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Barony of Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Muster Rolls, 1631

Names of the Men and Armes of the Town of Strabane
Extracted from Ardstraw (Newtownstewart): Historical Survey of a Parish 1600-1900 – John H. Gebbie (Strule Press, Omagh, 1968)
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

# Surname Firstname Weapon
1 GIB James, provost sword only
2 KNYLAND Hugh sword and snaphance
3 COMYN Robert sword and snaphance
4 WOOD Henry sword and snaphance
5 WRIGHT Walter snaphance only
6 REYNOLD James sword only
7 CONINGHAM William sword only
8 PATTERSON Georg snaphance only
9 WALLIS John, elder sword only
10 McILWAYNE Noel sword and snaphance
11 HOME John sword and snaphance
12 MORE John sword and pike
13 CAWEILL Patrick sword and snaphance
14 ALGEIR Robert Bearer of the Coullers
15 COLVIN Thomas sword and pike
16 YOUNG Thomas sword and snaphance
17 HECTOR John sword and snaphance
18 CRAGHEAD William sword and pike
19 KELLY Andrew sword and callever
20 ROBERTSON Robert, younger sword and callever
21 ROBERTSON Robert, elder sword and pike
22 ROBERTSON John sword and snaphance
23 WALLIS Robert sword and snaphance
24 HOMES Gabraell, younger sword and snaphance
25 WALLIS James sword and snaphance
26 KENNITTEE Adam sword only
27 YOUNG Thomas, elder sword and snaphance
28 BRUSE George sword and musket
29 WALLIS John, younger sword only
30 YOURY/ YOUNG William sword only
31 SCOT James, younger sword and snaphance
32 McKEVER/ McKENER Alexander sword and snaphance
33 FFLAMMING James sword and pike
34 McKEVER/ McKENER Hugh sword and snaphance
35 TANAHILL Jobough sword only
36 LEIDG Robert sword and pike
37 YOUNG Robert, elder snaphance only
38 JOHNSTON Gilbert sword and snaphance
39 McCULER James sword only
40 BOCHANAN John sword and snaphance
41 HUNTER William sword and snaphance
42 McFFARLAN Dunkan sword only
43 SMYTH John sword and snaphance
44 McMURRE Robert sword only
45 McKEENE William sword and pike
46 BISLAND William sword and pike
47 McMICHELL John sword and pike
48 BISLAND John sword and callever
49 CALBREATH Nynyan sword and callever
50 ROGER John sword and pike
51 KENNITTER William sword and pike
52 MODERWELL Robert sword and snaphance
53 HAY Andrew sword and halbert
54 SMYTH John pike only
55 HOMES George sword and snaphance
56 HUEES John sword and pike
57 SMITH Robert sword only
58 ANDREW James sword and pike
59 YURY Robert sword only
60 LEARMAN John sword, snaphance and bandoliers
61 LETTY Robert sword and halbert
62 YOUNG William sword and snaphance
63 MAXWELL Hugh sword only
64 GRANGER Andrew sword, snaphance and bandoliers
65 BARBOR David sword and pike
66 HAMMELTON Gawen sword and snaphance
67 SMYTH John sword and pike
68 CUTHBERT Allan sword and callevers
69 PATERSON William sword and pike
70 SCOT James sword and snaphance
71 TURNER Dunkan sword and snaphance
72 BLAYER James sword and snaphance
73 HAMMILTON John sword and callevers
74 KING John sword and pike
75 CURRY John sword and pike
76 LEICH John sword and snaphance
77 MUDDY Patrick sword and pike
78 BROWNE William sword and pike
79 MORISON Robert sword and snaphance
80 MORYSON Walter sword, callever and bandoliers
81 SCOTT George sword and snaphance
82 McGLINTOCK Thomas sword and snaphance
83 WALLICE Thomas sword and pike
84 CUMING James sword and snaphance
85 ARCHBOLD James, elder sword and pike
86 MILLER David sword and snaphance
87 ARCHBOLD James, younger sword and snaphance
88 PATTOWNE James sword and pike
89 RICHARDSON Edward sword and pike
90 RAKIN John sword and pike
91 CRAG John sword and snaphance
92 BROWNE John sword and pike
93 McKORMICK John sword and musket
94 SOMERVILL William sword and snaphance
95 LUGGY Arthur sword, musket and bandoliers
96 HAMMILTON Patrick sword and snaphance
97 ROBINSON David sword only
98 LOURY Robert sword and snaphance
99 HAMMILTON William sword only
100 KIELL John sword and snaphance
101 BIRSBEN William sword and pike
102 COCHERAN James sword and callever
103 KNOX William sword and snaphance
104 WILSON Robert sword only
105 WILSON John sword and snaphance
106 McLOUG/ McLONG Robert sword and pike
107 CONNINGHAM James sword and pike
108 CALDER Hugh sword and pike
109 BUNTYNE George sword only
110 SMYTH John sword and callever
111 McTYRE Robert sword and pike
112 ROGER James sword and pike
113 MATHEW James sword and snaphance
114 MATHEW Gabraell sword and snaphance
115 McKENNY David snaphance only
116 BURNES John sword and musket
117 CRAG William sword and pike
118 THOMPSON John sword and snaphance
119 WRIGHT William sword only
120 WILSON William sword and snaphance
121 HANNA James sword and pike
122 KINNINGHAM John sword and pike
123 McCLEAR/ McCLEANE Donnell sword only
124 CONNINGHAM Robert sword and pike
125 ORE Andrew sword and pike
126 MAXWELL Arthur sword and pike
127 GOODY William sword and pike
128 CARBARS James sword and pike
129 CAMBELL/ GAMBELL Donnell sword and pike
130 BROWNE James sword and callever
131 McNEEL Archbald sword and pike
132 HATERICK James sword only
133 RUSSELL Robert sword and pike
134 PURDON Daniel sword only
135 CONINGHAM David sword and pike
136 EUERATT William sword only
137 PATERSON John, younger sword only
138 HAUNES/ HAMES John, younger sword and snaphance
139 CASSEN Andrew sword only
140 SOMERVIL Hugh sword only
141 KNOX Adam sword and pike
142 HUMES John sword only
143 LYNDSAY Robert sword only
144 WHITE David sword and pike
145 ORE John sword and snaphance
146 DELAP John no armes
147 CUTHBERT William no armes
148 JACKSON John no armes
149 BISLAND James no armes
150 CONING James no armes
151 ROBINSON Archibald no armes
152 HENDERSON William no armes
153 HAMMILTON Andrew no armes
154 LUGGY John no armes
155 MORISON David no armes
156 MODERWELL Andrew no armes
157 COCHERAN William no armes
158 McMICHAELL John no armes
159 CONINGHAM Alexander no armes
160 McKASBY James no armes
161 YOUNGER John no armes
162 CONNINGHAM William no armes
163 MONTCRIFF David no armes
164 GREUE (OR GRENE) David no armes
165 SOMERVIL Hugh no armes
166 CADER William no armes
167 ALEXANDER Thomas no armes
168 BENNET Robert no armes
169 LONG Walter no armes
170 NESMITH James no armes
171 DOUGLAS John no armes
172 GREUE (OR GRENE) John no armes
173 YOUNG Robert, younger no armes
174 PATTERSON, ELDER John no armes
175 SMALLET John no armes
176 MONTCRIFF David no armes
177 PATTERSON Robert no armes
178 GROUCHON John no armes
179 HOW William no armes
180 MILLER John no armes
181 HATTON/ HUTTON John no armes
182 LONG David no armes
183 LONG Robert no armes
184 HOMES John no armes
185 YATES John no armes
186 FFARGISON Daniel no armes
187 KAILL Archbald no armes
188 ELLOT John no armes
189 JOHNSTON John no armes
190 McNEALE Gilchrist no armes
191 McMEINY Dowgall Gray no armes
192 McLANG Adam no armes
193 BILSKEIR Robert no armes
194 CONNINGHAM James no armes
195 McTYRE Robert no armes
196 MAXWELL Hugh no armes
197 CUNNINGHAM John no armes
198 ALEGEO Claudius no armes
199 ORE Andrew no armes
200 McCLERE Donnell no armes
201 HANNA James no armes
202 THOMPSON John no armes
203 BURNES John no armes
204 JAMES Mathew no armes
205 SMYTH John no armes
206 CALDER Hugh no armes
207 WILSON Robert no armes
208 KNOX William no armes

Snaphance = musket

Culiver = pistol

Bandoliers = broad belt worn over the shoulder by soldiers and having a number of small loops or pockets each containing a cartridge or cartridges

Halbert = combined spear and battle-axe