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Ploughing Match At Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, March 1848

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution March 17 1848
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The annual ploughing match of the Dungannon Agricultural Society took place on Tuesday last, the 14th instant, in a large field adjoining the residence of Joseph Greer, Esq., Grange. Though the day was extremely unfavourable, a large concourse of spectators assembled, and manifested much interest in the proceedings. Amongst the gentry and more respectable inhabitants of the district present, we observed the following: -

Hon. Stewart Knox

Joseph Greer, Esq., J.P.

Robert Wray, Esq., J.P.

Walter Hore, Esq., J.P.

Richard Lloyd, Esq.

Rev. Mr. Greer

Charles Magee, Esq., Rhone Hill

James N. Pike, Esq.

James Brown, Esq.

Robert Wilson, Esq.

James Hanna, Esq.

Thomas Henry Harper, Esq.

William Holmes, Esq.

James Dickson, Esq.

Wm. H, Irwin, Esq.

---------Caulfield, jun., Esq.

---------Wray, jun., Esq.

Joseph Barcroft, Esq.

John Pim Barcroft, Esq.

Mr. William Greeves

Mr. A. Wilson

Mr. Crawford

Mr. John Caulfield

Mr. John Wilson

Mr. James Mackey

Mr. Wm. McClelland

Mr. Robert Greer

Mr. Lilburn, &c. &c.

The ground had been laid out by Mr. Wilson of Benburb…………….

The ploughs were all iron, the greater portion formed on the improved principle, as introduced by the celebrated plough manufacture, Mr. David Allen, of Moneymore. The ploughing having been concluded, the following adjudications of the judges were read out on the field by Walter Hore, Esq. –


1st prize, Hon. Mrs Knox: ploughman, John Jackson

2nd prize, Joseph Greer, Esq.,: ploughman, James Lively

3rd prize, C. P. Leslie, Esq.,: plough held by servant

4th prize, Rev. Mr. Green: plough held by servant


1st prize, Mr. M. Marshall of Caledon, plough held by son

2nd prize, Mr. Wm. Swinnerton of Coolcush, plough held by son

3rd prize, Mr. John Kidd of Culkerran, plough held by son

4th prize, Mr. W. Anderson of Carrowcolman, plough held by son

5th prize, Mr. Henry Shillington of Crew, plough held by self

6th prize, Mr. Wm. Bradley, sen., of Drumcairn, plough held by son


Mr. Ferguson of Drumcairn, Mr. Moutray of Parkanaur and Mr. Perry of School lands.

The following gentlemen acted as stewards

Walter Hore, Esq., Richard Lloyd. Esq., William H. Irwin, Esq., and J. Barcroft, Esq.