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Dungannon Agricultural Society Ploughing Match, March 1847

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution March 5 1847
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

The annual ploughing match of this society was held on Monday last in a field on the farm of Mr. Joseph Kidd, near Moy. The ground was admirably adapted for the purpose, being situated on the edge of the mail coach road from Dungannon to Moy, from which, owing to the inclination of the field, the spectators who were multitudinous, had a very extensive view of the proceedings without interrupting the ploughmen.

The following gentlemen, who formed the field committee, were early in attendance, and had the necessary preparations in readiness prior to the hour named for starting:

Robert Wray, Esq., Dungannon

Walter Hoare, Esq., Benburb

William H. Irwin, Esq., Drumglass-House

John Cranston, Esq., Cranbrook

Mr. Joseph Barcroft, Stangmore

The quantity to be ploughed having been laid off by Mr. Robert Wilson, engineer to the board of public works in the district, at 11 o’clock precisely, fourteen ploughs started, all equipped in beautiful order.

The several having been completed, the majority within the given time, the judges, viz.:

Mr. Anderson, Stuart-hall

Mr. Wise, Caledon hill

Mr. Hugh Robson, Eary

entered the field, and, after very minute inspection, came to the following decisions, which were read out to the anxious ploughmen on the field by Robert Wray, Esq.:


1st. Thomas Henry Harpur, Esq., Gorestown, plough held by servant

2nd. Hon. Mrs. Knox, Bernagh, plough held by servant

3rd. James Hanna, Esq., Blackwatertown, plough held by servant

4th. John Cranston, Esq., Cranbrook, plough held by servant

5th. Rev. Henry Greer, Ballyclog, plough drawn by two very fine young bullocks, in the management of which the ploughman, being a very young man, displayed great judgement, and executed his work within the time allowed for horses


1st. Mr Joseph Kidd, Culkeeran, plough held by self

2nd. Mr. Henry Shillington, Crew, plough held by his brother James

3rd. Mr. W. Bradley, Drumard, plough held by his son

4th. Mr. Wm. Swinerton, Coolcush, plough held by son

5th. Mr. Alexander Smith Coolhill, plough held by son

6th. Mr. John Kidd, Culkeeran, plough held by son

In the evening a dinner was prepared at the Ranfurley Arms Hotel, (Mr. Lilburn’s) for the accommodation of the judges, the annual dinner of the society being only held on the day of the cattle show, at which, a number of the members of the society attended.

Mr. John Kidd was placed in the chair, supported by Mr. Joseph Barcroft.