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Dunlop & Dunlap Genealogy Notes, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1830-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Mar 20 1830 [Married] MCCARTER & DUNLAP On Friday, the 12th inst., by the Rev. A. McCaldin, Mr. Joseph McCarter, of Coleraine, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Thomas Dunlap, Esq., of same place
Dec 4 1830 [Died] At his residence, near Coleraine, the Rev. James Dunlop, aged 42 years. He was minister for 21 years of the Presbyterian Congregation of Ballyrashane
Aug 10 1833 [Married] LEMON & DUNLOP At Coleraine, on Thursday last, by the Rev. A. McCalden, Mr. James Lemon, of Belfast, merchant, to Sally, eldest daughter of the late Archibald Dunlop, of Coleraine, Esq
Mar 14 1835 [Died] On the 3rd inst., Miss Jane Wilson Dunlop, daughter of Mr. David Dunlop, Coleraine
Jan 7 1837 [Died] At Vicksburgh, on the Mississippi, on the 7th Sept., Samuel aged 23 years, the second son of A. Dunlop, of Priestlands, Esq., county Antrim, and nephew to Mr. D. Dunlop, Coleraine, Ireland
Jan 7 1837 [Died] At Vicksburgh, on the Mississippi, on the 7th and 30th Sept., William aged 25 years, the eldest son of A. Dunlop, of Priestlands, Esq., county Antrim, and nephew to Mr. D. Dunlop, Coleraine, Ireland
Jan 11 1840 [Died] On the 28th ult., in the 62nd year of his age, Thomas Dunlop, Esq., of Waterside, Coleraine
Apr 4 1840 [Died] At Coleraine, on the 31st ult., John Dunlap, Waterside, Esq
Aug 22 1840 [Married] DUNLOP & MCCONAGHY On the 17th inst., at Levenbank, by the Rev. William Grigor, Presbyterian Minister of Bonhill, Mr. Samuel Alexander Dunlop, of Burnside, near Coleraine, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. John McConaghy, of Levenbank, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
Mar 12 1842 [Married] MCFARLAND & DUNLAP On the 1st inst., at Coleraine, by the Rev. Andrew Macaldin, Robert H. McFarland, Esq., solicitor, Coleraine, to Harriet, second daughter of the late Archibald Dunlap, Esq., of same Place
Sep 10 1842 [Died] At Portrush, on the 23rd ult., after protracted suffering, which he bore with the most exemplary patience and resignation, James Simpson, youngest son of the late Rev. James Dunlop, of Ballyrashane, near Coleraine
Aug 16 1845 [Died] Suddenly, at an advanced age, on the evening of the 10th inst., Mrs. Dunlop, wife of Mr. James Dunlop, Linenhall Street, after a lingering illness for upwards of two years
Feb 20 1847 [Married] GALBRAITH & DUNLAP On the 18th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Cross Roads, by the Rev. Mr. Craig, Mr. E. Galbraith, Classical Master, Great James Street school, Londonderry, to Jane, second daughter of the late Mr. Dunlap, Corncampbell
Apr 24 1847 [Died] On Monday, the 19th inst., aged 75 years, Mr. James Dunlop, Linenhall Street
Feb 3 1849 [Died] On the 21st ult, at Riley's Place, Belfast, after severe and protracted suffering, Eliza Ann, youngest daughter of the late Rev. James Dunlop, Ballyrashane, Coleraine, aged 24 years
Mar 22 1850 [Died] On the 8th inst., of inflammation of the lungs, aged 19 years, Matilda, eldest daughter of Mr. Hugh Dunlop, Bridge Street
Apr 5 1850 [Married] DUNLOP & HAMILTON On the 27th ult., in the Presbyterian Church, College Square, Belfast, by the Rev. Edward T. Martin, Dundonald, the Rev. David Dunlop, Coleraine, to Victoria Ann, daughter of Mr. John Hamilton, Coleraine
Jun 28 1850 [Died] On Sunday, 26th May, of consumption, Charlotte, 5th daughter of Mr. Dunlop, formerly of Bushmills
Aug 9 1850 [Married] DUNLOP & HENRY On the 1st inst., at Ballylaggan, by the Rev. S. Cameron, Mr. Alexander Dunlop, of Glenleary, to Miss Henry, eldest daughter of Mr. John Henry, of Castleroe
Aug 23 1850 [Married] MITCHELL & DUNLOP On the 15th August, at Ballyrashane Church, by the Rev. J. H. Smythe, Rector of Ballyclug, Ballymena, Mr. J. D. Mitchell, accountant of the Provincial Bank, Ballymena, fourth son of the late George Mitchell, of Parsonstown, King's County, Esq., to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Archibald Dunlop, Esq., of Coleraine
Oct 11 1850 [Died] On the 1st inst., at Garvagh, Mr. Andrew Dunlap, aged 72 years
Jul 16 1852 [Married] DUNLOP & RAINE At Wellington, New South Wales [Australia], on the 19th October 1851, David Henry Dunlop, Esq., only son of D. Dunlop, Esq., of Mullaville, Police Magistrate, of Wollombi, formerly of Coleraine, county Londonderry, to Thalia Maria, third daughter of Captain H. Raine, of Summer Hill, county of Bathurst
Nov 12 1852 [Died] At Coleraine, on the 31st ult., Ann, relict of the late Samuel Given, Esq., of Coleraine, and daughter of the late John Dunlop, Esq., of Drumnagessan
Jun 30 1854 [Died] On Monday morning last, at her residence, Richmond Street, Matilda, the beloved wife of Mr. Hugh Dunlop, aged 50 years
Oct 6 1854 [Married] DUNLOP & HAMILTON On the 26th ult., in the Presbyterian Church, May Street, Belfast, by the Rev. Adam Montgomery, Mr. John Dunlop, Priestland, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Hamilton, Coleraine
Aug 10 1855 [Died] On Sabbath evening, the 6th inst., at her residence, New Row, aged 76 years, Jane, relict of the late Thomas Dunlap, Esq., Waterside, Coleraine
Jun 12 1857 [Birth] At Waterside, Coleraine, on the 5th inst., the wife of Mr. Robert Dunlop, of a daughter
Oct 30 1857 [Died] On the 27th inst., at his residence, Richmond Street, Mr. Hugh Dunlop, copper and tin smith
Jun 11 1858 [Married] DUNLOP & BRYCE At Derramore Presbyterian Church, on the 1st Inst., by the Rev. W. Jamieson, Mr. Robert Dunlop, of Ballyrisk, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. John Bryce, Carrydoo, Newtownlimavady
Mar 25 1859 [Birth] March 15, at Waterside, Coleraine, the wife of Mr. Robert Dunlop, of a son
May 14 1859 [Married] DUNLOP & MCCULLY On the 10th May, in the Dungiven Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Thomas Davison, A. M., Mr. Alexander Dunlop, Camnish, to Matilda, daughter of Mr. James McCully, Dernaflow
Nov 25 1859 [Married] DUNLOP & WEIR October 31, in Duncan Church, by the Rev. Johnston Brown Godfrey, Rector, and Vicar of Duncan and Cranfield, John Dunlop, Esq., of Grange, to Sarah, fourth daughter of James Weir, Esq., of Ballyscullion
Jun 29 1860 [Married] WRIGHT & DUNLOP June 25, in the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Londonderry, by the Rev. Robert Ross, Mr. Alexander Wright, compositor, to Emily, second daughter of the late Mr. Hugh Dunlop, plumber
Dec 14 1860 [Died] December 5, at the Ulster Bank, Sligo, Harriett, relict of the late A. Dunlop, Esq., Coleraine, aged 75 years
Feb 8 1861 [Died] On the 28th January, at Whitehill, Eglinton, Mr. Joseph Dunlop, aged 48 years
May 24 1861 [Died] May 11, at Burnside, near Portrush, J. McC. Dunlop, son of Alex Dunlop, aged 17 years
May 2 1862 [Birth] April 22, at Blindgate Street, Coleraine, the wife of Mr. Andrew Dunlop, of a son
Jul 3 1863 [Died] March 24, at Mulla Villa, Wollombi, near Sydney, New South Wales [Australia], suddenly David Dunlop, Esq., J. P., formerly of Coleraine, at an advanced age
Jan 6 1865 [Married] DUNLOP & MCLELLAND On the 5th January, at the Second Presbyterian Church, Newtownlimavady, by the Rev. H. Hamill, Mr. Robert Dunlop, of Ballyrisk, to Margaret, third daughter of the late Mr. James McLelland, of Drummond, near Newtownlimavady
Mar 3 1865 [Died] February 26, at Daisy Hill, Martha Dunlop, daughter of the late Andrew Crawford, Esq., of Castledawson, aged 80 years
Apr 17 1866 [Birth] April 10, at 10 Upper Oriel Street, Dublin, the wife of Mr. A. Dunlop, late of Coleraine, of a son
Nov 30 1866 [Married] DUNLOP & BONAR November 27, in Scots' Church, Ramelton [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. S. A. Bellis, M.A., LL. D., Mr. James Dunlop, of Coleraine, to Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr. James Bonar, Glenleary, Ramelton
Jan 11 1867 [Died] On the 8th January, at her residence, Whitehill, Rebecca Dunlop, aged 21 years
Jan 18 1867 [Died] January 13, at the residence of her husband, Terbraken, Martha Dunlop, aged 60 years
Aug 27 1867 [Married] DUNLOP & FISHER August 21, at the Waterside Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. William McClure, Mr. William Dunlop, to Miss Anne Jane Fisher, both of this city
Jul 17 1868 [Birth] July 14, at Henrietta Street, Derry, the wife of Mr. William Dunlop, of a son
Sep 15 1868 [Birth] September 9, at 120 Leinster Road, Rathmines, county Dublin, the wife of Andrew Dunlop, Esq., late of Coleraine, of a son
Nov 10 1868 [Died] November 5, at 58 Bishop Street, Derry, James, third son of Mr. John Dunlop, aged 18 years
Oct 26 1869 [Married] DUNLOP & MACONNELL Oct. 19, at the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ballylagan, by the Rev. J. Kennedy, of Newtownlimavady, uncle of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. John Harte, the Rev. Robert Dunlop, of Paisley, to Miss Helen Maconnell, only daughter of Robert Maconnell, Esq., of Ballywilliam, near Coleraine