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Tips for Searching the EVERY NAME INDEX


    • Always remember, you may limit the results but choosing a Type and/or Records Added Since and/or by checking Exact Match

    • Also, the Results are preceded by the Parameters of your search so you may see exactly how the search was performed

    • Synonyms – we have created a database of synonyms for both surnames and firstnames. This list is by no way completed; therefore, you may suggest additions to us with an email.
        ? if there are synonyms in the database for the name you enter such as McKane, the Results will show the synonyms used in the Parameters at the top - 

    • If there are no synonyms listed for the surname you enter OR you wish to create your own custom list of names, simply add a comma after each name such as - 

  1. mckane, mckean
  2. jim, james

      Either of these will create Results for only those specific spellings.

    • It is also possible to use wildcards. Entering %ane% will result in all names the “ane” anywhere in the name
        ? Entering %ane or ane% will result in names either ending in “ane” or beginning with “ane”

The possibilities are almost endless. Enjoy!