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Stewartstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Slater's Commercial Directory 1846


Or Steuartstown, is a highly respectable and flourishing little market-town in the parish of Donaghenry, barony of Dungannon, county of Tyrone; about 100 miles n. from Dublin, 51 w. from Belfast, 45 s. from Coleraine, 20½ n. from Armagh, 10 s. from Moneymore, 7½ n.n.e. from Dungannon, 5½ s.s.e. from Cookstown, and 3 n. by e. from Coal-Island; situated on the road from Armagh to Coleraine and about 3 miles w.n.w. from the nearest point of Lough Neagh.

This place derived its original name Stewartstown, from Sir Andrew Stewart, to whom James I. granted the surrounding district; in the year 1608, or soon afterwards, he erected a castle, or rather converted other buildings into one, and laid the foundation of the present town. The surrounding country is undulated and fertile, except perhaps that part contiguous to Lough Neagh, the land of which is flat and marshy.

There are some lovely patches of scenery in this district, which is studded with many seats of the gentry, and not any neighbourhood can be more respectable than that immediately surrounding Stewartstown. About two miles from the town, in an extensive and improved demesne, with a fine park, is Stewart Hall, the seat of Earl Castle-Stewart, who derives his titles of Baron and Earl from this place.

The town consists of a spacious square and three principal streets, well-arranged, and the houses well-built of stone and roofed with slate - many of the habitations are large and handsome, several of modern erection, and the whole place has an appearance of cheerfulness and prosperity. The market-house, a handsome building, stands in the centre of the town. Petty sessions are held on alternate Tuesdays, and a court monthly for the manor of Castle-Stewart, in which debts to the amount of 40s. are recoverable. The town at one time carried on an extensive trade in the manufacture of linen and union cloth, and there is still business done of some consideration in this branch; and likewise in lime, quarried in the neighbourhood. The town derives a good inland business for the supply of the neighbourhood, and additional advantages from its situation as a place of thoroughfare.

The parish of Donaghenry is a very neat and comodious structure: the living is a rectory, of which the Rev. James Geraghty is the present respected incumbent. The other places of worship are two Presbyterian meeting-houses; a remarkably handsome Wesleyan Methodists' chapel, and a Roman Catholic chapel, now being rebuilt. The benevolent institutions comprise a school, each of the church education society and of the national board; and an excellent dispensary, and a loan fund. There are some remains of the old castle, but they have long been in a neglected state, and retain scarcely any traces of their original character. The market is held on a Wednesday, and the fairs on the third Wednesday of every month. The town contained in 1841, 1,082 inhabitants.



Joseph Dudgeon, Post Master - letters from Dublin, Belfast and NEWRY and all parts SOUTH, also from ENGLAND and SCOTLAND, arrive every morning at half-past seven, and are despatched every afternoon at five. -Letters from COLERAINE and the NORTH arrive every afternoon at five, and are despatched every morning at half-past seven.



Allen Rev. Robert, Lisnight
Anderson James, Esq. Ross
Atwell Rev. William, Clonoe Glebe
Bailey Rev. Kennedy, D.D. Artrea
Bell Andrew Thos. Esq. Bellmount
Castle-Stewart the Right Hon. The Earl of, Stewart Hall
Caulfield Edward H. Esq. J.P. Drumkairn
Creighton James, Esq. Sherrygroom
Daily Rev. James, Stewartstown
Dawson Thomas, Esq. Ivy Vale
Finlay Rev. Moses, Ardpatrick
Fitzpatrick Rev. Moses, Stewartstown
Freckelton William, Esq. Newport Trench
Gauson Rev. J.C. Elagh
Geraghty Rev. James, Donaghenry Glebe
Gilmour Thomas, Esq. Belville
Green Rev. Henry, Ballyclog Glebe
Hunter James esq. Mountjoy
Jackson Rev. John J. Mullantain House
Jackson Mrs. -, Mullantian House
Lee Mr. William, Cloghoy
Lindesay J. Esq. J.P. (deputy-lieutenant), Loughry
Little Mrs. Sarah, Stewartstown
McConnell Hugh, Esq. Curglassen
McCurdy Rev. Saml. Tamealennon
McEntire James, Esq. Eary
McKenna Rev. Thomas, Arboe
McNiece Rev. Thomas, Arboe Glebe
McReynolds Oliver, Esq. Dromore
McReynolds Samuel, Esq. Dromore
McReynolds Thomas, Esq. Kingsmill
Megaw William, Esq. Eary House
Park Mrs. Martha, Stewartstown
Porter Thomas H. D.D. Ballymully Glebe, Tullyhogue
Seaton Forbes Galbraith, Esq. Ross
Waney Rev. Bernard, Clonoe
Watt John, Esq. Anketell Lodge



Dudgeon Jos. Clerk of petty sessions
Fairservis Jas. Surgeon & apothecary
Holmes William, attorney (and local crown solicitor)
Little John, attorney
NATIONAL SCHOOL, James Larkin, master; Sarah Larkin, mistress
O'Neill James, land surveyor and valuator
Smyth Charles, day school
Waugh Thos. Physician & apothecary
Whittell W. B. surgeon



Dunn John, Mullantain
Means John
Park William
Quin James, Killycolpy
Robson Hugh



McGeagh John
Russell Samuel
Smyth William (& cotton), Jas. Carr, agent
Woods Claudius



Weir Samuel



Barclay John
Brown William
Deragh John
Ferguson Alexr.
Fox Denis
Galway James
Gilchrist James
Henderson Thos.
Hide Henry
Hunter John C.
McAnespie Chas.
Martin John
Wood William



Alexander James, watch and clock maker
Anderson Charles, land steward and gardener, Stewart Hall
Beattie Robert, grocer
Boyd James, baker and earthenware dealer
Campbell Andrew, grocer, ironmonger, & hardware & grain merchant
Clements Henry, hatter
Clements Letitia, hatter and grocer
Creany John, blacksmith
Dinning James, linen dyer
Donnelly Jas. Tailor
Dudgeon Bessy & Mary Ann, haberdashers
Dunseith John, tailor
Faris William, grocer
Fleming Boyd, grain merchant
Graham Geo. Boot and shoe maker
Hide Henry, grocer and clothes broker
Hughes George, shoe maker
Kelso Hugh, grocer and hardware, and leather seller
Kernian John, tailor
Lecky William, shoe maker
Lee Alex. grain merchant, Ivy lodge
Little Alexander, linen and woollen draper and haberdasher
Little James C. grocer, and wine, spirit, leather & timber merchant
McAlisky John, carpenter & shuttlemaker
McGraham Patrick, haberdasher
McGaw Jno. Watch and clock maker
McGeagh James and Son, linen and woollen drapers and haberdashers
McGlone Hugh, tailor
McKamish Adam, carpenter
Mackarel John, baker
McManus James, blacksmith
McRory Thomas, painter and glazier
Mateer James, blacksmith
Murragh Bernard, grocer and earthenware dealer
O'Neill Francis, clothes broker
O'Neill James, grocer
Park Jas. Superintendent of cranes
Park John, haberdasher
Park Samuel, cooper
Park Wm. linen and woollen draper
Park William, jun. Ironmonger and hardware, leather, wine, spirit and timber merchant
Quin James, saddler and harness maker
Quin Sarah, milliner & haberdasher
Reid James, straw bonnet maker
Robinson Thomas, baker
Simms Eliza, dress maker
Warnock William, house painter
Weir Samuel, grocer and earthenware dealer
Wood William, inspector of linen, linen yarn and flax
Woods John, baker


PLACES OF WORSHIP, And their Ministers.

PARISH CHURCH - Rev James Gerahty, rector; Rev John J Jackson, curate.
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL - Rev James Daily, parish priest; Rev Moses Kirkpatrick, curate.
PRESBYTERIAN MEETING HOUSE - Rev. Robert Allen, minister.
PRESBYTERIAN MEETING HOUSE - Rev. Samuel McCurdy, minister.
WESLEYAN METHODIST CHAPEL - ministers various.

CONSTABULARY STATION - John Brownlee, constable.
DISPENSARY - W.B.Whittle, surgeon.
LOAN FUND OFFICE - Claudius Wood, clerk.
STAMP OFFICE - William Park, jun sub-distributer.



Passing through Stewartstown.
To DUBLIN, the Royal Mail (from Coleraine), every evening at five; goes through Dungannon, Moy, Charlemont, Armagh, &c.
To COLERAINE, the Royal Mail (from Dublin), every morning at twenty minutes past seven; goes thro' Cookstown, Moneymore, Magherafelt, Maghera, &c. &c.
To COOKSTOWN, a Coach (from Portadown), every evening at eight.
To PORTADOWN, a Coach (from Cookstown), every morning at seven; goes through Coals Island.

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