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Society of Friends: Ireland
Register Transcripts of Monthly Meetings 1605-1862

LDS Microfilm #0571396
Transcribed & submitted by
Tommy Bryant of Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Grange, Lurgan, Ballyhagen, Moyallan


Name Firstname Parents Residence Birth Meeting  Page Townland
Haydock Joseph Henry/Frances Cabra 1131797 Lisburn    
Haydock Mary Henry/Frances Cabra 4231798 Lisburn    
Haydock William Henry/Frances Cabra 9191799 Lisburn    
Haydock John Henry/Frances Cabra 6231801 Lisburn    
Haydock Hannah Henry/Frances Cabra 3171803 Lisburn    
Haydock Sinton Henry/Frances Cabra 3151805 Lisburn    
Haydock William Thomas/Elizabeth Cabra 5231837 Grange    
Haydock Thomas Thomas/Elizabeth Cabra 4291840 Grange    
Haydock Elisa Thomas/Elizabeth Cabra 3111843 Grange    
Haddock Abigail John/Susannah Cabra 3161771 Grange    
Haddock Mary John/Susannah Cabra 2001773 Grange    
Haddock Mary John/Isabella Cabra 6221774 Grange    
Haddock Elizabeth John/Susannah Cabra 7001775 Grange    
Haddock Samuel John/Susannah Cabra 8151777 Grange    
Haddock Thomas John/Susannah Cabra 5001779 Grange    
Haddock Samuel John/Isabella Cabra 10001780 Grange    
Haddock Jacob John/Isabella Cabra 2001782 Grange    
Haddock Benjamin John/Susannah Cabra 4001782 Grange    
Haddock Mary John/Susannah Cabra 2021784 Grange    
Haddock Thomas John/Sarah Cabra 2201784 Grange    
Haddock Isabella John/Isabella Cabra 5001784 Grange    
Haddock John John/Isabella Cabra no entry Grange    
Haddock Elizabeth John/Sarah Cabra 1071786 Grange    
Haddock Lydia John/Sarah Cabra 1221787 Grange    
Haddock Henry John/Sarah Cabra 2061790 Grange    
Haddock Jane John/Isabella Cabra 11101790 Grange    
Haddock Margaret John/Isabella Cabra no entry Grange    
Haydock Sarah Jane Thomas/Elizabeth Cabra 6061824 Grange    
Haydock Mary Thomas/Elizabeth Cabra 10001832 Grange    
Haydock Lydia Thomas/Elizabeth Cabra 2001835 Grange    
Haddock John Jacob   1746 Grange    
Haddock Rebecca Jacob   1749 Grange    
Haddock Mary Jacob   1752 Grange    
Haddock Margaret Jacob   1754 Grange    
Haddock Jacob Jacob   1758 Grange    
Haddock Joseph     1762 Grange    
Haddock Henry Jacob   1764 Grange    
Haddock John John/Susannah   1766 Grange    
Haddock Mary John/Susannah   1768 Grange    
  Society of Friends: Ireland, Register Transcripts of Monthly Meetings    
       Mountmellick, Richhill        
    LDS Microfilm #0571397        
Page 15 lists H births of Richhill, but is illegible on microfilm; original needs to be examined    
  Lurgan Births from Ulster Quarterly Meeting Archives      
Haydock Amelia Richard/Sarah An Bessbrook 9181871 Lurgan   Killeaney
Haydock Edith Richard/Sarah An Bessbrook 11251874 Lurgan    
Haydock Edmond Richard/Sarah An Bessbrook 3041877 Lurgan    
Haydock Henry Richard/Sarah An Bessbrook 7131869 Lurgan   Killeaney
Haydock Mabel Thomas/Jane Derramore 5141882 Lurgan   Newry
Haydock Joseph Henry/Frances   1131797 Lurgan    
Haydock Mary Henry/Frances   4231798 Lurgan    
Haydock William Henry/Frances   9191799 Lurgan    
Haydock John Henry/Frances   6231801 Lurgan    
Haydock Hannah Henry/Frances   3171803 Lurgan    
Haydock Sinton Henry/Frances   3151805 Lurgan    
  Archives of Ulster Quarterly Meeting        
Haydock Wm. Fred. James/Anne   1870 Grange GM 5.4  
Haydock Isaac Edw. James/Anne   1872 Grange GM 5.4  
Haydock Jas. Henry James/Anne   1874 Grange GM 5.4  
Haydock Alfred Wm. William John/Sarah Jane Lowertown 12281887 Grange 239 Killyman
Haydock Annie Bell James/Anne Drumglass 7041844 Grange 236 Drumglass
Haydock Benjamin James/Anne Lowertown 4071877 Grange 221  
Haydock Edmond D. James/Anne Cornamuckla 8151886 Grange 238 Drumglass
Haydock Eliza Thomas/Eliza Cabragh 3111843 Grange 125 Killishall
Haydock Eliza Jane Wm./Mary Jane Cabragh 5261856 Grange 188 Killishall
Haydock Herbert Theodore James/Anne Drumglass 11011881 Grange 232 Drumglass
Haydock Ilene John James/Harriet (Stewart) Cornamuckla 6081918 Grange 265  
Haydock Isaac Edw. James/Anne Lowertown 10061872 Grange 197 Killyman
Haydock Jane Eliza John James/Sarah Jane Evelym (Stothers) Lowertown 9201877 Grange 216 Dungannon
Haydock James Henry James/Anne Lowertown 6231874 Grange 204 Killyman
Haydock John Jas. Isaac/Mary Jane Cornamuckla 5121883 Grange 234 Drumglass
Haydock John Jas. John James/Harriet (Stewart) Cornamuckla 5011918 Grange 261  
Haydock Jos. John James/Anne Lowertown 11281879 Grange 226 Drumglass
Haydock Jos. Stanley Joseph/Susan Moy 12291904 Grange 254  
Haydock Lydia Thomas/Eliza Cabragh 2001835 Grange 74 Killishall
Haydock Mamie James/Mary (Swenerton) Drumanewey 6091910 Grange 256  
Haydock Margaret Thomas/Eliza Cabragh 10001832 Grange 73 Killishall
Haydock Margaret Jane Emily James/Anne Lowertown 2281876 Grange 211 Killyman
Haydock Mary Wm./Mary Jane Cabragh 10021871 Grange 194 Killishall
Haydock Mary Isabella John James/Harriet (Stewart) Cornamuckla 8061920 Grange 267  
Haydock Sarah Jane Thomas/Eliza Cabragh 6061824 Grange 22 Killishall
Haydock Sarah Jane Isaac/Mary Jane Cornamuckla 7061866 Grange 237 Drumglass
Haydock Thomas Thomas/Eliza Cabragh 9021875 Grange 207 Killishall
Haydock Thos Victor James/Mary Drumanewey 3231905 Grange 255  
Haydock William Thomas/Eliza Cabragh 5230837 Grange 75 Killishall
Haydock Wm. Fred. John/Ann Lowertown 9221876 Grange 190 Killyman