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Strabane Agricultural Society Awards, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1838

Extracted from the Londonderry Standard October 10 1838
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


1st - Mr James Brodie, Strabane
2nd - Mr William Sproule
Calves: Mr Donald McDonald, Holy Hill
1st - Mr William Hamilton, Coolaghey
2nd - Mr H. Hamilton, Coolaghy
Bulls: Mr William Hamilton, Coolaghy
1st - Mr James Brodie, Strabane
2nd - Mr William Hamilton, Coolaghy
Lambs: Mr William Hamilton, Coolaghy
Rams: Mr H. Hamilton, Coolaghy
Mares & Foals:
1st - Mr James McCrea, Cavanalee
2nd - Mr Henry Hamilton, Coolaghy
3rd - Mr James C. Ball, Shannon
1st - Mr James Hamilton, Liggartown
2nd - Mr Hugh Stewart, Lisky
3rd - Mr S. Watson, Castray
1st pair Muscovy Ducks - Mr John Conahan, Holy Hill
Cocks & Hens: Best - Mr S. Watson, Castray (10lbs)
1st - Mr James Cunningham, Liggartown
2nd - Mr Robert Leitch, Magheracoltan
3rd - Mr David Woods, Sion
Bees: Mr James Woods, Glentimon
Field Gates:
1st - Mr John Woods, Sion
2nd - Mr William Hamilton, Coolaghy
1st - Mr William Hamilton, Coolaghy
2nd - Mr John Woods, Sion
3rd - Mr Alexander Brown, Magheragar
Fences 2nd Class: Mr Divine McCrossan, Holy Hill
1st Mr Thomas Barnhill, Backfence
2nd - Mr William Hamilton, Coolaghy
3rd - Mr John McCrea, Magheragar
4th - Mr William Anderson, Breen
5th -
6th - Mr John Kelly, Strahulter
Clovers & Grass:
1st - Mr William McCrea, Magheragar
2nd - Mr William Anderson, Breen
3rd - Mr Robert Dunn, Carnkenny