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Dromore Parish Located in the Southwest of Tyrone County, Ulster

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Transcribed by Sandy

St Oliver Plunkett had only arrived in Ireland from Rome the previous March 1670, to take up the difficult duties of Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland.110 Hearing of the tory troubles and having secured the approval of Viceroy Berkeley for direct negotiations with them, he met a large group of Tyrone tories, mainly O’Neills, MacDonnells and O’Hagans, on the border of Co. Tyrone in September, 1670.


Accompanied by only one priest and a servant, ???? hour about their eternal salvation, the continuous :: lived and the sufferings which their fellow-Catholics?? Cause of them. In the name of the Viceroy he ?? their past deeds on condition that they would ??? France or Flanders. To encourage them to accept ??? cover two of their number in prison under senter???? Catholics who had been fined on their account.111


Soon afterwards St Oliver “personally acc???? Fifteen to Dublin and saw them safely aboard ship ??? tory leaders are listed and among these exiled ?? “Rory Mac Quaid”.112



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 Transcribed by Sandy