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Landowners of One Acre or More in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1876

Information reproduced with permission of Jean Rice
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one acre or more of land in Co. Tyrone, Ireland in 1876
Edited, formatted and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia





ABERCORN Duke of Baronscourt, Newtownstewart 47,615 acres
ACHESON Thomas Glenglush, Fyfin, Castlederg 65 acres
ADAIR Thomas, Reps. of Greenvale, Cookstown, 80 acres
ADAMS James Glebe, Artigarvan, Strabane 3 acres
ADAMS Mrs. Carnkenny, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 44 acres
ADAMS Randal Danesfort, Longford 147 acres
ADAMS Rebecca Altdoghal, Newtownstewart 873 acres
ADAMS William Strabane 21 acres
AGNEW James no address given 257 acres
AICKEN William Beltany, Newtownstewart 20 acres
AIKEN George Bunderg, Newtownstewart 112 acres
AIKEN George Leitrim, Dunamanagh 144 acres
AIKEN James Bunderg, Newtownstewart 102 acres
AIKEN John Cabragh, Irvinestown 233 acres
AIKEN John Newtownstewart 3 acres
AIKEN John Pubble, Newtownstewart 19 acres
AIKEN Mary Beltany, Newtownstewart 15 acres
AIKEN Robert Leat, Dunamanagh 52 acres
AIKEN Thomas H. Dungannon 1 acre
ALCORN Miss, Reps. of Drumardnagross, Trillick 62 acres
ALEXANDER George Drumardnagross, Trillick 48 acres
ALEXANDER James Drumardnagross, Trillick 12 acres
ALEXANDER James Fawney, Dunamana 50 acres
ALEXANDER James Keenogue, Trillick 37 acres
ALEXANDER James B. Shamnullagh, Trillick 37 acres
ALEXANDER Joseph Curly, Dromore 26 acres
ALEXANDER Joseph Drumardnagross, Trillick 72 acres
ALEXANDER Joseph no address given 1 acre
ALEXANDER Robert Altrest, Dunamanagh 56 acres
ALEXANDER Robert J. Portglenone, Co. Antrim 1,769 acres
ALEXANDER Samuel Crew, Castlederg 63 acres
ALEXANDER Thomas Dromore 6 acres
ALEXANDER William Fawney, Dunamanagh 30 acres
ALLAN Thomas Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 34 acres
ALLEN James Cookstown 2 acres
ANDERSON George Letterbrat, Plumbridge 17 acres
ANDERSON James Tivenny, Newtownstewart 41 acres
ANDERSON John Letterbrat, Plumbbridge 21 acres
ANDERSON Joseph Killymenagh, Stewartstown 14 acres
ANDERSON Robert Brackagh, Irvinestown 92 acres
ANDERSON Samuel Carrowcolman, Eglish 2 acres
ANDERSON Samuel Doorless, Cookstown 29 acres
ANDERSON Samuel Landahussy, Plumbridge 2 acres
ANDERSON William Shivey, Sandholes 17 acres
ARBUCKLE Alexander Rousky, Dunamanagh 14 acres
ARBUCKLE James, junior Rousky, Dunamanagh 27 acres
ARBUCKLE John Rousky, Dunamanagh 21 acres
ARCHDALE Mervyn Archdale, Lisnanick 5,605 acres
ARMSTRONG Adam no address given 3 acres
ARMSTRONG Charles Rosscor, Irvinestown 23 acres
ARMSTRONG Francis no address given 2 acres
ARMSTRONG James no address given 30 acres
ARMSTRONG Joseph Rosscor, Irvinestown 3 acres
ARMSTRONG Montgomery Bunnynubber, Omagh 130 acres
ARMSTRONG Mrs. A Croghan, Ballinamallard 91 acres
ARMSTRONG Thomas no address given 1 acre
ARMSTRONG William Flowerdale, Ballinamallard 13 acres
ASHE George, Reps. of Lisburn 1,216 acres
ASHE Wm. H, Reps. of Ashbrook, Londonderry 1,111 acres
ATKINSON Jackson Drummuck, Moy 54 acres
ATKINSON Wolsey Edenville, Co. Armagh, 34 acres
ATWELL Rev. William Clono's Rectory, Coalisland 822 acres
AUCHINLECK Alex. E., Rev. Dronefield, Sheffield 284 acres
AUCHINLECK Hugh Liscreevaghan 406 acres
AUCHINLECK Thos., Capt. Creevenagh House, Omagh 2,616 acres
BAGGOT R. W., Rev. Dublin 273 acres
BAILIE Misses, The Phoenix Lodge, Cookstown 1,798 acres
BAIRD Andrew Aughtermoy, Donemana 358 acres
BAIRD James Creaghan Glebe, Dunamanagh 28 aces
BAIRD James Inchenny, Strabane 23 acres
BAIRD Joseph Killeen, Newtownstewart 42 acres
BAIRD Joseph no address given 24 acres
BAIRD Martha Aughtermoy, Donemana 40 acres
BAIRD Mary address Killeen, Newtownstewart 24 acres
BAIRD Thomas Inchenny, Strabane 28 acres
BAIRD Wm., Reps. of Aughtermoy, Dunamanagh 12 acres
BALFOUR Blayney T. Lakefield, Crossakeel, Kells 76 acres
BALLANTINE Alexander, Reps. of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 1 acre
Banking Company, Belfast   no address given 4 acres
BANNAGAN Patrick Strabane 2 acres
BARCLAY Captain no address given 470 acres
BARCLAY Eliza Ardarver, Kelleter 18 acres
BARCLAY Isaac Ardarver, Kelleter 33 acres
BARCLAY James Ardarver, Kelleter 19 acres
BARCLAY William, Jr., Ardarver, Kelleter 22 acres
BARCLAY William, Sr., Ardarver, Kelleter 20 acres
BARCLAY Wm. George Ardarver, Kelleter 113 acres
BARCROFT Anna Stangmore 11 acres
BARCROFT W. James Alnavanog, Moy 12 acres
BARNARD H. W., General, Reps. of no address given 617 acres
BARR Samuel Tirkernaghan, Dunamanagh 95 acres
BARTON Emily Newtownstewart 9 acres
BEACOM Edward Esker, Dromore 1 acre
BEATTIE James Castlederg 34 acres
BEATTIE William Ardarver, Kelleter 62 acres
BEATTY Crozier Corkill, Killskeery 115 acres
BEATTY James no address given 17 acres
BEATTY Jane Miltown, Newtownstewart 74 acres
BEATTY Rowland Aughnacloy 86 acres
BEATTY William Altamullan, Kelleter 206 acres
BEATTY William Armagh 43 acres
BEGGS James Annahavil, Sandholes 14 acres
BEGGS Robert Stuggan, Coalisland 9 acres
Belfast & Northern Counties Railway Co.   Belfast 12 acres
BELL Adam no address given 14 acres
BELL Francis Kennaghan, Dungannon 17 acres
BELL Henry, Reps. of Bellmount, Stewartstown 396 acres
BELL James G. Tullylish House, Gilford, Co. Down 11 acres
BELL John Australia 39 acres
BELMORE Earl of Castlecoole, Enniskillen 14,359 acres
BERESFORD The Rt. Hon. and Most Rev. Marcus Gervais, Archbishop of Armagh The Palace, Armagh 273 acres
BEST William no address given 4 acres
BETTY John Killymitten, Ballinamallard 65 acres
BIGGAR William Finlay Foyle-street, Londonderry 330 acres
BIRD Wilkin Keenogue, Trillick 274 acres
BIRNEY George no address given 28 acres
BIRNEY John, Reps. of Downpatrick 641 acres
BIRNEY Letitia no address given 20 acres
BIRNEY Matthew Aughnacloy 2 acres
BLACK Anne Cookstown 1 acre
BLACK John Bunowen, Dunamanagh 78 acres
BLACK Joseph Cookstown 1 acre
BLACK William F. Lislap, Omagh 3,082 acres
BLACKALL Samuel W. Coolamber Castle, Co. Longford 387 acres
BLACKALL Samuel William, Reps. of Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford 504 acres
BLACKALL Vincent Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford 87 acres
BLACKER B., Rev. Cheltenham 1,291 acres
BLACKER Thomas L., Reps of no address given 844 acres
BLAIR Mary Strabane 4 acres
Board of Public Work   Custom House, Dublin 1 acre
BOLE James Cookstown 6 acres
BOND James Churchhill, Dunamanagh 66 acres
BOND Oliver Londonderry 59 acres
BOND Robert Glenview House, Londonderry 353 acres
BOND Thomas Fawney, Dunamanagh 80 acres
BOND William M. Derrygally, Demesne, Moy 75 acres
BOWEN John no address given 20 acres
BOYCE John Clady, Strabane 5 acres
BOYD Fanny Carricklee, Strabane 14 acres
BOYLE James Clady, Strabane 17 acres
BOYLE James A. St. Louis, America 258 acres
BOYLE James A. and Frederick America 334 acres
BOYLE Matilda Leitrim, Dunamanagh 34 acres
BRACKENRIDGE G. C. Ashfield Park, Clogher 2,649 acres
BRADLEY Hamilton Drumquin, Newtownstewart 2 acres
BRADLEY Neal Strabane 8 acres
BRADY Edward Killywoolaghan, Stewartstown 29 acres
BRADY Francis Killywoolaghan, Stewartstown 30 acres
BRANAGAN John Lisnarragh, Nish, Donemana 49 acres
BREEN Edward Rosscor, Irvinestown 17 acres
BREEN John Tattykeel, Omagh 165 acres
BREEN Robert Rosscor, Irvinestown 12 acres
BREEN Stewart Rosscor, Irvinestown 17 acres
BRIAN Robert Gortnaskea, Stewartstown 231 acres
BRIEN John D. Castletown, Enniskillen 288 acres
BROWN Alexander Altrest, Dunamanagh 31 acres
BROWN Henry Donaghmore, Dungannon 94 acres
BROWN James Donaghmore 120 acres
BROWN John, Reps. of Ardmore 41 acres
BROWN Montague, Capt. Fulwood, Preston 2 acres
BROWN Neal Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 21 acres
BROWN William Killymaddy 62 acres
BROWN William, sen. Tullyveagh House, Cookstown 27 acres
BROWNE Jas., Reps. of Dungannon 24 acres
BROWNE Joseph no address given 18 acre
BROWNE Thomas R. Aughintane Castle, Five-mile-town 10,125 acres
BRYARS David Mullyrodden, Carland 4 acres
BRYARS James Ballynacroy, Sandholes 22 acres
BUCHANAN A. C. Riverdale, Omagh 32 acres
BUCHANAN Alexander Churchhill, Dunamanagh 66 acre
BUCHANAN Andrew Bancran, Omagh 237 acres
BUCHANAN Anne Mullanboy, Fintona 30 acres
BUCHANAN Anne, Mrs. Omagh 68 acres
BUCHANAN Charles C. Newry 296 acres
BUCHANAN Daniel Mullawinny, Fintona 27 acres
BUCHANAN Finlay Fintona 9 acres
BUCHANAN Geo., Reps. of Strabane 2 acres
BUCHANAN George Cavan, Fintona 43 acres
BUCHANAN George no address given 76 acres
BUCHANAN James Baronagh, Fintona 68 acres
BUCHANAN James Lisboy, Omagh 522 acres
BUCHANAN John Baronagh, Fintona 310 acres
BUCHANAN John Mullawinny, Fintona 46 acres
BUCHANAN John, Rev., Reps. of no address given 324 acres
BUCHANAN L. M., Major Edenfell, Omagh 130 acres
BUCHANAN Luke Tattykeel, Clanabogan, Omagh 1,139 acres
BUCHANAN Mansergh G. Lisnamallard, Omagh 98 acres
BUCHANAN William no address given 1 acre
BUCHANAN William no address given 1,658 acres
BUCHANAN William Tattynagole, Omagh 31 acres
BUDD James, Rev. Sion, Strabane 69 acres
BUNBURY J., Sir Florence, Italy 635 acres
BUNBURY Kane Moyle, Carlow 1,118 acres
BURGES John Ynyr Parkanour, Dungannon 2,485 acres
BURGOYNE J. J., Sir, Reps. of In Chancery 7 acres
BURNS John, Reps. of Creenagh, Coalisland 2 acres
BURNS Samuel Creenagh, Coalisland 45 acres
BURNSIDE Anne no address given 71 acres
BURNSIDE Richd. Wm. no address given 323 acres
CAIRNES John Clogher 28 acres
CAIRNES William Clogher 295 acres
CALDWELL Anne Maghernageeragh 13 acres
CALDWELL Audley Near Castlederg 132 acres
CALDWELL Charles Maghernageeragh 64 acres
CALDWELL Hamilton Killeen, Castlederg 48 acres
CALDWELL Henry Glasgow 44 acres
CALDWELL Henry Killeen, Castlederg 174 acres
CALDWELL James Killen, Castlederg 3 acres
CALDWELL John no address given 115 acres
CALDWELL Matthew Maghernageeragh 39 acres
CALDWELL Nelson Killeen, Castlederg 32 acres
CALDWELL Robt. Henry Killeen, Castlederg 40 acres
CALDWELL Samuel Bomackatale, Drumquin 29 acres
CALDWELL Sarah no address given 730 acres
CALDWELL William Summer-hill, Clogher 134 acres
CALDWELL Wm. John Maghernageeragh 56 acres
CALDWELL Wm., Reps. of Maghernageeragh 32 acres
CALEDON Earl of Caledon House, Caledon 29,236 acres
CALLAGHAN William Gobnascale, Dunamanagh 26 acres
CAMPBELL Andrew Dunamanagh 10 acres
CAMPBELL Anne Aghalane, Plumb-bridge 44 acres
CAMPBELL Anne Dergbrough, Plumb-bridge 95 acres
CAMPBELL Hugh Ballynamallaght, Donemana 109 acres
CAMPBELL Hugh Dergbrough, Plumb-bridge 30 acres
CAMPBELL Hugh St. Louis, Missouri, America 186 acres
CAMPBELL Hugh Kyle Letterbrat, Plumb-bridge 75 acres
CAMPBELL James Belfast 65 acres
CAMPBELL James Dergbrough, Plumb-bridge 6 acres
CAMPBELL Jas. (Andy) Aghalane, Plumb-bridge 9 acres
CAMPBELL John Dergbrough, Plumb-bridge 6 acres
CAMPBELL John Maghernageeragh 6 acres
CAMPBELL Letitia Ballynamallaght, Donemana 37 acres
CAMPBELL Neal Dergbrough, Plumb-bridge 6 acres
CAMPBELL Robert Gortin, Newtownstewart 4 acres
CAMPBELL Robt. Boyle Letterbrat, Plumb-bridge 48 acres
CAMPBELL Samuel Newtownstewart 43 acres
CAMPBELL Terence, sen. no address given 8 acres
CAMPBELL Thomas no address given 14 acres
CAMPBELL William Dergbrough, Plumb-bridge 16 acres
CAMPBELL Wm. (Robin) Dergbrough, Plumb-bridge 98 acres
CARDWELL John Bovean, Dungannon 39 acres
CARDWELL John Tullyelmer, Co. Armagh 14 acres
CARDWELL Nelson Ballynakelly, Dungannon 11 acres
CAREY Arthur L. Castle Carey, Derry 411 acres
CAREY John Moville, Co. Donegal 27 acres
CARLAN John Bridge End, Strabane 62 acres
CARLAND Thomas Knockmoyle, Omagh 4 acres
Carland Presbyterian Church Committee of Carland 8 acres
CARSON Elizabeth Drumraw, Cookstown 52 acres
CARTER Letitia no address given 49 acres
CARTER Mary E. no address given 46 acres
CASEMENT Robt., Rev. Harryville, Ballymena, Co. Antrim 323 acres
CASSIDY Felix Killynenagh, Stewartstown 6 acres
CASTLESTUART Earl of Stuartstown 32,615 acres
CAULFIELD Edward Drumcairne, Stewartstown 1 acre
CAULFIELD James Alfred Drumcairne, Stewartstown 1,190 acre
CAULFIELD St. George Francis Dunnomon House, Roscommon 558 acres
CAVANAGH James no address given 4 acres
CHAIGNEAU Arthur, Reps. of, (Harris, Hon. Arthur), Bagshot House, Athlone 247 acres
CHAMBERS Catherine Glebe Artigarvin, Strabane 1 acre
CHAMBERS Moses Clady, Strabane 6 acres
CHAMBERS Mrs. MacCrackens, Strabane 53 acres
CHARLEMONT Earl of Roxboro' Castle, Moy 5,903 acres
CHARLES David Hughes Cookstown 2 acres
CHARLES Henry Richd., Reps. of Cookstown 23 acres
CHARLES Thomas Cookstown 3 acres
CHARLTON William Knockaraven, Dromore 41 acres
CHAYNE William, Capt. Portrush, Co. Antrim 2,180 acres
CHRISTIE David Tonnaghmore, Fintona 76 acres
CHRISTIE Stewart Londonderry 38 acres





18 King William-st., London, 7, Belgrave-square, Monkstown, Dublin, 128 acres
CHRISTY John, (joint owner), Rathhill, Easkey, Co. Sligo 157 acres
Church Education Society   no address given 2 acres
Church Representative Body   Dublin 169 acres
Church Temporalities, Commissioners of   Upper Merrion-street, Dublin 28,002 acres
CLARKE A., Rev. no address given 31 acres
CLARKE Andrew Bellmount, Lifford, Co. Donegal 159 acres
CLARKE David Cranny, Fintona 52 acres
CLARKE David Park Ho., Macclesfield 760 acres
CLARKE James Carrickone, Strabane 40 acres
CLARKE James J. Lurgantogher House, Maghera 2,439 acres
CLARKE Ledlie Manchester, England 2 acres
CLARKE Matthew no address given 162 acres
CLARKE Matthew, Rev. Kilstrule, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 102 acres
CLEMENTS William Annaghboe, Coalisland 14 acres
CLEMENTS William Gortmonly 71 acres
CLEMENTS William, Dr. Six-mile-cross 1 acre
CLUFF James Kildress, Cookstown 208 acres
CLUFF John Trillick 43 acres
CLUFF Richard Magheraglass, Cookstown 114 acres
CLUFF Richard William Magheraglass, Cookstown 469 acres
CLUFF Thomas Killymittan 39 acres
COCHRANE James Grange 353 acres
COCHRANE Robert no address given 681 acres
COCHRANE William Bunowen, Dunamanagh 64 acres
COCHRANE Wm., Reps. of no address given 2,523 acres
COLE Hume no address given 48 acres
COLHOUN Charles Newtownstewart 8 acres
COLHOUN Charles King no address given 653 acres
COLHOUN Hugh Leitrim, Dunamanagh 27 acres
COLHOUN James, junior Fawney, Dunamanagh 40 acres
COLHOUN John Castletown, Strabane 396 acres
COLHOUN John Fawney, Dunamanagh 51 acres
COLHOUN Lewis, Reps. of Six-mile-cross 7 acres
COLHOUN Samuel, Reps. of Lisanelly, Omagh 161 acres
COLHOUN Thomas Fawney, Dunamanagh 65 acres
COLHOUN William Leckpatrick, Artigarvan, Strabane 61 acres
COLLUM Archibald Enniskillen 140 acres
Commissioners Of Endowed Schools   Dublin 3,961 acres
CONNISON Walter Dunamanagh 1 acre
CONNOR Hugh Omagh 39 acres
CONYNGHAM Wm. F. L. Springhill, Moneymore 1,583 acres
Cookstown Methodist Church Trustees of Cookstown 1 acre
Cookstown Second Presbyterian Church Trustees of Cookstown 1 acre
COOPER John Douglas Burleigh Hill, Carrickfergus 1 acre
COOPER Johnston Castlederg 17 acres
COOTE James Aughnacloy 34 acre
CORRIGAN John Farlough, Dungannon 13 acres
COULTER David Mullanboy, Fintona 19 acres
COULTER John Mullanboy, Fintona 18 acres
COULTER Robert Mullanboy, Fintona 11 acres
COURTENAY Joseph Aghareany, Donaghmore 13 acres
COURTNEY John, junior Aghareany, Donaghmore 19 acres
COURTNEY John, senior Aghareany, Donaghmore 4 acres
COWAN T. C., Rev., Reps. of Bristol, England 6 acres
CRAIG James Newtownlimavady 62 acres
CRAIG Robert Binnelly, Dunamanagh 130 acres
CRAIG Thomas Kilstrule, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 133 acres
CRANSTON John, Reps. of no address given 151 acres
CRAWFORD Alexander Mullawinny, Fintona 50 acres
CRAWFORD Andrew, Reps. of Trillick 15 acres
CRAWFORD Francis, Rev. Derryloran Glebe, Cookstown 71 acres
CRAWFORD Gerard Trillick 156 acres
CRAWFORD James Mullanboy, Fintona 33 acres
CRAWFORD John Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 27 acres
CRAWFORD Samuel Kilstrule, Ardstraw Bridge, Newtownstewart 27 acres
CRAWFORD William A. Carnkenny, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 85 acres
CRAWFORD William, senior Carnkenny, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 24 acres
CREGAN Charles no address given 451 acres
CREIGHTON James, Mrs. Stewartstown, Tyrone 515 acres
CROMMELIN Samuel D. Carradore Castle, Co. Down 214 acres
CROSBIE R. Charles no address given 13 acres
CROSBY Samuel, Reps. of Dromore 11 acres
CROSS Robert Kinego, Dungannon 38 acres
CROSS Samuel Moyroe, Dungannon 17 acres
CROSS Thomas Bovean, Dungannon 47 acres
CROSS Thomas Moyroe, Dungannon 13 acres
CROSSLE James Anahoe House, Aughnacloy 670 acres
CROTHERS James Edendoit, Dungannon 344 acres
CULBERTSON John Letfern, Seskinore 15 acres
CUMMINGS George, sen., Drumgormal, Stewartstown 4 acres
CUMMINS Ellen Beragh 1 acre
CUNNINGHAM Eliza, Reps. of Liggartown, Strabane 6 acres
CUNNINGHAM James no address given 12 acres
CURRY Eliza Londonderry 8 acres
CURRY Samuel Sixmilecross 2 acres
CUTHBERTSON Sarah, Mrs. Stroancarbadagh, Omagh 161 acres
DANIEL Edward J. Cohannon, Moy 167 acres
DANIEL Edward Thomas Great Berkhamstead, England 561 acres
DANTON Henry Leitrim, Dunamanagh 27 acres
D'ARCY Francis Castle Irvine, Irvinestown 1,669 acres
DAVIS George Feroy Donaghmore 5 acres
DAVIS Mat. Ballyheather, Dunamanagh 7 acres
DAVIS W. Sinclair Sherrygroom, Stewartstown 26 acres
DAWSON Eliza Dungannon 51 acres
DAWSON Hon. Capt, The Dartrey, Co. Monaghan 1,387 acres
DAWSON William Bogbane, Dungannon 12 acres
DEAZLEY Charles, Dr. Milford Haven 660 acres
DEAZLEY John Corbally, Dromore, Omagh 266 acres
DEAZLEY William Corbally, Dromore, Omagh 266 acres
DEBILLE Louisa Eliz. Slaghtfreedan, Cookstown 10,454 acres
DENNIS Alexander no address given 1 acre
DENNY Henry Omagh 4 acres
DERMANERZE E., Madam no address given 385 acres
DEVINE Bernard (Shanral) Balix Lower, Plumb-bridge 68 acres
DEVINE Henry Clogherny, Plumb-bridge 105 acres
DEVINE James Doorat, Plumb-bridge 342 acres
DEVINE John Doorat, Plumb-bridge 40 acres
DEVINE John (Hill) Doorat, Plumb-bridge 251 acres
DEVINE Joseph Aghafad, Donemana 91 acres
DEVINE Patrick Doorat, Plumb-bridge 38 acres
DEVLIN Archibald Kinrush, Coagh 8 acres
DEVLIN Dudley Munterevlin, Coagh 8 acres
DEVLIN P., Rev. Londonderry 6 acres
DEVLIN Patrick Clogherny, Plumb-bridge 20 acres
DEVLIN W. James Cookstown 36 acres
DEVLIN William James Cookstown 5 acres
DICKSON John, Reps. of Bardahessiagh, Pomeroy 149 acres
DICKSON Thomas A. Dungannon 25 acres
DILWORTH Anthony, Reps. of Bogbane, Dungannon 44 acres
DILWORTH John Bogbane, Dungannon 38 acres
DILWORTH Richard Bogbane, Dungannon 17 acres
DOHERTY Margaret Quiggy Cranagh, Gortin 11 acres
DOLAN Daniel Carricoghan, Killeter 15 acres
DONAGHY James Cookstown 4 acres
DONAGHY Michael Ballix Lower, Plumb-bridge 32 acres
DONNELL Fanny Ballynamallaght, Donemana 161 acres
DONNELL James Killenny, Dunamanagh 64 acres
DONNELL Robt. C., Rev. Strahulter, Newtownstewart 66 acres
DONNELL Samuel, Reps. of Strabane 4 acres
DONNELL William Ballinamallaght, Dunamanagh 219 acres
DONNELLY Anne no address given 1 acre
DONNELLY Francis, Reps. of Donaghmore 18 acres
DONNELLY Hugh Killymenagh, Stewartstown 24 acres
DONNELLY Jas., junior Bogbane, Dungannon 7 acres
DONNELLY Jas., senior Bogbane, Dungannon 8 acres
DONNELLY Patk., junior no address given 9 acres
DONNELLY Patrick Gortaclare, Seskinore 151 acres
DONNELLY Patrick no address given 5 acres
DONNELLY Patrick no address given 2 acres
DONNOLLY Jas., senior no address given 16 acres
DONNOLLY Laurence Killymenagh, Stewartstown 7 acres
DONNOLLY Patk., senior no address given 30 acres
DONNOLLY Patrick no address given 13 acres
DORCHESTER Lord Greywell Hall, Hants, England 12,607 acres
DOUGLAS George Minneveigh, Coalisland 52 acres
DOUGLAS James Stughan, Coalisland 8 acres
DOUGLAS Robert Bogbane, Dungannon 5 acres
Dromore Presbyterian Congregation, Trustees of Dromore 24 acres
DUDGEON William Mullaghmore, Omagh 84 acres
DUFF Brothers Coagh, Co. Tyrone 4 acres
DUFF Hugh Coagh, Co. Tyrone 20 acres
DUFF James Coagh, Co. Tyrone 1 acre
DUFF William Drumeny, Coagh 82 acres
DUFFIN Patrick Kilsally, Stewartstown 23 acres
DUFFY Patrick Kilsally, Stewartstown 17 acres
DUNBAR David Letterbrat, Plumb-bridge 17 acres
DUNBAR George, Reps. of Woburn, Donaghadee 1,513 acres
DUNBAR John Letterbrat, Plumb-bridge 42 acres
DUNCAN Alexander Straughroy, Omagh 10 acres
DUNCAN James Aghalane, Plumb-bridge 26 acres
DUNCAN James Knockbrack, Castlederg 22 acres
DUNCAN John Cavan, Fintona 121 acres
DUNCAN Thos., Reps. of Aghalane, Plumb-bridge 7 acres
DUNCAN William Meaghey, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 49 acres
DUNCAN Wm., junior Aghalane, Plumb-bridge 35 acres
DUNCAN Wm., senior Aghalane, Plumb-bridge 20 acres
DUNLOP James Letfern, Seskinore 43 acres
DUNNE Andrew (Black) Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 34 acres
DUNNE Andrew (Miller) Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 134 acres
DUNNE Andrew, Jun. Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 62 acres
DUNNE Charles Lisnacraight, Plumb-bridge 50 acres
DUNNE Isabella Glencoppogagh, Plumb-bridge 20 acres
DUNNE James Aughtermoy, Dunamanagh 71 acres
DUNNE James Dunamanagh 6 acres
DUNNE James Glenagcorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 80 acres
DUNNE John Carricklee, Strabane 39 acres
DUNNE Robert Glencoppogagh, Plumb-bridge 44 acres
DUNNE Robert (Wee) Lisnacreaght, Plumb-bridge 3 acres
DUNNE Samuel Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 212 acres
DUNNE Thomas Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 54 acres
DUNNE William Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 44 acres
EATON Robert Trillick 55 acres
ECCLES James Meenagh, Coalisland 39 acres
ECCLES John Annagher, Coalisland 56 acres
ECCLES John S. Ecclesville, Fintona 9,227 acres
ECCLES Thomas Tullycullion, Dungannon 9 acres
ECCLES William Garvagh, Donaghmore 8 acres
ECHLIN Charles H., Reps. of Enniskillen 978 acres
ECKLIN Miss Enniskillen 1,157 acres
EDIE Alexander, Reps. of 8, Alma-terrace, Monkstown, Co. Dublin 2,248 acres
EDWARDS John Bohard, Caledon 69 acres
EDWARDS John Kilcroagh, Castlederg 1,727 acres
EDWARDS Matthew Garvetagh, Castlederg 32 acres
EDWARDS Rev. Edward Kilcroagh, Castlederg 721 acres
EDWARDS Rev. William, and others Leckpatrick, Strabane 78 acres
EGAN Robert Bunowen, Dunamanagh 38 acres
EGLETON Robert, Reps. of Cookstown 9 acres
EGLISON William no address given 58 acres
EKIN Samuel Ellison Coagh, Co. Tyrone 23 acres
ELLIOTT James Derrygortanea, Dungannon 88 acres
ELLIOTT Thomas Castlefin 273 acres
ELLIS Dr. Dublin 103 acres
ELLIS Fras., Colonel Seaton Lodge, Omagh 296 acres
ELLIS George Taboe Glebe, Dunamanagh 103 acres
ELLIS Margaret Bunowen, Dunamanagh 58 acres
ELLIS Robert Hawkes Rash, Omagh 1,596 acres
ELLIS Thomas Bunownen, Dunamanagh 39 acres
ELLIS William Legnagappoge, Donemana 62 acres
Enniskillen, Bundoran, & Sligo Railway Co.   no address given 41 acres
ENTRICAN Robert Brocklis, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 85 acres
ENTRICAN Robert Craigmonaghan, Castlederg 104 acres
ERSKINE James Aughnacloy 31 acres
EVANS Mary no address given 4 acres
EVANS Robert Gortmerron House, Dungannon 1,116 acres
EVANS Thomas Kelly Vesey-terrace, Kingstown 275 acres
EWING John Dungannon 9 acres
EWING Samuel Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 1 acre
EYRE Thomas, Reps. of Benburb 12 acres
FALLS Henry no address given 83 acres
FALLS Joseph Drummond Rock 152 acres
FALLS William Carricklongfield 249 acres
FERGUSON Andrew Creaghan Glebe, Dunamanagh 67 acres
FERGUSON Andrew Thos. Cookstown 10 acres





no address given 169 acres
FERGUSON John no address given 35 acres
FERRALL J. J. O. F. C. The Castle, Augher 236 acres
FERRALL Joseph S. no address given 44 acres
FIDDIS James Aughnacloy 132 acres
FIDDIS R. J. no address given 1 acre
FINN VALLEY RAILWAY CO.   no address given 18 acres
FITZMAURICE Geo., Reps. of no address given 3 acres
FLACK Hugh Coagh 2 acres
FLANAGAN Sarah Somervillestown 7 acres
FLEMING Hans, Dr. Omagh 185 acres
FLEMING Josias Knockaconny, Cookstown 60 acres
FLEMING Maria Pakenham-place, Belfast 60 acres
FLEMING Thomas Knockaconny, Cookstown 30 acres
FLEMING William Knockaconny, Cookstown 89 acres
FORSYTHE Andrew Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 57 acres
FOSTER Arthur Maghey, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 126 acres
FOSTER William, Reps. of no address given 514 acres
FULLAN Arthur, Reps. of Dungannon 7 acres
FULLERTON Robert Gortinagin, Newtownstewart 4 acres
FULTON Andrew Gortinagin, Newtownstewart 18 acres
FULTON John Beltany, Newtownstewart 20 acres
FULTON Joseph Beltany, Newtownstewart 20 acres
FULTON William Beltany, Newtownstewart 44 acres
FULTON William Newtownstewart 6 acres
FULTON William Newtownstewart 8 acres
FYFFE James Coolnacrunaght, Castlederg 4 acres
FYFFE William Coolnacrunaght, Castlederg 4 acres
GALBRAITH John Bracky, Omagh 45 acres
GALBRAITH John A. Greenmount, Seskinore 1,128 acres
GALBRAITH John James Glencoppogagh, Plumb-bridge 31 acres
GALBRAITH John S. Clanabogan, Omagh 3,826 acres
GALBRAITH Samuel Bracky, Omagh 39 acres
GALLAGHER Daniel Urney, Strabane 30 acres
GALLAGHER John Ballyfatten, Strabane 9 acres
GAMBLE John no address given 16 acres
GAMBLE William Grange Bready, Strabane 754 acres
GARDINER Charles, Reps. of Court of Chancery, Dublin 5,506 acres
GERVAIS Francis J. Cecil, Augher 7,727 acres
GIBSON David H. Coagh 4 acres
GILCHRIST William no address given 6 acres
GILMORE John Dromore 2 acres
GILMORE Joseph Dromore 16 acres
GIVEN John Aughnacloy 138 acres
GIVENS John Drumlegagh, Newtownstewart 18 acres
GLASGOW Benjamin Cookstown 46 acres
GLEDSTANES A. U. no address given 225 acres
GLEDSTANES Moutray Fardross House, Clogher 2,982 acres
GLEDSTANES Robert no address given 53 acres
GLENDENNING William Liscurry, Dunamanagh 13 acres
GLENN James Belfast 1 acre
GLENN Joseph Aghalane, Plumb-bridge 25 acres
GODFREY William no address given 14 acres
GOFF Joseph Dungannon 5,433 acres
GORDON R. F. Floridamanor, Killinchy, Co. Down 933 acres
GORDON Robert Stragullin, Strabane 93 acre
GORDON Robert Francis no address given 7,873 acres
GORE Hugh E. Clogher 1,627 acres
GORMLEY Charles Aghabrack, Donemana 31 acres
GORMLEY James Aghabrack, Donemana 33 acres
GORMLEY James, Reps. of Strabane 5 acres
GORMLEY Michael Aghabrack, Donemana 14 acres
GORMLEY Owen Glengarrow, Donemana 70 acres
GORMLEY Patrick Quiggy Cranagh, Gortin 11 acres
GORRELL William Rosscor, Irvinestown 20 acres
GOURLIE William, and Son Strabane 1 acre
GRAHAM Charles Cookstown 2 acres
GRAHAM Christopher, Reps. of Irvinestown 2,035 acres
GRAHAM Constantine Killymenagh, Stewartstown 8 acres
GRAHAM George Lisnaragh Irish, Donemana, Strabane 320 acres
GRAHAM James Mountjoy, West, Omagh 179 acres
GRAHAM Mrs. 57, Wellington-road, Dublin 819 acres
GRAHAM Robert Lisnaragh, Donemana 246 acres
GRAHAM Thomas Ballynamallard, Omagh 61 acres
GRAHAM Thomas Glennan, Fintona 15 acres
GREER Caroline Bernagh, Dungannon 14 acres
GREER Colonel H. H. Grange, Moy, 516 acres
GREER Edward Omagh 515 acres
GREER Frederick Tullylaggan, Cookstown 1,192 acres
GREER James Omagh 6,905 acres
GREER John Robert Monkstown, Co. Dublin 352 acres
GREER Robert Smyly Camus, Strabane 812 acres
GREER Thomas Sea Park, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim 461 acres
GREER Thomas Fergus Rhone Hill, Dungannon 306 acres
GREEVES John Greer Grange Moy 35 acres
GREEVES William Grange Moy 37 acres
GRESSON W. R., Rev. Dublin 1,705 acres
GRIBBIN Patrick Inniscarn, Desertmartyn 1 acre
GRIFFIN James Gortacloghan, Stewartstown 24 acres
GRIFFIN Matthew Gortacloghan, Stewartstown 12 acres
GUNNING Henry Greenmount, Craigavad, Belfast 84 acres
GUNNING James Laymount, Cookstown 5,950 acres
GUNNING John and William A. Cookstown 20 acres





Laymount, Cookstown & Dalchoolin, Craigavad, Belfast 1,105 acres
GUY James Mountjoy West, Omagh 145 acres
GUY Matthew Aghadarragh, Dromore 53 acres
GUY Matthew, Reps. of Drumlish, Dromore 375 acres
HACKETT John no address given 12 acres
HAGAN Catherine Glencoppogagh, Plum-bridge 24 acres
HAGAN Daniel Glencoppogagh, Plum-bridge 25 acres
HAGAN Daniel Glencoppogagh, Plum-bridge 24 acres
HAGAN Peter Glencoppogagh, Plum-bridge 38 acres
HALE Francis Dungannon 1 acre
HALL Robert, Reps. of Artigarvin, Strabane 80 acres
HAMILL Stewart Dublin 665 acres
HAMILTON Alexander Oakfield, Clones 333 acres
HAMILTON Anne no address given 7 acres
HAMILTON Arthur W. Cole Beltrim, Gortin, Newtownstewart 16,682 acres
HAMILTON Charles Ballyfatten, Strabane 73 acres
HAMILTON Claud, Lord Baronscourt, Newtownstewart 128 acres
HAMILTON Eleanor Newtownstewart 27 acres
HAMILTON George, Reps. of Ballyfatten, Strabane 58 acres
HAMILTON Henry Laghtfoggy, Killeter 20 acres
HAMILTON Hugh Carricoghan, Killeter 73 acres
HAMILTON Hugh Dergany, Dromore 159 acres
HAMILTON Isaac Carricoghan, Killeter 32 acres
HAMILTON James Cork 1,804 acres
HAMILTON James Killymenagh, Stewartstown 9 acres
HAMILTON James J., Sir, Bart. Portman-sq., London 1,283 acres
HAMILTON James, Reps. of Ballyfatten, Strabane 85 acres
HAMILTON James, Reps. of Belnagarnan, Fintona 18 acres
HAMILTON James, Reps. of Fintona 48 acres
HAMILTON John Laghtfoggy, Killeter 68 acres
HAMILTON John Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 54 acres
HAMILTON John Omagh 126 acres
HAMILTON John E., Reps. of Fintona 148 acres
HAMILTON Joseph Creeduff, Castlederg 8 acres
HAMILTON Joseph Laghtfoggy, Killeter 34 acres
HAMILTON Margaret Coolnacrunaght, Castlederg 37 acres
HAMILTON Margt., Mrs. Fintona 5 acres
HAMILTON R. S., Major Lakemount, Dromore 1,240 acres
HAMILTON R. W. no address given 107 acres
HAMILTON Robert Carricoghan, Killeter 62 acres
HAMILTON Robert Cookstown 2 acres
HAMILTON Robert, Rev. Dundalk 1,596 acres
HAMILTON Thomas Grange Park, Moy 1,960 acres
HAMILTON William Edenatoodry, Fintona 20 acres
HAMILTON William, Rev. Laghtfoggy, Killeter 33 acres
HAMILTON Wm. James Dublin 3 acres
HAMILTON Wm., senior, Reps. of Laghtfoggy, Killeter 45 acres
HAMILTON-JONES Thos. M. Moneyglass House, Toome-bridge 268 acres
HANNA Thomas, Reps. of Draperstown, Co. Derry 513 acres
HANNAH Matilda no address given 10 acres
HANNINGTON Mrs. no address given 11 acres
HARBISON John Cookstown 7 acres
HARBISON William John Cookstown 17 acres
HARKIN Michael, M. D., Reps. of Omagh 1 acre
HARPER Thomas H. Gorestown, Moy 99 acres
HARRIS Frederick Killymurphy, Stewartstown 77 acres
HARRIS Wm. Wallace 10, Upper Rutland-st., Dublin 184 acres
HARVEY Agnes Letterkenny 20 acres
HARVEY Hannah Letterbrat, Plumb-bridge 18 acres
HARVEY Mary no address given 184 acres
HARVEY Robert Camowen, Omagh 1,586 acres
HARVEY William James Lisahoppin, Omagh 137 acres
HASLETT Hugh Gortmonley 37 acres
HAVERAN John Drumard, Stewartstown 6 acres
HAWKSHAW Isaiah Mulnagore, Carland 13 acres
HAZLETON Dowson Bogbane, Dungannon 28 acres
HAZLETON John Moyroe, Dungannon 110 acres
HAZLETON John Moyroe, Dungannon 110 acres
HAZLETON Robert Bogbane, Dungannon 15 acres
HEMPHILL Robert Castlederg 81 acres
HENDERSON James Lisdillon, Londonderry 265 acres
HENDERSON James Moorfield, Dromore 38 acres
HENDERSON Robert Curglasson, Stewartstown 1 acre
HENDERSON William Ardarver, Killeter 35 acres
HENRY James Dungannon 1 acre
HENRY Joseph Glencon, Coalisland 17 acres
HENRY Robert Brigh, Stewartstown 30 acres
HENRY Robert Pomeroy 1 acre
HENRY Robert Rousky, Dunamanagh 9 acres
HENRY Robert J. Castledawson, Co. Derry 4,361 acres
HERDMAN John and T. Emerson Sion House, Strabane 210 acres
HEWETT Thomas, (joint owner) Monkstown, Dublin 157 acres
HEYLAND John Creaghan Glebe, Dunamanagh 30 acres
HILL James Brocklis, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 27 acres
HINES Rebecca, Mrs. Warwick-terrace, Leeson Park, Dublin 2,278 acres
HOEY Anne Rosscor, Irvinestown 20 acres
HOEY William Meaghey, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 42 acres
HOGGINS Saml., Reps. of Dungannon 15 acres
HOLLES & MCLOUGHLIN Messrs. Dungannon 403 acres
HOLMES Cecil London 385 acres
HOLMES John Glentown, Clady, Strabane 14 acres
HOLMES John Stranabrosney, Dunamanagh 335 acres
HOLMES Robert McCrea, Reps. of no address given 524 acres
HOLMES William Brossloy, Benburb 28 acres
Hon. Irish Society, The   London 725 acres
HOPE Thomas Arthur Wavertree, Lancashire, England 13,995 acres
HOPPER Thomas Aughnacloy 193 acres
HORNIDGE Robt., Reps. of no address given 1,169 acres
HOUSTON Charlotte, Mrs. Conywarren, Omagh 1,822 acres
HOUSTON Christopher no address given 28 acres
HOUSTON Fleming Ballynahatty, Omagh 137 acres
HOUSTON Francis J. Moy 63 acres
HOUSTON James Feenan, Fintona 39 acres
HOUSTON John Ballynahatty, Omagh 56 acres
HOUSTON Mary Anne Killeen, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 23 acres
HOUSTON Miss Lifford, Strabane 811 acres
HOUSTON Patrick Beragh, Omagh 86 acre
HOUSTON Thomas Taboe Glebe, Dunamanagh 84 acres
HOUSTON William Annaghboe, Fintona 20 acres
HOUSTON William Ballynahatty, Omagh 56 acres
HUDSON Richd., Reps. of no address given 153 acres
HUGHES Patrick no address given 1 acre
HUGHEY George Altamullan, Killeter 138 acres
HUGHEY George (Jas.) Aghafad, Donemana 20 acres
HUGHEY Henry Ardarver, Killeter 28 acres
HUGHEY James (Wee) Aghafad, Donemana 23 acres
HUGHEY James J. Aghafad, Donemana 21 acres
HUGHEY John Aughearron, Killeter 64 acres
HUGHEY Joseph Aghafad, Donemana 5 acres
HUGHEY Robert Ardaver, Killeter 26 acres
HUGHEY Robert (Jas.) Aghafad, Donemana 5 acres
HUGHEY Robert, jun. Aghafad, Donemana 38 acres
HUGHEY William Aghafad, Donemana 28 acres
HUGHEY Wm. George Aghafad, Donemana 55 acres
HUMPHREYS John, Reps. of Miltown House, Strabane 3,193 acres
HUMPHREYS Thomas William Drummond Miltown House, Strabane 335 acres
HUMPHRIES Rev. A. S. no address given 358 acres
HUNTER James Clady, Strabane 37 acres
HUNTER John Clare, Castlederg 57 acres
HYDE John Drumie, Stewartstown 80 acres
HYNDMAN David Meaghey, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 47 acres
INCH William Inchenny, Strabane 62 acres
Irish North Western Railway Co.   no address given 67 acres
IRVINE Charles Newtownstewart 67 acres
IRVINE Gerrard Feylish, Irvinestown 189 acres
IRVINE Gerrard, Reps. of Drumharvey, Irvinestown 73 acres
IRVINE H. M. D. A., Reps. of Castle Irvine, Irvinestown 3 acres
IRVINE Henry Dublin 714 acres
IRVINE Henry Feylish, Irvinestown 55 acres
IRVINE Henry Gortalowry House, Cookstown 1,474 acres
IRVINE Henry Rosslare, Co. Wexford 390 acres
IRVINE John Feylish, Irvinestown 121 acres
IRVINE Lieutenant-Col. John G Killadeas, Ballycassidy 1,795 acres
IRVINE William, Reps. of Drumharvey, Irvinestown 115 acres
IRWIN Alexander, Rev. Croagh 17 acres
IRWIN Andrew Mullaghmore, Dungannon 36 acres
IRWIN Anne no address given 51 acres
IRWIN Duncan, Captain Bernagh, Dungannon 17 acres
IRWIN Eliza Blackfort, Fintona 34 acres
IRWIN James Killeen, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 25 acres
IRWIN James Mullaghmore, Dungannon 25 acres
IRWIN Jer., Reps. of Aghareany 76 acres
IRWIN John, senior no address given 5 acres
IRWIN Mrs., Reps. of Springfield, Dungannon 266 acres
IRWIN Robert Killeen, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 24 acres
IRWIN Samuel no address given 52 acres
IRWIN Thomas Killeen, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 17 acres
IRWIN Thomas Killymenagh, Stewartstown 10 acres
IRWIN Thomas S. Drumglas House, Dungannon 977 acres
IRWIN William Dungannon 35 acres
IRWIN Wm., General Leixlip, Co. Dublin 671 acres
JACK Henry Rousky, Dunamanagh 19 acres
JACK John Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 161 acres
JACK William Lisnaragh Irish, Donemana 235 acres
JACKSON John no address given 144 acres
JACKSON John J., Rev. Ballinderry Glebe, Magherafelt 74 acres
JAMESON James Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 54 acres
JOHNSTON Archibald Drumlagher, Fintona 75 acres
JOHNSTON David Londonderry 1 acre
JOHNSTON Edward Killymoonan, Fintona 56 acres
JOHNSTON Edward Tonnaghmore, Fintona 37 acres
JOHNSTON Fanny America 25 acres
JOHNSTON Henry Stewartstown 20 acres
JOHNSTON Hugh Attaghmore, Fintona 264 acres
JOHNSTON James Attaghmore, Fintona 241 acres
JOHNSTON James Cornamucklagh, Fintona 85 acres
JOHNSTON James no address given 563 acres
JOHNSTON James Summerhill, Stranorlar 25 acres
JOHNSTON James, jun. Cornamucklagh, Fintona 144 acres
JOHNSTON John Beragh, Omagh 80 acres
JOHNSTON John Donaghanie, Beragh 214 acres
JOHNSTON John Rousky, Dunamanagh 4 acres
JOHNSTON John Sessiagh, Fintona 63 acres
JOHNSTON John Skelgagh, Fintona 529 acres
JOHNSTON Mary no address given 84 acres
JOHNSTON Mary no address given 9 acres
JOHNSTON Noble, jun. Edergoole, Omagh 42 acres
JOHNSTON Noble, sen. Edergoole, Omagh 56 acres
JOHNSTON Richard Ardarver, Killeter 34 acres
JOHNSTON Richard Munie, Castlederg 24 acres
JOHNSTON Robert Edenreagh, Castlederg 24 acres
JOHNSTON Robert Emerue, Tempo 15 acres
JOHNSTON Robert Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 81 acres
JOHNSTON Robert Miro, Co. Derry 158 acres
JOHNSTON Robert Mountjoy, Omagh 79 acres
JOHNSTON S. Y. Snowhill, Brookboro' 1,981 acres
JOHNSTON William Blackfort, Fintona 61 acres
JOHNSTON William Cookstown 3 acres
JOHNSTON William Killymoonan, Fintona 103 acres
JOHNSTON William Tattykeeran, Omagh 80 acres
JOHNSTON William Tonnaghmore, Fintona 28 acres
JONES Mrs. Dublin 2,305 acres
JOYCE John Stewartstown 20 acres
JOYCE Wolsey Mountjoy, Omagh 123 acres
KANAVAN Bernard Anaghbeg, Dungannon 16 acres
KANE Eliza Maghera, Co. Derry 91 acres
KANE Henry Benburb 5 acres
KANE James Newtownstewart 1 acre
KANE Robert Benburb 5 acres
KAYS William Leat, Dunamanagh 51 acres
KEARNEY Francis Clogherney, Plumbbridge 77 acres
KEARNEY Patrick Clogherney, Plumbbridge 160 acres
KEE William Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge Newtownstewart 65 acres
KEIGHTLY Samuel Cookstown 6 acres
KELLY John Carnan, Stewartstown 1 acre
KELLY John Rathfraggan, Fintona 348 acres
KELLY Oliver Waterside, Londonderry 180 acres
KELLY The Misses Rathfraggan, Fintona 54 acres
KELSO James Magheracoltan Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 30 acres
KENNEDY Chas. George Belgrave Mullantain, Stewartstown 2,108 acres
KENNEDY Henry Sessiagh, Fintona 36 acres
KENNEDY James Strabane 6 acres
KENNEDY James Taboe Glebe, Dunamanagh 159 acres
KENNEDY John Rosscor, Irvinestown 21 acres
KENNEDY John Pitt 29, Lupus-street, London, S.W. 1,159 acres
KENNEDY Robert, Rev. Carland, Dungannon 4 acres
KENNEDY Thomas Taboe Glebe, Dunamanagh 39 acres
KERR Andrew Killeen, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 20 acres
KERR James Meaghey, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 40 acres
KEYS Davidson Drain, Dunamanagh 13 acres
KEYS Thompson no address given 23 acres
KILLEN Robert, Mrs. Kilstrule, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 21 acres
KILPATRICK Joseph Creeduff, Castlederg 11 acres
KILPATRICK Letitia Ballynakelly, Dungannon 90 acres
KILPATRICK William Kilsally, Stewartstown 11 acres
KING Robert Annesley Lodge, Coalisland 1,683 acres
KING William Dartans, Castlederg 211 acres
KINLEY Hugh Curglassan, Stewartstown 39 acres
KIRKPATRICK George no address given 8 acres
KNOX Edwd. Challoner Desertcreat, Tullybog, Dungannon 575 acres
KNOX John Stephenstown, Strabane 49 acres
KNOX Mary Bellspark, Strabane 16 acres
KNOX Mat. Killeen, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 74 acres
KNOX Patrick no address given 26 acres
KNOX Ven. Archdeacon Lorra Glebe, Borrisokane 318 acres
KNOX W. S., The Hon. Col. Dungannon Park, Dungannon 532 acres
KNOX Wm., Reps. of Clonleigh, Strabane 2,541 acres



Andrew F., Reps. of, &

Thomas J.

Urney, Strabane 1,231 acres
KYLE Gregory Mournebeg, Castlederg 12 acres
KYLE James Cookstown 2 acres
KYLE John Creeduff, Castlederg 24 acres
KYLE John Crelly, Co. Donegal 28 acres
KYLE John Mournebeg, Castlederg 22 acres
KYLE Robert, junior Mournebeg, Castlederg 13 acres
KYLE Robert, senior, Reps. of Mournebeg, Castlederg 12 acres
KYLE William Creeduff, Castlederg 24 acres
KYLE William John Mournebeg, Castlederg 54 acres
LAFFERTY Charles Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 77 acres
LAMONT William Kilsally, Stewartstown 11 acres
LANNON Patrick Clady, Strabane 5 acres
LAPSLEY William Killywoolaghan, Stewartstown 17 acres
LATTA William Killinny, Dunamanagh 35 acres
LAUGHRAN John no address given 246 acres
LAURENCE Mrs. Walworth, Leeson-st., Newtownlimavady 45 acres
LAVENS John, Reps. of Rathmullan, Co. Donegal 124 acres
LAVERY Napoleon Munterevlin, Coagh 35 acres
LEARD John Magheracoltan, Newtownstewart 41 acres
LEARY Samuel, M. D. India 392 acres
LEATHAM William, Dr. Coalisland 4 acres
LECH Jane Corrainy, Dungannon 1 acre
LEECH Andrew Kilstrule, Newtownstewart 35 acres
LEECH Charles, Mrs. Meaghey, Newtownstewart 120 acres
LEECH John, Reps. of Meaghey, Newtownstewart 42 acres
LENDRUM Andrew no address given 33 acres
LENDRUM Andrew Rakeeranbeg, Dromore 86 acres
LENDRUM James Magheracross, Ballinamallard 2,922 acres
LENDRUM John no address given 32 acres
LEPPER Eliza, Reps. of no address given 9 acres
LESLIE John Glasslough 1,103 acres
Lislimnahan Church Trustees of Rash, Omagh 331 acres
Londonderry, & Enniskillen Railway Co.   no address given 333 acres
MACARTNEY James Maguiresbridge 12 acres
MACKAY, John, Trustees of no address given 1,022 acres
MACMAHON Wm., Sir, Reps. of Fecarry House, Omagh 16,326 acres
MAGEE Charles Dublin 385 acres
MAGEE Elizabeth Dublin 503 acres
MAGEE Frederick no address given 128 acres
MAGEE Garrett Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 56 acres
MAGEE Garrett Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 56 acres
MAGEE Patrick, Rev. Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 11 acres
MAGEE Robert Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 20 acres
MAGILL Samuel, Reps. of Crieve, Cookstown 364 acres
MAGILL William Dunmore, Cookstown 65 acres
MAGINNIS John Dunamanagh 2 acres
MAGUCKIAN Hugh Dungannon 21 acres
MAGUIRE James no address given 4 acres
MAGUIRE Madam no address given 16 acres
MAJOR James, Reps. of Dublin 108 acres
MANN Deane, Maj. Dunmyole, Six-mile-cross 955 acres
MANN Mervyn no address given 175 acres
MANN Thomas Storm Hill, Aughnacloy 458 acres
MANSFIELD Francis Letterkenny 989 acres
MANSFIELD George A. Kilmore Lodge, Drumquin 2,839 acres
MARSHAL Joseph, Rev., Reps. of no address given 88 acres
MARSHALL George Coolavanagh, Drumquin 109 acres
MARSHALL Joseph, Dr. Dromore 120 acres
MARTIN Claud Legamaghery, Fintona 79 acres
MARTIN James Carraghamone, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal 176 acres
MARTIN James R. Dungannon 1 acre
MARTIN John Shrigley, Killyleagh, Co. Down 2,346 acres
MARTIN Patrick Five-mile-town 128 acres
MARTIN Samuel, Reps. of Strabane 9 acres
MATHERS Joseph Tamnabryan 7 acres
MATHERS Robert Ardmore 21 acres
MATHEWS Henry Creeduff, Castlederg 50 acres
MATHEWS James Lisnacloon, Castlederg 25 acres
MATHEWS John Dublin 44 acres
MATHEWS John Lisnacloon, Castlederg 44 acres
MATHEWSON Clarke, Reps. of no address given 3 acres
MATURIN Daniel Baird no address given 4,900 acres
MAUDE M. C. Lenaghan, Enniskillen 479 acres
MAXWELL Alicia Corkill, Kilskeery 27 acres
MAXWELL Anne, Mrs. Fortview-terrace, Bray, Co. Wicklow 462 acres
MAXWELL Isabella Killyfaddy, Clogher 2,218 acres
MAXWELL John, Rev. Lisneight, Stewartstown 16 acres
MAXWELL Moses Meaghey, Newtownstewart 17 acres
MAXWELL P. B., Rev., Reps. of Birdstown, Derry 1,261 acres
MAYNE Joseph Warrenpoint 116 acres
MAYNE Mrs. Pomeroy 1 acre
MAYNE Nathaniel no address given 252 acres
MAYNE W. Harriett, Reps. of Glassdrummond 213 acres
MAYNE William Rehaghey 494 acres
MCBRIDE Edward Letterbrat, Plumbbridge 13 acres
MCBRIDE James Clogherney, Plumbbridge 86 acres
MCCAFFREY Patrick Cranny, Dromore, Omagh 83 acres
MCCAFFREY Patrick Dromore 102 acres
MCCALLION Chas., Reps. of Coalisland 1 acre
MCCALLION Mary, Reps. of Coalisland 4 acres
MCCARTER George Strabane 1 acre
MCCARTNEY Andrew Munterevlin, Coagh 12 acres
MCCARTNEY Miss no address given 67 acres
MCCARTNEY Samuel, Reps. of Munterevlin, Coagh 19 acres
MCCARTNEY Sir William James, Rev., Bart., Reps. of Buncrana, Co. Donegal 131 acres
MCCARTNEY William and Andrew Munterevlin, Coagh 19 acres
MCCAUSLAND Alexander Drumnakilly, Omagh 4,295 acres
MCCAUSLAND John Beragh 29 acres
MCCAUSLAND John, Reps. of Donaghmore 9 acres
MCCAUSLAND Oliver England 646 acres
MCCAY John Castlederg 621 acres
MCCAY John Kilrail, Castlederg 97 acres
MCCLAREN James Sixmilecross 8 acres
MCCLAREN John Sixmilecross 4 acres
MCCLEA John Bellspark, Strabane 10 acres
MCCLEAN Alexander Mullaghteige, Dungannon 46 acres
MCCLEAN Archibald Keenaghan, Dungannon 6 acres
MCCLEAN Daniel Relough, Donaghmore 2 acres
MCCLEAN David, Reps. of Mullaghteige, Dungannon 16 acres
MCCLEAN James, Reps. of Relough, Donaghmore 9 acres
MCCLEAN Jane Mullaghteige 59 acres
MCCLEAN John Relough, Donaghmore 2 acres
MCCLEARY John no address given 43 acres
MCCLEAVE Nathaniel Cohannon, Moy 42 acres
MCCLELLAND Jane Mullaghteige 27 acres
MCCLELLAND John Irvinestown 14 acres
MCCLENCHAN Roger Prospect, Strabane 20 acres
MCCLINTOCK A., Mrs. Buncrana 299 acres
MCCLINTOCK G. P., Major Seskinore House, Omagh 4,553 acres
MCCLOY Wm., Reps. of no address given 67 acres
MCCLUNG James Drumderg, Fintona 149 acres
MCCLURE David Cloghogle 44 acres
MCCLURE John Cloghogle 59 acres
MCCLUSKEY William Altaroney, Co. Derry 756 acres
MCCOLGAN Chas., Reps. of Chancery 218 acres
MCCOLLUM Adam Cookstown 39 acres
MCCOMB John Leitrim, Dunamanagh 44 acres
MCCONNELL Ellen Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 17 acres
MCCONNELL John Carrigans, Newtownstewart 138 acres
MCCONNELL John Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 44 acres
MCCONNELL William Curglasson, Stewartstown 2 acres
MCCORMICK Henry Ganvaghan, Castlederg 26 acres
MCCORMICK Jn., Reps. of Carricoghan 32 acres
MCCORMICK Sarah W. Waterloo Cottage, Cookstown 4 acres
MCCOURT Ann no address given 21 acres
MCCOURT Gilbert, Rev. Cork 21 acres
MCCOURT John no address given.(Note, the value of all three McCourt properties in Co. Tyrone was valued at 14 pounds 5 shillings in 1876; may be related as Irish siblings often were given equal amounts of property by parents) 21 acres
MCCOUSY Madeline no address given 2 acres
MCCOY Adam Kilstrule, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 53 acres
MCCOY Isabella Kilstrule, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 13 acres
MCCOY Robert Kilstrule, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 53 acres
MCCREA Alexander no address given 57 acres
MCCREA John Gobnascale, Dunamanagh 48 acres
MCCREA John, Reps. of Leckpatrick, Artigarvin, Strabane 168 acres
MCCREA Robert Grange House, Bready, Strabane 55 acres
MCCREA William Farm Hill, Strabane 282 acres
MCCREA Wm. George Donaghrisk, Cookstown 61 acres
MCCREA Wm., Reps. of Grange 178 acres
MCCREADY William Tellamonn, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal 39 acres
MCCREIGHT Andrew W. Armagh 865 acres
MCCRORY Edward no address given 32 acres
MCCRORY James Broughderg, Draperstown 106 acres
MCCRORY Owen no address given 12 acres
MCCRORY Terence no address given 107 acres
MCCROSSAN Alice Legland, Newtownstewart 1,381 acres
MCCROSSAN Henry Dublin 1,901 acres
MCCRUM James America 30 acres
MCCULLAGH Catherine Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 26 acres
MCCULLAGH Felix Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 18 acres
MCCULLAGH Hen. (Hugh) Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 21 acres
MCCULLAGH Henry Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 18 acres
MCCULLAGH James Crawfordshill, Enniskillen 7 acres
MCCULLAGH James (Jas.) Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 22 acres
MCCULLAGH Jas. (Frank) Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 14 acres
MCCULLAGH John Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 14 acres
MCCULLAGH Michael Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 4 acres
MCCULLAGH Patk., (Ellen) Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 35 acres
MCCULLAGH Patrick Glencopoppogage, Plumbbridge 26 acres
MCCULLAGH Patrick Quiggy Cranagh, Gortin 23 acres
MCCULLAGH Thomas (Michael) Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 38 acres
MCCULLAGH William Leitrim, Dunamanagh 41 acres
MCCUSKER Jos. no address given 25 acres
MCCUSKER Rose no address given 17 acres
MCDERMOTT Felix no address given 3 acres
MCDONALD James Laghey, Moy 7 acres
MCDONALD John R. Cohannon, Moy 234 acres
MCDONNELL John Dublin 73 acres
MCDONNELL John and William Taboe Glebe, Dunamanagh 45 acres
MCDOWELL James Letfern, Seskinore 40 acres
MCDOWELL Thomas Clogher 3 acres
MCDOWELL William Beagh, Seskinore 35 acres
MCELHONE Thomas Dungannon 11 acres
MCENTIRE James Cookstown 5 acres
MCFARLAND Andrew no address given 12 acres
MCFARLAND Andrew, Reps. of Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 4 acres
MCFARLAND Anne Letterbrat, Plumbbridge 155 acres
MCFARLAND Armor Meaghey, Newtownstewart 32 acres
MCFARLAND Charles Meaghey, Newtownstewart 14 acres
MCFARLAND George Altdaghal, Newtownstewart 30 acres
MCFARLAND H. I. no address given 88 acres
MCFARLAND Henry no address given 1,628 acres
MCFARLAND James Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 20 acres
MCFARLAND Jane Ballynamallaght, Donemana 21 acres
MCFARLAND Jane Cooley, Sixmilecross 46 acres
MCFARLAND Jas., Reps of Thornhill, Omagh 284 acres
MCFARLAND John Gortmore-ter., Omagh 1,732 acres
MCFARLAND John High-street, Omagh 645 acres
MCFARLAND John Letterbrat, Plumbbridge 59 acres
MCFARLAND John, Sr. Oghafad, Donemana 88 acres
MCFARLAND Joseph Drumnaspar, Lr. Plumbbridge 19 acres
MCFARLAND Joseph Newpark, Dromore, 65 acres
MCFARLAND Robert Silverbrook, Donemana 18 acres
MCFARLAND Robert, Sr. Gortin, Newtownstewart 65 acres
MCFARLAND Thomas Ballynamallaght, Donemana, Strabane 22 acres
MCFARLAND William Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 27 acres
MCFARLAND William Kilclean, Castlederg 179 acres
MCFARLAND William, Mrs. Aghafad, Donemana, Strabane 466 acres
MCFARLANE James Melmount, Strabane 6 acres
MCFEETERS Andrew Dromore-rd., Dromore 1 acre
MCGAHAN Bernard Pomeroy 1 acre
MCGAHAN Eliza Anne Gortshalgan, Dungannon 16 acres
MCGAHEY Robert Tattykeel, Cookstown 5 acres
MCGARRIGLE James Carricklee, Strabane 20 acres
MCGEONE Laurence Quiggy, Cranagh, Gortin 58 acres
MCGHEE James Stewartstown 1 acre
MCGILL James Clogherney, Plumbbridge 61 acres
MCGILLIAN Anne Letterbrat, Plumbbridge 1 acre
MCGINLEY Michael no address given 3 acres
MCGIRR Anne no address given 31 acres
MCGIRR Charles no address given 15 acres
MCGIRR Edward no address given 83 acres
MCGIRR Henry no address given 11 acres
MCGIRR John no address given 200 acres
MCGLINCHY James no address given 77 acres
MCGONNELL John no address given 2 acres
MCGRATH Denis Ardarver, Killeter 35 acres
MCGREAGH John Stewartstown 34 acres
MCGREGOR James Parkill, Irvinestown 55 acres
MCGUCKEN Paul Kinturk, Coagh 6 acres
MCGUCKEN Robert Ballygillan, Magherafelt 541 acres
MCGUCKIAN Edward Killygonlan, Coagh 24 acres
MCGUCKIAN Robert Ballygillan, Magherafelt, Co. Derry 110 acres
MCGUIGGAN Henry Killywoolaghan, Stewartstown 4 acres
MCHUGH Andrew Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 19 acres
MCHUGH Francis Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 19 acres
MCHUGH Henry Urney Glebe, Strabane 26 acres
MCHUGH Hugh Ardarver, Killeter 13 acres
MCHUGH John Ardarver, Killeter 18 acres
MCILLHENNY James Leckpatrick, Artigarvin, Strabane 6 acres
MCILROY Alexander Laghey, Moy 22 acres
MCILROY William Moyroe, Moy 31 acres
MCILWAINE George no address given 60 acres
MCILWAINE Hugh Stewartstown 1 acre
MCINTYRE Samuel Killycurry, Dunamanagh 105 acres
MCINTYRE Thomas Fawney, Dunamanagh 13 acres
MCIVOR Robert James Cookstown 4 acres
MCKAY Thomas Brigh, Stewartstown 16 acres
MCKEAN John Taboe Glebe, Dunamanagh 23 acres
MCKEEVER John Gortagowan, Sandholes, Cookstown 1 acre
MCKELVEY Daniel Dunbunraver, Gortin 859 acres
MCKELVEY Robert Trinamadary, Gortin 1,260 acres
MCKELVY James Tathynagole, Omagh 51 acres
MCKELVY Jane, Mrs. Bracky, Omagh 84 acres
MCKELVY R. William no address given 44 acres
MCKENNA Felix Killen, Castlederg 3 acres
MCKENNA John no address given 2 acres
MCKENZIE John Cookstown 4 acres.
MCKIMM Robert no address given 13 acres
MCKIMMIN Andrew Donemana, Strabane 44 acres
MCKIMMIN Robert Glenocoppogagh, Plumbbridge 50 acres
MCKINLEY Robert Lisnabert, Castlefin 39 acres
MCLAUGHLIN James Strabane 3 acres
MCLAUGHLIN Neal Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 10 acres
MCLEA James S. Ballaghalare, Dunamanagh 31 acres
MCLEA Samuel Ballaghalare, Dunamanagh 46 acres
MCLOUGHLIN Mary no address given 18 acres
MCLOUGHLIN Samuel Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 26 acres
MCLOUGHLIN Sarah Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 9 acres
MCLOUGHLIN Thomas Aghadarragh, Dromore 41 acres
MCLOUGHLIN William Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 39 acres
MCMACKEN Michael Kilcootry, Fintona 283 acres
MCMASTER John Stewartstown 26 acres
MCMASTER Joseph no address given 20 acres
MCMASTER Richard Cookstown 7 acres
MCMINN Isabella Corrainy, Dungannon 1 acre
MCMINN John Kilnaslee, Donaghmore 34 acres
MCMINN Robert Corrainy, Dungannon 1 acre
MCMINN Samuel Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 13 acres
MCMINN Sarah Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 7 acres
MCMINN Thomas Mullaghteige, Dungannon 11 acres
MCMINN William Corrainy, Dungannon 51 acres
MCMINN William Mullaghmarget 8 acres
MCMINN William Pomeroy 15 acres
MCMORAN C., Reps. of no address given 181 acres
MCMORAN C., Reps. of no address given 181 acres
MCMORAN C., Reps. of no address given 181 acres
MCMORRIS Elizabeth, Reps. of Ardcame, Dunamanagh 140 acres
MCMORRIS Elizabeth, Reps. of Ardcame, Dunamanagh 140 acres
MCMORRIS Ninian Ardmore 19 acres
MCNAMEE William Creaghan, Glebe, Dunamanagh 3 acre
MCNEECE Felix Listamlet, Moy 18 acres
MCNEECE Miss Mulnagore, Carland 73 acres
MCNEECE William Lammy, Sandholes, Cookstown 75 acres
MCNEILLANCE Jane Strabane 3 acres
MCNEILLANCE Thomas, Reps. of Strabane 2 acres
MCNICKLE Isabella Lisnacreaght, Plumbbridge 14 acres
MCNICKLE Isabella Lisnacreaght, Plumbbridge 14 acres
MCNICKLE Moses Lisnacreaght, Plumbbridge 8 acres
MCQUADE Charles Mullinagork 22 acres
MCQUADE Patrick Mullinagork 24 acres
MCQUADE Philip Mullinagork 23 acres
MCREYNOLDS Thomas Edernagh, Stewartstown 71 acres
MCRORY Daniel Clogherney, Plumbbridge 63 acres
MCSHANE Catherine Dungannon 4 acres
MCSORLEY Michael Quiggy, Cranagh, Gortin 112 acres
MCSORLEY Michael Quiggy, Cranagh, Gortin 112 acres
MCSORLEY Thomas Quiggy, Cranagh, Gortin 54 acres
MCSWEEGAN Thomas Tivenny, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 20 acres
MCVEAGH John Kilsally, Stewartstown 15 acres
MCWILLIAMS Elizabeth Holywood, Co. Down 16 acres
MCWILLIAMS Oliver Glassdrummond 40 acres
MCWILLIAMS Walter, Reps. of Glassdrummond 46 acres
MCWILLIAMS, versus CAMPBELL   In Chancery 383 acres
MEADE Wm. E., Rev. Artrea, Glebe, Stewartstown 45 acres
MEEK Daniel Steel, Reps. of Corrainy, Dungannon 25 acres
MEENAN Nogher no address given 21 acres
MERRINGTON & DILLON   London 361 acres
MIGAW Wm., Reps. of Eary, Stewartstown 425 acres
MILLAGH Christopher Dunamanagh 1 acre
MILLAR A. M. Findermore House, Clogher 687 acres
MILLAR Thomas Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 25 acres
MILLAR Thomas Newtownstewart 62 acres
MILLER Alexander E. Ballycastle, Co. Antrim 1 acre
MITCHELL Alexander Castlecessagh, Castlederg 10 acres
MITCHELL William Creevagh, Carland 13 acres
MOFFETT William Scraghey, Killen 45 acres
MONAGHAN Francis Magheracolton, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 14 acres
MONTAGUE Michael Dungannon 21 acres
MONTAGUE Mr., Rev. Altamuskin, Dunmoyle 62 acres
MONTEITH Andrew Newtownstewart 8 acres
MONTEITH John Miltown, Newtownstewart 42 acres
MONTEITH John, Dr. L., R. N., no address given 403 acres
MONTGOMERY H. D. F. Fivemiletown 4,452 acres
MONTGOMERY Jane no address given 8 acres
MONTGOMERY Joseph Brigh, Stewartstown 32 acres
MONTGOMERY Mary no address given 19 acres
MONTGOMERY Robert no address given 7 acres
MONTGOMERY Thomas no address given 42 acres
MONTGOMERY Vaughan Crilly, Aughnacloy 480 acres
MOODY John, M. D. Bells Park, Urney, Strabane 26 acres
MOODY Robert Killenny, Dunamanagh 23 acres
MOON Davis Dungannon 1 acre
MOORE A. G. Aughnacloy 315 acres
MOORE Acheson Augher 114 acres
MOORE Alexander M. no address given 2,686 acres
MOORE Catherine Londonderry 533 acres
MOORE Cecil Omagh 1 acre
MOORE E., Reps. of no address given 94 acres
MOORE James Craigs, Cookstown 6 acres
MOORE James Dalchoolin, Cragarad, Belfast 1,300 acres
MOORE Joseph H. no address given 389 acres
MOORE Joseph, Reps. of no address given 391 acres
MOORE Joshua Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 3 acres
MOORE Mary A. no address given 103 acres
MOORE Mary Jane Londonderry 533 acres
MOORE Mat., Reps. of Agharonan, Seskinore 11 acres
MOORE Mrs. 8, St. Helen's-terrace, Clonliffe-road, Dublin 50 acres
MOORE Richard O. London 20 acres
MOORE Robert M. no address given 2,476 acres
MOORE William Kilstrule, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 38 acres
MORGAN Thomas, Rev. Rosstrevor, Co. Down 425 acres
MORGAN William Cookstown 19 acres
MORISON Lendrum no address given 25 acres
MORRIS Archibald Ardmore 2 acres
MORRIS Thomas Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 17 acres
MORRISON George Corrainy, Dungannon 10 acres
MORRISON Patrick Dungannon 3 acres
MORROW Jane Carland, Dungannon 17 acres
MORROW John Lisnagowan, Donaghmore 18 acres
MORROW Samuel no address given 2 acres
MOSGROVE Alicia Sheridan, Kilskeery 37 acres
MOUTRAY Anketell Killybrick, Aughnacloy 9 acres
MOUTRAY Edmond Ballygawley 19 acres
MOUTRAY Eliza no address given 9 acres
MOUTRAY Henry, Reps. of no address given 1,620 acres
MOUTRAY Rev. J. J. Favor Royal, Aughnacloy 6,545 acres
MOUTRAY Richard Wm. Favor Royal, Aughnacloy 171 acres
MOUTRAY Whitney Fort Singleton, Co. Monaghan 106 acres
MULHOLLAND John Ballywalter park, Newtownards 1,244 acres
MULLAN Hugh Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 38 acres
MULLAN James Dublin 52 acres
MULLAN Samuel Tattymulmona, Fintona 41 acres
MULLIN Alexander no address given 1 acre
MULLIN Alexander W. no address given 23 acres
MULLIN Anne no address given 3 acres
MULLIN Mary no address given 10 acres
MULLIN William Omagh 11 acres
MULLOY David Richmond, Longford 18 acres
MURPHY Andrew Maghera 15 acres
MURPHY James Dublin 3 acres
MURRAY John C. Stewartstown 14 acres
MURRAY William no address given 200 acres
NEELAND Mary Creeduff, Castlederg 76 acres
NEELY George S. Ballygawley 26 acres
NEELY James Ballygawley 26 acres
NEELY John Ballygawley 26 acres
NEELY Robert Ballygawley 46 acres
NEELY Robert, Jr. Ballygawley 143 acres
NEELY Robert, Sr. Ballygawley 65 acres
NEELY Thomas Ballygawley 21 acres
NEELY William Ballygawley 54 acres
NEELY William Ballygawley 220 acres
NEELY William, Jr. Ballygawley 92 acres
NEILL Mary Cookstown 7 acres
NELIS John Quiggy, Cranagh, Gortin 54 acres
NELSON James Altmore, Cappa 85 acres
NELSON Matthew Ardstraw Bridge, Newtownstewart 83 acres
NELSON Rebecca Altamullan, Killeter 138 acres
NELSON Robert, Rev. Kilstrule 60 acres
NELSON Wm., Reps. of Derrymacanna, Trillick 43 acres
NESBITT John Ballynahone, Stewartstown 9 acres
Newmills Presbyterian Church Committee of Newmills, Coalisland 1 acre
NEWTON A. no address given 271 acres
NEWTON Courtenay Killymeal House, Dungannon 78 acres
NEWTON Robert Coagh, Co. Tyrone 466 acres
NICHOL Alice, Reps. of Newtownstewart 9 acres
NICHOLSON Armytage Lisdhu, Dungannon 125 acres
NIXON John, Reps. of Enniskillen 131 acres
NIXON Samuel Leitrim, Dunamanagh 12 acres
NIXON William Dunamanagh 3 acres
NUGENT Francis no address given 11 acres
OAKLEY Wm. H., Rev. England 913 acres
O'BRIEN James Prospect, Strabane 10 acres
O'BRIEN James Vance 12, Leinster-road, West, Rathmines, Dublin 19 acres
OGILBY Claud Altnachree Castle, Donemana 7,050 acres
OGILBY James Dungiven 1,657 acres
O'KANE Francis Leat, Dunamanagh 39 acres
O'KANE Patrick Leat, Dunamanagh 39 acres
O'NEILL Bernard Killymenagh, Stewartstown 6 acres
O'NEILL Francis Killywoolaghan, Stewartstown 8 acres
O'NEILL Fras., Reps of Mount Pleasant, Strabane 117 acres
O'NEILL Hugh Dungannon 3 acres
O'NEILL James Annagher, Coalisland 50 acres
O'NEILL Jane Killywoolaghan, Stewartstown 5 acres
O'NEILL John Cookstown 4 acres
O'NEILL Joseph Annaghmore, Coalisland 108 acres
O'NEILL Joseph B. Aghareany, Donaghmore 64 acres
O'NEILL Lord Shane's Castle, Co. Antrim 804 acres
ORR Jacob Moygashel, Dungannon 25 acres
ORR James Corranarry, Omagh 86 acres
ORR John Omagh 6 acres
ORR R. Moore Londonderry 1 acre
ORR Robert Brookend, Stewartstown 3 acres
ORR William O. Crevenaghor, Omagh 36 acres
ORR William, Reps. of Londonderry 93 acres
OSBORNE Archibald Trustees of Carnderry, Dromore 165 acres
OSBORNE George Derrynaseer, Dromore 202 acres
PARK Rev. Robert The Manse, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim 1 acre
PARK Rev. William Belfast 6 acres
PARKER Thos., Reps. of Stragullin, Strabane 60 acres
PATRICK Joseph Lislafferty, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 63 acres
PATRICK Robert Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 29 acres
PATRICK William N. Lislafferty Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 54 acres
PATRICK Wm., Reps. of no address given 137 acres
PATTERSON Alexander Carnamoney, Draperstown 1,580 acres
PATTERSON Andrew Letfern, Seskinore 53 acres
PATTERSON John Leat, Dunamanagh 47 acres
PATTERSON Joseph Moy 10 acres
PATTON John Birnaghs, Newtownstewart 33 acres
PAUL William Cookstown 10 acres
PEEBLES Hans no address given 237 acre
PEEBLES Mrs. Dublin 167 acres
PEEBLES William no address given 212 acres
PERCIVAL John M. no address given 2,805 acres
PERCIVAL Philip Sligo 192 acres
PERCIVAL Philip, Capt. London 429 acres
PIKE Richard Farlough, Dungannon 251 acres
POLLOCK John Bunownen, Dunamanagh 66 acres
POMEROY John A. Lisbellaw 167 acres
Portadown, Dungannon, & Omagh Junction Railway Co.   Offices, Dungannon 183 acres
PORTAL James no address given 27 acres
PORTER Francis Deery, Kilskeery 53 acres
PORTER James Brocklis, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 15 acres
PORTER James Prospect, Strabane 32 acres
PORTER John G. V Belleisle, Lisbellaw 1,288 acres
PORTER John G., Rev., Reps. of no address given 3,468 acres
PORTER Margaret Anne ,Mrs. Crosh House, Newtownstewart 1,625 acres
PORTER Thomas H. Rev. Ballymully, Glebe, Cookstown 340 acres
PORTER William Aghadarragh, Dromore 46 acres
PORTER William J. Prospect, Strabane 37 acres
PORTER William John Cookstown 7 acres
POSTEN Jane Kilkatten, Co. Derry 89 acres
POSTEN Robert Kilkatten, Co. Derry 20 acres
POWERSCOURT Viscount Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow 9,230 acres
PRESTON Col. Richard no address given 1,319 acres
PRINGLE Alexander Bessbrook, Newry 41 acres
PURDEN James address Glentown, Strabane 49 acres
PURDEN Susan address Glentown, Strabane 28 acres
PURDEN William address Glentown, Strabane 31 acres
QUIN Hugh, Reps of Creggan, Cookstown 525 acres
QUIN Michael Broughderg, Draperstown 721 acres
QUIN Peter Loughbrickland, Co. Down 85 acres
QUINN Bernard Killymenagh, Stewartstown 6 acres
QUINN Daniel Coalisland 8 acres
QUINN James, Jr. Glencoppogagh, Plumbbridge 24 acres
QUINN John Clogherny, Plumbbridge 61 acres
QUINN Patrick Cookstown 5 acres
QUINN St. John Ballymurphy, Stewartstown 36 acres
QUINN Thomas Kilbeggan 52 acres
RAMSAY Frances Newtownstewart 1 acre
RAMSAY James no address given 77 acres
RAMSAY Mary E. no address given 39 acres
RAMSAY Samuel no address given 199 acres
RANFURLY Earl of Dungannon 9,467 acres
RANKIN John no address given 134 acres
RANKIN Miss Enniskillen 77 acres
RAY Joseph address Killycurry, Dunamanagh 16 acres
REA John Carnkenny, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 135 acres
READ Thomas Strabane 2 acres
REID Alexander no address given 7 acres
REYNOLDS Ellen Dungannon 9 acres
RICHARDSON Benjamin Killygonlan, Coagh 19 acres
RICHARDSON Henry M. Rossfad, Ballycassidy 913 acres
RICHARDSON J. J. Lurgan 514 acres
RICHARDSON Jas. Greer Trewmont, Moy 527 acres
RICHARDSON John Corrainy, Dungannon 4 acres
RICHARDSON Marcus Portrush, Co. Antrim 501 acres
RICHIE James no address given 1 acre
RIDDAL Robert, Reps. of Armagh 190 acres
ROBB James Killen, Newtownstewart 11 acres
ROBB James Lislaird, Castlederg 7 acres
ROBINSON Alex. H., Dr. Fintona 209 acres
ROBINSON J. K., Reps. of, Rev. no address given 5 acres
ROBINSON James Fintona 69 acres
ROBINSON John B. Derrymeen, Dungannon 67 acres
ROBINSON Richard Kinego, Dungannon 34 acres
ROBINSON Robert Garvagh, Donaghmore 8 acres
ROBINSON Thomas Drumhorrick, Dungannon 25 acres
ROBSON Charles A. Eary, Stewartstown 2 acres
ROCKS Edward Stangmore, Dungannon 7 acres
RODDY Catherine Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 81 acres
RODDY Felix Laghey, Moy 8 acres
RODDY James Bunownen,, Dunamanagh 52 acres
RODGERS Andrew, Reps. of Omagh 512 acres
RODGERS John Curraghamalkin, Drumquin 234 acres
RODGERS William Cavancaw, Omagh 525 acres
ROGERS (first name not given) Glassmullagh, Omagh 54 acres
ROGERS John, Reps. of Glenock, Newtownstewart 539 acres
ROGERS Robert, Reps. of Liverpool 17 acres
ROONEY George no address given 18 acres
ROONEY Samuel no address given 15 acres
ROPER Edward no address given 62 acres
ROSS Dr. no address given 3 acres
ROULSTON Rev. John Donagheady, Strabane 138 acres
RUSSELL J. F. Dublin 369 acres
RUSSELL James Killen, Newtownstewart 52 acres
RUSSELL Robert no address given 47 acres
RUTH James Glengoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 11 acres
RUTH Samuel Taboe Glebe, Dunamanagh 58 acres
RUTHERFORD Anne Cookstown 1 acre
RUTLEDGE Charles Garvetagh, Castlederg 23 acres
RUTLEDGE Henry Aughanhoo, Killen 206 acres
RUTLEDGE Robert Garvetagh, Castlederg 59 acres
RUTLEDGE William Garvetagh, Castlederg 107 acres



W. R. McKay

Rev. H. N., Rev.

no address given together 421 acres
Sandholes Presbyterian Church Trustees of Sandholes, Cookstown 7 acres
SANKEY Major no address given 90 acres
SCOTT Charles Cranny, Dromore, Omagh 44 acres
SCOTT Chas., Commander, R.N. Straughroy, Omagh 124 acres
SCOTT Ellen C. no address given 103 acres
SCOTT Hamilton Dromore, Co. Tyrone 652 acres
SCOTT Irvine Mullaghbane, Dromore 24 acres
SCOTT James Mullaghbane, Dromore 24 acres
SCOTT James, Reps. of Bloomhill, Dungannon 843 acres
SCOTT James, Reps. of Omagh 366 acres
SCOTT John Dromore 1,604 acres
SCOTT Joseph Curley, Dromore 138 acres
SCOTT Joseph Mullawinny, Fintona 27 acres
SCOTT Joseph, Reps. of Rockwood, Castlederg 180 acres
SCOTT Luke F., Capt. Straughroy, Omagh 48 acres
SCOTT Richard no address given 92 acres
SCOTT Robert Knockmoyle, Omagh 130 acres
SCOTT Robert W. Bloomhill, Dungannon 64 acres
SCOTT William Aughnacloy 269 acres
SCOTT William Bundoran 161 acres
SCOTT William Dromore 4 acres
SCOTT William Lisanelly, Omagh 321 acres
SCOTT William Mullaghbane, Dromore 37 acres
SCOTT William no address given 1 acre
SEMPLE Francis, Reps. of Laghtmorris, Killeter 81 acres
SHARKEY James no address given 6 acres
SHEERIN Denis Tivenny, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 23 acres
SHEIL James London 1,041 acres
SHEIL Robert 19, Upper Sackville-street,, Dublin 467 acres
SHEILDS Edward Dunamanagh 1 acre
SHELLINGTON John no address given 27 acres
SHEPHERD George Clogher 11 acres
SHERARD Robert Trillick 10 acres
SHIELDS Daniel Altmore, Cappagh 75 acres
SHIELDS Michael Altmore, Cappagh 1,287 acres
SHIELDS Patrick Altmore, Cappagh 920 acres
SHORT Matilda no address given 73 acres
SHUTER James Coote Dungannon 406 acres
SHUTER Kennedy Drummond, Rock 30 acres
SIMPSON Eliza no address given 24 acres
SIMPSON John, Jr. Rylagh, Omagh 109 acres
SIMPSON Mary no address given 1 acre
SIMPSON Robert Lisneight, Stewartstown 5 acres
SIMPSON Thomas no address given 73 acres
SINCLAIR James Dundarg, Coleraine 3,247 acres
SINCLAIR Thomas W. Armagh 22 acres
SINCLAIR William Holly Hill, Artigarvin, Strabane 2,152 acre
SINCLAIR William Rouskey, Stewartstown 4 acres
SINGLETON Crawford Dublin 378 acres
SINGLETON Thomas D. no address given 21 acres
SKELTON John Cavan, Moy 11 acres
SKELTON William Dromore, Omagh 40 acres
SKIPTON Col., Reps. of no address given 7 acres
SLEVIN Daniel Cranny, Dromore, Omagh 7 acres
SLEVIN John Aghadarragh, Dromore 10 acres
SLEVIN Michael Cranny, Dromore, Omagh 25 acres
SLEVIN Miss Dungannon 9 acres
SLEVIN William Cranny, Dromore, Omagh 24 acres
SLOAN George M. America 50 acres
SLOAN George, Jr. Coalisland 84 acres
SLOAN Mrs. Coalisland 2 acres
SLOANE James Donaghrisk 42 acres
SLOANE John, Reps. of Tullyweery House, Stewartstown 76 acres
SMITH Andrew Rousky (sp?), Dunamanagh 47 acres
SMITH Erasmus no address given 3 acres
SMITH Erasmus, Trustees of no address given 4 acres
SMITH Francis no address given 191 acres
SMITH George S., Rev. Riverland, Omagh 215 acres
SMITH George, Rev., Reps. of no address given 263 acres
SMITH Henry Ardcame, Dunamanagh 120 acres
SMITH James Miltown, Newtownstewart 78 acres
SMITH James, Reps. of Gortindarragh, Rock 162 acres
SMITH Michael Glasgow 10,967 acres
SMITH Mrs. no address given 43 acres
SMITH Robert, Reps. of Dungannon 54 acres
SMITH William Altrest 91 acres
SMYLY John G., Capt. Upper Merrion-street, Dublin 1,069 acres
SMYTH Allan Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 46 acres
SMYTH Andrew Rouskey, Donemana 133 acres
SMYTH David M. Strabane 150 acres
SMYTH James Ballynamallaght, Donemana 132 acres
SMYTH John Alexander, Reps. of Cookstown 18 acres
SMYTH Joseph Ballynamallaght, Donemana, Strabane 203 acres
SMYTH Robert Ballynamallaght, Donemana, Strabane 177 acres
SMYTH Thomas John Cookstown 8 acres
SMYTH William Ballynamallaght, Donemana, Strabane 237 acres
SOMERVILLE James Omagh 92 acres
SPEAR James, Reps. of no address given 274 acres
SPEER Isaac Castlederg 29 acres
SPENCE George no address given 2 acres
SPOTTISWOODE Andrew Manor Ho., Bellaghy, Co. Derry 1,412 acres
SPROULE Andrew Brookhill, Omagh 131 acres
SPROULE Charles Coolavanagh, Drumquin 207 acres
SPROULE Charles Dromore, Omagh 680 acres
SPROULE James, Reps. of Greenan, Dromore, Omagh 240 acres
SPROULE Moses, Reps. of Inchenny, Upper Strabane 86 acres
SPROULE Oliver Curraghamulkin, Drumquin, Newtownstewart 150 acres
SPROULE Robert Aghee, Dromore, Omagh 826 acres
SPROULE Robert Altamullen, Killeter 234 acres
SPROULE Thomas Altamullen (sp.?), Castlederg 562 acres
SPROULE W. Thomas Altamullen, Killeter 528 acres
SPROULE Wm. Beatty Altamullen, Killeter 155 acres
STACK George Hall Mullaghmore, Omagh 3,134 acres
STACK Richard Omagh 437 acres
STANLEY Charles Roughan Park, Newmills, Dungannon 326 acres
STAPLES Nathaniel Alexander, Sir, Bart. Lisson, Cookstown 3,078 acres
STARK James, Jr. Lisnacreaght, Plumbbridge 8 acres
STEELE Samuel Beltany, Newtownstewart 35 acres
STENSON Archibald Kilnaslee, Donaghmore 6 acres
STENSON Jane no address given 5 acres
STENSON Thomas Dungannon 16 acres
STEPHENSON Elizabeth Altrest 34 acres
STEPHENSON John Altrest 24 acres
STEPHENSON John Londonderry 3 acres
STEPHENSON William Bunowen, Dunamanagh 94 acres
STEPHENSON William Mullanboy, Dromore 56 acres
STEPHENSON William no address given 27 acres
STERLING Judge South Beach, Manside's Hotel, Southsea, England 2 acres
STEVENSON James Strabane 4 acres
STEVENSON John Coalisland 76 acres
STEVENSON John, Trustees of Coalisland 41 acres
STEVENSON Robert Dungannon 1 acre
STEWART A. G., Hon., Reps. of no address given 1,082 acres
STEWART Adam Cookstown 4 acres
STEWART Alexander G. Union Club, Trafalgar-square, London 2,097 acres
STEWART Charles Dromore 13 acres
STEWART Charles no address given 1 acre
STEWART G. V. no address given 4 acres
STEWART George, Rev., Reps. of no address given 832 acres
STEWART J. D. H. Dublin 870 acres
STEWART Jane Congo, Dungannon 6 acres
STEWART John Clady, Strabane 60 acres
STEWART John M., Sir, Bart. Ballygawley House, Ballygawley 27,905 acres
STEWART John, Reps. of Dublin 1,453 acres
STEWART Mervyn, Capt. Martray Ballygawley 124 aces
STEWART Rebecca Clady, Strabane 3 acres
STEWART Thomas, B. L. Whitegate House, Middleton, Co. Cork 199 acres
STEWART William Dublin 90 acres
STEWART William no address given 37 acres
Stewartstown First Presbyterian Church Trustees of Stewartstown 1 acre
Stewartstown Second Presbyterian Church Trustees of Stewartstown 1 acre
STOKES Ven. Archdeacon no address given 157 acres
STOPFORD G., Rev no address given 493 acres
STORY J. R. no address given 666 acres
STORY James Bryanston-square, London 1,310 acres
STORY Rev. William Corick, Clogher 2,065 acres
STORY Robert no address given 263 acres
STRONGE James M., Sir, Bart. Tynan Abbey, Armagh 8,426 acres
STUART Hamilton Conywarren, Omagh 152 acres
STUART Mary Dromore 1 acre
STUART Robert Tullyleek, Donaghmore 15 acres
STUART Ven. Archdeacon Bandon, Co. Cork 1,280 acres
STUART William Tullyleek, Donaghmore 21 acres
TAGGART Robert Carrickmacross 155 acres
TAYLOR Andrew Kilstrule, Ardstraw, Newtownstewart 5 acres
TAYLOR Charles Cookstown 11 acres
TENER Hampton E. Moree, Dungannon 38 acres
TENER John K. Tully, Augher 179 acres
TENER John Kinley Moree House, Dungannon 163 acres
TENNENT Ann, Reps. of Belfast 630 acres
TENNISON Patrick Killygonlan, Coagh 17 acres
THOMPSON A., Reps. of no address given 67 acres
THOMPSON Hamilton, Reps. of Londonderry 1,111 acres
THOMPSON James Killeen, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 25 acres
THOMPSON James Milltown, Newtownstewart 104 acres
THOMPSON John Six-mile-cross 4 acres
THOMPSON Livingston Castle Grange, Co. Wicklow 1,238 acres
THOMPSON Mary Anne Glenagoorlan Glebe, Dunamanagh 39 acres
THOMPSON Robert Creaghan Glebe, Dunamanagh 56 acres
THOMPSON William George Mullaghwotragh, Coagh 571 acres
TISDAL W. A. Tullydovey, Moy 145 acres
TODD John, M. D. Newtownstewart 105 acres
TODD William Orwell-road, Rathgar, Co. Dublin 1,824 acres
TOTTENHAM Richard Glengeen Lodge, Trillick 393 acres
TOWNLEY David Tivenny, Newtownstewart 30 acres
TRAYNOR Patrick no address given 1 acre
TREANOR Christopher Farsnagh, Arboe, Coagh 11 acres
TREANOR Francis, Dr. Omagh 126 acres
TREDENNICK J. A. Camlin, Ballyshannon 459 acres
TREDENNICK Wm. R. Ballyshannon 400 acres
TRENCH Mary S. Loughfeigh, Co. Derry 37 acres
TRIMBLE Catherine A. no address given 125 acres
TRIMBLE James Strabane 1 acre
TRIMBLE James, Reps. of Clogher 465 acres
TWAITE Hawthorne Belfast 1 acre
TWEEDY James Baronscourt, Newtownstewart 53 acres
TWEEDY John Aughalougher, Killeter 53 acres
TWEEDY Samuel Maghernageeragh 31 acres
TWIGG R., M. D. no address given 51 acres
Tyrone Mining Co. (Coal)   Dungannon 3 acres
Ulster Railway Co.   Belfast 241 acres
VANCE John Rutland-square, Dublin 28 acres
VANCE Robert Rutland-square, Dublin 29 acres
VERNER William, Sir Church Hill, Moy 16,042 acres
VERNER Wingfield Bray 515 acres
VESEY Samuel Derrybard House, Seskinore 1,953 acres
VIGORS Thomas C. Croughill Caledon 100 acres
WADE William no address given 699 acres
WAKEFIELD Ed., Reps. of Lansdowne, Cheltenham 18 acres
WAKEFIELD Thomas no address given 1 acre
WALKER David Tyrconnolly, Dunamanagh 78 acres
WALKER James Tyrconnolly, Dunamanagh 91 acres
WALKER William In Chancery 207 acres
WALLACE Joseph Aghadarragh, Dromore 40 acres
WALLACE Mary Ann Morningside Asylum, Edinburgh 1 acre
WALTERS Robert Dungannon 7 acres
WALTERS William & Thomas Lower Back, Stewartstown 5 acres
WARD Michael Doorat, Plum-bridge 71 acres
WARNICK James no address given 85 acres
WARNOCK Alexander Aghadreenan, Fintona 98 acres
WARNOCK Alexander Skelgagh, Fintona 189 acres
WARNOCK Archibald Fintona 162 acres
WARNOCK Hugh Corbally, Fintona 50 acres
WARNOCK Hugh Skelgagh, Fintona 111 acres
WARNOCK James Fallaghearn, Fintona 92 acres
WARNOCK James Rakeeranbeg, Dromore 153 acres
WARNOCK Messrs. Dromore 19 acres
WARNOCK Robert Fallaghearn, Fintona 158 acres
WARNOCK Robert Mullasiloga, Fintona 85 acres
WATSON Hans no address given 1 acre
WATSON Joseph Flushtown, Strabane 15 acres
WATSON William Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 57 acres
WAUCHOB Samuel no address given 117 acres
WAUCHOPE Samuel Lislafferty, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 68 acres
WAUGH Mrs. Farm Hill, Magherafelt 2 acres
WAUGH Thomas Stewartstown 26 acres
WEBSTER Maria, Reps. of no address given 180 acres
WEST W. J., Rev., Reps. of no address given 2,061 acres
WHILTON George Dublin 260 acres
WHITE Humphrey Main-street, Newtownstewart 418 acres
WHITE John no address given 11 acres
WHITE Mary Margaret, Trustees of, (James Sloan, Receiver in Chancery) Moy 277 acres
WHITE Oliver Strabane 6 acres
WHITE Robert Mullaghriffy 4 acres
WHITE Thomas Fintona 3 acres
WHITESIDE Arthur Pomeroy 16 acres
WHITESIDE John Ballynakelly, Dungannon 2 acres
WHITESIDE John C. Coalisland 94 acres
WHYTE E. Venables, Rev. Red-hill House, Belturbet 797 acres
WILCOX William Hertfordshire 5 acres
WILEY James no address given 26 acres
WILEY Joseph Lisnahannah, Irvinestown 24 acres
WILEY Sarah Drumconnis, Dromore 94 acres
WILLCOCKS James C., Rev. Ballinagh 28 acres
WILSON Alexander Brocklis, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 16 acres
WILSON Ch. Thomas no address given 263 acres
WILSON Elizabeth Crossan 124 acres
WILSON Fleming Tattykeel, Omagh 20 acres
WILSON James Carnkenny, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 63 acres
WILSON James Omagh 337 acres
WILSON John Dungannon 8 acres
WILSON John Tonnaghmore, Fintona 19 acres
WILSON John (Big) Tattykeel, Omagh 33 acres
WILSON John (Wee) Tattykeel, Omagh 40 acres
WILSON Mary no address given 67 acres
WILSON Sarah, Mrs. Tonnaghmore, Fintona 13 acres
WILSON Thomas Magherafelt, Co. Derry 347 acres
WILSON Thomas Ranelly, Omagh 27 acres
WILSON William Omagh 128 acres
WILSON William Roughan, Dungannon 36 acres
WISHART Joseph no address given 1 acre
WOODHOUSE J. Meath House, Portadown 73 acres
WOODS Catherine Glencoppogagh, Plumbridge 10 acres
WOODS Charles Moygashell 24 acres
WRAY John Carnkenny, Newtownstewart 76 acres
WRIGHT Isabella Newtownstewart 11 acres
YOUNG Charles Altamullan, Killeter 1 acre
YOUNG Henry Wray, Rev. Donaghenry Glebe, Stewartstown 49 acres
YOUNG Isabella, Mrs. Edenafogry, Fintona 160 acres
YOUNG James Edenafogry, Fintona 45 acres
YOUNG Robert Edenafogry, Fintona 72 acres
YOUNG Robert F. 6, Foster-place, Dublin 275 acres
YOUNG Stewart Kilstrule, Ardstraw-bridge, Newtownstewart 76 acres
YOUNG Thomas A. Monaghan 78 acres
YOUNG William Altamullan, Killeter 4 acres