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Clogher Union, Co. Tyrone, Farming Society Annual Ploughing Match 1858

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution, February 5 1858
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




The annual ploughing match of this flourishing Society, took place in a field in the Deanery grounds, Clogher, on Tuesday last. Owing to the wetness of the day, the attendance was not numerous, nor were the ploughers able to get through the work assigned to them in as good a style as they otherwise would have done.

Notwithstanding the state of the weather, however, we observed on the ground –

The Hon. and Very Rev. Dean Maude and family

Captain and Mrs Baird

Whitney Moutray, Esq.

J. W. Ellison, Esq.

Alexander Story, Esq.

Miller Simpson, Esq.

Mr. John Bryan

Mr. John Smith

Mr. C. Burgoyne

Mr. James Ramsay

Mr. William Bryan

Mr. James Scott

Mr. John Roulston

Mr. Wm. Taylor

Mr. Adam Richey

Mr. A. Steen, &c, &c

The dinner took place in the evening, in the hotel, when the usual loyal and appropriate toasts were given and responded to.

The following is the award of the judges:

1st Prize: Mr. John Stewart, Prillisk; plough held by John Stewart, jun.

2nd: Mr. Joseph Trimble, Screeby; plough held by John Trimble

3 rd: Mr. Jas. Scott, Waring Bank; plough held by Francis McCaffrey

4th: Mrs. Eliza Campbell, plough geld by Thomas Campbell, Nurchassy

5th: Mr. Denis Ferney, Cavan; link plough held by self

6th: Mr. William Barnett, Ballagh; plough held by Robert Maynall

7th:Mr. James Ramsay, Donaghmeen; plough held by James Stewart

8th: Mr John McWilliams, Tatnadaveny, plough held by self

9th: Hon. and Rev. Dean Maude; plough held by James Dickey

10th: John Gillespie, recommended

We understand that it was the intention of the ploughers to turn over a large quantity of the land required by the Honourable and estimable Dean on the above occasion; and as they were prevented doing so by the wetness of the day, they are to assemble tomorrow in such numbers as will plough all the land he requires in a few hours.