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County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Related Personal Announcements from "The Australasian", Melbourne, Australia 1864-1936

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Further newspapers online at the National Library of Australia


3 December 1864

GRAY-DAVISON: On the 21st ult., by special licence, at St. Peter’s Church, by the Rev. H. H. P. Handfield, William, eldest son on Mr. John Gray of Tyrone, Ireland to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. John Davison, Tyrone, Ireland. No cards.


24 December 1864

BALL-ROBINSON: On the 3rd inst, at Dunedin [New Zealand] by the Rev. Mr. Granger, W. Oram, third son of the late JAMES CREIGHTON BALL, ESQ., Co. Tyrone, Ireland, to Eliza, second daughter of the late Robert Robinson, Esq., of Geelong, Victoria. No cards


8 July 1865

BARWICK-McIVOR: At St. Patrick's Cathedral, by the Rev. Henry England, Mr. W. P. Barwick, of Yorkshire, England, to Margaret Emily, second daughter of Mr. James McIvor, Moy, county Tyrone, Ireland. No cards


26 August 1865

WALLACE-MONTEITH: On the 10th inst., at Melbourne, by the Rev. J. Caldwell,, James Andrew Wallace, Renfrew, Scotland, to Matilda Jane, only daughter of the late William Montieth, Esq., Tyrone, Ireland


28 April 1866

ROGERS-HOPKINS: On the 12th inst, at St Mary's Church of England, Kangaroo Flat, by the Bev. B. C. B. Morris, William, second son of John Rogers, of Drumquin, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Annie, eldest surviving daughter of Robert Hopkins, of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England


7 July 1866

McSHERRY-O’DONOVAN: On the 1st inst;, at St Francis' Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. Father Riordan, Edward McSherry, son of Arthur McSherry, County Tyrone, Ireland, to -Margaret O’Donovan, youngest daughter of John O’Donovan, Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland


25 March 1871

GLOVER-CLINTON: On the 14th inst., at St. Andrew's Church, Carlton, by the Rev. Mr. McEachern, Mr. James Glover, of County Tyrone, Ireland, to Miss Emma Jane Clinton, only daughter of Mr. James Clinton, of Melbourne


2 September 1871

YOUNG: On the 28rd ult., at Carlton, Doctor Daniel James Young aged 61 years, formerly of Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland


6 August 1870

MORROW: On the 2nd inst., at High-street, Prahran, Mr. Thomas Morrow, formerly of Dungannon, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 68 years. Deeply regretted by all who knew him


24 December 1870

O’GRADY-McGUIRE: On the 6th inst., at St. Ignatius’ Church, Richmond, by special licence, by the Rev. Joseph Mulhall, S.J. James O'Grady, late of O’Briens Bridge, County Clare, Ireland, to Bridget McGuire, late of Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland


4 November 1871

TULLOCH-MORROW: On the 28th ult., at the bride's residence, by the Rev. Joseph Nicholson, Wesleyan minister, William, youngest son of John Tulloch, of Eday, Orkney, to Hannah, second daughter of David Morrow, of Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy


18 November 1871

BULLARD-MORROW: On the 9th inst., by the Rev. J. Nicholson, Wesleyan minister, at the bride's residence, East Collingwood, Mr. Edwin W. Bullard to Mary A. Morrow, youngest daughter of David and Mary Morrow, late of county Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy


2 September 1871

KING-RICHMOND: On the 22nd inst., by special licence, by the Rev. James Bickford, Wesley Church, Melbourne, John King, sole survivor of the Burke and Wills party, to Mary Richmond, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland



9 December 1871

GAULT: On the 3rd inst., at Lennox Street, Hawthorn, Edward Leslie Gault, aged 43, late of Manchester, fourth son of Robert Gault Trillick, County Tyrone


16 March 1872

SPROULE-JOHNSON: On the 6th inst., by special licence, at St, Mary's Church of England, Kangaroo Flat, by the Rev. G. Soaris, James Sproule, fifth, son of the late William Sproule, farmer, Edenasop, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Matilda, relict of the late Arthur Johnston, merchant, Woodend. Home papers please copy


23 March 1872

FRENCH-KYLE: On 11th inst, at Rochford, by the Rev. Mr. Lindon, John French to Miss Jane Kyle, fourth daughter of Mr. Robert Kyle, county of Tyrone, Ireland


25 May 1872

ROLSTON-BOYD: On the 16th Inst., at St. Paul's Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. S. Chane, Mr. James Rolston, late of Tyrone, to Miss Anne, youngest daughter of Thos. Boyd, Esq.. County Cavan, Ireland


15 June 1872

GIBNEY: On the 4th inst., at his residence near Whittlesea, after a short illness, Alexander Gibney, aged 62 years, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland, a very old colonist. Tyrone papers copy


26 October 1872

DONAGHY: On the 22nd inst, at the Builders' Arms Hotel, Cardigan Street, Carlton, Mr. John Donaghy, native of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, aged 42 years. May his soul rest in peace


8 February 1873

LOUGHREY: On the 31st ult., Hester Loughrey, the beloved wife of Bernard Loughrey, Catherine Terrace, Richmond, eldest daughter at the late James Charles, and niece of Dr. Henry Charles and Dr. David Charles, of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 61


15 November 1873

ROBERTS: On the 23rd ult., Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Roberts, eldest daughter of the late Mr. David Blair, Loy, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 40 years


29 November 1873

McCUTCHEON: On the 20th inst., at his residence, Miller Street, West Melbourne, Mr. John McCutcheon, senior, formerly of Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 81 years


28 February 1874

BIRCH-BRENNAN: On the 10th inst, by special licence, at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. Father O’Callaghan, Charles Birch, of Staffordshire, England, to Jane Brennan, of County Tyrone, Ireland. No cards


3 October 1874

MORROW: On the 23rd ult., at the residence of his son, James Morrow, North Brighton, William Morrow, aged 71, County Tyrone, Ireland, and late of Geelong. His end was peace


3 April 1875

O’DONNELL: On the 23rd ult., at 22 Commercial Road, Prahran, Elizabeth Isabella O'Donnell, the beloved wife of Charles O'Donnell, late of Church Street Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, of inflammation of the lungs


10 April 1875

DUDDEN-BRYANS: On the 20th ult., at the Wesleyan Church, Barkly Street, Ballarat, by the Rev. A. W. Grant, James, second son of the late Manly Power Dudden, of Tyrone, Ireland, to Marianne, youngest daughter of the late William Piggott, of Cambridge, England


8 May 1875

GARNETT-STUART: On the aid March, at Ballyclog, Tyrone, the Rev. C. L. Garnett, incumbent of Ballyclog, to Lady Ella Sophia Stuart, daughter of the fourth Earl of Castlestuart


11 September 1875

WARBY: On the 30th inst, at Broadmeadows, Mrs. Isabella Warby, third daughter of Mr. A. Bullock, Cecil, Tyrone, Ireland, aged 88 years


6 October 1877

BROWN-ORR: On the 19th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, Leitchland Cottage, Mount Bolton, near Ballarat, by the Rev. B. Hamilton, Presbyterian minister, Joseph Brown, third son of the late Mr. James Brown, Knockaleery Mills, Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland, to Jane Gatt fifth of Archibald Orr, Esq., formerly of Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Home papers copy


3 August 1878

McCARRON-DENNER: On the 17th ult., at the residence of Richard Pethybridge, Arcadia, by the Rev. T. Beecher Swift, William McCarron, of Kialla West, second son of the late Robert McCarron, of the county Tyrone, Ireland, to Eliza, second daughter of James Denner, Arcadia, farmer


17 August 1878

HAYES: On the 11th inst at Ada Cottage, Windsor of pulmonary consumption, Mrs. Jane Hayes, aged 60 years, eldest daughter of the late Dr. Davis of Stewart’s Town, County of Tyrone, Ireland, and mother of Jas. Hayes, Esq., M.B.C., Echuca


5 October 1878

SCOTT-SWINDELL: On the 19th ult., at Brighton, by the Rev. Charles Lancaster, J. Hamilton Scott, Esq., of Glen Iris, son of the late James Scott, Esq., of Bloomhill, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Alice, daughter of the late John Swindell, Esq., of Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, Ireland


23 November 1878

LOVE: On the 23rd ult., at his residence, Wigram Terrace, Newtown, N.S.W., John Love, aged 38 years, of consumption, late of Melbourne, native of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Ireland


13 December 1879

KINLOCH-CARNEY: On the 29th ult., at .the manse, Footscray, by the Rev. Rourke, Robert Stewart Kinloch, of Burnt Island, Fifeshire, Scotland, to Maggie Carney, of County Tyrone, Ireland


11 June 1881

CAMPBELL-O’SHAUNASSY: On the 18th ult., at SS. Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Emerald Hill, by the Very Rev. Dean O’Driscoll, Paul Campbell, of Emerald Hill, youngest son of the late Paul Campbell, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Johanna O'Shaughnassy, youngest daughter of Patrick O'Shaughnassy, Esq., Kew Hotel, Kew


17 September 1881

BURTON-GOOLD: On the 7th inst., by special licence, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W. W. Mantell, Church of England clergyman, John, youngest son of the James Burton, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Emma, second daughter of Andrew Goold, Esq., of Woodland Villa, Burwood


16 August 1884

CURRAN: On the 6th inst, at his residence, Rochester West, Edward Curran, a native of Tyrone, Ireland, aged 58 years. R.I.P.


15 November 1884

DUNN: On the 2nd inst., at his residence, Avondale Cottage, Scotchmer Street, North Fitzroy, Melbourne, John, youngest son of the late James Dunn, of Donemana, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 40, late brother of the Masonic Lodge St John (No. 250), Cumberclaudy, county Derry, Ireland. Home papers please copy


31 May 1884

HAZLETON-CROSSLEY: On the 8th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Corbett, Dawson, youngest son of Frederick Hazleton, of Grange, Moy, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Loo, second eldest daughter of James Crossley, Esq., South Yarra


28 June 1884

BYRNE: On the 18th inst, at Melbourne, Sara Esma, beloved daughter of the late Bernard Byrne, county Tyrone, Ireland, and sister of Bernard Byrne, Circular Quay, Sydney, N.S.W., and of Rose Byrne, Victoria-street, Carlton. R.I.P. Sydney papers please copy



6 September 1884

HAYES: In loving remembrance of Mrs. Jane Hayes, died at Windsor 11th August 1878, mother of Mrs. Lyons, late of Echuca, and granddaughter of Dr. Mason, Stewart Town, county Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy


12 December 1885

SCOTT-LYON: On the 7th ult., by special licence at the Church of England, Bay Street, Port Melbourne, by the Rev. W. A. Brooke, James Scott, Esq., of Melbourne and Richmond, solicitor, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late James Hayes, Esq., of St Kilda, granddaughter of the late Dr. Henry Mason, of Stewart's Town, county Tyrone, Ireland, and relict of the late William Lyon, Esq., of Melbourne


3 January 1885

JACK-BEETCHENOW: On the 2nd ult., at St. Mark's Church, Fitzroy, by the Rev. R. B. Barlow, B.A., Robert Nelson Jack, L.K.C.P., L.R.CS. Ed., J.P., Newtown Stewart, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Emmie Eliza, eldest daughter of C. H. Beetchenow, Esq., of Hotham


2 May 1885

AIRD: On the 12th ult. at her stepfather's residence, Pinegrove, of heart disease, Wilhelmina Kate Lucy, second daughter of the late John Small Aird, late of Sandhurst, formerly of Laurel Vale, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 19 years and two months


15 May 1886

MIDDLEMISS-MOORE: On 10th March, at St. Andrew's Manse, Kyneton, by Rev. J. Don, Archibald Middlemiss of Friendly Islands [Tonga], merchant, to Maggie, daughter of William Moore, Esq., of Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy


24 September 1887

KILPATRICK: At Moy, County Tyrone, Ireland, John, the beloved father of T. Kilpatrick, Greville Street, Prahran, aged 77 years


26 November 1887

WILSON: On the 18th inst, after a few days illness, at Fintona Villa, Agnes Street, Jolimont, Mary Anne, relict of the late Thomas Wilson, of Tyrone, Ireland, and beloved mother of Mrs. C. E. Davies, of Hobart


13 October 1888

MATEAR: On the 6th inst., James Alexander Stephenson Matear, of consumption, aged 27, of the Victorian police, and nephew of Mr. Joseph Montgomery, Brigh, Stewartstown, county Tyrone, Ireland


1 December 1888

CUNNINGHAM: On the 14th ult., at the Protestant Hall, Melbourne, Andrew Cunningham, late of Lisleen, Dunamanagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 43. London and Londonderry papers please copy


25 January 1890

WEIR-MEARES: On the 14th inst., at Christ Church, South Yarra, by the Rev. John Fulford, James Alexander, youngest son of the late Silas Ebenezer Weir, of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, to Lillian, eldest daughter of the late Robert Stephen Meares, of Woodside, St Kilda Road, Melbourne. No cards


17 May 1890

COBAIN: On the 26th ult., at her late residence, Bundalaguah, Margaret, the dearly beloved wife of John Cobain, aged 81 years. Tyrone (Ireland) papers please copy


6 September 1890

SEIGNIOR: On the 16th ult., at Wodonga, William Seignior, formerly of Congo and Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland


31 January 1891

DAVIDSON: On the 21st inst, at the residence of Dr. A. Corry, Mount Egerton, Rev. A. G. Davidson, B.A., of Mildura, son of Rev. J. Davidson, Drumquin, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 24


27 February 1892

EKIN-KILLEN: On the 4th inst., at Manly Presbyterian Church [Sydney], by the Rev. W. Dill Macky, John, second son of S. E. Ekin, Soran House, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Jane, second daughter of Edward Killen, of Elsinora and Riverslea Stations, New South Wales


30 April 1892

ANDERTON-SPUNNER: On the 21st inst., at St. Mary's, Caulfield, by the Rev. H. Burgh Macartney, Joshua Thomas Noble, second son of the late Rev. Samuel Anderton, vicar of Upper Falls, county Antrim, Ireland, to Ellen Mary, third daughter of the late Rev. R N. White Spunner, of Castlecaulfield, county Tyrone, and Miltown Park, King's County, Ireland. Irish papers will please copy


6 January 1894

KENNEY:-On the 23 rd ult., at his residence, Cape Bridgewater, John only son of Robert and Annabella Kenney, native of Desert Crate, Tyrone, Ireland. A colonist of 49 years. Home papers please copy


17 February 1894

KILPATRICK: On the 6th inst, at his residence, Greville Street, Prahran, Thomas Kilpatrick, J.P., the beloved husband of Ann Kilpatrick, aged 57 years, native of Moy, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy


16 May 1896

MARTIN:-On the 7th inst., at his residence, 147 Greville Street, Prahran, Melbourne, Thomas, youngest son of the late Thomas Martin, M.D., M.R.C.S. England, of Moy, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, husband of Susie (Ross) Martin, eldest daughter of the late Charles Gordon Ross, of Cork, Ireland. J Home papers please copy


16 January 1897

MENAGH: On the 6th January, at his residence, Service Crescent, Albert Park, John Wilson Menagh, native of Moy, County Tyrone, Ireland, beloved husband of Eleanor Menagh, in his 64th year


27 February 1897

HARRIS: On the 18th February, at Dunolly, John Harris, late of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, and Ardvarnish, South Yarra, aged 71 years.


15 May 1897

REA-CAULDWELL:-On the 14th April, at Drummond Street, Carlton, by the Rev. T. W. McGregor, James, eldest son of the late Robert Rea, of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, to Maria Cauldwell, eldest daughter of the late Robert Cauldwell, Spring Park, Gippsland


4 September 1897

KNOX-WIEDEMANN: On the 27th July, at St. Colomb's Church, Glenferrie, Victoria, by the Rev. W. R. Cooling, Robert, eldest son of John Knox, of Aughnacloy, County Tyrone, Ireland, to May Violet, second daughter of S. A. N. Wiedemann, of Glengarry, Hawthorn, Victoria. Home papers please copy


13 November 1897

O’HAGAN-QUINLAN: On the 6th October, at St. Brigid's R.C. Church, North Fitzroy, by the Rev. Dr. Kelly, Patrick, second son of the late John O'Hagan, of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, to Alice, fourth daughter of Timothy Quinlan, late of Macedon and Co. Limerick, Ireland. West Australian and home papers please copy


17 June 1899

HAMILTON: On the 1st .Tune, at Childe Street, Stawell, Margaret, the dearly beloved wife of Samuel Hamilton, native of Ballagawley, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 55 years


31 March 1900

ROONEY:-On the 21st March, at his late residence, Rose-cottage, Camberwell, James, eldest son of the late William Rooney, Killymorgan, County Tyrone, Ireland, and beloved husband of Matilda Rooney, eldest daughter of the late John Young, of Killamaddy, County Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy



22 December 1900

SEATON: On the 7th December, at Wintoun, Alexandra Road, Allen Robert, second surviving son of the late Forbes Galbraith Seaton, M.D., late Bridge Street, London, and Rossmount, Tyrone, Ireland


15 June 1901

HAMILTON: On the 10th June, James Babbington, the beloved husband of N. T. Hamilton, Fitzroy Hotel, Fitzroy, and only son of the late James Hamilton, surgeon, R.N., Co. Tyrone, Ireland, aged 60 years


23 August 1902

SMITH: On the13th August, at 68 Twyford Street, South Williamstown, Jane, the beloved wife of Alexander Smith (formerly of H.M. Customs), eldest daughter of the late James Sproule, ''The Holmes," Dromore, County of Tyrone, Ireland, aged 74 years.


21 March 1903

JACKSON-WOOD:-On 10th February, at St. Thomas's Cathedral, Bombay, India, by Rev. Canon Hill, Captain T. Jackson, I.M.S., son of the late Hugh Jackson, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, to May, oldest daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel H. M. M. Wood, Indian Staff Corps, and Mrs. Wood, Horsburgh Grove, Malvern


26 December 1903

CALDWELL: On the 20th December, 1903, at the Alfred Hospital (after being nurse and sister there for 25 years), Rebecca Caldwell, daughter of the late James Caldwell, Tyrone, Ireland, and loved sister of Mrs. James Irwin, "Bonnie Doon," North Brighton, aged 59 years


22 April 1905

LYNAS: On the 16th April, at his residence, Wooroonook, William Lynas, native of County Tyrone, Ireland aged 74 years


29 July 1905

MAGENNIS-McKAY: [Golden Wedding] On the 20th July, 1855, at Killyman Parish Church of England, by the Rev. J. Disney, rector, John Magennis to Mary McKay, both of Killyman parish, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Present address, No. 9 Moonee Street, Ascot Vale, Melbourne. (Bendigo papers please copy)


31 March 1906

McLEAN-WAITE: On the 27th December, 1915, at the residence of the bride's brother, W. R. Waite, "Wattle-grove", Nagambie, by the Rev. John Darroch, Thomas McLean, of Numurkah, youngest son of the late Thomas McLean, of Tyrone, Ireland, to Mary, third daughter of the late W. R. Waite of Nagambie


19 May 1906

BROOMHEAD-SEATON: On the 12th May, at the Presbyterian Church, Swan Hill, Septimus, seventh son of the late G. Broomhead, M.D., M.R.C.S., Bradford, Yorkshire, to Annie Jane, second daughter of the late Forbes Galbraith Seaton, M.D., formerly of London and Tyrone


15 February 1908

ANDERSON-McDONALD: On the 26th December, 1907, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, by the Rev, Father King, Edric Stanley, second son of the late Captain William A. Anderson to Mary Augusta, eldest daughter of Patrick McDonald, Esq., Gortreagh-House, Cookstown co. Tyrone, Ireland


22 February 1908

FORBES: On the 14th February, 1908, at Romsey, Charles, beloved husband of Eliza Jane Forbes, aged 76 years, formerly of County Tyrone, Ireland; a colonist of 60 years. (Interred February 16, 1908 at Lancefield Cemetery)


18 April 1908

MAXWELL: On the 9th April, 1908, at "Avondale", Montrose Street, Surrey Hills, Victoria, Margaret Sophia, the dearly beloved wife of William Henry Maxwell, daughter of the late Dr. McConkey, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 80


18 July 1908

TRAVIS-CADER: [Golden Wedding]: On July 14, 1858. at St. Paul's Church, Swanston Street, Melbourne, by the late Rev. S. L. Chase, John, youngest son of the late John and Alary Travis, of Oldham, Lancashire, England, to Alice, only daughter of the late Robert and Susan Richardson Cader, of Drummond, county Tyrone, Ireland. Present address, 239 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne


9 October 1909

RAFFERTY: On the 18th August, at his late residence, Ballintrain, Sixmilecross, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, John, the beloved father of the Rev. Fr. Rafferty, Korumburra; James and John Rafferty, of Yarragon, aged 60 years


October 8 1910

SINCLAIR: On the 23rd August, at his residence, Spa Mount, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, William Sinclair, beloved father of Rev. John Sinclair, Brighton, Melbourne


14 Jan 1911

STEWART-HONEYMAN: Major Cosmo Gordon Stewart, D.S.O., R.F.A. (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel General Staff), son of the late Sir John Marcus Stewart, Bart., of Athenry, county Tyrone, and Gladys Berry, younger daughter of Mrs. Bruce-Porter, 6 Grosvenor street, and of the late Dr. Honeyman, Auckland, New Zealand


22 April 1911

NEELANDS: On the 16th April, at Anderson Street, Euroa, William Neelands, late county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 78 years


28 January 1922

PHILLIPS-MALONE: The engagement is announced of Marion Aitkin, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Phillips, Mingham, Camperdown, and Harold Malone, M.C., of Tresco (late Prince of Wales' Own North Staffordshire Regiment, and Honourable Artillery Company), second son of Reverend A, E. and Mrs. Malone, Eglish Glebe, Benburb, County Tyrone, Ireland


22 January 1927

DILL: On the 7th January, at his residence, 112Archer, street, Chatswood [Sydney], John Dill, beloved husband of Ellen Dill, and son of the late Rev. James Reid Dill, M.A., of Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 84 years


22 December 1936

SHEEHAN-COOTE: The engagement is announced of Miss Ined Sheehan, elder daughter of the Secretary to the Treasury (Mr. H. J. Sheehan) and Mrs. Sheehan, of Red Hill, Canberra (F.C.T.), to Mr. John O. Coote of Newcastle, youngest son of the late Mr. W. Coote and Mrs. Coote of Corrick, County Tyrone, Ireland. The wedding is expected to take place in the new year