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Subscription List to a Fund Offering a Reward in Castlederg, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1870

Extracted from the Londonderry Standard, February 26, 1870
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia





A gross and cowardly outrage having been perpetrated on Dr. Motherwell and his family by the forged notice of marriage in the Derry Sentinel of Friday, 18th which was copied into the DERRY STANDARD of Saturday, 19th inst. (Feb.),

Cooper- Motherell – Feb. 15, at the First Presbyterian Church, Castlederg, by the Rev. John Crockat, assisted by the Rev. John Armstrong, Johnston Cooper, Esq., Castlederg, county Tyrone, to Mary, only daughter of John Motherell, Esq., M. D., Holme Cottage, Castlederg (Londonderry Standard)

The residents of Castlederg met on Saturday to express their sympathy with their esteemed friend, and his family, and their detestation and abhorrence of the dastardly attempt to gratify private malice by violating the sanctity of private life.

The meeting was spontaneously attended by almost every inhabitant of the town, only a very few being unavoidably absent. The warm and kindly feelings of sympathy and sympathy and respect were deep, cordial, and unanimous.

On the motion of Mr. Edward Hemphill, Mr. Andrew Johnston was called to the chair, and Mr. Andrew Gailey, jun., was appointed secretary.

Thomas Leary, Esq., moved, and Mr. Richard Irvine seconded a resolution, which was unanimously adopted: - “That Dr. Motherwell and his family having been grossly and maliciously liballed through the Public press by the publication of a forged notice of marriage, we do hereby offer a reward of 100, to be paid by the undersigned, in proportion to the sums affixed to their names, for the discovery and prosecution to conviction of the person or personss concerned in fabricating the forged notice of marriage of a member of Dr. Motherwell’s family”.

Surname Firstname Amount
Alexander Andw. £10
Anderson Hugh £25
Beatty George £10
Bell Henry £1
Bradley Jones £1
Bradley Robert £5
Buchanan William S. £25
Caldwell Charles £5
Caldwell Matthew £2
Caldwell Nelson £2
Carlin Patrick £5
Chism Andrew £5
Cooper John £10
Corcoran James £10
Crockett Rev. John £30
Curren John £10
Dolan Charles £5
Gailey Andrew, jun. £25
Gailey Andrew, sen. £25
Gallagher Andrew £25
Gallagher Andw. £10
Gallagher John £10
Gallagher P. £1
Gallagher William £25
Gamble William £10
Hamilton John £10
Hamilton John £10
Hamilton John £5
Hamilton William £10
Hemphill Edward £25
Hemphill James £15
Henry Rev. E. £30
Hughey George £20
Irvine Richard £25
Johnston Andrew £25
Kerrgan Thomas £5
King William £5
Kyle Robert £2
Leary Thomas, M. D. £25
Lebeston [Leviston] Hugh £2
Love Andrew T. £25
Love Chas. £25
Love John £25
Love Rev. Joseph £20
Matthewson John £30
McCafferty William £5
McCay John, Castlederg £25
McCay John, Kilrail £25
McCormick Jas. £25
McErbill William £40
McGlinchey James £1
McGranahan William £10
McHugh Gilbert £50
McHugh Neal £5
McLaughlin John £10
McNolly Thomas £25
Mellon Robert £5
Mitchell Alex. £10
Morris Dominick £5
Mortland Robert £15
Motherwell John, M. D. £100
Nelson Miss R. £20
Nesbitt John S. £10
Patten Michael £5
Roulston Nehemiah £25
Roulston Thomas £20
Scott John £20
Scott John, Esq., J. P. £60
Smyth Henry £25
Speer Isaac £10
Taylor Andrew £25
Tweedy James £20
Tweedy Samuel £5
White Abraham £10
Young Charles £5