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Born Co. Tyrone, Married Sydney, NSW, Australia - 1854-1874

As published in The Empire. Courtesy of The National Library of Australia
Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Teena

The National Library of Australia has kindly given their permission to publish these extracts. The Empire, which was published in Sydney, NSW  between 1850 and 1875.


Wednesday 12 April 1854

By the Rev. Dr. Lang, on Monday the 10th instant, Mr. Alexander MALLOCH, of Shoalhaven, a native of Perth, in Scotland, to Mary HURST a native of the County Tyrone, in Ireland.


Friday 28 November 1856

By special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang. on Monday, the 24th instant. Mr. William McDONALD, a native of Inverness, in Scotland, to Mrs. Mary CUNNINGHAM a native of the County Tyrone, in Ireland, now both of Pyrmont.


Thursday 29 January 1857

By special license, at St Luke's Church, Dapto, on the 22nd instant, by the Rev. William West Simpson. M.A., Robert, second son of the late John RITCHIE Esq., Galbally, county Tyrone,  Ireland, to Jane TREGONING eldest daughter of Evan EVANS Esq., Penrose Villa, Dapto.


Tuesday 4 August 1857

By special license, on the 28th ultimo, at the uncle of the  bride's, Kiama, by the Rev. George Mackie, John, third son of the late John RITCHIE, Esq., Galbally, County Tyrone, Ireland, to ELizabeth, fourth daughter of R. A. TAYLOR Esq., late of County Antrim.


Thursday 8 September 1859     

On Wednesday, the 7th instant, at the Scots Church, by special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. James FENTON of Balmain, storekeeper, a native of London, to Jane POLLOCK of Clarence street, Sydney, daughter of the late Mr. James POLLOCK of county Tyrone, Ireland.


McLAUGHLIN / DORAN. On the 10th November, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. A. J. Ford. Thomas youngest son of the late Mr Thomas McLAUGHLIN  Londonderry, Ireland to Mary Anna, eldest daughter of Mr. John DORAN county Tyrone. Ireland, both of this city. <Sydney>


Wednesday 26 June 1861

M'HUGH / O'DONNELL On the 24th June, at St. Mary's Cathedral, Edward MCHUGH, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Neil O'DONNELL both of county Tyrone, Ireland.


Tuesday 23 July 1861

ROBINSON / PORTER On the 19th July, by special license at 105 Prince street, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Scots Church, Church-hill, Sydney, Mr. Thomas William ROBINSON,  E. I. Company's Marine, third son of the late Captain HILL R.N.,  Cannoble, Scotland, to Catherine, second daughter of Mr. Thomas PORTER County Tyrone, Ireland.


Monday 1 July 1861  

BOON / Mc'MULLEN - On the 27th June, by special license, by  the Rev. J. L. M'Skimming, James BOON eldest son of the late James BOON of Shropshire, England, to Jane, second daughter of Michael McMULLEN of the county Tyrone, Ireland.      


Monday 18 November 1861

M'FARLAND - WILLIAMS On the 25th September, at her Britannic Majesty's Consulate, Apia, Upolu, Navigator's Island, by the father of the bride, Charles M'FARLAND  Esq. of Gorton, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John C. WILLIAMS  Esq., H. B. M. Consul.


Monday 17 August 1863

WARBY / BULLOCK On the 6th August, at Campbellfield, the residence of the bride's aunt, by the Rev. W. Magee, John W. WARBY of Moorfields, Campbelltown, to lsabella BULLOCK of Greeve Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, and fourth daughter of Abel BULLOCK of Cecil County Tyrone, Ireland.


Saturday 11 March 1865

GLOVER / WATSON  At the Scots Church, by Special License on Thursday, the 9th March, Rev Dr   Lang, MP,  Mr William GLOVER General Dealer, Waterloo Estate, a Native of this Colony, to Mary Daughter of Mr Samuel WATSON Farmer, County Tyrone, IRELAND, Residing in Cumberland St Sydney.


Tuesday 23 June 1863

HAMPTON / SIMPSON - At 105 Princes street, on the 16th June, by special license, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners' Church, William Henry HAMPTON native of Mauritius, to Jane SIMPSON daughter of Robert SIMPSON, farmer, Tyrone, Ireland.


Thursday 3 August 1865

GREER / CONNELLY - At the Scots Church, on Tuesday, the 1st August, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P.  Mr. Alexander GREER a native of the County of Tyrone, Ireland, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr. John CONNELLY Clarence Street Sydney a native of the Colony


Tuesday 26 September 1865

RUSH / FITZPATRICK - On the 18th September, by special license, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. M. J. Dwyer, Mr, Michael RUSH of the Clarence river, native of the county Tyrone, Ireland, to Miss Annie Theresa FITZPATRICK youngest daughter of Sir Thomas Fitzpatrick, Camperdown, late of Emu Plains.


Saturday 16 September 1865

M'FARLAND / DEVITT - On the 14th September, at the Roman Catholic Church St. Leonards, New South Wales, John M'FARLAND second son of William McFARLAND Newtown stewart, county Tyrone, Ireland to Margaret DEVITT second daughter of Mr. James DEVITT Botany,


Friday 30 August 1867

On the 28th Instant, at Balmain , by the Rev. Mr. Lumsdaine, Captain R Kyle LITTLE, formerly of H.M. 22nd Regiment, second son of John LITTLE Esq., Stewartstown, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Dora eldest daughter of James IRWIN Esq, Springfield, County Tyrone, Ireland.


Monday 17 August 1868

On the 10th instant at Drultt street, Sydney, by the Rev. N. <unreadable> Charles FORBES county Tyrone, Ireland, to Mary ROULSTON of the same place


Saturday 9 January 1869

On the 6th instant, at 32, Holt street by the Rev. Dr. Steel  Andrew HOLMES youngest son of Mr. Victor HOLMES county Tyrone, Ireland, to Mary WHITE youngest daughter of Mr. Hyman WHITE  Raphoe, county Donegal, Ireland.


Wednesday 21 April 1869

On the 10th December, 1868 at St. Mary's temporary Cathedral Sydney, by the Rev. J. A. Byrne, Charles Francis, eldest son of James KEAN Esq., Dungannon, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Bridgit Agnes, third daughter of John DONELLAN Esq.. Elm Hill, Armadale, New England, New South Wales. Dungannon papers please copy.


Thursday 24 February 1870

On December 10th, 1869, at Tamlaght Church, by the Rev. Edward O'Bryen Pratt, Kilkeel, county Cown, Armar G. LOWRY, Captain 8th (The King's Regiment), youngest son of  Captain W. LOWRY Drumleigh, county Tyrone, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Robert NEWTON Esq. Coagh,  county Tyrone.


Monday 27 January 1873

On the 11th January, at the residence of John Davies, Esq., York street by the Rev. Dr. McGlbbon, William, eldest son of John MOORE  Esq. Blllery, county Tyrone. Ireland, to Mary, third daughter of William M'CAUSLAND Esq., late of Strawhulter county Tyrone, Ireland, and now of Christchurch, New Zealand.


Wednesday 18 March 1874

On March 12, at Bullenbong station, by the Rev, R. Falconer, John DILL  of Murril Creek, eldest son of the Rev. James Reid DILL Dromore, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Ellen, youngest daughter of Alexander DAVIDSON Esq., of Bullenbong