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Brunswick Club Meeting at Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland September 1828

Extracted from the Belfast Commercial Chronicle, 1 October 1828
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Brunswick Clubs were formed by Protestants concerned at the implications of Catholic Emancipation which was granted in 1828




On Friday last, a most numerous Meeting, comprising almost the whole of the nobility and gentry of Tyrone, was held at Omagh, for the establishment of a County Brunswick Club. The Meeting had been appointed to be held in the Court House, and for this purpose, a platform had been erected in the great Hall, but such was the overflow of numbers who attended, that this arrangement had to be abandoned, and the Crown Court, together with the Hall, was found quite incapable of containing them. The windows of the Crown Jury Room, and in fact, all the entrances to the House were thronged to suffocation with persons anxious to witness the proceedings. On the motion of Colonel Caulfield, the High Sheriff of the County was called to the Chair, and the following resolutions were unanimously adopted. A single dissentient voice was not even heard. – To attempt an outline of the eloquent and constitutional speeches which were delivered on this interesting occasion, would be impossible. We must for the present content ourselves with a simple recital of the resolutions themselves.

That a Club be formed, to be called the Tyrone Constitutional Brunswick Club, for the purposes of preserving the integrity of our Protestant Constitution, and that this club be in communication with the Brunswick Constitutional Club of Ireland.

That Lord Corry, Hon. Henry Corry, Vesey Knox, Sir Robert Lindsay, Esq., Sir Robert Ferguson, Bart., John Corry Moutray, Esq., John Dickson Eccles, Esq., Jone Crawford, Esq., Mervyn Stewart, Esq., Rev Chas. Cobbe Beresford., Hon. A. G. Stewart, General Archdall, William Lenox Cunningham, Esq., Arthur Cole Hamilton, Esq., Richard Chaloner, Esq., Saml. Galbraith, Esq., Wm. Verner, Esq., Jas. Caulfield, Esq., Robert and Warren Maxwell, Esqrs., Wm. D’Arcy Irvine, Esq. be appointed Vice-Presidents, with power to add to their number.

That James Galbraith, Esq., be Treasurer, and that James Wilson, Esq., and Rev. J. H. Horner, be Secretaries

That the following persons with power to add to their number, do constitute a Committee for the management of the affairs of this Club, and that five of the Members be a quorum: - The Rev. John Gray Porter, the Rev. Thomas Stack, James Lendrum, Esq., Alex. McCausland, Esq., Alex. Campbell, Esq., Alex. Boyle, Esq., Rev. Gilbert King, John Spiller, Esq., Hon. Dean Maude, Rev. Joseph Pilkington, Rev. John Colthurst, Anketell Moutray, Esq., Henry Crosbie, Esq., John Yuyr Burgess, Esq., Rev. Thomas Lindsay, Rev. Charles Richardson, James Richardson, jun., Esq., Rev. Joseph Stack, John McCausland, Esq., John Galbraith, Esq., Charles Stack, Esq., Arthur Crawford, Esq., Rev. W. Mauleverer, Rev. Mr. O’Donnelly, Edward Moore, Esq., Captain Henderson.

That the subscription of each member shall be one guinea.

In the evening upwards of a hundred of the leading men of the county sat down to a dinner in the great Ball-Room in Greer’s Hotel. The chair was taken by the High Sheriff, supported by Colonel Caulfield, Sir Hugh Stewart, Bart. &c.