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Passengers Sailing on the 'Golden Empire' from London, England to Queenstown, England to Brisbane, Australia 1863

Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada
Originally Transcribed & Submitted by
Judy -


This file of the Passengers Sailing on the 'Golden Empire' from London, England to Queenstown, England to Brisbane, Australia 1863 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to Emigration on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

N.B. - These records are from an old file on

 The T. M. MACKAY & Co  "Black Ball" Line of British and Australian Ex-Royal Mail Packets
GOLDEN EMPIRE, 1218 tons, Captain D. M. Goodall sailed from London on the 6 April 1863
and from Queenstown on the 14 April 1863 to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on the 21 July 1863.

Given Name Surname Age Status Nationality if not Irish
James Deacon 22 labourer  
Edwad C Beasley 34 labourer English
Charles Durdin 43 labourer  
Annie M Durdin 33 wife  
John B Durdin 7 child  
William H Durdin 6 child  
Annie M Durdin 5 child  
Louisa C Durdin 3 child  
Marry Kennah 21 spinster English? Irish?
George Horsburgh 41 labourer  
Jessie Horsburgh 41 wife  
George Horsburgh 18 labourer  
Agnes Horsburgh 16 spinster  
John Horsburgh 8 child  
Anne Kerr 2 child  
David Black 54 labourer  
Agnes Black 54 wife  
George Black 21 labourer  
Joseph Black 19 labourer  
Catherine Black 17 spinster  
Janet Watt 26 spinster  
Thomas O'Gorman 29 labourer  
Michael? O'Gorman 25 labourer  
Margaret O'Gorman 20 wife  
John O'Gorman infant child  
Robert Killeen 18 labourer  
Patrick Fakey 28 labourer  
Bridget Fakey 26 wife  
Thomas Fakey 2 child  
Teresa Fakey infant    
Charles McRussel 27 labourer  
Johanna McRussel 24 wife  
Alexander Adam 19 labourer Scottish
Mary Toole 17 spinster  
Lucy Toole 17 spinster  
John O'Dea 23 labourer  
William Anderson 31 labourer Scottish
Alexander Simpson 24 labourer Scottish
Wm E Orr 26 labourer Scottish
I. S. Ruxton 21 labourer  
Caroline Ruxton 23 wife  
William   infant    
William Graham 34 labourer Scottish
Maria Nevin 43    
Isabella Nevin 15 spinster  
Arthur Nevin 7 child  
John Lambert 27 labourer English
Wm L Lyon 28 labourer English
Janet Warren 54 labourer  
Joseph Warren 22 labourer  
John Warren 14 labourer  
Patrick Warren 11 child  
Patrick O'Regan 25 labourer  
Kate O'Regan 19 wife  
Edward Smith 24 labourer  
P. A. M. Parcell 28 labourer  
John Grace 21 labourer  
W Nolan   labourer  
W Nolan   wife  
John G Lawrence 16 labourer  
James Hutcheson 25 labourer English
Mary A Hutcheson 23 wife English
Alexander McInroy 31 labourer Scottish
Margaret McInroy 34 spinster Scottish
Jane McInroy 30 spinster Scottish
Fred F Swanwick 24 labourer Scottish
George Cannon   labourer  
John Geany? 38 labourer  
Hannah Geany 34 wife  
Mary Geany 10 child  
John Geany 8 child  
Jeremiah Geany 7 child  
Bridget Geany infant    
Michael Geany 11 child  
William Fitzgerald 22 labourer  
Jeremiah McDonnell 24 labourer  
Mary Henessy 23 spinster  
John Man?nihan 23 labourer  
John McCre?te 24 labourer  
Mary McCarthy 22 spinster  
Margaret Cleary 24 spinster  
William Dermott 27 labourer  
Mary Quinn 21 spinster  
Margaret McNeile 22 spinster  
Arthur McNeile 23 labourer  
James Woolsey 20 labourer  
Owen McNeile 25 labourer  
Elizabeth McNeile 21 wife  
Colon White 18 labourer  
John White 24 labourer  
Thomas Greer 33 labourer  
Sarah Rafferty 21 spinster  
Charles McHeugh? 21 labourer  
Scott Mullen 23 labourer  
Eleanor Hall 21 spinster  
Jane McConville 18 spinster  
Sarah A Vaughan 19 spinster  
Dominick W Kera? 23 labourer  
William Rice 37 labourer  
Mary Rice 20 spinster  
Sarah Finegan 31 spinster  
Samuel Magennis? 23 labourer  
James McPeke 25 labourer  
James Webb 23 labourer  
Henry McNeile 19 labourer  
John T Hall 28 labourer  
Mary J Hall 25 wife  
William J Hall 3 child  
Sarah   1 child  
Joseph Campbell 21 labourer  
Eliza J Campbell 19 wife  
Samuel Potter? 26 labourer  
Richard Potter 18 labourer  
Henry Potter 23 labourer  
Sarah Potter 21 spinster  
Catherine Tevonny? 20 spinster  
Bridget Manley? 28 spinster  
Margaret Rothwell 22 spinster  
James Rothwell 20 labourer  
James Orr 29 labourer  
James Davis 27 labourer Scottish
Maria Keane 19 spinster  
John Halloran 28 labourer  
Timothy O'Neily 22 labourer  
John Enright 25 labourer  
Godfrey McCalman? 31 labourer Scottish
Alexander Walker 25 labourer Scottish
Samuel Thompson 27 labourer  
Eliza J Thompson 28 wife  
Margaret Thompson 6 child  
Isabella Thompson 4 child  
Rachel Thompson 2 child  
Joseph Thompson 22 labourer  
John Higgins 26 labourer  
John Kearnan 24 labourer  
James Kew 37 labourer Scottish
Jane Kew 25 spinster Scottish
William Stevens 33 labourer Scottish
Patrick Madden 40 labourer  
Catherine Madden 37 wife  
Ellen Madden 15 spinster  
Denis Madden 13 labourer  
John Madden 11 child  
Patrick Madden 11 child  
Mary Madden 10 child  
Michael Madden 9 child  
Thomas madden 8 child  
Catherine Madden 6 child  
Bridget Madden 3 child  
May Magher? 20 spinster  
Kate Magher 18 spinster  
? Kelly 34 labourer  
Alice Kelly 38 spinster  
Mary Kelly 11 child  
Pat Kelly 10 child  
Brif? Kelly 6 child  
Cath? Kelly 5 child  
CABIN PASSENGERS     All Scottish  
John M? Shaw 42 gentleman  
Emily M? Shaw 30 wife  
Amy B. M.? Shaw 5 child  
Gertrude E Shaw 4 child  
Kathleen R Shaw 2 child  
John A Shaw infant    
Susan Harvey 20 spinster  

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