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Memorial Presented to James Creighton Ball, Shannon, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1833
(Upon his Impending Emigration)

Extracted from the Strabane Morning Post April 16, 1833
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



of Shannon, Co. Donegal

DEAR SIR - Permit us to express the deep and unfeigned regret with which have heard of your intended departure from your native land. Your long residence amongst us, as an independent country gentleman, has impressed us with sentiments of esteem and admiration, which will not speedily be effaced. Identified as you have been with the best interests of this country and neighbourhood, and endeared to us by a long course of private worth and public usefulness, it is natural that we should view with painful feelings, an event which will deprive our social circle of an ornament, and the community of one of its most upright and valuable members.

To you, Sir, amid the depression incident on bidding farewell to your native home, it must doubtless be a source of high gratification, that you carry with you the best wishes of all who know you; that you leave behind you a living testimonial to your worth in the hearts and affections of your countrymen. In conveying to you our parting respects, permit us, Sir, to request your acceptance of the accompanying Pieces of Plate, as a sincere but very inadequate expression of our friendship and attachment. That you may long enjoy health and happiness, and continue to pursue in a distant land, your useful and honourable career, is the ardent wish of,

Dear Sir,

Your affectionate Friends,

Name Residence
Jas. Sinclair, Deputy Lieutenant Co. Tyrone
John James Burgoyne, Kt. Provost of Strabane Co. Tyrone
Benjamin Humfrey. J. P. County Donegal
J. Hamilton, J. P. Co. Tyrone
A. Hamilton, Clerk, J. P. Co. Tyrone
John Colthurst, Clerk, J. P. Co. Tyrone
James Galbraith, Treasurer Co. Tyrone
Alexander Colhoun J. P. Co. Tyrone
J. J. Decluzeau, C. C. P. Co. Tyrone
James Purss, Clerk Urney. Co. Tyrone
Arthur McHugh, P. P. Strabane and Lifford
William Stewart, M. D. Strabane
A. Gillespy, M. D. Lifford
Alexander Leney, M. D. Strabane
Alexander Auchinleck, C. P. County Tyrone
William Bissett Raphoe [Co. Donegal]
James Stirling Walworth [Co. Londonderry]
F. McCausland Bessbrook [Co. Londonderry]
John Semple Castletown [Co. Tyrone]
John Smyth Gallony [Co. Tyrone]
William McLead Lifford
Thomas Brown Milltown [Co. Tyrone]
Oliver Lecky Melmount [Co. Donegal]
William Hutton Grange [Co. Tyrone]
Robert Porter Carricklee [Co. Tyrone]
Francis O’Neill Mountpleasant [Co. Tyrone]
Robert McCrea Glencush [Co. Tyrone]
Robert McCrea Grange [Co. Tyrone]
John McCrea Maghereagh [Co. Tyrone]
William McCrea Maghereagh [Co. Tyrone]
John Holmes Green Lodge [Co. Tyrone]
Robert Knox Murlaugh [Co. Donegal]
Edward Joyce Beechmount [Co. Tyrone]
James Cunningham Liggartown [Co. Tyrone]
William Orr Strabane
William Gamble Strabane
Samuel Colhoun Strabane
William Stevenson Strabane
Samuel Morton Strabane
Isaac Graham Strabane
William Gwynne Strabane
Hugh Hamilton Strabane
William Doherty Strabane
Joseph Henderson Strabane
James Wilson Strabane
James Porter Strabane
James McIntosh Strabane
Daniel Cook Strabane
Nicholas Simms Strabane
Richard Gwynne Strabane
Patrick Loague Strabane
Neal Doherty Strabane
John McGuire Strabane
William Boyle Strabane
P. Glen Strabane
James Brodie Strabane
Andrew Mills Strabane
Samuel Hughes Strabane
Carroll and Gray Strabane
James Patterson Ballybogan [Co. Donegal]
Robert McCurdy Castlefin [Co. Donegal]


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