Drumconly, to MARY, only daughter of MR. GEORGE FULTON, of Beltony, near Newtownstewart
February 18 1859 Married February 8, in the First Presbyterian Church, Omagh, by the Rev. John Hamilton, A.M., MR. WILLIAM FULTON, of Beltony, near Newtownstewart, to MARY, third daughter of MR. GEORGE CUNNINGHAM, of Tullyvalley, Seskanore, near Omagh
September 28 1860 Married September 20, at Cross Roads, near Omagh, by the Rev. John Hamilton, MR. ANDREW FULTON, of Beltony, SOPHIA, youngest daughter of MR. ROBERT DENNY, of Calkill, near Omagh
August 2 1861 Died July 28, at Cookstown, of scarlatina, JAMES SEARIGHT, third son of ADAM FULTON, ESQ., aged nearly four and a half years
January 10 1862 Married December 19th, at Newtownstewart Church, by the Rev. Charles Hamilton, MR. JOHN McFARLAND, JUN., Letterbratt, to REBECCA, only daughter of MR. JAMES FULTON, Drumahoe
June 7 1864 Died on the 1st June, at Newtownstewart, the wife of MR. GEORGE FULTON, of a son
August 29 1865 Married August 22, in Newtownstewart Church, by the Rev. C. Hamilton, MR. JAMES FULTON, of Ligfordrum, to MISS MATILDA BOGGS, of same Place
October6 1865 Married September 28, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. L.N. Lyle, JOSEPH, son of MR. JOHN FULTON, Beltony, Cappagh, to REBECCA, daughter of MR. SAMUEL ALEXANDER, Crew, Ardstraw
August 20 1867 Died August 10, at Beltany, county Tyrone, SAMUEL FULTON, a farmer
March 6 1868 Married February 28, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, by the Rev. F.J. Porter, MR. DAVID FULTON, Mountpleasant, to MISS BROWN, Ballylaw
July 28 1868 Died July 24, believed to be of sunstroke, after attending a picnic a few days previously, MR. GEORGE FULTON, hotel keeper, Newtownstewart, aged 40 years