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Passengers aboard the Brig Trial - Londonderry, Northern Ireland to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada 19 Apr 1833

Transcribed from film of original documents held in the collection of the Archives of New Brunswick: film 1482580
Transcribed by Teena

A list of passengers and crew of the Brig 'Trial' of Londonderry, Thomas Moore Master, bound this present voyage from Londonderry to Saint John. New Brunswick. Signed at the Custom House, Londonderry 19 April 1833.

Passengers showing their residence in Co. Tyrone

Ronney Mary Spinster 1833 Strabain (Strabane)
Scantling Betty Spinster 1833 Strabain (Strabane)
Scantling William Labourer 1833 Strabain (Strabane)