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Betty Genealogy Notes, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 1834-67

Items from the Press Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Dec 27 1834 [Married] BETTY & REDMOND. On Thursday last, at Newtownbutler Church, Surgeon William Betty, of Enniskillen, to Belinda, eldest daughter of the late William Redmond, Esq., also of Enniskillen
Aug 11 1838 [Died] At the house of his brother, Stewart Betty, Esq., of Enniskillen, on the 6th inst., after a tedious illness, Christopher S. Betty, Esq., senior Lieutenant of the 35th Regiment. His remains were accompanied by the 38th Regiment, to the Churchyard, and interred with full military honours
Sep 15 1838 [Married] BETTY & ARMSTRONG. September 10, in St. James's Church, by the Rev. T. Gregg, Rowland Betty, Esq., of Aughnacloy, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late William Armstrong, of Laughterush, Esq
Aug 31 1839 [Birth] August 20, at Aughnacloy, county of Tyrone, the lady of Rowland Betty, Esq., of a son
Feb 1 1840 [Married] BETTY & WELSH. January 23, in Killaghtee Church, by the Rev. Charles Welsh, Stewart Betty, Esq., of Enniskillen, county Fermanagh, to Eliza, second daughter of the Rev. Joseph Welsh, Rector of Killaghtee, county Donegal
May 15 1847 [Died] At Enniskillen, on Thursday, Stewart Betty, Esq. His death was caused by fever, contracted in the discharge of his duties as a Poor Law Guardian
Aug 9 1850 [Married] BETTY & STEPHENS. July 30, at Killaghtee Church [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. Mr. Walsh, Hazlett Betty, Esq., solicitor, of Floraville, Enniskillen, to Anne Jane, eldest daughter of Michael Clark Stephens, Esq., R.N., of Spamount, Dunkaneely
Jul 18 1851 [Married] BETTY & GASTON. On the 9th inst., in the Cathedral of this City, by the Rev. George Smith, William Betty, Esq., of Cappy House, Enniskillen, to Jemima Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Gaston, Buncrana
Apr 25 1856 [Married] BETTY & MONTGOMERY. On the 22nd inst., in Belnaleck Church, by the Rev. W.A. Wilcock, Moore Betty, Esq., Belnaleck, to Angelina Montgomery, third daughter of Edward Montgomery, Esq., Derrygiff
Jul 4 1856 [Died] On the 26th ult., Eliza Jane, wife of Mr. William Betty, Coolanees, county Fermanagh
Oct 24 1856 [Died] On the 20th inst., at Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, Mary Ann, eldest daughter of William Betty, Esq., Cappy House, county Fermanagh
Dec 5 1856 [Died] On the 28th ult., at 2 Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, of water on the brain, Rebecca Louisa, youngest daughter of William Betty, Esq., of Cappy House, county Fermanagh
Sep 11 1857 [Married] BETTY & RUTLEDGE. On the 3rd inst., in the Presbyterian Church of Tempo, by the Rev. David Clements, William Betty, Esq., of Coolness, near Lowtherstown, to Eliza Jane, second daughter of the late Samuel Rutledge, Esq., of Dadoney, near Trillick, county Tyrone
Jul 23 1858 [Married] BETTY & CROOKE. On the 14th inst., at Rossorry Church, by the Rev. R. Johnston, Mr. Samuel Betty, Enniskillen, to Annie, eldest daughter of the late George Crooke, Esq., formerly Enniskillen
Jan 28 1859 [Died] Aged 19, of inflammation of the lungs, at the Waterside Distillery, Londonderry, where he was under instruction, as officer of Inland Revenue, Mr. Betty, Esq., son of William Betty, Esq., Coolaness, in the county Fermanagh
May 20 1859 [Died] May 12, at 26, Lower Rutland Street, Dublin, Christopher Betty, Esq., of Enniskillen, county Fermanagh, aged 82 years
Sep 9 1859 [Married] BLEAKLY & BETTY. On the 6th September, in Ballinamallard Church, by the Rev. H.A. Burke, Robert, second son of Mr. Guy Bleakly, of Garvaghey, to Elizabeth, fifth daughter of the late Mr. Curry William Betty, of Ballinamallard, county Fermanagh
Oct 14 1859 [Birth] On the 6th inst., the wife of William Betty, Esq., Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, of a daughter
Sep 14 1860 [Birth] On the 10th inst., at Derrygiff, the wife of Moore Betty, Esq., of a daughter
Nov 9 1860 [Married] JOHNSTON & BETTY. November 6, in the Wesleyan Chapel, Lowtherstown, by the Rev. Robert Hewitt, the Rev. Irvine Johnston, Wesleyan Minister, Rathdrum, to Irvine, youngest daughter of the late Corry Betty, Esq., Ballinamallard
Nov 30 1860 [Died] November 1, of a lingering illness, William Betty, Esq., only son of William Betty, Esq., Ballinamallard, county Fermanagh, aged 22 years
Mar 29 1861 [Died] March 26, at Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, George, youngest son of William Betty, Esq
Apr 15 1864 [Died] April 6, at Floraville, Enniskillen, Hezlet Betty, Esq., Sub Sheriff, aged 54 years
Jun 18 1867 [Married] ARCHDALL & BETTY. June 13, at St. Stephen's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. T. Welland, Assistant Chaplain, Molyneux Asylum, Henry M.G. Archdall, Esq., M.D., eldest son of the late Henry Gray Archdall, Esq., J.P., of Brookville, county Fermanagh, to Lilly Victoria, eldest daughter of the late Stewart Betty, Esq., of the same County, and granddaughter of the late Rev. J. Welsh, Rector of Killaghtee, county Donegal
Oct 25 1867 [Married] BETTY & BETTY. October 15, at Ballinamallard Church, by the Rev. W.S. Burnside, Thomas S. Betty, Esq., Lakemount, Roslea, to Sarah, second daughter of William Betty, Esq., Grove, Ballinamallard