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Co. Tyrone Marriages reported in the Irish American Weekly, New York, 1852-60

Extracted from personal announcements inserted in the Irish American Weekly Newspaper of New York City, NY, USA
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Margaret Donnelly
Formatted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Date Marriage
February 7, 1852 LOWRY-JONES [Married] November 24, at the cathedral, Madras, OCTAVIUS LOWRY, Captain and Lieutenant in the 96th regiment, and son of the late JAMES LOWRY, Esq., of Rockdale, in the county of Tyrone, to ARABELLA, youngest daughter of JAMES JONES, Esq., late of Mountedward, in the county of Sligo, deceased
May 29, 1852 HANSON-HATCH [Married] April 27, at Killanly, the Rev. THOMAS LOADER HANSON, only son of the Rev. J HANSON, of Donaghmore county Tyrone, to JANE, second daughter of JOHN HATCH, Esq., M.D., of Larah Castle, in the county Wicklow
July 17, 1852 LOWRY-BRADDELL [Married] June 16, in St Peter’s Church, Dublin, ROBERT LOWRY, Esq., of Cormeen, county Monaghan, son of the late JAMES LOWRY, Esq., of Rockdale, county Tyrone, to LOUISA, daughter of the late GEORGE BRADDELL, Esq., of Prospect, county Wexford
September 25, 1852 BARNWELL-LOWRY [Married] August 28, in St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, HENRY LOWRY, youngest son of the late CHARLES FREDERICK BARNWELL, Esq., of Woburn-place, London, to HENRIETTA MARTHA, eldest daughter of the late JAS. LOWRY, Esq., of Rockdale House, county Tyrone
December 25, 1852 WILLIAMS-DILL [Married] Nov 25, at Clough, co Down, JOHN WILLIAMS, Esq., officer of Inland Revenue, son of the late C. WILLIAMS, Esq., Lieutenant of the Royal Tyrone Militia, to ISABELLA, daughter of the late Rev. FRANCIS DILL, of Clough
April 9, 1853 JOHNSTON-HOUSTON [Married] At Sixmilecross, JONES JOHNSTON, Esq., of Lowtherstown [Co. Fermanagh], to MARY, second daughter of H. IRWIN HOUSTON, Esq., of Ballyallaghan, co. Tyrone
April 16, 1853 LA BARTE-SMITH [Married] EDWARD LA BARTE, Esq., of Mornington, Meath, to MARY LOUISA, daughter of the late Rev. WM SMITH, of Ballyclog, Tyrone
August 13, 1853 EDIE-BATTLEY [Married] July 16, at St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, ALEXANDER C. D. EDIE, Esq., of Thornhill, county Tyrone, to DIANA MARIA BATTLEY, Pembroke-place, Dublin, daughter of the late THOMAS CADE BATTLEY, Esq., barrister-at-law
September 17, 1853 KING-BRAY [Married] March 17, at Sydney, New South Wales [Australia], JOHN W. KING, Esq., son of the late WILLIAM KING, Esq., of Fintona, county Tyrone, to LUCY, daughter of JOHN BRAY, Esq., of Denfield
March 4, 1854 HARTLAND-CRAWFORD [Married] Jan. 25, in Cork, JOSEPH B. HARTLAND, Esq., of that city, to MARIA, youngest daughter of ANDREW CRAWFORD, Esq., of Trillick, county Tyrone
April 8, 1854 CARRICK-BAXTER [Married] In Desertcreight Church, county Tyrone, ANTHONY LAWLESS CARRICK, Surgeon, eldest son of ANTHONY CARRICK, Esq., of Killaloe, county Clare, to MARGARET JANE, eldest daughter of the late SAMUEL BAXTER, Esq., Merchant, Cookstown
April 29, 1854 KNOX-LINDESAY [Married] March 31, at Derryloran, ROBERT JOHN KNOX, Esq., of Cahirliske, county Kilkenny, late Captain in the Carabineers, to PHILLIPPA ALLEN, eldest surviving daughter of FREDERICK LINDESAY, Esq., of Loughry, county Tyrone, and granddaughter of the late Sir EDWIN BAYNTON SANDYS, Bart., of Misenden Park, Gloucestershire
June 24, 1854 ROBINSON-HULL [Married] In Carlow, SAMUEL ROBINSON, of Wellington, New Zealand, Esq., to SARAH, daughter of the late EDWARD HASTINGS HULL, of Ardtrea, county Tyrone
September 2, 1854 BURD-BALL & CARLETON-BALL [Married] March 29, at Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia, GEO., third son of the late JOHN BURD, Esq., of Manchester, Lancashire, to ANNIE ORAM, fourth daughter of the late JAMES C. BALL, Esq., of Mulvyn, county Tyrone; and on the 20th of April, at the same place, JOHN WATSON, second son of the late JAMES CARLETON, Esq., of Manchester, to ELIZA, third daughter of the late James C. BALL, Esq., of Mulvyn, co. Tyrone
December 2, 1854 THOMPSON-COULTER [Married] Oct. 28, in Londonderry, Dr. A. THOMPSON, to MARGARET, youngest daughter of the late DANIEL COULTER, Esq., of Drumconnis House, near Omagh, county Tyrone
May 19, 1855 STUART-BURTON April 24, at Welton [Northamptonshire], ROBERT A. W. C. STUART, Esq., youngest son of the Hon. ANDREW GODFREY STUART, of Crevenagh, county Tyrone, to LOUISA FRANCES, third daughter of EDMUND SINGER BURTON, Esq., of Churchill, Northamptonshire
May 26, 1855 MATTHEWS-COLQUHOUN April 26, at Rostrevor, CHARLES MATTHEWS, Esq., of Derryboye, county Down, third son of the late JOHN ECHLIN MATTHEWS, Esq., of White Abbey, county Antrim, to LUCINDA BELMORE HAMILTON, daughter of the late ALEXANDER W. COLQUHOUN, Esq., of Crosh, in the county Tyrone
July 19, 1856 BAGWELL-LINDESAY [Married] June 18, in St. George’s Church, Dublin, JOHN BAGWELL, Esq., to AGNES SARAH, youngest daughter of FREDERICK LINDESAY, Esq., of Loughry, county Tyrone
July 19, 1856 JACK-GOLDFRAP [Married] June 19, in St. George’s Church, Dublin, ALEXANDER JACK, Esq., Professor in the Queen’s College, Cork, eldest son of G. A. JACK, Esq., of Bloom Hill, in the co. Tyrone, to GEORGINA MARIA, youngest daughter of the late Captain GOLDFRAP, of the 60th Rifles
November 15, 1856 FINLAY-KING [Married] October 15, in St. Anne’s church, Dublin, the Rev. GEORGE FINLAY, to ISABELLA, daughter of the Rev. GILBERT KING, rector of Langfield, co. Tyrone
December 20, 1856 STACK-BAGOT [Married] November 20, at Fontstown, county Kildare, the Rev. T. L. STACK, rector of Upper Badony, county Tyrone, to ANNIE OLIVIA, second daughter of the Rev. JOHN BAGOT, of Fontstown
April 11, 1857 ATKINSON-REYNOLDS [Married] March 11, at Ardtrea, JACKSON L. ATKINSON, Esq., of Brookfield, to MARTHA, second daughter of the late W. M. REYNOLDS, Esq., of Kingsmill, county Tyrone
April 18, 1857 BARNETT-SHUTER [Married] March 24, in Dublin, JAMES H. BARNETT, Esq., son of the Rev. JOHN BARNETT, of Moneymore, in the county of Derry, to KATE, only daughter of the late JOHN SHUTER, Esq., of Dungannon, in the county Tyrone
April 18, 1857 ALLEN-McMAINS [Married] March 10, at Fintona, county Tyrone, GEORGE, eldest son of Dr. ANDREW ALLEN, Surgeon in the Royal Navy, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of JOHN McMAINS, Esq., of Killygort House, Fintona
May 9, 1857 DAVIS-GREER [Married] In Dublin, HENRY DAVIS, Esq., county Waterford, to LUCY USHER, youngest daughter of the late WM. JACKSON GREER, J.P., Rhone Hill house, county Tyrone
May 30, 1857 OLPHERT-STEWART [Married] April 25, at Five-mile-town Church, county Tyrone, by the Rev. Robert Gage, uncle of the bride, the Rev. P. OLPHERT, of Newtownlimavady, to JULIA, eldest daughter of the late Sir HUGH STEWART, of Ballygawley House, county Tyrone
June 27, 1857 SMYTHE-GREAVES [Married] At Carrickfergus Church [Co. Antrim], FREDERICK CAREW SMYTHE, Esq., to ANNA MALCOLMSON, daughter of the late THOMAS GREAVES, of Berna, county Tyrone
October 24, 1857 ARCHDALL-STEWART [Married] September 23, at Fivemiletown, county Tyrone, HUGH MONTGOMERY ARCHDALL, late Captain in the 52d Light Infantry, to ELIZABETH, daughter of the late Sir HUGH STEWART, Bart.
October 24, 1857 HAMILTON-MOORHEAD [Married] September 23, at Cooltrain, ROBERT S. HAMILTON, Esq., of Lakemount, county Tyrone, to BESSIE, eldest daughter of C. MOORHEAD, Esq., of Ballymakenny, Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, Lieutenant on half-pay of the 71st Light Infantry
December 5, 1857 DOUBLEDAY-CROTHERS [Married] November 5, at Benburb, county Tyrone, FREDERICK W. DOUBLEDAY, Esq., of Eden Cottage, Loughhill, to LIZZIE IRWIN, eldest daughter of the late JOHN CROTHERS, Esq., of Blackwatertown
July 10, 1858 COLE HAMILTON-STUART [Married] June 10, at Cappagh Church, WM. COLE HAMILTON, eldest son of Major COLE HAMILTON, Beltrim, county Tyrone, to CAROLINE ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE, youngest daughter of the Hon. ANDREW GODFREY STUART, Crevenagh House, county Tyrone
August 28, 1858 WILKIN-BIRD [Married] In Kilskeery Church, JAMES WILKIN, Esq., M. D., of Blaney, county Fermanagh, to SARAH BIRD, daughter of the late JAMES BIRD, Esq., of county Tyrone
September 11, 1858 DOUGLAS-TURBETT [Married] At Taney Church [Co. Dublin], GORDON JAMES, son of the Hon. and Rev. CHARLES and Lady ISABELLA DOUGLAS, of Earl’s gift, county Tyrone, to LOUISA, daughter of JAMES TURBETT, of Owenstown, co. Dublin
February 12, 1859 MOORE-HOLMES [Married] At St. George’s church, Dublin, JOHN MOORE, Esq., Tonyreagh, Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, to ARABELLA MARY, daughter of the late WILLIAM HOLMES, Esq., Barn-hill House, Stewartstown, county Tyrone
May 28, 1859 STANLEY-MAYNE [Married] April 28, in St. Mary’s church, Dublin, EDWARD STANLEY, Esq., of Grange, county Tyrone, to ANNA, oldest daughter of NATHANIEL MAYNE, Esq., of Lake View, in the same county
October 8, 1859 GOODLATTE-MORRISON [Married] Sept 11, at St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, DAVID R. GOODLATTE, Esq., son of D. R. GOODLATTE, Esq., of Moy, county Tyrone, to SUSANNA, daughter of HUGH MORRISON, Esq., of Belgrave-square, Rathmines