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Duncan Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1834-69

Personal announcements extracted from the STRABANE MORNING POST & LONDONDERRY SENTINEL
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


February 16 1836 Married yesterday morning in Londonderry, by the Rev. Mr. Seymour, MR. ROBERT A. BUCHANAN, Gun-maker, to MARY JANE, daughter of MR. JAMES DUNCAN, both of this town [Strabane]



December 6 1834 Married on Tuesday last, in the Church of Newtownstewart, by the Rev. W. Hughes, MR. SAMUEL HEMPTON, to MISS DUNCAN, both of Newtownstewart
May 7 1836 Married on the 21st ult., by the Rev. John Armstrong, at the house of her father, THOMAS LOVE, ESQ., of Listemore, to MISS JANE, second daughter of GEORGE DUNCAN, ESQ., of Lurganbuoy, county Tyrone
June 8 1839 Married on Wednesday evening 29th ult., by the Rev. John McConaughey, Presbyterian Minister of Urney, MR. JAMES DUNCAN, near Castlederg, to MARTHA, daughter of MR. ROBERT MATTHEWS, Drumdoit
May 12 1849 Died at Baronscourt, on the 29th ult., MARY, the wife of MR. JAMES DUNCAN
July 18 1856 Married on Wednesday 9th inst., at Ivy Bank, Port Glasgow, by the REV. WILLIAM McLACHLAN, uncle of the bride, CAPTAIN JOHN DUNCAN, of the ocean steamship Glasgow, to MARGARET, only daughter of MR. JAMES KNOX, Parish of Leckpatrick, Strabane
January 30 1857 Married at St. Anne's Church, Dungannon, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. William Quain, MR. HENRY REILLY, of Armagh, to EMILY MARY, second daughter of MR. JAMES DUNCAN, Dungannon
January 29 1858 Died at Doortans, parish of Ardstraw, on Monday last, MARY, relict of the late JOHN DUNCAN, ESQ., aged 80 years
March 26 1858 Died on Saturday, the 13th inst., aged 76 years, MARY, the beloved wife of MR. THOMAS DUNCAN, Aughalane, near Plumbridge, after a long and painful illness
January 4 1861 Died December 26, at the residence of her brother, Aughalane, Plumbridge, MISS MARGARET DUNCAN, aged 76 years
January 1 1864 Birth: December 23, at Eden, near Plumbridge, the wife of MR. WILLIAM DUNCAN, of a son
April 26 1864 Birth: April 20, at Cecil, Augher, the wife of MR. JAMES DUNCAN, of a son
September 23 1864 Died September 16, at Eden, Plumbridge, ARCHIBALD DUNCAN, SEN., aged 60 years
January 24 1865 Died on the 13th January, ANNIE, daughter of MR. JAMES DUNCAN, Cecil, Augher, aged 19 years
December 8 1865 Died December 1, at Newtownstewart, MR. DAVID DUNCAN, aged 72 years
December 8 1865 Died December 4, at Newtownstewart, MISS MARGARET DUNCAN, daughter of the late DAVID DUNCAN, aged 20 years
July 9 1867 Birth: July 3, at Castledamph, Plumbridge, the wife of ALEXANDER DUNCAN, Straughroy. Omagh, of a son
January 21 1868 Married on the 16th January, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Castlederg, by the Rev. John Armstrong, MR. MOSES KING, Glensmoyle, Lifford, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of MR. JAMES DUNCAN, Creevy, Castlederg
June 2 1868 Died May 27, at Cavan, near Fintona, MARY, wife of MR. JOHN DUNCAN
March 2 1869 Birth: Feb 20, at Aughalane, Plumbridge, the wife of MR. WILLIAM DUNCAN, grocer, of a son
July 20 1869 Died July 11, at Carnagribbon, the residence of his daughter, MR. THOMAS DUNCAN, of Eden, near Plumbridge, county Tyrone, aged 75 years
November 16 1869 Birth: Nov. 8, at Straughroy, Omagh, the wife of ALEXANDER DUNCAN, ESQ., of a son