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Subscriptions to Dunnamanna Relief Fund 1847

Transcribed from copies from National Archives marked RLFC 3/2/28/33
Transcribed & Compiled by Teena

**Note** It is very difficult to distinguish between
the Initials W or N, and S, T or L


Subscriber Subscriber Subscriber
John M'Farland J & J McKay S Fulton
Charles Harkin R J McKay T McCleary
M Harkin S Kee W Bates
S Gormley A Scott C Houston
C Divine J McMenamin S McIntyre
J Brown J Hone (?) G Wray
F Henderson J Logue J & J Fulton
S Brown Charles Seaton Esq J Martin
R Huey Rev Wm Conway W Flair (?)
J Stewart James Brown S Ashe
J Divine W (?) Boyle J Hale
G & G Huey J Lindsay E Laughlin
J Huey J Mellon (Mellow?) J Buchanan
M Love B Hyndman J Smyth
W Donnel F Black W Cooke Jr
G Graham H Ramsay W Allen & W Day
W R & J Smyth J Alexander J Gordon & S Cooke
P & H Divine C Young W & L Fulton
J Smyth J Dunn J Martin & R Hunter
H Campbell A Campbell A Divine & S Johnstone
D Millar J Cary Esq A Ramsay & L Mitchel
S Jack Esq Rev B McConnelogue (?) (N ) Callaghan
R Stewart Rev J Monteith B Stevenson Esq
R & D Craig Rev D J Walker J Laughlin
Js O'Kane R Smiley Esq E Arbuckle
J Rourke Wm McCrea Esq M Laughlin & G Smyth
Rev W McLaughlin Joseph Moore Esq John Campbell
A Baird Esq R.N D Baird J McMorris
J McLaughlin J Eaton J McGile
L Kennedy W Kennedy H Rosborough
K (H?) Eaton H Divine R Egans
W (Brolly?) T Pollock D Ellis
J Roddy T Stevenson W Cochran & J Brolly
J Keays & M Tait A Ferguson A Friend
Hon & Rev C Douglas J Keays J McKean & G Ellis
N Doherty ? Colhoun W & A Buchanan
J Craig G Aiken H & J Colhoun
J & E McCinley J Boyle & W McCullock W Ogilby Esq
J Logue T Gilmour N (?) Mitchel
J Ellis J & J Wallace A Hastings
D & J Walker Mrs Dunn W Chisholm
W Logue S McMorris J Brown
Jas Glen Saml McCrea R Glen
J McCrea J McIntyre J Porter & D Kee
Rev H Colthurst (?) Joseph McCrea J Todd
J Cunningham W Lowry & W O'Neile J Gilmour & T Young
H Young & A Young W Smyth R McCrea Esq
J McCrea Esq J & J Bates J Lowry
A Bryson E McMorris J Lyon
R & J McKay W Houston S Todd & M Alexander
J Pollock J Woods J & J & R Kilgore
W & L McIntyre M Woods & J & R & J Hamilton J Whiteside & J Hunter
J McKinney & J Stevenson F O'Neill Esq J Holmes Esq
Rev S T Wray Jas Ball Esq Rev F Porter
Marquis of Abercorn J Semple W & J Rankin
J Todd & T Glen R Patrick Mess Niscold(?)
J & G Pollock Robt Ellis Jas McCain
P Quin Andrew Dunn John McConnel
Hugh Mullan W Jamison & N Dunn J Lyon & S Ruth
A Dunn & J Thomson J Crawford & J McMorris M & W Kennedy
A & W Thomson J Carland & J Kirgan (?) W Rodger
W Cooks & J Porterfield J Buchanan & G Smith J McGowan
James Moore

"We certify that the subscriptions set forth in this list have been collected and paid to the Dunnamanna Relief Committee and that there is not included in it any sum contributed from funds of the......?.......? to Charitable....?....?" Dunnnamana 8th Dec 1848 signed Charles Douglas Chairman John Montieth Secty."