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Colonel Sir Thomas Ash 1660-1737: A Defender of the Seige of Derry

Antique Find
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William Houston


Colonel Ash is, also, mentioned in the lease documents filed under the headings Archbishopric of Armagh Estate on our Estate Records & Papers page

An Ebook, The Ash Manuscripts written 1735 by Lieut. Col. Thomas Ash, is also in our E-Books

Further reading - Lieut. Colonel Thomas Ash(e), a defender in the Siege of Derry (1660-1737)


Dublin Daily Express - Thursday 11 September 1913.


Homely charm of 400-year-old Ashbrook House

Ashbrook, the family’s ancestral home is in Ardmore near Tullyally on Londonderry’s east bank, was originally a gift from Queen Elizabeth I to Sir Thomas Ashe in recognition of services rendered to the Crown in helping to quash rebellion in Ireland.