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List of Killed, Wounded & Missing Battle of Salmanca Spain

The Examiner, Sunday August 23. 1812
Transcribed by Tammy Mitchell

The following has been transcribed from 2 pages of 'The Examiner' Newspaper, which I aquired from the Washington and Lee University (see link at bottom of page). The first and last articles are incomplete, however I decided to include them with the transcription. The real meat within this transcription is that you will find names of Soldiers who were either Killed and Wounded during the Battle near Salamanca Spain in 1812. You will also see the regiment each belonged to at the time.
Soldiers are listed by last name, so use your browser's 'search or find on page' capabilities and search for your ancestor's last name.

I will also post links to images of these pages, in case I have transcrbed a name incorrectly, you may get a look at the original, by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

... Major-Gen. G. Anson, commanding a brigade of cavalry; Col. Hinde, Col. the Hon. William Ponsonby, Commanding Major Gen. Le Marchant's brigade, after the fall of that officer; to Major-Gen. William Anson, commanding a brigade in the 4th division; Major-Gen. Pringle, commanding a brigade in the 5th division, and the division after Lieut.-Gen. Leith was wounded; Brigadier-Gen. Bradford; Brigadier-Gen. Spry, Col. Stuhbs, and Brigadier-Gen. Power of the Portuguese service; likewise to Lieut. Col. Campbell, of the 14th, commanding a brigade in the 3d division; Lieut.-Col. Williams, of the 60th foot;Lieut.-Col. Wallace, of the 88th, commanding a brigade in the 3d division; Lieut.-Col. Ellis of the 23d, commanding Major-Gen. Hay's brigade in the 5th division, during his absence on leave; Brigadier-Gen. Pack; Brigadier-Gen. the Conde de Rezendi, of the Portuguese Service; Col. Douglas, of the 8th Portuguese regiment; Lieut.-Col. the Conde de Ficalho, of the same regiment; and Lieut. Col. Bingham, of the 53rd regiment; like wise to Brigadier-Gen. D'Urban, and Lieut.-Col. Hervey, of the 14th Light Dragoons: Col. Lord Edward Somerset, Commanding the 4th Dragoons; and Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Frederick Ponsonby, commanding the 12th Light Dragoons.

I must also mention Lieut.-Col. Woodford, commanding the light battalion of the brigade of Guards, who support by two companies of the Fusileers, under the command of Capt. Crowder, maintained the villiage of Aripiles against all the efforts of the enemy, previous to teh attack upon their position by our troops.

In a case in which the conduct of all has been conspicuously good, I regret that the necessary limits of a dispatch prevents me from drawing your Lordship's notice to the conduct of a larger number of individuals; but I can assure your Lordship, that there was no officers of Corps engaged in this action, who did not perform his duty by his Sovereign and his Country.

The Royal and Germand Artillery, under Lieut.-Col. Framingham, distinguished themselves by the accuracy of their fire, wherever it was possible to use them; and they advanced to the attack of the enemy's position with the same gallantry as the other troops.

I am particularly indebted to Lieut.-Col. De Lancy, the Deputy Quarter-Master-General, the head of teh department present in the absence of the Quarter-Master-General, and to the officers in that department, and of the Staff Corps, for the assistance I received from them; particularly the Hon. Lieut. Col. Dundas, and Lieut.-Col. Sturgeion of the latter, and Major Scovell of the former; and to Lieut.-Col. Waters, at present at the head-quarters, and to the officers of that department, as wellas at head-quarters, as with the several divisions of the army; and Lieut.-Col. Lord Fitzroy Somerset, and the officers of my personal staff. Among the latter I particularly request your Lordship to draw the attention of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent to his Serene Highness the Hereditary Prince of Orange, whose conduct in the field, as well as upon every other occasion, entitles him to my highest commendation, and has acquired for him the respect and regard of the whole army.

I have had every reason to be satisfied with the conduct of the Mariscal del Campo Don Carlos d'Espagna, and of Brigadier Don Julion Sanchez, and with that of the troops under their command respectively; and with tha to f the Mariscal del Campo Don Miguel Alava, and of Brigadier Don Joseph O'Lawlor, employed with this army by the Spanish Government, from whom and from the Spanish authorities, and people in general, I received every assistance I could expect.

It is but justice likewise to draw your Lordship's attention, upon this occasion, to the merits of the officers of the civil departments of the army. Notwithstanding the increased distance of our operations from our Magazines, and that the country is completely exhausted, we have hitherto wanted nothing, owing to the diligence and attention of the Commissary General, Mr. Bisset, and teh officers of the department under his direction.

I have likewise to mention that by the attention and ability of Dr. Mac Gregor, and of the officers of teh department under his charge, our wounded, as well as those of the enemy left in our hands, have been well taken care of; and I hope that many of these valuable men will be saved to the service.

Capt. Lord Clinton will have the honour of laying at the feet of his Royal Highness the Prince Regint, the Eagles and Colours taken from the enemy in this action. - I enclose a return of the killed and wounded.

Olmedo, July 28. (1812)
The army have continued their march in pursuit of the enemy since I addressed you on the 24th instand, and we have continued to take many prisoners. A part of the enemy's army crossed the Dodro yesterday near Puente de Douro, and the remainder, their left wing, were in march towards the bridge of Tudela this morning at nin o'clock; when I last heard from our advanced posts.

The main body of the allied army is this day on the adaja and Zapardiel Rivers in this neighbourhood; the light cavalry being in front, in pursuit of the enemy.

It appears that Joseph Bonaparte left Madrid on the 21st, with the Army of the Centre, supposed to consist of from 10 to 12,000 infantry, and from 2 to 3000 cavalry, and he directed his march by the Escoriel, upon Alba de Tornes. He arrived at Blasco Sancho, between Avila and Arevalo, on the 25th, where he heard of the defeat of Marchal Marmont, and he retired in the evening, and beteween that time and the evening of the 26th, he marched through Villa Castin to Espinar. A non=commissioned officer's patrole of the 14th Light Dragoons and the 1st Hussars, from Arevalo, took in Blasco Sancho, on the evening of the 25th, shortly after Joseph Bonaparte had left the place, two officers and 27 men of his own cavalry, who had been left there to follow his rear guard.

I have reason to believe that Joseph Bonaparte had no regular account of the action of the 22d, till he passed the Puela de Guardarrama yesterday, but the then returned and was directing his march upon Segovia. I have not yet heard how far he had advanced. All accounts concur with regard to the great loss sustained by the Army of Portugal.

By accounts from Lieut.-Gen. Sir Rowland Hill, to the 24th instant, it appears that the enemy had in some degree reinforced the troops in Estramadura. The Lieut.-Gen. had removed to Zafra.

It is reported that Gen. Ballasteros had marched on another expedition towards Malaga, and that he was opposed by a division of the Army of the South under Gen. Labal.

I have not received detailed accounts of Commodore Sir Home Popham's operations on the coast since the capture of Sequeitio, but I understand that he has taken Castro Urdialos.


- 27th Foot, Lieut. Radeliffe, Adjutant Davidson.

- Royal Horse Artillery, Lieut. Belson, severely. - 3d Dragoons, Lieut. Bramfield, Slightley. - 11th Light Dragoons, Lieut. Bontein, slightly; Cornet Williams, Severely. - 12th Light Dragoons, Adjutand Gettrick, severely. - 14th Foot, Major Brotherton, Liuetenants Gwynne, Fowke, slightly. - 16th Foot, Lieut. Baker, slightly. - 1st Hussar King's German Legion, Barrack-Master Kraukenberg, Capt. Muller, slightly; Capt. Aly, Severely; Lieut. Wisch, slightly. - 7th Royal Fusileers, Lieut. Nantes, slightly. - 27th foot, Captian Mair, slightly. - 40th Foot, Lieut. Kelly, slightly.



- Major-Gen. Le Marchant. - 5th Dragoon Guards, Captain Osborn. - 3d Dragoons, Lieut. Shelby. - 12th Light Dragoons, Captain Dickens. 2d or Queen's, Ensign Denwoody. - 7th Fusileers, Captian Prescott. - 11th Foot, 1st Batt., Ensign Scott. - 23d Welch Fusileers, Majoy offley. - 32d Foot, 1st Batt., Lieut. Seymour, Ensign Newton. - 36 Foot 1st Batt., Captians Tullok and Middleton, Lieutenants Parker and Barton. - 3?th Foot, 1st Batt., Captian Taylor, Lieut. Brromfield. - 44th Foot, 2d Batt., Lieut.-Col. Barlow, Captains Horton and Stubbs, Lieutenants Chauner and Parker. - 68th Foot, 1st Bat., Lieut. Finucane. - 88th Foot, 1st Bat., Brevet Major Murphy, Captain Hogan. 94th Foot, Lient. Innes. 2d Light Bat. King's German Legion. Lieut. Fincke

- Lieut.-Gen. sir S. Cotton, severely. - Lieut.-Gen. Leith, severely, not dangerously. - Lieut.-Gen.Honorable G.L. Cole, severely, not dangerously. - Major Gen. Victor Alten, severely, not dangerously. - Royal Horse Guards Blue, Lieut.-Col. Elley, A. A. G. slightly. - 88th Foot, Capt. Tyron, D. A. A. G. severely. - 13th Light Dragoons, Captain White, D. A. Q. M. G. severely, since dead. - 29th Foot, Lieut. Hay, Aid-de-Camp to Lieut.-Gen. Leither, slightly. - 6th Dragoons, Captain Dawson, extra A. D. C. to Lieut.-Gen. Leith, severely. -5th Dragoons, Captain Aiken, severely; Lieut. Christie, severely. - 4th Dragoons, Lieut. Norcliffe, severely. - 1st Hussars, King's German Legion, Captains Muller and Decken, slightly; Lieut. Fueto, severely; Kueyt, Cordemann, slightly; Cornet Behrends, slightly. - Coldstream Guards, 1st Bat., Ensign Hotham, slightly, - 3d Guards, 1st. Bat., Catain White, severely. 1st Foot, or Royal Scots, Lieut.-Col Barnes, severely; Captain Logan, slightly; Lieutenants Kellett, O'Neil, and Falk, severely; Lient. McKilligen, slightly; Lieut. Clarke, severely; Ensign Stoyte, severely. - 2d Foot, or Queen's Brevet Lieut.-Col. Kingsbury, severely; Major Graham, severely; Captain Scott, severely; Lieut. Gordon, severely; Lieut. Williams, slightly; Lieut. Hudson, severely. -4th Foot, 1st Bat., Major O'Halloran, slightly. -5th Foot, 1st Bat., Brevet Lieut.-Col. Bird, slightly; Capt. Simcocks, severely; Lieutenants Macpherson and Gunn, severely; Ensign Hamilton, slightly; Ensign Pratt, severely. -5th Foot, 2d Bat., Lieut. O'Dell, severely; Lieut. Hilliard slightly. -7th Royal Fusileers, Captain Hammerton, slightly; Lieutenants Hutchinson and Hardy, severely; Lieutenants Wallace, Nantes, Johnson, Knowles, Henry and Hannam, slightly; Adjutant Hay, severely. - 9th Foot, 1st Bat., Lieut. Ackland, slightly. - 11th Foot, 1st Bat., Lieut.-Col Cuyler, Major McGregor, Captains Porter, Hamilton and Gualy, severely; Lieut. Donovan, slightly; Lieuts. Rynd, Williams and Stephens, severely; Lieuts. Daniel, Stewart, slightly; Lieuts. Walker and Smith, severely; Lieuts. Gethen and Read, severely. - 23d Royal Welsh Fusileers, Lieut.-Col. Ellis, Manor Dalmer, Lieuts Enoch, Fryer, Cloyde, severely; Lieut. MacDonald, slightly; -27th Foot, 3d Bat., Lieut. Philip Gordon, slightly. -30th Foot, 2d Bat., Lieut. Garvey, slightly. -32d Foot 1st Bat., Captains Roselewen and Toole, slightly; Lieuts. Graves, Eason, severely; Lieut. R. Robinson, slightly; Lieuts. Bowes, Butterworth, Ensign Newton (2d), severely; Ensign Blook, slightly. - 36 Foot, 1st Bat., Captain Fox, slightly; Lieuts. Price, Hewart, Ensign Bouchier, severely. - 38th Foot, 1st Bat., Lieut.-Col. Miles, severely; Captains Wiltshire, Gallie, slightly; Capt. Fullarton, severely; Lieut. Ince, slightly; Lieut. Peddie, right arm amputated; Lieut. Laws Ensign Wheatley, severely; Ensigns Magie, wilcock, slightly; Ensign Byam, severely; Ensign Freer, slightly. - 38th Foot, 2d Bat., Lieut. McPherson, Ensign Anderson, severely. - 40th Foot, 1st Bat., Lieut. Ridout, slightly. -45 Foot, 1st Bat., Major Greenwell, severely; Lieut.-Col. Forbes, Captain Lightfoot, Lieut. Coghlan, slightly; Ensign Wray, severely. - 48th Foot, 1st Bat., Captain Thwaites, Lieut. Stroud, slightly; Lieuts. Leroux, Vinrent (?), Marshal, Johnson, severely; Lieut. Armstrong, Ensigns Thatcher, Warton, slightly; Ensign Le Mesurier, right arm amputated. - 53d Foot, 2d Bat., Lieut.-Colonel Bingham, Gragadier Lieut.-Col and Captain Robinson, Captain Fehrsen, severely; Captain Poppleton, slightly; Captains Fernandez, Blackall, McDougal, Lieuts. Hunter, Nicholson, severely; Ensign Bunworth, Adjutant Carss (?), slightly. - 60th Foot, 5 Bat., Lieut.-Col. Williams, slightly; Major Galiffe, Ensign Lucke, severely. - 61st Foot, 1st Bat., Major Downing, Captains Oke, McLeod, Green, severely; Capt. Faville, severely (since dead); Lieut. Falkener, severely; Lieut. Daniel, slightly; Lieut. Chapman, severely; Lieut. Chipehase, slightly; Lieut. Furnace, severely; Lieut. Glsoter, slightly; Lieut. Collis, severely; Lieut. Wolfe, slightly; Leiuts. Brackenburg, Royal, Toole, Ensigns Whyte, Beere, Singleton, severely. - 68th Foot, Captain and Brevet Major Millar, severely; Captain North, slightly. -74th Foot, Captain and Brevet Major Thompson, Lieutenant Ewing, severely. - 83d Foot 2d Bat., Lieut Gascoigne, severely; Lieut. Evans, slightly. - 88th Foot, 2d Bat., Captain Adair, Lieuts. Nichols, Meade, severely; Lieut. Kingsmill, slightly. - 94th Foot, Lieut.-Col. Campbell, Captain Cooke, Lieut. Griffiths, severely. - 1st Light Bat. King's German Legion, Capt. Hulseman, Lieut. Hartwing, severely. - 2d Light Bat. King's German Legion, Captain Haassman, slightly. - 2d Line Bat. Kings German Legion, Captain Scharnhorse, Lieut. Repke, severely. - 5th Line Bat, King's German Legion, Captain Langresher, severely. - Brunswick Oels, Captain Lueder, severely; Lieut. Griesham, slightly. - 1st Royal Scots, Volunteer McAlpin, severely. 9th Foot, 1st Bat., Volunteer Perry, severely. -53d Foot 2d Bat., Volunteer Morfshell, severely.



1st Dragoons, King's German Legion, Lieuts. Voss and Heugell. - 2d Dragoons, King's German Legion, Captain Usslar.

Royal Artillery, Lieut.-Col. May, A. A. G. severely. - 1st Dragoons, Kings's German Legion, Captain Decken, Cornet Tappe, severely. - 2d Dragoons, Kings German Legion, Lieut. Fumette, slightly.

Abstract of Killed, Wounded, and Missing, on the 18th July (1812).
British: Killed, 61; wounded, 297; missing 27
Portuguese: Killed 34; wounded 96; missing 27
TOTALS: killed 95; wounded, 393; missing 54

Abstract of Killied, Wounded and Missing on July 22 (1812)
British: Killed, 388; wounded, 2714; missing 74
Portuguese: Killed 304; wounded 1552; missing 182
Spanish: Killed 2; wounded 4; missing -
TOTALS: killed 694; wounded, 4270; missing 256

Abstract of Killied, Wounded and Missing on July 23 (1812)
Killed, 51; wounded, 60; missing 6

Tuesday's London Gazette.

Admiralty- Office, Aug 18 (1812)

Copy of a letter from the Right Ilon.(?) Lord Keith, K.B. dated on board his Majesty's ship San Josef, off Usliant, the 15th instant.
SIR, - The goldfinch has this moment joined me from Basque Roads, with a dispatch which Sir Home Popham delivered to Captain Waller, at St. Andero, on the 9th instand. I lose no time in transmitting a copy thereof, and congratulate their Lordships upon the highly satisfactoy intelligence that it contains. It is gratifying to observe that the operations of teh squadron apon the North coast of Spain have been serviceable to the Army; and that the arrangements made by Sir Home for seconding his Lordhip's further intentions appear to be jedicious.
- I have, &c.        Keith, Admiral.

Venerable, Harbour of Santander, August, 2, 1812. I have the honour to enclose, for your Lordship's information a copy of a letter whick I have just received from Sir Howard Douglas. I feel a great degree of satisfaction thta the Earl of Wellington should have so handsomely marked his approbation of the services of the squadron which your Lordship placed under my orders; and I am not a little happy at having anticipated the wishes of his Lordship. HOME POPHAM
Admiral Lord Keith, K.B. &c.

Medino (?) del Campo, Sunday, August 2, 1812.
The army is advancing, head-quarters at Cuellar. The enemy is still retiring, having abandoned Valladolid. with 4000 sick and wounded, and stores, ammunition, &c. We are now a part of the allied army. I had an opportunity, in a long con-

~The end of transcription, ie, the end of the two pages I have.~

Believed to be from 'The Examiner' No. 243, Sunday August 23 1812 (Apparently this is part of a large copy of London Gazette Extraordinary of Sunday August 16th.
Mailed to me by WASHINGTONandLEE UNIVERSITY, specifically after requesting a document from this page:
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