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Gravestone Photographs - Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland


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Gravestone Photographs

Gravestone (Individual) Photographs - Alpha by Surname

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Cemetery Abbreviations: -
*ALLC = All Saints Crossdernott Church of Ireland *APC = Arstraw Parish Church
*DCOI = Drumclamph Church of Ireland
*EC =  Eden Cemetery, sth east NSW (A Whaling Settlement)
*LPC = Leckpatrick Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Artigarvan
*MP = Minterburn Presbyterian Church Cemetery
*OA = Old Ardstraw Cemetery
*ODBG = Old Donagheady Burial Grounds
*OU = Old Urney Cemetery
*SMC = St. Michael's Cemetery, Donemana Townland, Donagheady Parish
*UCPC = Upper Clonaneese Presbyterian Cemetery, Lisfearty Townland, Killeeshil Parish


Name Description Submitted By
Alexander - James, Hugh, Hilda d.1960, d.1964, d.1976; *UCPC Dave Hall
Anderson - Elizabeth, David d.1946, d.1952; *OU Marion Shephard
Anderson - Joseph, Annie d.1939, d.1972; *OU Marion Shephard
Baird - Martha, Capt. Andrew 1876, 1881 - *SMC Faye Logue
Barclay - George (2nd view) 1861; *EC Christene Hartley
Beatty - Robert, Mary A. of Mullachurch d. 1998; d. 1985; *UCPC Dave Hall
Beatty - William Robert, Emily Dickson, children of Eskragh d.1934; of Mullaghneese d.1928; *UCPC Dave Hall
Beatty - William Robert, Sarah Jane, Robert James, Herbert d.1959; d.1966; *UCPC Dave Hall
Bell - Thomas William, Martha Mabel 1996, 1998 Suzanne Hughes
Boak - Aaron, Sarah, Anne, Aaron, William, Margaret d.1857, d.1858, d.1893, d.1905, d.1912 , d.1912; *OU Marion Shephard
Britt - Mary 1941 Suzanne Hughes
Brown - Mrs. B. *SMC Faye Logue
Buchanan - William, David, Charlotte *SMC Faye Logue
Bullick - Irene, John d.1997, d.1998; *UCPC DaveHall
Caddo - James, Amey d.1986, d.1989; *UCPC Dave Hall
Cairns - Elizabeth, James, John, William, John, John James d.1834, d.1859, d.1859, d.1879, d.1879, d.1964; *OU Marion Shephard
Caldwell - Johnnie, Agnes Lowry, Jack, Muriel, Ethel Rita Muckle d.1949; d.1954; d.1994; d.1999; d.2002 *APC Janet Fairless
Caldwell - Robert, Sara Jane, Mary, William John, Matilda, Rebecca, Ernest James, Annie Frazer d.1890, d.1902, d.1911, d.191?, d.1941, d.1942, d.1986, d.2003; *UCPC Dave Hall
Callan - Bridget, Thomas, Frank, Michael, Elizabeth, Josephine 1922, 1917, 1941, 1951, 1990 Suzanne Hughes
Callan - Frank 1994 Suzanne Hughes
Campbell - old   Suzanne Hughes
Chambers - Rev. Moses, Catherine McCrea, Samuel d.1863; d.1901; d.1870; *LPC Faye Logue
Clark - Lance Cpl. A. J. d.1919; *UCPC Dave Hall
Condy - Archie of Anahoe, d.1993; *UCPC Dave Hall
Cooper - Robert James, Elizabeth of Carnteel, d.1977; d.1979;*UCPC Dave Hall
Cousins - William, Minnie of Mullyrodden, d.1986; d.1979; *UCPC Dave Hall
Craig - James Reid, Elizabeth, H.M., David d.1899; d.1900; d. 1905; d.1907; *UCPC Dave Hall
Cuthbertson - John, James d.1825, d.1765; *OU Marion Shephard
Dickson - William, Sarah Jane, William George, Margaret Alice, Sarah Emily (Emma) d.1899; d.1935; d. 1983; d.1987; d.2004; *UCPC Dave Hall
Dickson - Samuel, Elizabeth of Mullycar, d.1980; d.1956; *UCPC Dave Hall
Donaghy - Annie Sayers, James Campbell d.1970; d.1969; *LPC Faye Logue
Donaghy - Robert John, Ethel Stewart d.1944; d.1948; *LPC Faye Logue
Douglas - John, Margaret(nee McLean), Thomas John, Florence Elizabeth, Eleanor Martha (closeup) d.1920; d.1935; d.1951; d.1966; d.1974; *ALLC Joyce Collins
Duncan - John J., Margaret Jane d.1977; d.1992; *UCPC Dave Hall
Dunn - Alexander, James William, Bessie (nee Love), James, Annie, Andrew 1881; 1897; 1897; 1907; 1915; 1972; *SMC Faye Logue
DUNN - David Andrew, Kathleen Frances 1984; 1990 *SMC Faye Logue
Dunn - James, Mary Jane, S. H. 1832; 1867; 1822 *SMC Faye Logue
Dunn - James, Matilda, Matilda 1873, 1888, 1881; *SMC Faye Logue
Dunn - John Robert, Mary Jane (nee May) 1979; 1982 *SMC Faye Logue
Dunn - Letitia, Alexander, Rachel, Robert 1966, 1988, ?, ? ; *SMC Faye Logue
Dunn - Samuel James 1873; *SMC Faye Logue
Dunn - Thomas, Jane 192?, 191? ; *SMC Faye Logue
Dunne - Henry 1938 *SMC Faye Logue
Dynes - William James, Jane, Hugh John, Eleanor, Annie d.1924; d.1941; d.1954; d.1970; d.1988; *UCPC Dave Hall
Elliott - George d.2002; *UCPC Dave Hall
Elliott - Louisa, David, Ethel, Robert of Farriter, d.1961; d.1966; d.1980; d.1987; *UCPC Dave Hall
Entrican - Sarah, James, James C., Wilhelmina G., Margaret, Isabella, Mary, Isabella, John, Rebecca, Samuel W., Isabella, John C., James Cuthbertson d.1853, d.1857, d.1859, d.1879, d.1943, d.1949, d.1823, d.1839, d.1872, d.1873, d.1885, d.1891, d.1912, d.1927, d.1940; *OU Marion Shephard
Fleming, Alice Catherine - daughter of Hans Fleming, M.D., Omagh & wife of Rev. Robert Stuart O’Loughlin b. 1849, d. 1880; Drumragh Graveyard, Omagh Tony Fleming
Fleming - Hans, Hans Beresford, Emily Beatrice, Arthur Beresford, Percy, Winifred and Violet Muriel Bassett nee Fleming detailed on next page with photos, Drumragh Graveyard, Omagh Tony Fleming
Forbes - Robert, Elizabeth, Samuel 1934; 1938; 1979 *SMC Faye Logue
Foskett nee Quinn - Annie E. d.1934; *OU Marion Shephard
Fullerton, Andrew & Anne (nee Walker) Andrew 1831-1899; Ann 1830-1919 Heather Brownett
Fulton - Fanny, James, Margaret, James Cecil dates unclear Craig Fulton
Fulton - George, Margaret, Fanny, George James Hamilton d.1868, Newtownstewart;d.1892; d.1886; d.1900 Craig Fulton
Fulton - John, Ann, William 1877, 1878, 1896 Craig Fulton
Fulton - J. dates unclear Craig Fulton
Fulton - Mary unclear Craig Fulton
Fulton - Matilda, Annie, Robbie d.1922, Le Frodnum; d. 1953, Tullycunny; d. 1968 Craig Fulton
Fulton - Robert & Annie Maria 1968, 1968 Craig Fulton
Fulton - Victor 1866 - of Drumnahow Craig Fulton
Gillespie - Eliza, John d.1861, d.1867; *MP Boyd Gray
Givan - Sarah Ann, George d.1917; d.189?; *UCPC Dave Hall
Givan - William George, Jemima, Thomas James, George Wilfred, William Cecil of Drumnamoless, d.1950; d.1948; d.1948; d.2004; d. 1996; *UCPC Dave Hall
Graham - William John, George, Charles, Lavina of Edentilone, d.1975; d.1966; d.1976; d.1988; *UCPC Dave Hall
Greer, Edward; Fleming, Harriette S.(nee Greer) b. 1830 d. 1916; b. 1843 d. 1927 Tony Fleming
Greer, James, Fanny Arabella, Catherine, Harriet detailed on next page with photos, Omagh Tony Fleming
Hadden - John, Ellen, Ellie, Mary Ann, Pte. George, William John, Joseph of Farriter, d. 1905; d.1929; d. 1913; d.1919, d.1916; d.1935, d.1937; *UCPC Dave Hall
Hadden - Ethel Sarah Emeline, William Eric, Dr. Carola d.2002; d.2008; d.2007; *UCPC Dave Hall
Hall - Henry (Harry) d.2004; *UCPC Dave Hall
Hall - Wm. John, Charlotte, William, Lilly, Sarah, James, John James, Charlie Blair, Henry Hall, Florence, James, W.J. Steve, Gretta dates unclear *APC Janet Fairless
Hardy - Stewart, William James, Elizabeth Condy, William, Thomas John, George Richard, Mary Jane, Elizabeth Jane d.1891; d.1893; d.1911; d.1923; d.1951; d.1951; d.1967; d. 1989; *UCPC Dave Hall
Hazelton - Robert, Mary Rachel d.1957; d.1992; *UCPC Dave Hall
Hazelton - Robert, Minnie, infant gdaug., Robert John, Lillie Jane d.1937; d.1943; d.1948; d.1991; d.1992; *UCPC Dave Hall
Herdman - John, Selina Violet, Mary d.1903, d.1878, d.1906; *OU Marion Shephard
Hood - Francis Little, Viola, William C.W., Francis Little, Clare d.1969; d.1990; d.1991; d.2003; d.2006 *APC Janet Fairless
Hood - Robert d.1885 *APC Janet Fairless
Hunter - Eliza(nee Fulton), Andrew, Andrew James, William John, Jeannie, Mary Hunter d.1912, d.1919, unclear, unclear, unclear, unclear Craig Fulton
Irwin - David, Jane, Samuel, David of Terlugan, d.1878; d.1913; d.1920; d.1932; *UCPC Dave Hall
Jameson - James, Rebecca Ann, David John, Elizabeth Ann of Killmaddy Evans, d.1931; d.1950; d.1972; d.1989; *UCPC Dave Hall
Jameson - John, Margery, Margaret, James, Rebecca Ann, Mary d.1882; d.1902; d.1931; d.1950; d.1981; *UCPC Dave Hall
Jamieson - John, M.D.B.A.L.R.C.S.L., John d.1875; d.1877; *UCPC Dave Hall
Jamieson - Thomas Mitchell, L.R.C.S.I., Elizabeth, Elizabeth Jane, Dr. Thomas Mitchell, Margaret E. d.1899; d.1927; d.1950; d. 1950; d. 1960; *UCPC Dave Hall
Kennedy - Sarah 1986; sign on gatepost; *SMC Faye Logue
Knox - William J., Robert, Rebecca, Richard, Eleanor d.1917; d.1890; d.1938; d.1977; d.1973; *UCPC Dave Hall
Knox - Robert, Minnie, William Robert, Mary Jane Elizabeth (May) of Drummond Lodge Rock, d.1949; d.1983; of Dernaborey, d.2002; d.2003; *UCPC Dave Hall
Knox - William Robert, Margaret (Peggy) d.1982; d. 1999; *UCPC Dave Hall
Knox - Robert, William, Anne, Annie Maria d.1915; d.1834; d.1897; d.1908; *UCPC Dave Hall
Knox - Robert Henry, Letitia Anna of Leany, d.1981; d.2007; *UCPC Dave Hall
Knox - Margaret Louisa, Richard, Isabella, Isabella of Coolhill, d.1917; d.1940; d.1952; d.1999; *UCPC Dave Hall
Lee - James, Tessie of Tyghan, d.1988; d.1995; *UCPC Dave Hall
Liggett - John William, Mary Isobella, James Wallace, Ruth, Derek William, William John Wallace d.1948; d,1971; d.1965; d.2003; d.2006; d.2011 *MP Doreen Liggett
Lockhart - Norman Andrew, Ivy Rebekah, Andrew, Phoebe Jane, James Alexander d.1939; d.1957; d.1959; d.1959; d.1983; *UCPC Dave Hall
Love - Andrew Thomas, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Charles 1837, 1861, 1892, ??? - Scarvagherin Cemetery (see photo for complete inscription) Teena
Lucas - Annie, William Thomas, Samuel Joseph d.1948; d.1948; d.1992; *UCPC Dave Hall
Lyttle - Ruth, Mary, George, Agnes, John d.1898; d.1936; d.1947; d.1979; d.1985; *UCPC Dave Hall
Marshall - Maggie H., Jane, Roger, Roger, Jennie d.1875, d.1899, d.1900, d.1905; *MP Boyd Gray
McCay - Sara Frances, James, Rebecca Jane, Florence Elizabeth Margaret, Sarah Frances d.1945; d.1961; d.1970; d.1999; d.2009 Janet Fairless
McClean - Robert, Jane of Dungannon; d.1865; *UCPC Dave Hall
McClintock - Edward (Benone), Annie Jane, Annabella 1918, 1934, 1928; *SMC Faye Logue
McClintock - James, Elizabeth, James Frederick 1963, 1921, 1978; *SMC Faye Logue
McClintock - William, Matilda Mary 1955, 1969; *SMC Faye Logue
McCrea - Robert, Isabella, Mary, Alicia (2nd view) 1915, 1915, 1915, 1921; *SMC Faye Logue
McDonnell - Archd 1802 Suzanne Hughes
McFarland - William John, Catherine, Mary Jane, Margaret Elizabeth d.1931; d.1941; d.19892; d.1986; *UCPC Dave Hall
McIvor - John, Mary, William John, Samuel of Erskragh, d.1962; d.1959; d.1927; d.1973; *UCPC Dave Hall
McIvor - Robert Henry, Hester Jane, Henry, William, Albert d.1945; d.1951; d.1975; d.1978; d.1980; *UCPC Dave Hall
McKee - Alfred S., Emily, Joseph, Jane, Sarah Mary, Garnet D. d.1987; d.1926, d.1944; d.1958; d.1968; d.1969; *UCPC Dave Hall
McLister - Dr. Carola Hadden d.2007; *UCPC Dave Hall
McMichael - William James 1988; *SMC Faye Logue
McNeill - Eliza, Hugh, Hugh, Margaret, Howard, Isabel d.?; d.?; 1955; d.1958; d.1990; d.1998; *UCPC Dave Hall
McNeill - Robert, Annie, Cecil, Cecil, John J., Elizabeth d.1952; d.1947; d.1952; d.1983; d.1989; d.1994; *UCPC Dave Hall
Moore - William, Selina, Doreen d.1945; d.1964; d.1970; *UCPC Dave Hall
Moorehead - Andrew, James d.1889, d.1910; *OU Marion Shephard
Mulgrew - Isabella, John, Kate 1941, 1950, 1986 - Ballymackilroy RC, Errigle Keerogue Loree
Mulgrew - Michael, John, Charles 1934, 1951, 1992 - Ballymackilroy RC, Errigle Keerogue Loree
Noble - David, B..., Elizabeth, Margery Badony Churchyard Bob Haley
Olphert - Rev. Thomas d.1901; *OU Marion Shephard
Parr - Robert David, Elizabeth Mary (nee Liggett) d.1986; d.2005 *MP Doreen Liggett
Pinkerton - James, Eliza, Thomas, Alexander, T. J., Luginga, Lucy d.1864; d.1854; d.1890; d.1911; d. 1928; d.1933, d.1956; *UCPC Dave Hall
Pollock - Margaret *SMC Faye Logue
Quinn - Hugh, Elizabeth d.1891, d.1934; *OU Marion Shephard
Quinn - Isabella, William James d.1963, d.1973; *OU Marion Shephard
Rankin, James b.c.1755; d.1835 *ODBG Robert Rankin
Rankin, Rosana d.1834 *ODBG Robert Rankin
Rankin, William b.1800; d.1866 *ODBG Robert Rankin
Reid - Charles, Margaret d.1993; d.2003; *UCPC Dave Hall
Richy - Margaret 1795 - Ruined RC Church, Dromore Sally Kasalko
Robinson - William, Kathleen 1959, 1989; *SMC Faye Logue
Ross - Samuel, Ann, Bella, Sarah, John J. d.1887; d.1897; d.1901; d.1915; d.1941 *APC Janet Fairless
Rush, John b.c.1836; d.1913 Stephen Gard
Rush, Michael b.c.1843; d.1922 Stephen Gard
Rush, William b.c.1850; d.1914 Stephen Gard
Scott - David Ian Thomas 1999 *SMC Faye Logue
Scott - Jane, Elizabeth, John Robert, John Robert 1921, 1921, 1960, 1962; *SMC Faye Logue
Scott - Samuel, Jane 1931, 1943; *SMC Faye Logue
Sharkey - Elizabeth (nee Forbes), Harry 1990; 1995 *SMC Faye Logue
Sharkey - Sarah Jane, William James d.1978; d.1996; *UCPC Dave Hall
Simpson - Margaret Eliz., William Robert, Noleen Ann, Thomas John, Mary Louisa d.1931; d.1943; d.1957; d.1977; d.1993; *UCPC Dave Hall
Simpson - Sarah, John, Jane, Hugh McF., Robert David, Sarah Matilda, John James, Andrew d.1879; d.1894; d.1896; d.1915; d.1919, d. 1926; d.?; *UCPC Dave Hall
Sproule - Mary d.1800 *DCOI Janet Fairless
Steen - James, Isabella d.1962; d.1985; *UCPC Dave Hall
Stinson - James, Margaret d.?; d.1898; *UCPC Dave Hall
Stinson - Samuel, Margaret, William James, Edith d.1921; d.1924; d.1957; d.1983; *UCPC Dave Hall
Stinson - Roy d.2004; *UCPC Dave Hall
Trimble - Thomas, Anna, Emma 1880, 1878, 1871; *EC Christene Hartley
Wauchob - John d.1747; *OU Marion Shephard
Wauchob - Joseph d.1811; *OU Marion Shephard
Wauchob - Samuel, Eliza (nee Tagert), Joseph, John Taggart, Elizabeth d.1899, d.1898, d.1903, d.1931, d.1946; *OA Marion Shephard
Walker - Robert 1909; *SMC Faye Logue
Walker - William, John d.?; of Clin??fallow d.1868; *UCPC Dave Hall
Williamson - William John, Elizabeth Mackey, William Edward, Gladys d.1945; d.1948; d.1974; d.1898; *UCPC Dave Hall
Williamson - Robert John, Sarah d.1942; d.1979; *UCPC Dave Hall
Wilson - Andrew, James, Rebecca, Rebecca, Margaret, Joseph d.1883; d.1912; d.1922; d.1923; d.1939; d.1949 *DCOI Janet Fairless
Wilson - Annie Jane, Alexander, Elizabeth d.1915; d.1930; d.1938 *APC Janet Fairless
Wilson - Annie, Andrew, James Andrew, Annie d.1956; d.1957; d.1979; d.1998 *DCOI Janet Fairless
Wilson - Elizabeth, Charles, Samuel, James d.1932; d.1975; d.1975; d.1990 *APC Janet Fairless
Wilson - Jeannie, James, Andrew Kyle, Mary Jane(Minne) d.1943; d.1948; d.1982; d.1993 *APC Janet Fairless
Wilson - John Joseph(Jack), Letitia Margaret(Lettie) d.1996; d.2007 *DCOI Janet Fairless
Wilson - Mary, Robert, Mary, David, Joseph, Samuel d.1878; d.1888; d.1914; d.1938; d.1940; d.19** *DCOI Janet Fairless
Wilson - Thomas, Ivy d.1966; d.1999 *APC Janet Fairless
Wright - Robert, David, Mary, Phyllis d.1965; d.1967; d.1982; d.2005; *UCPC Dave Hall