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Co. Tyrone Orphans in the Catholic Orphanage of Quebec, Canada in 1847/48

The order is- registration number / child's name / age / date of entry (m-d-y) /
father's name / mother's name / parish / ship and adopted by.

436, CONNOLLY Bridget age 10, 2/23/48 Edward Mary HYNES Termonamongan
"Helen Thompson" left for St Pascal.

434 CONNOLLY John, 9, 2/06/48, Edward, Mary HYNES, Termonamongan "Helen
Thompson" Left for St Pascal

437 CONNOLLY Mary, 7, 2/23/48, Edward, Mary HYNES, Termonamongan "Helen
Thompson" left May 26.

433 CONNOLLY Patrick, 11 2/06/48 Edward, Mary HYNES Termonamongan "Helen
Thompson left May 26 friars St Pascal.

359 GORMOLLY (GORMLEY?) Arthur, 7, 10/06/47, Fergus, Mary NELLIS, Killer
"Superior" Mrs Daly- Upper Canada

360 GORMOLLY Mary, 5, 10/06/47 Fergus, Mary NELLIS, Killer "Superior" Mrs.
Daly- Upper Canada

77 HENRY (HENEY?) Daniel, 12,8/04/47, John, Susan MURPHY, Rocketwist Tyr.
"Larch" Hippolyte Noel Lotbiniere died 31 Aug.

80 HENRY Francis (Heney) 4, 8/04/47, John, Susan MURPHY, Rocketwist "Larch"
Louis Leclerc Lotbiniere died

79 HENRY James (Heney) 6, 8/04/47, John, Susan MURPHY, Rocketwist "Larch"
Louis Leclerc Lotbiniere

188 McKIRNAN Bridget, 9, 8/28/47, Steven, Aby McGIRNAN, ? "Lady Seaton", H
Leclerc Lotbiniere

421 McMANUS John, 11, 12/07/47, Hugh, Catherine SKYE, ? Tyr. ? Mr. Spencer

397 McMANUS Pat, 8, 10/22/47, Hugh catherine SKYE, ? Tyr. ? Mr Kelly,

63 MCVEY James 12, ?/07/47, Pat, Mary RAFFERTY, Cappagh "Lord Seaton"
Telesphore Roy, St Jean Port-Joli

507 McDONALD Henry 7, 6/19/48/ ? ? New Caledon "Lady Gordon" Mr Thomas Bogue
grocer Diamond harbour

508 McDONALD John, 5, 6/19/48, ? ? New Caledon "Lady Gordon" Mr Curtain

Info extracted from "Grosse Ile- Gateway to Canada" by Marianna O'Gallagher
ISBN # 0-9690805-3-0

Note- Answers to a couple questions I was asked

 1) Were these children sent to Quebec from Ireland as orphans? Or were they
orphaned on the way to Quebec?
These children became orphans as a result of their parents dieing
either while crossing the Atlantic or while in hospital at Grosse Ile.

2) Do you know if people from Co. Tyrone entered thru Quebec to the USA or what port those

from Co. Tyrone would have departed from Ireland?

Many, many emigrants entered through Grosse Ile, and continued their
journeys beyond- including to the USA. From the late 1700's- 1850 or so- it was
cheaper for people to come to Canada- then after that,it became cheaper to
go to the United States. I think the port of departure depended on where in Co. Tyrone the person lived.