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Co. Tyrone Subscribers to a Book of Sermons by William Taggart, 1788

Rev. William Taggart, M.A., Minister of First Dunmurry Presbyterian (Unitarian) Church, Co. Antrim 1790-1805
Printed by John Bellew, Strabane, Co. Tyrone (1788)
Extracted, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



***Original Spelling Has Been Retained***

Surname Firstname Residence
Abraham J. Aughnacloy
Adams Will. Dergbridge
Alexander And., Rev. Urney
Alexander Betty, Miss Urney
Alexander J. Newtownstewart
Alexander Mrs. Urney
Alexander Sally, Miss Urney
Allen Archibald Strabane
Anderson Eliza, Miss Archmount
Anderson J. Archmount
Anderson J. Doorlass
Anderson J. Strabane
Anderson Miss Archmount
Anderson Miss, sen. Archmount
Anderson Thos., Rev. Kilstrall
Arbuckle Archibald, Mr. [Woodend, Strabane]
Arbuckle John, Mr. Strabane
Arbuthnot F. Aug., Rev. Arboe
Armstrong Arch., Mrs. Dullerton
Baird W. Aughtermoy
Barclay J. Strabane
Bellew J., Printer [Strabane] (7 copies)
Bonner James Mr. Strabane
Buchanan J., Mr. Cookstown
Burnside M., Mr., surgn. Newtownstewart
Caldwell Matty Miss Urney
Campbell A., Mr Letterbrat
Cashores And., Mr. Strabane
Clark R., Rev. Ardstraw
Clarke Joseph, Rev. Coagh
Cochrane R., Mr. Strabane (7 copies)
Collins J., Mr., Merchant Cookstown
Collins J., Mr., surgeon Aughnacloy
Cook J., Mr. Cookstown
Cooper John Strabane
Cooper Mr. W. Strabane, (2 copies)
Corry Wm. Aughnacloy
Coulter J., Rev. Newtownstewart
Crawford Hugh Strabane
Crawford Miss Strabane
Crawford Mrs, sen. Strabane
Crawford W., D. D. Strabane
Davison J., Rev., A. M. Aughnacloy
Davison Mr. W. Stewartstown
Dick J. Meaghey
Duff Mrs. Cookstown
Evans J. Strabane
Fleming Cun. Strabane
Fleming Dr. Cookstown
Fleming J. Strabane
Fleming J., surgeon Dungannon
Fleming Mr. Pat. Strabane
Fulton T. Droit
George J. Coagh
George M. Coagh
Gibson J. Strabane
Gibson R. Stewartstown
Gillespie A, .Mr Strabane
Gordon Arch. Baliskeagh
Graham J. Strabane
Graham Mr. Belinahatty
Hamilton Arch. Strabane
Hamilton Hon. Mrs Cole [Beltrim Castle]
Hamilton T., Esq. Strabane
Harvey A., Rev. Strabane
Hawkesworth J. Omagh
Henderson J., Rev. Magheracregan
Henry Johnston, Esqr. Clover Hill
Holmes J. Strabane (7 copies)
Jackson Anne, Miss Aughnacloy
James Rouse, Attorney [Strabane]
Jenkins A. Strabane
Johnston David Strabane
Johnston J. Cookstown
Johnston M. Coagh
Johnston Mrs. Fivemiletown
Johnston W., Rev. Fivemiletown
Keefe J. Newtownstewart
Kelso J. Maghracregan
Kelso Miss Carrancorran
Kelso Miss Maghracregan
Kerr Mr. J. Maghracregan
Kerr Robert, Mr. Strabane
Keys G. Strabane
Kidd J. near Cookstown
Killen Mr. R. Strabane
King C., Esq. Fardross
King Mrs. Fardross
Knox James Strabane
Knox Matty, Miss Urney
Ladlie G. Coagh
Lawson T. Coagh
Leitch R. Maghracregan
Leslie R., Rev. Strabane
Lyon James Strabane
Mathison J. Birnaghs
Matthewson G., Mr. Urbebreagh
McAlpin Miss Strabane
McCrea J. Balidonaghy
McCrea Miss Strabane
McDowal S. Augher (2 copies)
McDowal S. Augher (3 copies)
McFarland A. Liscable
McFarland G., Mr. Glencapochan
McFarland J. Liscable
Means Ann, Miss Baligawley
Mease Dr. Strabane (4 copies)
Mease J. Gortin
Mitchel R. Strabane
Moore J. Aughnacloy
Morton J. Colermoney
Murray Rev. G. Cookstown
Murry Rev. G. Cookstown
Park D., Mr. Stewartstown
Park S. Stewartstown
Park W. Stewartstown
Parke J. Stewartstown
Parkinson Miss Strabane
Patten James Strabane
Patterson Rev. Mr. near Cookstown
Pollock W. Strabane
Porter F. Strabane (7 copies)
Ramsie J. Woodend
Rea G. Strabane
Rea G. Strabane
Reed R., Mr. Stewartstown
Reynolds J., Esq., M. D. Cookstown
Rogan Bernard [Strabane]
Seaton W. Carrancorran
Sinclair A. Strabane
Sinclair A. Strabane
Sproule J.,Surgeon [Strabane] (7 copies)
Stannus E., Esq. Strabane
Staples Colonel Lissan
Staples Hon. Mrs. Lissan
Staples J. Lissan
Staples Mrs., sen. Lissan
Stephenson J. Strabane (3 copies)
Stewart Hon. Mrs. Killymoon
Stewart J. Drumclamph
Stewart J., Esq. Killymoon
Stewart J., Esq. Killymoon
Stewart Mary, Miss Killymoon
Stewart Mrs Killymoon
Stewart Rev. T. Killymoon
Stitt Rev. W. Dungannon
Taylor J. Cookstown
Weir H. Stewartstown
Weir W. Stewartstown
White H. Stewartstown