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Derrywoon Muster Roll in Abercorn Estate, Ardstraw Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1745

An Account of Fire Arms in the Manor of Derrywoon, Abercorn Estate, Ardstraw Parish, 9 October 1745
Extracted from FHL film #1736518
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Surname Firstname Weapon
SHEILS Robert 1 gun, not good
GALBRAITH John 1 gun, good
HAMILTON Mr. James 1 case pistols, very good
SEATON William 1 gun, very good
LOVE Robert 1 gun, good
KERR William 2 guns, bad
KERR Joseph 1 gun, not good
FYFFE John 1 gun, not good
WILSON Andrew 1 gun, good
McCLOSKY William 1 gun, bad
GALBRAITH Hugh 1 gun, bad
MOODY Matt. 1 gun .....?
WILLEY Robert 1 gun, not good
LEECH John 1 gun, good
McFILOMEY William 1 gun, good
GUIN James 1 gun, bad
MOODY Samuel 1 gun, good
HUNTER John 1 gun, good
WATSON Thos. 1 gun, bad
KERR James 1 gun, 2 pistols, bad
KERR James 1 gun, good
WOOD Robert 1 gun, bad
JACK Robert 1 gun, bad
KINKEAD Charles 1 gun, good
EDIE Mr. 1 gun & case of pistols
ADAMS David 1 gun, bad
SAWERS Hen. 1 gun, good