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Crawford Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1823-69

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


February 4 1823 Married by the Rev. David Gilkey, JOHN CRAWFORD, ESQ. of Fort Lodge, to MISS BUCHANAN of Omagh
October 21 1828 Died on Friday last, MR. JOHN CRAWFORD, of this town, Baker
September 21 1830 Married on Wednesday last, by the Rev. William Mulligan, MR. ROBERT HOLMES, to MISS ANNE CRAWFORD, both of this town



August 21 1850 Died At Newtownstewart, on Monday the 19th inst., ARTHUR CRAWFORD, ESQ., solicitor
January 22 1851 Married On the 16th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Droit, by the Rev. Thomas Johnston, MR. ARTHUR CRAWFORD, Crosh, to JANE, eldest daughter of the late ROBERT ORR, of Droit, near Newtownstewart, county Tyrone



June 23 1838 Married the 31st ult., at Deerpark, near Omagh, by the Rev. David Gilkey, WILLIAM ARMOR, ESQ., son of the REV. SAMUEL ARMOR, Presbyterian Minister of Drumquin, to JANE ANN, only daughter of JOHN CRAWFORD, ESQ., late Captain in the 45th Regiment. Immediately after the happy pair set off for Dunkeld, Scotland, the most beautiful and romantic spot in Scotland



September 25 1830 Married Wednesday last, by the Rev. William Mulligan, MR. ROBERT HOLMES to MISS ANNE CRAWFORD, both of Strabane
March 28 1835 Died on the 8th inst., at Coolcorough, near Omagh, MRS. CRAWFORD, relict of the late ROBERT CRAWFORD, ESQ., at the advanced age of 90
May 26 1838 Died on Friday, the 18th inst., at Pubble, near Newtownstewart, MARY ANNE, the beloved wife of MR. OLIVER CRAWFORD, aged 30 years
December 21 1839 Died In Newtownstewart, on Friday evening, JONES CRAWFORD, ESQ., aged 67years. As a grand juror, and Magistrate, he has left few equals behind him
February 8 1840 Married at Strabane, on Thursday last, by the Rev. A.P. Goudy, MR. SAMUEL BLAIR, JUN., boot and shoemaker, to SUSAN, eldest daughter of the late JOHN CRAWFORD, ESQ.
September 10 1842 Married at Strabane, on Friday, the 26th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Atkinson, MR. T.L CUNNINGHAM, of this City, to JANE, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN CRAWFORD, of Mubuoy
November 30 1844 Married the 11th inst., in Cappagh Church, by the Rev. Mr. Farrier, MR. WILLIAM STEEL, of Beragh Cottage, ( late of the United States ) to MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR. JAMES CRAWFORD, formerly of Newtownstewart
September 9 1853 Died at Caranoney, near Omagh, on Monday, the 29th ult., MARTHA, relict of the late MR. JAMES CRAWFORD, Knockmoyle, aged 67 years
October 4 1850 Married the 25th ult., in Fintona Church, by the Rev. Thomas Maunsell, JOHN HARPOUR BUCHANAN, of Aughadulla, to JANE, only daughter of FRANCIS CRAWFORD, ESQ., of Baronagh
September 5 1851 Married August 27th, at the Parish Church of Kilskeery, by the REV. W. CRAWFORD, brother to the bride, GEORGE ROBERTS CROWE, ESQ., of Longford, to MADALANE, third daughter of ANDREW CRAWFORD, ESQ., Trillick, county Tyrone
December 5 1851 Married December 1st, in the Parish Church of Kilskeery, county Tyrone, by the REV. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, brother to the bride, the REV. STEWART SMYTH, of Selby, England, to ELIZABETH, fourth daughter of ANDREW CRAWFORD, ESQ., of Trillick
February 6 1852 Married Tuesday, the 27th ult., by the Rev. Josias Mitchell, in the Crossroads Presbyterian Church, MR. WILLIAM CLARKE, master of Omagh Workhouse, to ELIZA JANE, matron of same workhouse, and daughter of the late MR. JAMES CRAWFORD of Knockmoyle
September 25 1857 Died On the 9th inst., at Dungiven, county Derry, JOHN NEVINS CRAWFORD, ESQ., aged 66 years, late of London, eldest son of the late REV. OLIVER CRAWFORD, of Clonoe, county Tyrone
April 2 1858 Died on Tuesday, the 23rd ult., at Froughmore, near Omagh, MR. ROBERT CRAWFORD, aged 82
August 13 1858 Married the 7th ult., in the Second Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Andrew Maxwell, A.M., MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, Maghrashanvally [Co. Donegal], to ELIZA JANE, eldest daughter of MR. ROBERT HINDMAN, Archill
September 10 1858 Died at an advanced age, on Monday, the 30th August, at her house in Omagh, REBECCA, widow of the late MAJOR JONES CRAWFORD, 12th Regiment of foot, and of Newtownstewart, in the county of Tyrone, and the last surviving daughter of the late SAMUEL GALBRAITH, ESQ., of Omagh
May 5 1863 Married April 30, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. J. Stewart, CHARLES SCOTT, ESQ., surgeon, Fintona, to ELIZA JANE, eldest daughter of WILLIAM CRAWFORD, ESQ., Lisky Cottage, Fintona, county Tyrone
June 5 1863 Married 2nd June, in the Established Church, Mountfield, by the Rev. Mr. Swift, MR. JOHN CRAWFORD, of Pennsylvania, America, to MISS MATILDA J. HAMILTON, the daughter of CLAUD HAMILTON, ESQ., of Mountfield
August 4 1863 Married July 28, in Omagh Church, by the Rev. William Chartres, john, third son of MR. ROBERT HOLMES, of Omagh, to LETITIA, youngest daughter of the late MR. THOMAS CRAWFORD, Omagh
July 29 1864 Married July 21, in the First Presbyterian Church, Strabane, by the Rev. James Gibson, M.A., MR. JOHN CRAWFORD, woollen draper, Main Street, Strabane, to MARGARET, daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Ballinaman, Killygordon [Co. Donegal]
May 2 1865 Died April 26, at Fintona, MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, aged 50 years
November 28 1865 Died November 23, at the residence of her son in law, MR. ROBERT BUCHANAN, Strathroy, MRS. MARGARET CRAWFORD, widow of the late MR. JOHN CRAWFORD, of Tatnagole, aged 77 years
January 15 1867 Died January 9, at Froughmore, near Omagh, the wife of MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, aged 87 years
June 7 1867 Married May 23, at the Parish Church, Carrickmore, by the Rev. Samuel Alexander, Rector of Termonmaguirk, MR. ROBERT CRAWFORD, of Clare, county Tyrone, to ELIZA, only daughter of ARCHY TODD, ESQ., of Loughmacrory Cottage, county Tyrone
November 5 1867 Died on the 27th October, of apoplexy, MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, Imperial Hotel, Fintona
November 5 1867 Married November 1, at Kilskeery Church, by the Rev. William Devenish, MR. THOMAS AIKIN, of Aughanure, to MISS ANNIE CRAWFORD, of Trillick, county Tyrone
August 14 1868 Died August 10, at Trillick, ANDREW CRAWFORD, ESQ., aged 85 years
September 1 1868 Married August 22, at St. Thomas's Church, Dublin, by the REV. JOHN CRAWFORD, A.M., Clontarf, cousin of the bridegroom, and brother of the bride, MATTHEW CRAWFORD, ESQ., J.P., of Glenmoylan, county Galway, and of Rockfield, county Westmeath, to JANE, eldest daughter of the late JAMES CRAWFORD, ESQ., of Riverstown, county Tyrone
December 10 1869 Married Nov. 20, at the Scots’ Church, Gortin, by the bridegroom's brother, the REV. JOHN McFARLAND, of Rathmullan [Co. Donegal], assisted by the Rev. Mr. Logan, of Gortin, and the Rev. Thomas Johnston, of First Badoney, ARMAR, son of MR. ANDREW McFARLAND, of Colvahillin, to MISS E. CRAWFORD, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN CRAWFORD, Bridgelane Cottage, near Gortin