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By William Crawford, A.M. one of the Chaplains to the First Tyrone Regiment
Printed in Strabane, Co. Tyrone by John Bellew in 1783
Transcribed and Submitted by
Rene Donaghy


Surname Firstname Comments
ALEXANDER Rev. Andrew, A.M. Urney
ALLEN Archibald Strabane Volunteers
ARCHIBALD Rev. James, B.D. Cookstown
ANDERSON John Donagheady
ARMSTRONG Archibald Capt., First Donagheady Rangers
BAILIE Will., Esq. First Tyrone Regiment
BARCLAY John Strabane
BARR* Rev. Isaac  
BELL Capt. Humphry First Tyrone Regiment
BELLEW John Printer, Strabane
BEST Rev. John Strabane
BLAIR Arthur Strabane
BOYLE Capt. Alex. Kirlish Lodge, 2 Copies
BROWN Sam. Capt. Urney Volunteers
BRYAN Henry Trilick Volunteers
CHARLTON Richard, Esq. Lieut. Col., First Tyrone Regt.
CHARLTON Master Will. Ensign, First Tyrone Reg’t.
CAMPBELL Mr. David Omagh
CAMPBELL Mr. Will. Stewartstown Volunteers
CAMPBELL James Land Surveyor, Near Omagh
CARSON Robert Strabane
CRAWFORD Will. Merchant, Strabane
CAIRNS George, Esq. Capt. 2 Company, Fintona Volunteers
CARRUTH Ensign George First Tyrone Regt.
CAUFIELD James, Esq. First Tyrone Regt.
CHAMBERS Dan., Esq. Leck Volunteers
CLARKE Mr. Ardstraw
COLHOUN, ESQ. Alex. Omagh
CORNWALL Lieut. Gabriel First Tyrone Regt.
COULTER Joseph Newtown Stewart
CROZIER Lieut. John First Tyrone Regt.
DEERY John Strabane
DELAP Rev. Mr. Omagh
DENNING Munro Watchmaker, Strabane
DENNY Mr. Sam. Merchant, Strabane
DUFFEN Major Charles Dungannon Battalion
ECCLES Daniel, Esq. Fintona, 2 Copies
ECTOR Miss Strabane, 2 Copies
EDIE Nath. Douglas Volunteers
FENTON Benjamin, Esq. Strabane
FLEMING James Strabane
FLEMING Patrick Merchant, Strabane
FORSYTHE Thomas Capt., Aughnacloy Volunteers
FOSTER Rev. Will. Urney
GALBRAITH James, Esq. Rascavy
GAMBLE Andrew Merchant, Strabane
GLASCO James Omagh
GLASGOW Lieut. Robt. First Tyrone Regt.
GREER Thomas Omagh
GUYNN John Strabane Volunteers, 2 Copies
HAMILTON George, Esq. Capt. Tyrone Battalion
HAMILTON Hon. Cole Capt., Gortin Volunteers, 2 Copies
HAMILTON James, Esq. Strabane
HAMILTON Jas., Esq. Major Strabane Battalion
HAMILTON Mr. Archibald Lissan Company
HAMILTON Thomas, Esq. Strabane
HAMILTON Will. Tullyhogg [Tullyhogue] Volunteers
HARRISON Henry Surgeon, Strabane
HARVEY Adam Strabane
IRWIN John Clogher
JAMIESON Rob., Jun. Strabane
JENKINS Andrew Strabane Rangers
JOHNSTON John, Esq. Capt., First Tyrone Regt.
JOHNSTON Lieut. Thomas First Tyrone Regt.
JOHNSTON Robert Killeter
JOHNSTON Will. Fivemiletown
KEARNS Rev. Sam., A.B. Stewartstown
KELSO John Magheracregan
KENNEDY Will. Carland
KENNIER John Greenfield
KER James Clogherny
KING Charles, Esq., M.P. Fardross, (Clogher) 5 Copies
KNOX Hon. Thomas, M.P. Dungannon
LAWSON ------ Esq. Tyrone Battalion
LEDLIE George Coagh Volunteers
LEDLIE James Coagh Volunteers
LESLEY Richard Strabane
LINDSAY Robert, Esq. First Tyrone Regt.
LITTLE Lieut. Samuel First Tyrone Regt.
MAGILL Will. Lieut. First Tyrone Regt.
MARTIN John Clogher Vol.
MAXWELL Henry Surgeon, Omagh
MACONCHY Lieut. John First Tyrone Regt.
MARTIN John Caledon
MAXWELL Will. Apothecary, Omagh
MAXWELL Will., Esq. Strabane
MCALPINE Cuningham Strabane
MCCLELAND Rev. John, A.M. Coagh
MCCREA Robert Glencush
MCGHEE Will. Carricklee
MCREYNOLDS Ensign Anthony First Tyrone Regt.
MEASE Dr. Strabane
MOORE Samuel Mathematician, Strabane
MORTON Sam. Strabane Vol.
MEASE John Gortin
MEASE Mr. Matthew Gortin
MOORHEAD Mr. Fintona
NEILSON N., Jun. Strabane
NEILSON Robt. Strabane Rangers
ORR James Adjutant, Strabane Battalion
ORR Mr. James Lieut. First Tyrone Regt.
PARK Lieut. Will. First Tyrone Regt.
PATTEN James Merchant, Strabane
POLLOCK Will. Merchant, Strabane
POMEROY Henry, Esq., M.P. Strabane
PORTER Rob. Merchant, Strabane
RICHARDSON Charles Major, First Tyrone Regt.
ROBINSON Mr. Andrew Merchant, Newtownstewart
ROSS Joseph Merchant, Strabane
ROSS Will. Capt., Strabane, Artillery
ROBINSON Capt. Robert First Tyrone Regt.
ROGERS Robert Caledon
ROUSE Mr. James Lieut., First Tyrone Regt.
SPEER Char. Tho. Clogher Volunteers
STEWART Counsellor John First Tyrone Regt.
STEWART, ESQ. James First Tyrone Regt.
STEWART, ESQ. Will. Killymoon
SAYERS Joseph Strabane
SINCLAIR George Holyhill
SMYLY Master Charles Camus
SMYLY Will. Mercht. Strabane
SMYTH David Lieut., Dungannon Light Infantry
SPROULL John, Esq. Strabane
SPROULL Surgeon Strabane
STEWART Alex. Baronscourt
STEWART Rev. Nicholas Chap[lain], Tyrone Battalion
STITT Will. A.M. Dungannon
TAGGART Samuel First Lieut. Strabane Rangers
TWIGG Capt. J. First Tyrone Regt.
TYRONE Earl of  
UNKNOWN Robert Omagh
WARD J. Innkeeper, Strabane
WEBBER John Strabane Volunteers
WEIR Hugh Stewartstown Volunteers
WELSH And. Adjutant Tyrone Battalion
WEST Hen. Fintona Volunteers
WILCOCK John Dungannon

* A Henry Barr was listed as a student in the 1777 Dissertations on Natural Theology.