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Society of Friends: Ireland, Register Transcripts of Monthly Meetings, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1605-1862

Transcribed by Tommy Bryant of Birmingham, Alabama USA
Grange, Lurgan, Ballyhagen, Moyallan
LDS Microfilm #0571396

Surname Forename Residence Surname Forename Residence MarriedAt Date Parents SourceRecord
Trueman Thomas Lurgan Fletc her Sarah Lurgan Lurgan 10/06/1738   Lurgan
Trueman John Lurgan Thompson Mary   Lurgan 3/28/1745   Lurgan
Trueman John Lurgan Wilson Sarah Londonderry Lurgan 4/06/1749   Lurgan
Trueman Lucia Lurgan Wyly William Thomastown Lurgan 5/09/1762   Lurgan
Trueman Elizabeth Lurgan Neville John   Moyallan 10/05/1774 Thomas Lurgan