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Hamilton Baptisms, Marriages & Burials from the Registers of Donagheady Parish Church (Church of Ireland), Co. Tyrone 1754-65

Transcribed by Faye Logue, Tully, Queensland, Australia
Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The earliest surviving registers for this church are dated 1697 – 1723, however at this stage I have not attempted to extract any entries from them as many pages are very difficult to read.

The next period is 1753 – 1765 and these begin with the following notes :

Andrew Hamilton, D. D. died, Sept. 22d 1753, rector of Donoghkiddy about 64 years – must have been inducted at the age of 20, in the 1st or 2d year of William & Mary, 1608, or 1609.

1753. 14 baptisms this year, after Dr. Hamilton’s Death – No register came to the present Rector’s Hands, but a very imperfect one, confusedly kept in two Vestry Books, to the year 1732, or there about.

(signed) Geo Bracegirdle, Rector.



1754 April 17 Charles legit Son of William Hamilton Aghabrack
1754 May 3 Mary legit Daughter of Hugh Hamilton Claudstown
1754 May 16 Frederic legit Son of Mr Wm. Hamilton Stoneyfold
1754 Sept. 23 James legit Son of William Hamilton Glennagoorland
1754 Sept. 23 James legit Son of George Hamilton Claudstown
1754 Dec. 16 George legit Son of Mr Wm. Hamilton Stonyfolds
1754 Dec. 30 Margaret legit Dr. of James Hamilton Gorteleck
1755   No Hamilton entries  
1756 Jan. 18 William Son of James & Elizabeth Hamilton Glennagoorland
1756 June 13 Kitty Dau of Henry & Bridget Hamilton Liscleen
1757 March13 Elizabeth Daughter of William Hamilton Stoneyfolds
1857   1 private Baptism at the age of 15 Months  
1758   Illegible  
1759 June 10 John son of George & Jane Hamilton Claudstown
1760   No Hamilton entries  
1761 Feb. 8 John of William & Catherine Hamilton Glennigoorland
1761 April 5 Elizabeth of George & Rebecca Hamilton Claudstown
1761 May 10 Rachel of James & Rebecca Hamilton Stoneyfolds
1761 May 17 Hugh of Joseph & Mary Hamilton Claudstown
1762 Jan. 17 George of James & Elizabeth Hamilton Glennagoorland
1763 March27 Margaret of William & Sarah Hamilton Claudstown
1763 Dec. 4 Ann of Joseph & Sarah Hamilton Claudstown
1764 June 3 Martha Dr. of Thomas & Catherine Hamilton Claudstown
1764 July 8 Ann Dr. of George & Catherine Hamilton Glennagoorland
1764 Nov. 18 Robert Son of (Robert crossed out) William & Catherine Hamilton Claudstown
1765 March 7 Ann &(?) Elizabeth Dr. of James & Catherine Hamilton Outermurgh
1765 April 21 Rachel Dr. of James & Mary Hamilton Dunnimana
1765 May 26 Belinda Dr. of James & Elizabeth Hamilton Glennygoorland



1754 December 12 Archibald Read of Tamlaghtfinlagan [Co. Londonderry]& Isabel Hamilton of this parish
1755 September 29 George Boyd & Catherine Hamilton, both of this Parish
1756 November14 John Knobbs of Greystone & Sarah Hamilton of Gloudstown, both in Donoghkiddy, with Banns
1757 April 27 James Young, Bachelor, & Margaret Hamilton, Spinster, both of Donoghkiddy, with License
1758 December 24 Arthur White, Bachelor, of Dunnimanar, & Sarah Hamilton, of Grange, Spinster, both of the Parish of Donoghkiddy, after publication of Banns
1761 January 23 Andrew Dunn of Cullan, Bachelor, & Jane Hamilton of Gortereagh, Spinster, in this parish with License
1761 January 25 Samuel Erwin, Widower, of Benone, & Mary Hamilton of Leitrim, Spinster, after publication of Banns
1763 September 22 William Caldwell, Bachelor, of Ballybogan, Lifford, or Clonleigh [Co. Donegal], & Jane Hamilton, Spinster, of Glennagoorland, Donoghkiddy, with License
1764 September 22 Robert Cary of Clohogal, Bachelor, & Ann Hamilton of Prospect, Spinster, of this parish, with License



A note in the Burial register of 1754:

The reason for so few Burials are enter’d , is, an indecent custom of interring without sending to the Minister to attend – That the papists should, always, & the Presbyterians, generally, omit it, is not to be wonder’d; but it is astonishing, that those, who are of the Establish’d Church, should chuse to bury their deceased Friends’ like Dogs.


1756 November 13 John Hamilton of Castlemellon
1756 November ? William Hamilton of Achabrack
1757 March 13 Child of William Hamilton of Glenagoorland
1757 March 19 Child of William Hamilton of Glennagoorland