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Tyrone Muster Rolls, 1631
Sir William Stewart, Knight, Undertaker of 4,000 acres: His Men and Armes in the Barony of Clogher, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Extracted from Ardstraw: Historical Survey of a Parish 1600-1900 – John H. Gebbie (Strule Press, Omagh, 1968)
With Additional records extracted from the transcriptions of R. J. Hunter contained in Men and Arms (UHF, Belfast, 2012)
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



# Surname Firstname Weapon
1 McCALLEN Thomas sword and pike
2 SCOT John sword and pike
3 MYN William sword and pike
4 DYMSTER George sword
5 DERKOE William sword and pike
6 McCRERY John sword and pike
7 MOORE William sword and pike
8 MYNNE Roger sword
9 MYNNE William pike
10 MYNNE John sword and pike
11 WILSON William sword and pike
12 BEATY Gawen sword and pike
13 SINCLEARE John sword
14 McDOWGALL Oughthrip sword and pike
15 CARSON John sword
16 McLEARNE David sword and pike
17 HAMMILTON Archball sword
18 MACCRERY John pike
19 DAVISON John sword and callever
20 GIBSON John sword and callever
21 CRAG Thomas pike
22 SCOT Robert sword
23 GRAHAM John sword and musket
24 BELL John sword and pike
25 WILSON George sword and pike
26 THOMSON John sword and pike
27 THOMSON John, younger sword and pike
28 POCOCK John sword and pike
29 JORDAINE John sword and pike
30 JORDAINE John, younger sword and pike
31 PAYE John sword and pike
32 PAYNE Thomas sword and pike
33 WILSON John sword
34 WILSON John, younger sword and pike
35 GURLEY Alexander no armes
36 FFARGISON John no armes
37 MICHELL George no armes
38 WILSON John no armes
39 NELSON William no armes
40 NELSON Andrew no armes
41 KEG [KEY?] John no armes
42 GRAHAM James no armes
43 ELLOT Herbert no armes
44 LITTLE David no armes
45 EDGGER Robert no armes
46 EDGGER John no armes
47 MYN John no armes
48 GRAHAM William no armes
49 GURLY George no armes
50 LEALLON William no armes
51 McKEAN James no armes
52 MASON Thomas no armes
53 MYN James no armes
54 MYN John no armes
55 FFOREST William no armes
56 HASTY Danyell no armes
57 CARUDDAS ffrancis no armes
58 BEATY Adam no armes
59 SINCLEARA James no armes
60 McLEALLAN John no armes
61 BEATY John no armes
62 HUTCHISON George no armes
63 FFULLERTON Arch. no armes
64 DELAP John no armes
65 GRAHAM William no armes
66 CORBIT George no armes
67 HUTCHISON Patrick no armes
68 MOUNGOMERY Patrick no armes
69 SCARSBY John no armes
70 ARMESTRONGE John no armes
71 BEATY John no armes
72 FFOSTER Nicholas no armes
73 ARMESTRONG Richard no armes
74 ARMESTRONG Richard no armes
75 PAYNE John no armes
76 DUNBAR William no armes
77 CRAFORD William no armes


Additional records extracted from the transcriptions of R. J. Hunter contained in Men and Arms (UHF, Belfast, 2012)

# Surname Firstname Weapon
77 McFARLAN Duncan sword and musket
78 YOUNG William sword, musket and bandoliers
79 CONNINGHAN Nicholas sword and musket
80 CACONE James sword and pike
81 McFARLAN John sword and snaphance
82 McFARLAN Patrick sword only
83 LEENE Andrew sword and snaphance
84 POCK Charles sword and pike
85 CALWELL Thomas sword and musket
86 LARGG William sword and snaphance
87 CRAWFOORD Alexander sword and musket
88 MIDDLETON Robert sword and pike
89 READ John sword and caliver
90 BONNTY Alexander sword and caliver
91 HAY Andrew sword and caliver
92 RUSSELL William sword and pike
93 GORDON George sword and musket
94 MYNING James sword and pike
95 McCOLAGH Nicholas sword and pike
96 REA John sword and musket
97 ROBINSON Walter sword and caliver
98 CLARKE Andrew musket only
99 FORBUS Edward musket only
100 BARKLEY William sword and caliver
101 BARKLEY William, younger sword and caliver
102 SMITH John sword and caliver
103 LAWRENCES James sword and pike
104 BACCHANON Duncan sword and caliver
105 KETTAGH Daniell sword and musket
106 CALWEILL John sword only
107 PEATE Arthur sword and caliver
108 NETERAGE William pike only
109 McCRABB James sword and snaphance
110 REYNALAGH William sword and snaphance
111 McCASLANE Alexander sword and snaphance
112 HENDRICK Danwill no arms
113 McFARLAN Duncan No arms
114 FYNLAY John sword and snaphance
115 ROBERTSON Andrew no arms
116 PEATE Robert no arms
117 DROMEED James no arms
118 ROBERTSON Danyell no arms
119 BRUSE John no arms
120 BRUSE Patrick no arms
121 CALWELL John, merchant no arms
122 CORDINER John no arms
123 LOWRY David no arms
124 HENDRICK Donwell no arms
125 DERRY Duncan no arms
126 STEWARD Robert no arms
127 HECKLCES Mathew no arms
128 OKELLY John no arms
129 WATSON James no arms
130 MACKEY Henry no arms