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Schools in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862

Accounts & Papers of the House of Commons
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


This file of the Schools in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland. Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy A complete list of records pertaining to County Donegal, Ireland on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The columns in the original document are: Parish & School; Religious Demonination of Patron; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Number of Pupils with sub-columns - Established Church, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Others; Total Number of Pupils for the Year1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Total Number of Pupils for the Quarter ended 31 Dec 1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Days & Hours set apart for all Religious Instruction etc. with sub-columns - Days on which given; Hours set apart; Nature of the Religious Instruction given; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.

The columns transcribed are: Parish & School; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.

N.B. - Original spellings have been maintained with the exception that surnames such as M'Aleer were amended to McAleer. Names listed with no Position shown are from the 'Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction' column. It should also be noted that not all schools are listed in the correct parish.


The original document may be downloaded for viewing HERE.

Parish School Names Postion Page No.
Ardtrea Ballymulderg James Mallon Principal 194-5
  Ballindrum James McKee Principal  
  Anahorish John McWilliams Principal  
    Robert McWilliams Senior Monitor  
  Ballynenagh John Purdy Principal  
    Rev. A. Minnis    
  Loup James Agnew Principal  
    Rosanna Agnew    
  Warwick Lodge John Kelly Principal  
Aghadowey Rings End David Lindsay Principal  
    Margaret Lindsay Monitor  
  Aghadowey (Male) William Heany Principal  
  Cullycapple (Female) Jane Boyd Principal  
    Letitia Gilmour Senior Monitor  
  Moneycarrie John Boyd Principal  
    Anne J. Gilmour Workmistress  
    James W. Gilmour Monitor  
  Miltown (Female) Mary Weir Principal  
  Ballinrees John Anderson Principal  
  Ballintagh (Female) Rachel Boyd Principal  
  Miltown (Male) Neil Blair Principal  
    James Shirley Monitor  
  Collins John Boyd Principal  
  Killeague Kennedy Boyd Principal  
    Thomas A. Boyd Monitor  
  Droghed Robert McAlister Principal 196-7
    Campbell Longridge Monitor  
  Mullahinch John McAlister Principal  
    Ellen McAlister Workmistress  
  Aghadowey (Female) Eliza Blair Principal  
  Gorreen George Ruddock Principal  
Ardboe [Arboe] Ballygonney Walter Bell Principal  
Ardwen [??] Ballyronan Edward Moore Principal  
Ballynascreen Straw Thomas McGowan Principal  
    Ellen McGowan Workmistress  
    Thomas McGowan Monitor  
  Draperstown (Female) Margaret McGowan Principal  
  Altayskey (Male) Daniel McBride Principal  
  Braca Dysart Patrick Rogers Principal  
  Moneyneanea Charles Richaredson Principal  
    Sarah Richardson Workmistress  
    James Richardson Monitor  
    Patrick Cassidy    
    Sarah Hanna    
  Draperstown (Male) Roger O’Kane Principal  
  Altayskey (Female) Martha Connolly Principal  
  Labby James Bradley Principal  
Ballyscullion Ballynease (Male) John Mulholland Principal  
    James French    
    Geo. McCulloch    
  Ballynease (Female) Anne O’Neill Meenan Principal  
  Bellaghy James McElrane Principal  
    John Kearney Monitor  
Boveragh [Bovevagh] Burnfoot (Male) Henry Ross Principal  
  Muldonagh James Cassidy Principal  
  Ballyharrigan William Meenagh Principal  
  Derrynaflaw Henry McCloskey Principal 198-9
    Jno. McCloskey Monitor  
    James Leslie    
    Mary J. Scott    
    Andrew Neil    
    Isabella Neil    
    Sarah Thompson    
  Glenconway James Stewart Principal  
    James Stuart    
  Moneyhaughan (Male) John Devine Principal  
  Moneyhaughan (Female) Sarah Devine Principal  
    Sarah J. Devine    
Bannagher [Banagher] Fincairn (Male) Charles Donnelly Principal  
  Fincairn (Female) Eliza A. Cockran Principal  
  Templemoyle John McGaughey Principal  
  Magheramore (No. 2) Peter O’Neill Principal  
Ballyrashane Ballyrashane Robert Pollock Principal  
Ballyaghran Portstewart Robert M. Gilmour Principal  
Ballywillan [Ballywillin] Cloyfin George Adams Principal  
  Carnalbridge Eliza Bamford Principal  
Ballinderry Ballylifford John O’Neill Principal  
Comber, Lower [Cumber, Lower] Lower Comber Hugh McHaig Principal  
    Sarah McHaig Workmistress  
  Ogill David Simpson Principal  
    E. J. Simpson    
  Every John Weir Principal  
Comber, Upper [Cumber, Upper] Glenrandle (Male) Patrick Kirlin Principal  
    John Kirlin    
  Glenrandle (Female) Mary Kirlin Principal  
Coleraine Coleraine (W. H.) William Henry Principal  
    Eliza King Principal  
    Rev. A. McMullan    
    Thos. Connolly    
  Bobill William Henry Principal  
    Matilda Thompson Workmistress  
  Coleraine (Male) James Logue Principal 200-1
  Coleraine (Female) Isabella Deehan Principal  
  Knockintern Thomas Smyley Principal  
Desertoghill Magheramore Daniel Boylan Principal  
    John Witherington Monitor  
    John Bradley    
    Michael Farrell    
    John McConnell    
    John Waide    
  Ballyagan (Male) Henry Cassidy Principal  
    Mary J. Cassidy Monitor  
  Moneydig William J. Gilmour Principal  
  Ballyhagan (Female) Mary Hillon Principal  
    Charlotte Elder Monitor  
  Trinaltinagh J. B. Wallace Principal  
  Carhill Mathew McAneamy Principal  
Desertmartin Knocknagin John McCarthy Principal  
Desertlyn Gortagillic Richard Morrow Principal  
    Margaret Morrow Monitor  
Dunhoe Ballywildrick William Clarke Principal  
  Ballinrees (No. 1) John Mitchell Principal  
  Altikeeragh William O’Kane Principal  
    Jane Doherty Workmistress  
    Robert Browne    
    William Lawson    
    Nancy Doherty    
    Henry Gillen    
  Ballyhacket (Male) Thomas Forgrave Principal  
  Ballyhacket (Female) Mary A. McIntosh Principal  
  Downhill Thomas Scott Principal  
  Articlave William Ross Principal  
    Mary Ross Workmistress & Assistant  
    Rev. C. Galway    
Drumachose Market-street James Wilson Principal  
    Matilda Wilson Assistant  
    James Wilson Monitor  
  Roe Mill Mary McGowan Principal 202-3
  Newtown Limavaddy (Male) Robert A. Brandon Principal  
    Joseph Whyte Monitor  
  Newtown Limavaddy (Female) Marg. J. McQuilkin Principal  
  Isle of Man Street, Newtown Limavaddy (Male) James Mullan Principal  
    John Loughrey Monitor  
  Derrymore Daniel McClements Principal  
  Isle of Man Street, Newtown Limavaddy (Female) Grace O’Kane Principal  
    Bessie McLoughlin Monitor  
Dungiven Cashel (Male) Patrick Loughrane Principal  
  Cashel (Female) Mary McIvor Principal  
  Tirgoland John O’Kane Principal  
  Dungiven (Male) Edward McNicholl Principal  
    John Lynn    
    Benjamin Edge    
    Patrick Kealy    
  Dungiven (Female) Mary McCloskey Principal  
    Sarah McCloskey    
    E. McReynolds    
    C. McCloskey    
Errigal Lismacreagh (Male) Patrick McNicholl Principal  
    James O’Hagan Senior Monitor  
  Belraugh Alice M. Pherson Principal  
    Alice McPherson    
  Glemellin Philip Kirlin Principal  
    Geo. J. Woodburn Monitor  
    Miss Smyth    
    J. G. Woodburn    
    Philip Kerlin    
  Garvagh George Boyd Principal  
    Mary Boyd Assistant  
    William Smyth Monitor  
  Cah John McNeany Principal  
Faughanvale Grennan Wm. Patterson Principal  
  Faughanvale William Duffy Principal  
  Eglinton (Model Agricultural) Wm. Gillespie Agricuturist  
    John Hewston Principal  
    M. Philan Assistant  
    Robert Payne Monitor  
    Arthur Hagan    
Glendermott Waterside (Male) Francis McDevitt Principal  
  Rosnagallagh Margaret Curry Principal  
    M. A. Crawford    
    Anne Hall    
    J. Curry    
  Lisdillon Samuel Russell Principal  
  Waterside (Female) Catherine Tracy Principal  
  Londonderry (Workhouse) Thos. O’Brien Principal  
    Ellen Conboy Principal  
    James Oliver    
    James O’Donnell    
    Cath. McCloskey    
  Lismacarroll James Boyle Principal  
    Rachel Boyle Workmistress  
    Sarah Hassan    
    David Smyth    
    David Kerr    
    Lizzie Kerr    
  Waterside (No. 2) Wm. McCullough Principal  
    Mary McCullough Workmistress & Assistant  
    John Watson Senior Monitor  
    Samuel Russell    
  Glendermott Michael Tracey Principal  
  Greerstown James McIntyre Principal  
  Killymallaght John Scott Principal  
Killowen Cranagh Hill Samuel McIntyre Principal  
    Sam. B. McIntyre    
  Killowen-street, Coleraine (Female) Jane Doman Principal  
    Mary McGowan Monitor  
  Killowen-street, Coleraine (Male) Edward Quinn Principal  
    Neal McGonicle Monitor  
  Coleraine (Model, Male) J. Johnston Principal  
    J. Feehan Assistant  
    J. Johnston Pupil-teacher  
    J. Gaze Pupil-teacher  
    J. A. Mullen Pupil-teacher  
    J. Coghlan Monitor  
    H. Greaves Monitor  
    R. Johnston Monitor  
    Rev. James Macdonnell    
    John Johnston    
    Rev. J. W. Ballard    
    Rev. A. Fullerton    
    James Fechan    
  Coleraine (Model, Female) M. L. Caldwell Principal  
    M. J. Hanson Workmistress & Assistant  
    R. McLoughlin Assistant  
    M. A. Jenkins Monitor  
    Eliza Weir Monitor  
    Margaret Johnston Monitor  
    Mary McAtanny Monitor  
    Jane Robinson Monitor  
    Eliza A. Kerr Monitor  
    Mary Lynd Monitor  
    Annie Kerr Monitor  
    Rev. J. W. Ballard    
    Rev. A. Fullerton    
    Rev. James Macdonnell    
    Miss Hanson    
    Mary McAtany    
    M. J. McCormac    
  Coleraine (Model, Infant) C. McCormac Principal 206-7
    Rev. J. McDonnell    
    John Johnston    
    Rev. J. W. Ballard    
    Rev. A. Fullerton    
    Miss McCormack    
    Miss McLoughlin    
    Miss McAtanny    
Kilcronaghan Morrishinare James McWilliams Principal  
  Killynumber Jane Allen Principal  
  Braca Lislea Charles McKenna Principal  
  Tobermore (Female) Mary Nicholl Principal  
    Eliza Little Monitor  
  Braca Rowley Robert Neely Principal  
  Tobermore (Male) Robert Neely Principal  
  Kilcronaghan George Milldown Principal  
    Jane Faith Assistant  
    Thomas Quin Monitor  
    Jane Ellis    
Killelagh Tirkane John McCloskey Principal  
    Saray McCloskey Assistant  
    John McKenna Monitor  
    John McClary Monitor  
    Michael Bradley Monitor  
    W. Cushnahand Monitor  
    M. McKenna    
  Corlackey James Kelly Principal  
    Eliza McAlister Workmistress  
  Killelagh William Greer Principal  
  Faughanvale, No. 2 (Male) William Bell Principal  
  Faughanvale, No. 2 (Female) Hannah Howell Principal  
    Lucinda Archibald Monitor  
  Swatteragh (Male) William Turner Principal  
  Swatteragh (Female) Ellen Irwin Principal  
Kildolagh [Kildollagh] Damhead Catherine Barr Principal  
    Eliza Blair Monitor  
Kilrea Moyvanagher (Male) William Shaw Principal 208-9
  Moyvanagher (Female) Letitia Browne Principal  
  Lislea (Male) Robert Mulligan Principal  
  Lislea (Female) Jane Lester Principal  
  Kilrea (Male) James Ross Principal  
  Kilrea (Female) Sarah J. Ferrier Principal  
Lissan Drumeen Eliza C. Wallace Principal  
  Dernan William O’Neill Principal  
  Claggan Joseph Bell Principal  
Learmount Park Andrew Lynn Principal  
    Rev. J. S. Hunter    
    Rev. R. Rodgers    
    Mr. J. Hunter    
Magherafelt Drumrainey Richard Hughes Principal  
  Aghagaskin James Keitely Principal  
    Richard Hughes Monitor  
  Castledawson Andrew McCloskey Principal  
    John Clarke    
    Fredk. Mann    
  Magherafelt, No. 2 (Male) Thomas Lowry Principal  
  Magherafelt, No. 2 (Female) Anne Lowry Principal  
  Castledawson (No. 2) Jane Johnston Principal  
    Susan Moore Monitor  
  Magherafelt, Pumpstreet (Male) Christopher Traynor Principal  
  Magherafelt, Pumpstreet (Female) Eleanor O’Hara Principal  
Magilligan Ballymaclarge William Doherty Principal  
  Gortmore Robert Ross Principal  
  Margamonaghan Samuel Martin Principal 210-11
    Ann Doherty Workmistress  
Maghera Maghera Mich. McKenna Principal  
    Rose Tully Workmistress  
    Daniel McKenna Monitor  
  Dreenan (Male) Hugh McPeake Principal  
  Lisnamuck (Male) Peter McDonagh Principal  
    John McKenna Monitor  
  Dreenan (Female) Mary Doogan Principal  
    John McKenna Monitor  
  Gulladuff Hugh McGurk Principal  
    Henry McKenna Monitor  
    Charles Logan Monitor  
    John Bradley Monitor  
  Lisnamuck (Female) Jane Shields Principal  
  Toberhead James Stewart Principal  
  Maghera (Female) Bessie Caldwell Principal  
    Rachl. Henry Monitor  
    Maria Wilson Monitor  
  Crew David Paul Principal  
  Ballymac Peake Isabella McKinny Principal  
  Maghera (Male) John Hewitt Principal  
  Maghera (Evening) no records    
  Milltown (Male) Thomas Boyd Principal  
    William Taylor Monitor  
  Beagh (Female) Eliza J. McNally Principal  
  Ternageerahg [sic?] James McIlroy Principal  
  Maghera, Parochial (Female) Alice Hewitt Principal  
Maghera or Termoney Lemnaroy (Male) P. McElwee Principal  
    Robt. G. Fulton Monitor  
  Lemnaroy (Female) Maria Treanor Principal  
  Ballymahone Jno. McConway Principal 212-3
    Thos. Lynn Monitor  
  Derganagh Thos. Kane Principal  
Macosquin Castleroe John Givens Principal  
    Alex. Givens Monitor  
  Killure James Orr Principal  
  Corlyvenny Samuel Boyd Principal  
  Kiltinny Wm. Turner Principal  
  Ballinteer Jas. McClelland Principal  
  Letterloan Jno. Boyd Principal  
  Ballywilliam James Quigg Principal  
  Macosquin John Cox Principal  
    Rev. T. McClelland    
    Emily Hanson    
    Jas. Hillooney    
    John Hanson    
    Thos. Hutchinson    
Templemore St. Columbs (Male) D. McCloskey Principal  
    Denis McCloskey    
    D. F. McCloskey    
    W. J. McCloskey    
  St. Columbs (Female) Ellen McCloskey Principal  
    Marg. McCloskey    
  Shantallon Patrick O’Hara Principal  
    Anne Smyley Workmistress  
  Gt. James’s-st. (Fem.) no records    
  Race Course Andw. R. McDonald Principal  
    Mary Leckey Assistant  
    Robt. McDonald    
    Mary E. Leckey    
    Letitia McDonald    
  Derry (Male) Thos. Eaton Principal  
    Thos. S. Magee Monitor  
    Andrew Wilson Monitor  
    Geo. Wybrants Monitor  
    Wm. Wybrants Monitor  
  Derry (Female) Violet Adams Principal  
  Groarty Jas. McNaugher Principal  
  Culmore Jas. Edmiston Principal  
    Mary J. McIlwaine Workmistress  
  Strand-road William Henderson Principal 214-5
    Mary A. Wardlow Workmistress  
    Alex. Boyd Monitor  
  St. Columbs (No. 2) (Female) Nuns Conductors  
    Ann Doherty Monitor  
    Ellen Gallagher Monitor  
    Catherine Doherty Monitor  
    Ladies of the Convent    
    C. Boyle    
    Mary Byrne    
    Mary Murray    
  Derry District, Model (Male) William Todd Principal  
    Charles Morris Assistant  
    John O’Neill Assistant  
    Neil McColgan Assistant  
    James Hamilton Assistant  
    James McElroy Assistant  
    Robert Lithgow Pupil-teacher  
    Robert Allen Pupil-teacher  
    J. W. Allen Pupil-teacher  
    Oliver McLoughlin Pupil-teacher  
    James Browne Pupil-teacher  
    James Greer Pupil-teacher  
    Patrick McSwiggan Pupil-teacher  
    John Martin Pupil-teacher  
    William Harland Pupil-teacher  
    Alex. Hamill Pupil-teacher  
    William Shields Pupil-teacher  
    George Hare Pupil-teacher  
    Andrew Gregory Pupil-teacher  
    John McCay Monitor  
  Derry District, Model (Female) M. A. McCormac Principal  
    M. Hewston Assistant  
    S. McDonald Assistant  
    A. Lowndes Assistant  
    A. Dickson Monitor  
    Maggie Lecky Monitor  
    Matilda Wybrants Monitor  
    Margaret Espie Monitor  
    Jane Magee Monitor  
    Rebecca Roulston Monitor  
    Anne Conboy Monitor  
    Francis Wardlaw Monitor  
    J. Dudley Teacher of Music  
    Sarah McDonald    
    Anne Lowndes    
    Eliza Roulstone    
    M. J. McGuinness    
    Anne Royan    
    J. Huddlestone    
    R. Roulston    
  Derry District, Model (Infant) A. B. Dugan Principal  
    R. McMahon Assistant  
    J. Wilson Assistant  
    Jane Huddleston Monitor  
    Anne Rowan Monitor  
    Ada Dugan    
    Jane Wilson    
    Kate McMahon    
    Anne Dixon    
    Jane Magee    
    Margaret Espie    
  Derry District, Maritime no records    
Tamlaght Finlagan Ballynarrig Hugh Cassidy Principal  
  Carrymena Robert Sutcliffe Principal  
  Dromore Andrew Clarke Principal 216-7
  Myroe (Male) James Wark Principal  
  Myroe (Female) Martha Irwin Principal  
    Mary J. Orr Monitor  
    Matilda Orr    
  Largy Alex. Robinson Principal  
    Robt. J. Connor Monitor  
  Tartnakelly John McGowan Principal  
Tamlaght O’Crilly Glenone (Male) Thomas Rafferty Principal  
  Glenone (Female) Cath. McConnell Principal  
    Mary Scullion Monitor  
    Jane McCloskey Monitor  
    Margaret French Monitor  
  Greenlough John McCreedy Principal  
    Ellen Spillan Workmistress  
  Drumagarner John Henry Principal  
    Catherine Henry Workmistress  
  Reastown David Sloane Principal  
    Leslie Mitchell    
    Robt. Campbell    
    Richard Hunter    
    Patrick Simpson    
  Tyance, West William J. Browne Principal  
    Robert Browne Monitor  
  Dromard John Higgins Principal  
    Adam York    
    George Neily    
    James Kelso    
    John Black    
    James Crochett    
    Thos. C. Quinn    
    Geo. Kinney    
    H. McCaughrey    
    Wm. Collins    
    Robert Lamont    
  Bovedy M. J. Sharkey Principal  
  Lismoyle Robert Andrews Principal  

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