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Irish Recruiting Council Omagh Area, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Belfast Telegraph , Friday October 4 1918
Transcribed by Brian

Second Batch of Recruits Offering themselves for enlistment in this area.

The following are the names of the men in the Omagh area who were the second batch to offer themselves towards completing the quota of 5,700.

Name: Address: Regiment:

W.S.DIVER, 19 High Street, Omagh, R.A.F.;
J.W. STEWART, Bog Hill, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
John MAWHINNEY, Leitrim, Castledawson, R.I.R.;
William J. LENOX, Ballinacross, Knockloughrim, Co Derry, R. Innis. Fus.
James CRAIG, Ruskey, Dunamana, Co Tyrone, R.I.R.;
Thomas P. BURNS, Nutfield, Lisnaskea, R. Innis. Fus.
F. William BUCKHURST, 8 Colland Terrace, Derry, R.A.F.;
Frederick BALFOUR, c/o Mrs. E. M'FILLAN, Bridge End, Derry, R.A.F.;
Richard MOORE, Dallybush, Culmore, Co. Derry, R.A.F.;
Joseph JARVIS, (?) Fountain Place, Derry, R.A.F.;
Jack EVANS, Union Road, Magherafelt, R.A.F.;
Joseph M'KEE, Tattymoyle, Bar, Trillick, R.E.(H.T.) Driver;
John H. MILLAR, Aughel, Ballygawley, Not Accepted;
J. ANDERSON, Cabra, Dungannon, R.A.F.;
C. ARMSTRONG, Sixmilecross, Co. Tyrone, R.A.F.;
Michael.P.M'HUGH, Donaghmore Road, Dungannon, R.A.F.;
Percy BAMBERGER, The Keep, Omagh, R.A.F.;
D. THOMPSON, 16 Marlborough Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
James HARKIN, 13 Lewis Street, Rosemount, Derry, 4TH. Res. Bn. R.I.R.;
James BRADLEY, 8 Osborne Street, Rosemount, Derry, R.I.R.;
Thomas M'CAULEY, 23(?) Donegall Street, Rosemount, Derry, R.I.R.;
Samuel M'CORD, Carnmen, Moneymore, R. Innis. Fus;
Geo. H. CROCKETT, Drumnanannon, Upperlands, R.A.F.;
James M'VICKER, 20 Fahan Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
James M'ELWEE, Tully, CAMPSIE, Co Derry, R.A.F.;
Samuel AVERELL, Church Street, Maghera, R.A.F.;
David. W. STEPHENSON, Dundee, St. Johnston, R.A.F.;
John MOORE, Miltown, Burndennett, Strabane, R.A.F.;
Robert W. GLENN, Upperlands, Co Derry, R.A.F.;
Thomas M'KAY, Upperlands, Co Derry, R.A.F.;
Robert CARSON, Derrinleagh, Kildress, Cookstown, R.A.F.;
Albert NAIRN, Rossahilty, Enniskillen, R.A.F.;
John MULLIGAN, Strand Road, Enniskillen, R.A.F;
Alex. NEILLY, Convoy, Co. Donegal, not ac'pted for s'vice;
Thomas STEWART, Ballycallon, Co. Donegal, not ac'pted for s'vice;
PATRICK M'CRUDDEN, 7 Fahan Street, Derry,not ac'pted for s'vice;
Jack LECKEY, Magashel, Dungannon, not ac'pted for s'vice;
William M'CONVILLE, Brookman Terrace, Omagh, R.I.F.(?)
Arthur TIMENEY, Loy Street, Cookstown, Rly. Operat'g Troops (?);
Henry MULLEN, Orritor Street, Cookstown, Royal Navy;
Vincent KELLY, Mill(?) Street, Enniskillen, Royal Navy;
David ALLISON, Convoy, Co. Donegal, Royal Navy;
Patrick.J.M'GURK, Orritor Street, Cookstown, Royal Navy;
George CAMPBELL, Cemetery House, Cookstown, Royal Navy;
William KNIPE, Orritor Street, Cookstown, Royal Navy;
James DOHERTY, Eglinton, Co. Derry, Royal Navy;
Edward KEELY, 19 Faville Street, Derry, Royal Navy;
Thomas LYNCH, Strand Street, Enniskillen, Royal Navy;
William M'SHANE, 12 Columb's Wells, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
William BATES, Brook Cottage, Derry Road, Strabane, R.I.R.;
Edward GREEN, 2 Nelson Street, Derry, R.I.R.;
Wm. M'CLEMENTS, Ballyhntagh(?), Macosquin, Coleraine, R.I.R.;
John ALEXANDER, Newtown Street, Strabane, R. Innis. Fus.;
Clarke SHIELDS, Maghera, R.I.R.;

Part 2: Belfast Evening Telegraph 04/10/1918:

William DINSMORE, 6 Killowen Street, Coleraine, A.S.C.( M.T)
John BRADY, 28 Fahan Street, Derry, R.I.R.;
John CORRIGAN, Abbey Street, Enniskillen, R.E.I.W.D.;
Alex. P. CRAWFORD, Linwood, Coleraine, not a'cpted for svice;
Robert M. MURRAY, Herbertville, Aughnacloy, M.G.Corps.;
William STRAIN, Mills Street, Newtownstewart, R.A.F.;
James BEGLEY, 1 Distillery Brae, Waterside, Derry, R.A.F.;
Samuel Ed. BIRNEY, 24 Edenmore Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
Matthew A. WHITE, 45(?) Fountain Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
William A. BLACK, 12 Chapel Road, Waterside, Derry, R.A.F.;
Thomas MAXWELL, Church Street, Enniskillen, R.A.F.;
R.B. THOMPSON, Savings Bank, Abbey Street, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
Thomas DOONEN, 16 Pennyburn, Derry, R.A.F.;
Fred. M'CLINTOCK, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh, R.A.F.;
G.T. WALMSLEY, Main Street, Kesh, R.A.F.;
James CRUMLEY, 25 Fahan Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
Thomas WEBB, 9 Eden Place, Derry, R.F.A;
Daniel DUDY, 18 Lisahally, R.I.R.;
Cornelius O'NEILL, 7 Black Hill, Cookstown, R.G.A.;
Charles M'CONNELL, High Road, Letterkenny, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Robert MITCHELL, Ballyfatton, Sionmills, R.A.F.;
Hugh BRUCE, Mullapey, Bellaghy, R.A.F.;
Hugh SWAN, Railway Cottage, Castlerock, Derry, R.A.F.;
Patrick M'GILLY, Abbey Street, Enniskillen, R.A.F;
James O'BRIEN, 2 Barrack Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
Michael REID, 4 Bond Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
John CURRAN, 8 Rosemount, Letterkenny, R.A.F.;
Wm. E. FITZSIMMONS, Mountain View, Cookstown, R.A.F;
Wallace HAMILTON, Chapel Street, Cookstown, R.A.F.;
Alexander HUGHES, Melburn Street, Cookstown, R.A.F.;
W. ROLSTON, Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh, R.A.F.;
John LINDSAY, c/o MOORE, L Dark Lane, Derry, R. Innis. Fus.;
Gerald HEASLEY, Main Street, Limavady, A.S.C.(M.T.);
Wm. Thos. M'CREA, 1 Fountain Street, Dungannon, R.Innis.Fus.;
John NILIS, 21 Railway View, Dungannon, R.I.R.;
Robert STEEL, Tannadace(?), Castledawson, R.I.F.;
James QUIGLEY, Trimmuck, Carrickmore, R.Innis. Fus.;
William DUDGEON, Beltrim(?), Gortin, R.I.R.;
George KERR, Lisbey(?), Beragh, R.I.R.;
Bernard CLEARY, Castledawson, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Bernard RAFFERTY, M'Annely's Court, Cookstown, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Patrick M'BRIDE, Draperstown, Co Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Charles JOHNSTON, Dungannon, not a'cpted for s'vice;
James LITTLE, Orritor Street, Cookstown, nt a'cpted for s'vice;
Wm. A. JOHNSTON, Coleraine, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Robert M'LAUGHLIN, Sixmilecross, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Michael Quinn, 4(?) Howards Place, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Neil M'LEAN, 2 Dunlop Street, Coleraine, R. Innis. Fus.;
Dan SPROULE, Sparmount, Castlederg, R.I.R.;
James MARREN, Dreenan(?), Knockloughrim, Maghera, R. Innis. Fus.;
John ROONEY, West Street, Stewartstown, A.V.Corps.;
John CAMPBELL, 8 York Street, Waterside, Derry, R.A.F.;
William GODFREY, 20 Emerson Street, Waterside, Derry, R.A.F.;
John Jas. BURKE, 2 Derry View, Derry, R.A.F.;
James MILLAR, Carrigans, Co Donegal, R.A.F.;
John WILKIN, Carrigans, Co Donegal, R.A.F.;
Robert PHILSON, 12 Fountain Hill, Derry, R.A.F.;
Donald DEANS, 3 Cuthbert Street, Waterside, Derry, R.A.F.;
Michael J.DOHERTY, 15 Orchard Street, Derry, R.A.F;
Thomas HEWISON, Cedar Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
Thomas H. WRAY, 15 Fountain Street, Derry, R.A.F.
Robert SHIELDS, 33 Wapping Lane, Derry, R.A.F.;
James HILLIER(?), Tandragee, Similecross, R.A.F.;
Robert Elliott, Remackin, Sixmilecross, R.A.F.;
Patrick GALLAGHER, Asylmn, Letterkenny, R.A.F.;
Thomas KYLE, Tandragee, Sixmilecross, R.A.F;
Bernard HASSON, 193 Leckey Road, Derry, Royal Marines;
John O'DONNELL, Moneymore, Co Derry, Royal Navy;
Charles Devin, 16 Deanery (?) Street, Derry, Royal Navy;
Michael O'BRIEN, 10 Deanery(?) Street, Derry, Royal Navy,;
Charles O'NEIL, (?) St Colum's Wells, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
John NOON(?), Rathmullen, not a'cpted for s'vice;
James MOORE, Fintona, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Henry HAMILL, Moygashel Hill, Dungannon, R. Innis. Fus.;
Hugh M'CLOSKEY, Castlefin, Co. Donegal, R Innis. Fus.;
Samuel WOODS, 6 Moygashel Row, Dungannon, R. Innis. Fus.;
William LECKEY, 11 Moygashel Row, Dungannon, R. Innis. Fus.;
David F. HAMILTON, 39 Ferguson Street, Derry, A.S.C.(M.C.);
Bernard M'CANN, Castle Street, Bellaghy, R. Innis. Fus.;
John Robert LINDSAY, Ramolland, Enniskillen, R.A.F.;
Willaim LESLIE, Leitrim, Castledawson, R.A.F.;

Irish Recruitment Council (Omagh area)
Belfast Evening Telegraph 04/10/1918:
Part 3

George DOBSON, Newtownbutler, Labour Corps;
William WILSON, Enogh, Caledon, not a'cpted for s'vice;
John SCOTT, Fintona, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Henry WIGGINS, 26 Eden Street, Enniskillen, Labour Corps;
Robert CRAWFORD, Ardtrea, Stewartstown(?), R.G.A.;
George M'LAUGHLIN, Campsie, Derry, R.I.R.;
Michael KEENAN, Derrychara, A.S.C. (M.T);
Francis CHEEVERS, Milburn Street, Cookstown, R.Innis. Fus.;
Charles GALLAGHER, 9 Friel's Terrace, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
James BLACK, jun., Douglas Bridge, Strabane, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Joseph Shilladay, Moygashel, Dungannon, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Patrick MAGUIRE, Girlaw, Fivemiletown, not a'cpted for s'vice;
William GALLAGHER, Moygashel Cottage, Dungannon, deferred for 6 mths;
Robert COOKS, Gortin Hall, New Buildings, Co Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
David ROBINSON, Derrycanteno, Caledon, R.I.R.;
James GREER(?), Rookhead, Tullyhogue, R.I.R.;
Charles CALLAGHAN, Ballymacwilliams, Bready, Co. Tyrone, R.I.R.;
Willaim ROBINSON, Derrycantone, Caledon, R.I.F.(?)
Philip SHANNON, Belmore Street, Enniskillen, R.I.F.(?);
Alex. M'MENAMY, Tullyhogue, R.I.R.;
John FREEBURN, Castle Street, Cookstown, Labour Corps.;
Thomas GUY, Josephine Avenue, Limavady, R.I.F.;
John M'GUCKIN, Tullyhogue, Cookstown, R.I.R.;
Samuel DUFFY, Killymoon Street, Cookstown, R.I.R.;
Robt. Jono. B.D. ROOK, 36 Gt. James Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
Alex. M'CASKIE, Tullyard, Drumain, R.A.F.;
Joseph STEELE, Church Street, Cookstown, R.I.R.;
R.J. M'MATH, Crewe, Maghera, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Francis CONWAY, Ballybofey, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Thomas BENSON, Blacktown, Newmills, Dungannon, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Joseph Doherty, 9 Fox's Lane, Derry, R.A.F.;
William HILL, 20 Mount Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
Wm. James DALY, Drumconnies, Ballinamallard, R.A.F.;
John O'HAGAN, 5 Gallagher Square, Derry, R.A.F.;
Daniel DOHERY, 15 Ann Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
Nelson HAMILTON, 2 Clooney Terrace, Waterside, Derry, R.A.F.;
Peter CARRAGHER, 3 Waterloo Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
David ROBB, Springtown Road, Derry, R.A.F.;
Thomas KENNEDY, Creaghan, Dunamanagh, R..A.F.;
Thomas JEFFREY, Dunnanagh, R.A.F.;
Robert BLACK, St. Columbs, Waterside, Derry, R.A.F.;
Charles MILLER, 4 Lisahilly, Derry, R.A.F.;
Wm. John WOLFE, Main Street, Strabane, R.A.F;
WillIam HARKIN, 9 Hollywell Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
James EATON, 12 Bunds' Place, Waterside, R.A.F;
B (or R') KING, Raphoe, R.A.F.;
John M'GAGOY(?), Killyclogher, Omagh, R.Innis. Fus.;
Stewart ALLEN, 10 Victoria Street, Derry, R. Innis. Fus.;
John SMYTH, 16 Ferguson Street, Derry, R.Innis. Fus.;
Robt. Geo. IRWIN, Annaherish, Castledawson, R. Innis. Fus.;
James SWEENEY, 2 John Street, Omagh, A.S.C.(Remounts);
Andrew AIKEN, Ray, Rathmullen, R.G.A.;
Thomas G.CULLEN, 4 Railway View, Dungannon, R.Innis. Fus.;
James WALKER, Spittal Hill, Coleraine, not a'cpted for s'vice;
James DOHERTY, 23 Cross Street, Waterside, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Thomas M'VEY, 20 Argyle Terrace, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Francis BOYLE, William Street, Cookstown, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Thomas MOORE, Sanville, Burndennett, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Joseph M'CALL(?), 17 John Street, Omagh, not a'cpted for s'vice;
James S. AIKEN, Steelstown, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
James A. CAMPBELL, Kiltinny, Macoshquin, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
Francis BOYD, Laurel Hill, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
David M. BLAIR, Drumcroon, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
John O. CALVIN, Kiltinny, Macoshquin, R.A.F;
Wm. H. MOORE, Ardnarive, Dungiven, R.A.F.;
James HORNER, 5 Mountjoy Terrace, Academy Road, Derry, R.A.F.;
James M'LAUGHLIN, 10 Nassau Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
Alban S. GOODMAN, 19 Gollam Terrace, Derry, R.A.F;
Edward KING, Gollam Terrace, Derry, R.A.F.;
Andrew DEVENY, Railway Road, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
Albert M'AFEE, 13 Strand Terrace, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
William JOHNSTON, King Gate, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
Archibald M'KAY, Strand Road, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
Joseph O'REILLY, Cullaghmera, Cloghan, R.A.F.;
John Chas. HARDING, Railway Road, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
Joseph NEVIN, Mountsandel, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
John N. ARMSTRONG, Barn Road, Ballinamallard, R.A.F.;

Recruiting List from the Belfast Telegraph 04/10/1918:
Part 4

David M'CAUL, Main Street, Dungiven, R.A.F;
Alfred ROY, Patrick Street, Strabane, R.A.F.;
William FARRIS, Milburn Street, Cookstown, R.A.F.;
John M'NALLY, Castle Street, Letterkenny, R.A.F;
Wm. John WILLIAMS, Derryvogue, Letterbreen, Co. Fermanagh, R. Innis Dragoons;
Samuel GUY, Carrick, Limavady, Labour Corps.;
Patrick M'GINN, Rennelly, Omagh, R.I.F.;
Wm. Robert SHARKEY, Lisfooty, Castlecaulfield, R. Innis. Fus.;
James CUSH, Main Street, Aughnacloy, Labour Corps.;
Wm. Thomas HUNTER, Donaghie, Beragh, R. Innis. Fus.;
William. KELLY, 7 Foyle View Terrace, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Edward GILLESPIE, Beltrim, Gortin, not a'cpted for s'vice;
Joseph MURRAY, 33 Mill Street, Waterside, not a'cpted for s'vice;
William M'LAUGHLIN, 36 Abbey Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
John M'LAUGHLIN, 7 Donegal Street, Derry, R.A.F.;
J.S.C. HAMILL, Adelaide Avenue, Coleraine, R.A.F.;
John Robert BURKE, Tramway Dept. Portstewart, R.A.F.;
John W. WOODS, Moygashel, Dungannon, R.A.F.;
James CALLAN, Mill Street, Newtownstewart, Royal Marines;
Mark HARRIGAN, 4 Patrick Street, Derry, R.N.B.T.(?);
James MOORE, Main Street, Dunfanaghy, R.E.;
Hugh M'GURRAN, Castlederg, R.G.A.;
Patrick GALLAGHER, Castledawson, R. Munster Fus.;
Francis J. M'SWIGGAN., Bridge Street, Castledawson, A.M.C.;
Jas. Francis BAKER, 56 Foyle Road. Derry, A.P.Corps;
Samuel M'QUESTION, Carryreagh, Myroe, Co. Derry, R.A.F.;
John J. KNOX, 9 Kennedy Place , Derry, R.A.F.;
Charles MORRISON, 30 Lecky Road, Derry, R.A.F.;
Alex. KEYS, 136 Spencer Road, Derry, R.A.F.;
James CHAMBERS, Derryaghrey,Beragh, R. Innis. Fus.;
Kyle M'FETRIDGE, Brackey, Sixmilecross, R.I.R.;
David STINSON, Glack National School, Aughnacloy, R.I.F.(?);
William LEANEY, Grenould, Aughnacloy, R.I.F.;
Joseph BROWN, Church Street, Cookstown, R.I.R.;
Patrick BROWN, Church Street, Cookstown, R.Innis. Fus.;
Samuel RUTHERFORD, Kilmanornan, Co. Donegal, not a'cpted for s'vice;
John WILLIAMSON, 22 Bond Street, Derry, not a'cpted for s'vice;
J.E.GUNNING, Major, O/I/C Organisation, Omagh Area
F.J. LAMBERT, Capt. O/I/C Administration, Omagh Area.

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